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Mom Gets Hot Part 2

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Chapter 2

Jodie hadn't actually thought much about her son that evening, but there was nothing strange about that. Dane hadn't been part of her life for many years.
Jodie had been married very young, and she'd gradually realized that it was a mistake. Her husband Larry was a nice enough guy, but they had little in common, and they seemed to want totally different things out of life. When their son Dane was still in grade school, Jodie had made the decision to end her marriage.
She'd been only a teenager when she married, not even out of high school, so if she was going to be single and support herself, she had to get an education. Larry consented to take Dane, raise him and support him, while Jodie went to college and got her teaching credentials. They agreed that when she was financially able to take care of Dane, she'd get custody of him.
Now, having been on her first job for one full term and having saved all the money she could, she was ready to take her son back into her life.
Dane was flying in from California the next day. Jodie had scheduled it for him to arrive when her summer vacation started. That would give them three months to get reacquainted. She was pretty nervous about meeting the boy. They'd been apart for so long, they were almost like strangers.
She wanted her son back in her life, of course, but she wondered how he felt about it. Would he resent her leaving him to go for a career? Would he be sad to leave his father? Most worrisome of all, could she and Dane be happy living together? She'd have the summer to find out.
The next morning Jodie drove into the nearest big city to meet her son's flight. She'd taken special care with her appearance, and she knew she looked pretty and sexy, like a mother a boy could be proud of. As she walked through the terminal, she got lots of admiring glances from men.
She tried not to think about that. It would have been so easy just to return a smile, get an invitation to go for a drink, and in no time at all she could be in a motel fucking, getting the fucking she craved so badly. But she couldn't do that. She was a mother now, with a child to look after.
Dane's arrival was annouced, and Jodie stood on tiptoe, scanning the crowd for a glimpse of her boy. She had an image in her mind of Dane as she'd last seen him, a cute little blond kid with apple cheeks and unruly curly hair. But she saw nobody like that in the crowd.
"Hi, Mom, I snuck up on you," came a voice from behind her.
Jodie whirled and gawked. She wouldn't have recognized her own son if he hadn't introduced himself. Dane wasn't a little boy any more. He was a teenager, a young man. He towered over his petite mother.
"Dane?" she said breathlessly. "Gosh, I hardly know you."
"Yeah, I've grown a little, haven't I?" he said with a grin. "But you look exactly the same to me, Mom. You're just as beautiful as ever."
He pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her on the mouth. It happened so fast and unexpectedly that Jodie didn't have time to resist. As she was pressed against his tall hard male body, she felt an insane flash of lust. She sternly reminded herself that this guy was her son, not a would-be lover.
Then Dane let her go with a laugh.
"Let's get out of here," he said. "I can hardly wait to see my new home."
For the rest of the day mother and son chatted, telling each other about their lives, getting reacquainted. Jodie was struck by how affectionate Dane was. He kissed, hugged, squeezed, and patted her at every opportunity. It was nice, in a way, but it was also maddening.
The boy was incredibly handsome and sexy, and his body was mature and very male. He didn't seem like her son. He seemed like a hunk she wanted to get her hands on. She just couldn't help it-her own son was turning her on like mad.
So she was relieved when Dane, exhausted from his long trip and from jet lag, decided to go to bed early. That gave her a chance to be alone and to think straight. She knew she had to be very stern with herself and get rid of this insane attraction she was feeling for her own son.
It's incest, Jodie, she told herself. Mothers don't have affairs with their sons.
She had a nightcap, then went off to bed, but she couldn't sleep. It had been a pretty exciting and disturbing day, after all. And as usual she was feeling horny. She knew from sad experience that she'd never get to sleep unless she masturbated.
"What a drag," she sighed, kicking back the covers.
In the moonlight coming through her sheer curtains, she could see herself. She rolled up her nightgown and exposed the pretty little triangle of her cunt-bush. She opened her thighs and slid a hand between them, touching the scorching, soaked flesh of her pussy.
She shivered and moaned as she caressed her hot, engorged cunt-folds. It had been a mistake to go so far with Craig last night, because it had just whetted her appetite for more. She ached to be fucked. She knew she'd never rest till her cunt was crammed with a big hard cock.
As she stroked her fever-hot pussy, she helplessly thought about her son. It was uncanny the way he resembled his father, and that was a big part of his attraction for her. Larry was such a sexy guy. Even when she knew they'd be better off divorced, Jodie still loved fucking him.
It had been that way since the moment they met. It had been lust at first sight. Jodie liked to recall that exciting meeting when she played with herself. It was more arousing to her than any fantasy she could have made up. Besides, it was wrong to think about her son as she masturbated, but it was okay to think of his father.
