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Mom Gets Hot Part 10

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Chapter 10

A week had passed, and Jodie, Craig and Dane were driving home from city hall, where the couple had just been married. Jodie looked beautiful in her white lace wedding dress, Dane thought. In fact he'd never seen his mother look so inviting and sexy.
That was too bad, because it was their wedding night and surely they wouldn't want Dane hanging around on such an occasion. He'd go to a movie or something, he hadn't decided yet. But he did feel a little envious when he thought of the fantastic fuck they were going to have without him.
"I'm taking you all out to dinner," Craig announced, "to the best place in town."
"Hey, that's nice of you, Craig," Dane said, "but I can just get a hamburger some place and leave you guys alone."
"No way," Craig said. "You're part of this family."
Dane appreciated the way his new stepfather was being so nice to him, but that didn't mean Mom and Craig wanted him to be around all evening. He still had to make plans for after dinner. They got home, and he went right to his room to change out of his suit. He heard Craig talking in the hall.
"You know what I forgot?" Craig exclaimed. "Champagne. I'm gonna go get some. I won't be long, honey."
Standing in his underwear, Dane heard Craig leave the house and start the car. The boy simply couldn't resist the opportunity that presented itself. He slipped off the rest of his clothes and walked naked to the master bedroom, his cock stiffening on the way.
The door was open, and Mom was in there taking off her wedding dress. She wasn't wearing much under it, just matching black lace bra and bikini panties. Dane's cock finished hardening as he watched her cross the room and hang the dress in the closet. Then she turned and saw her son standing in the doorway.
Her eyes darted to his stiff cock and glowed with hunger.
"Yes, honey, did you want something?" she asked huskily.
Dane nodded and walked up to her. his engorged young cock wagging stiffly.
"This may be our last chance to be alone, Mom," he said. "I was hoping we could have a private celebration, if you know what I mean.
"I know what you mean, baby," she cooed, "and I want it just as much as you do. Come here!"
She took his hand and led him over in front of the big dresser mirror. They studied their reflections as Dane stood behind her and removed her bra. He dropped the bra on the dresser and ogled her luscious big tits, then reached around her to cup them.
"Mmmmmm, this is so sexy," Jodie laughed.
It really was. They were watching themselves in the mirror as Dane cupped and squeezed her ripe firm tits, and somehow that added a kinky element of excitement they'd never shared before. Dane's hard cock pressed against her ass, leaving trails of hot sticky fuck-cream. Jodie's nipples stiffened under his teasing thumbs, and her tits swelled taut with desire.
"Honey, I hope you know that I want you as much as ever, even thought Craig and I are married now," she said.
"Thanks, Mom," Dane smiled. "I'll be dating when school starts, of course, but I still wanta fuck you."
"You will, son," she promised. "Craig understands our situation, and he's being very generous about it."
"He's quite a guy," Dane said. "You're really lucky, Mom."
"I know, honey," she said, "but right now there's only one guy I'm thinking about."
She reached back and caressed his drooling cock to emphasize her point. Dane shivered with excitement. Suddenly he couldn't wait another second to fuck her. He slipped a hand between her thighs and felt the scorching wet flesh of her pussy. She was ready, too.
He removed his hand from her pussy and stuck his cock in there instead. He wedged his fat cock-head into her slick and smoking cunt-mouth, then started pushing deep into her. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and gurgled with bliss.
"Oh, yes, baby, stick your prick in me," she moaned. "Give me every inch of your big cock!
It was wild, because they could see it happening in the mirror. They watched Dane's thick blue-veined cock spreading her pussy-lips wide and sinking deeper and deeper into her molten fuck-tunnel. They saw her pearly cunt-juice spurting out and gushing down her legs. Mother and son panted with excitement as they studied their reflections.
"Oh, my God, this turns me on!" Jodie said hoarsely.
"Shit, yeah!" Dane groaned. Then he laughed, "I'm not gonna last very long at this rate!"
"Me, either," she giggled.
He started fucking her in slow, sensuous deep fuck-strokes, and they watched it happening in the mirror. They were so absorbed in their kinky experience that they didn't even hear Craig returning. They weren't even aware of his presence till he walked into the room carrying a tray with three glasses and a bottle of chilled champagne.
He stopped short, stared at them, and then laughed.
"Jesus, I can't leave you two alone even a few minutes!" he exclaimed.
"Hey, sorry, Craig," Dane groaned. "I'll finish fast and get out of here!"
"Don't hurry," Craig said, opening the champagne bottle. There was a loud pop as he got the cork out. "You're part of our celebration. Isn't he, Jodie?"
"He sure is," she gurgled. "We want you to stay, Dane. The more, the merrier."
"Well, thanks," Dane said gratefully, "but I'll leave you alone after dinner."