Purring with arousal, stroking the supersensitive flesh of her pussy, Jodie let her mind drift back to her junior year in high school. It was a warm September evening, the school year just getting started, when she first laid eyes on Larry Adams.
She'd been sitting on her front porch with her best girlfriend, Betty, when Larry had walked by. He was in his mid-twenties, and he was the sexiest thing they'd ever seen, tall and blond and extremely well-built. His tight jeans and t-shirt showed off his tan, muscular body.
Jodie and Betty had just helplessly gawked at the handsome newcomer to their small town. Larry noticed them staring at him, and he grinned and stopped to light a cigarette. His eyes flitted over Betty, then settled on Jodie. He started up the front walk.
"Oh, my gosh, he's gonna talk to us," Jodie exclaimed in a whisper. "What are we gonna do? He's so cute, I can hardly stand it!"
Betty giggled and said, "I dare you to go out with him. I bet you're too chicken!"
"I am not," Jodie snapped. Then she added with a sigh, "He'd never ask me, anyway."
By this time Larry was walking onto the porch.
"Hi," he said, "my name's Larry Adams, and I'm new in town. Can you young ladies tell me what people do for fun on a Friday night?"
Betty gave Jodie a poke, and the cute little redhead jumped to her feet, deciding to take her friend's dare.
"I can show you," she told Larry, "if you want to take a walk."
"I sure do," he grinned.
Jodie walked off with him, a little scared, never dreaming that she'd come home without her virginity.
At first Larry behaved like a perfect gentleman. They strolled around town and Jodie showed him the sights, such as they were, and then he took her for a hamburger and fries. As he was walking her home, they detoured into the tiny town park and found themselves alone.
"I can't resist this," Larry said, "but you can slap my face afterwards if you want to."
He pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her. Jodie had been kissed before, but never like that. It was the first time she'd been kissed by a guy who knew what he was doing. He slid his tongue into her mouth, and she was astonished to feel hot cream spurting from her cunt.
She'd never creamed for a guy before. In fact, though she'd been dating for a year now, she'd never really felt horny for any of the boys she went out with. Now she was feeling so horny, her knees were turning to rubber and she was soaking her panties with her scalding pussy-juices.
Her tits swelled, too, and her nipples were turning into rigid nubs, poking into Larry's chest. She just couldn't control her hot reaction to his expert kissing. He slid his hands down and cupped her firm little ass, pulling her even tighter against him. Her pouting pussy-mound pressed against the big outline of his cock. She almost whimpered with excitement.
Finally he drew back and grinned at her.
"Well," he said, "aren't you gonna slap my face?"
"N-No," Jodie said breathlessly. "I'd like you to kiss me again, Larry."
His eyes grew hot and eager, and he said, "Great, I'd love to, but let's go somewhere a little more private."
"I know a place," Jodie volunteered.
She led him deep into the park, off the trail, and into a little clearing she'd discovered long ago. She knew it was insane to go there alone, at night, with an older man she'd known only a few hours, but it was like she just had to do it. Something about him attracted and held her like a magnet.
They sank down on the soft grass, and Larry rolled half on top of her and kissed her some more, driving her wild with the deep, hot thrusts of his tongue. She found herself squirming, though she was too young then to realize that she was jerking her hips in an instinctive fucking motion.
Larry realized it, though. He knew she was horny for him. He knew he was being offered a virgin teenage pussy. But he tried to control himself at first, maybe testing her, seeing if she'd panic. He slipped his hands under her t-shirt and cupped her tits, teasingly thumbing her nipples through her thin bra. Jodie whimpered with excitement.
He reached around her and unhooked her bra, then slid his hands onto her bare tits. Jodie had never let a guy touch her tits before. Now she trembled and sighed with arousal as Larry expertly molded and squeezed her silky-soft tit-globes. She creamed hotly and uncontrollably.
When she didn't protest, he left her lust-swollen tits and unzipped her jeans. Jodie knew how crazy she was being, but she let the handsome stranger remove all her clothes, even her panties. He slid a hand between her legs and started playing with her pussy, and it was the most wonderful feeling.
"Ohhhhh, wow, oooooooooh!" she squealed.
"You like that?" he asked.
"Yeah, it feels great," she moaned.
"Do something for me, too," he said. "Unzip my jeans and take my cock out. Play with it!"
Jodie's fingers trembled as she obeyed. She'd never touched or even seen a cock before, and she was curious but also frightened. She fumbled with his fly and finally got his jeans open. He wasn't wearing shorts. As she tugged down his jeans, his massive, stiff cock shot out, an she squealed in surprise.