"We want you here then, too," Craig said, filling the three glasses with champagne.
"But it's your wedding night," Dane said, gawking at them. "It won't be very exciting with a kid around."
"Oh, it'll be even more exciting," Craig said with a strange grin.
"That's right, honey," Jodie said, meeting her son's eyes in the mirror. "You see, Craig's discovered that he really likes to watch."
At last Dane got the point. His new stepfather came over and set two glasses of champagne on the dresser, where Jodie and Dane could reach them, and then he went back for his own glass. He pulled up a chair and sat down to watch his wife and stepson fuck. He didn't look at all jealous.
"You two just take your time," he grinned.
They paused to sip champagne, and then Dane pistoned his stiff cock a little faster and harder in his mom's velvety, hot pussy-hole. Jodie gurgled happily and creamed all over his prick. Her face was starting to twist into a lusty mask.
"Mmmmmm, yeah, baby, fuck me!" she moaned. "Fuck me harder now! You know I love it hard!"
Dane snorted with excitement and fucked her in short, greedy thrusts, and she slumped against him and whimpered with bliss. Close to them sat Craig, his handsome face flushed with lust as he, too, watched them in the mirror. Everybody was focused on that mirror.
"Fuck her, son!" Craig panted. "Fuck her good!"
Jodie couldn't believe how naughty, how kinky, the scene was. In her wildest fantasies she'd never imagined herself doing anything like this. But it was a pretty hard thing to imagine, fucking her son while her new husband watched.
It made her insanely aroused. Dane's big, hard cock felt heavenly in her ever-hot cunt, and Craig's lusty eyes burned into her, letting her know how turned on he was. She met his eyes and made an obscene gesture at him, slowly and sensuously licking her lips. He leered at her.
It sure was a difference from just a week ago, when she was practically begging him for sex and he was prudishly refusing. Now that Craig had dropped his old Victorian morals, he was proving to be just as dirty-minded as she was. Jodie loved the change.
But it was becoming harder to think of Craig and her marriage as her horny teenage son fucked her to the brink of climax. As his excitement mounted, Dane fucked into her harder and harder, making her big tits bounce and swing. Jodie whimpered with bliss and hot cunt-cream poured down her inner thighs.
"Fuck it to me, fuck it to meeee!" she moaned.
Dane snorted with lust and fucked into her even harder, his cock making an obscene sucking noise as it forced the thick cream from her cunt. In the mirror she saw Craig's reflection, and noted that he was taking off his clothes.
He was down to his shorts, and there was an enormous bulge there. Jodie shivered with excitement. Once again she was going to be treated to one hard cock after another. Then her attention was distracted as Dane reached around her and started rubbing her clit with his stiff index finger, doubling her pleasure. She moaned in ecstasy.
"Ohhhhh, honey, yes, I love that!" she cried. "Keep doing it, baby, make me come!"
Craig was naked now, his cock so engorged that it hugged his belly. He sat down again and sipped the last of his drink, never taking his eyes off his wife and stepson. Jodie was pink in her face now, her features contorted, as she rose to the very brink of climax.
Dane was fucking her cunt and massaging her clit, giving her intense pleasure. Thick floods of cunt-cream poured down her legs. She clutched the edge of the dresser and whimpered and panted as the first sharp stabs of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her pussy.
"Ooooooooooooh, baby, look at me, I'm cominnngggg!" she gasped.
Dane and Craig watched her in the mirror as she came, her face twisted in ecstasy, her petite body shuddering. Dane could only watch a few seconds, though, before his excitement overpowered him. He gasped, and began hammering his come-load into his mother's clamping cunt.
"Take my load, Mom, take it, aaaaggghhhhh!" he yelled.
Craig tossed back the last of his champagne and stood up, his prick weaving lewdly before him. He went over and stood right beside Dane and Jodie as they climaxed, his cock dripping hot fuck-juice. That was the kinkiest thing he'd ever done, but he had a hunch that things were going to get a lot kinkier as the evening went on. He and Jodie were going to have a very unusual wedding night.
"Oh, shit," Dane panted, "I'm really fucked out!"
"Take a rest, son," Craig said. "I'll take over now."
"Right," Dane said, staggering over to the bed.
Craig swung Jodie around to face him, and they leered at each other. He knew by now just how powerful her needs were and how much it took to quench her lust. She'd just had a powerful orgasm from her son's cock, but already she was eager to come again.
That was why Craig was glad to have Dane as a backup. No way could he satisfy this sex-starved young woman by himself. Later, when he and Dane had fucked her enough, her appetite would get back to normal and one lover would be enough for her. But right now he had an emergency on his hands.
Jodie slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him, cramming her hot little tongue into his mouth and wantonly rubbing her cunt-mound against his rigid cock. He cupped her ass, lifted her up, and carried her over to the bed. He laid her down with her ass just on the edge.
Then he draped her legs over his shoulders and plugged the fat head of his cock into her creamy and steaming cuntal mouth. She gurgled with lusty anticipation, and Dane scooted closer to watch. Craig glided his cock into her very slowly, both of them savoring every inch of penetration. It was their first married fuck, and they didn't want to rush it.
"Yes, honey, give me all of it!" Jodie gurgled. "Give me every inch of your cock!"
Craig leered down at her and watched his wrist-thick cock splitting her cunt-lips wide and driving deep into her hot pussy. Dane was practically leaning over her to watch, and they knew he'd have another hard-on soon. No problem---his mother would be able to take care of it.
At last only Craig's enormous hairy nut sacs were showing, and he paused for breath. Jodie wriggled and writhed around the fat impalement of his cock, soaking his cock-meat with spurts of molten pussy-cream. As always, she was impatient to be fucked.
"Do it to me, baby, fuck!" she moaned.
"Dane, I kinda think your mom's horny!" Craig said.
"Yeah, I get that impression, too!" Dane said.
"Will you two knock off the chatter?" Jodie moaned. "Come on, Craig, I didn't marry you to talk!"
"Oh, I get it," he sniffed, "you married me for my cock, not my brains!"
"That's right," she panted. "Now fuck!"
Craig laughed and started pistoning his cock in her juicy, but snug, pussy-hole. Jodie shuddered and moaned with bliss. There was no substitute for this wonderful sensation. She couldn't get enough of it. She loved feeling his big, hard cock cramming her cunt full and reaming out her cunt-cream. Moaning, she clawed the bed and juiced uncontrollably.
"Yeah, fuck it to me, baby, fuck me forever!" she cried.
Dane was breathing harshly, and his cock was growing. Craig felt kind of bad about leaving the kid out of the fun, and a moment's thought brought him a wild but workable idea, a way all three of them could have fun together.
"Hey, Jodie," he leered, "I've got an idea. How about sucking Dane's cock while I fuck you?"
She gawked at him, then broke into a delighted laugh.
"Why, Craig, you have the most kinky mind," she exclaimed. "Yeah, that really sounds wild. How about it, Dane, wanta try it?"
"I sure do," the boy said eagerly, "but how are we gonna do it?"
Jodie thought for a second, then said to Craig, "Flip me over, honey."
"Right," Craig growled.
He undraped her legs from his shoulders and flipped her into the doggy position. On her hands and knees it was much easier for her to do a blow-job on Dane. Dane scooted into position, lying in front of her with his thighs open and his cock standing up, rigid and ready.
"Go for it, Mom, suck me off!" he panted.
Jodie didn't have to be urged. Moaning with lust and excitement, she opened her lips wide and slid them down around her son's stiff cock, taking it clear to his balls. While Dane yelled with delight, she bobbed her head up and down, sucking his cock-meat loudly and hungrily.
"Hey, all right," Dane groaned. "Great idea, Craig!"
"Yeah, I kinda like it myself," Craig chuckled.
He liked the view, too. He could watch his thick cock reaming his wife's juicy little cunt, and he could watch her red lips pistoning up and down her son's prick. He was glad he'd thought of a way for all three of them to have fun together.
Then he got an even crazier idea. He slipped his juice-smeared cock all the way out of her and pressed his slick cock-head to the tiny puckered opening of her shitter. Her eager moans and lustily jerking hips told him what she thought of his idea.
"Ahhhh, yeah," Craig cried hoarsely as he glided his cock into her hot little asshole.
Jodie whimpered with excitement. She'd never been fucked in the ass before, and she found it incredibly arousing. At the same time she was sucking her son's cock, and that made her adventure even more wild. Craig filled her shitter with throbbing cock and Dane started fucking her mouth.
"Mmmmmm, uuuummmmm!" Jodie moaned.
It was some wedding night. Her new husband was groaning with lust as he pistoned his stiff cock in her tiny sucking asshole, and her son was panting with excitement as she sucked harder and harder on his cock-meat. Insanely aroused, Jodie began to come and come, a whole string of fiery orgasms ripping through her body.
"Eat it, Mom, eat my load!" Dane yeued.
"Take it up your ass, baby, aaaggghhhhh!" Craig bellowed.
Jodie took the double load of come with ecstatic moans, gulping Dane's jizz while Craig's come flooded her ass. In just one short incredible week, she'd gone from being a lonely, love-starved woman to being a wife and mother who got all the sex she could possibly crave. She couldn't have been happier.
"Mmmmm, fellows, that was fantastic," she said when they finally rolled apart, "but maybe it's time to go out to dinner now."
"Yeah, we better do that," Craig said. "I think we ought to build up our strength."
"You got it," Jodie grinned. "This evening is just getting started!"

The End


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