"Hey, take it easy, honey," Larry laughed. "It's not gonna attack you. My cock just wants to be petted."
"Okay," Jodie replied nervously.
She gingerly petted his thick, rock-hard cock, and while she did that, he gently but steadily inserted his thick middle finger into her virgin cunt. She'd never had anything in there before, and she was surprised at how exciting it felt. When it was fully into her, she gurgled with pleasure.
"Mmmmmmmmm, yeah," she panted.
Larry's eyes were hot and horny as he felt her tiny, untried cunt sucking and creaming around his finger. He left it in her for a few seconds, watching her squirm and moan, and then he drew it out again and rolled fully onto her. He sank down between her parted thighs.
Jodie was panting. She knew what was about to happen, and she knew it was insane of her to give her virginity to a man she hardly knew. Yet she was doing it without hesitation. She opened her legs as wide as she could, and she let him plug the thick head of his cock into her tiny cuntal opening.
"Easy," he crooned, "I'll make this as good for you as I can. Just relax."
Jodie did her best to stay limp and yielding as he slowly but steadily glided his cock into her, taking her cherry in a slow, sensuous thrust. He hadn't lied to her. He was making it good. If he'd been more selfish, he could really have hurt her, but he was making her first fuck a terrific experience.
She clung to him and gurgled with excitement as she took her first cock. She found it very exciting, and after he'd stretched her cunt a little, it started to feel really nice. He fucked her slowly and deeply till she was used to it, then started gradually increasing his speed. Jodie soaked his pistoning cock with helpless spurts of pussy-cream.
"Oh, yeah, Larry, it feels so good!" she gurgled. "I love you to fuck me!"
"That's good, baby," he rasped, "'cause I'm gonna fuck you all night!"
He wasn't kidding. It was almost dawn when Jodie finally got home, her cunt deliciously sore. She caught hell from her folks, but she didn't care. From that point on it was Larry, Larry, Larry. She saw him all the time. And in just two months she was pregnant with Dane.
So she'd dropped out of high school and gotten married. She was so crazy about Larry, it was the only thing she could do. Looking back on it now, Jodie couldn't see how she could have done anything different. Even today, years later, the thought of Larry made her pussy go hot and ready.
As she thought about him and the night he took her cherry, she slipped a finger into her juicy hot cunt and began beating off. One finger didn't give her the cock-like sensation she craved, so she tried two fingers and finally three. She could hardly get three fingers into her cunt, but that tight fit was exactly what she craved.
"Ohhhhh, God, yessss!" she moaned. "Fuck me, honey, fuck me crazy!"
The sex-starved young teacher wasn't sure who she was talking to in her masturbation fantasy. It could have been Larry, it could have been Craig, or it could have been some fantasy man. It didn't really matter as long as she got the sensation of being fucked, of a man driving his steel-hard cock deep into her famished cunt.
She finger-fucked herself faster and harder by the second, her lust at the boiling point. She figured she was going to do a lot of masturbating this summer, because there'd always be a man she wanted and couldn't have. Either Dane or Craig or both would be around, arousing her but not satisfying her.
So once again her only relief would be her own fingers. She hated the situation, but what else could she do? She couldn't break down Craig's resistance and get him to fuck her, and she couldn't fuck her own child. Masturbation was the only way to keep her sanity till she and Craig were married---if they ever were.
"Unnnnhhhh, yes, yesssss!" she moaned to the vague male in her fantasy. "Fuck me hard, make me come! I'll go crazy if I don't come!"
Those three bunched fingers were cramming and reaming her cunt deliciously, just like a big cock would. It was a pretty damned good imitation. But Jodie wasn't fooled. She missed having a big, hard, hairy male body pressing against her, and she missed hearing a flesh-and-blood fucker groan with pleasure.
"Dammit," she sobbed, "I need a man so bad. What am I gonna do?"
In desperation she finger-fucked herself even harder and faster, blotting out all other sensations. She lost herself in the wild excitement of rocketing toward orgasm. It didn't take her long to get there. She figured she had to be one of the horniest ladies on earth.
"Ooooooo, shit, unnnggghhhhh!" she sobbed as she got herself off.
Dimly she remembered that she wasn't alone in the house any more and that she couldn't make a lot of noise when she came. She buried her face in the pillows to muffle her screams and moans of relief as she finger-fucked herself through a delicious orgasm.
It felt great, as usual, but it was just a very temporary solution to her problems. Jodie knew that she was going to have to find a good steady lover if she was going to be happy. She was fed up with her sexless life. But where was the man she needed?

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