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Mom Got Caught Sleeping With The Married Neighbor

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Eddie hurried home. It was windy and the cooling air was helped on its way by dark clouds. November rolled on toward Thanksgiving, and in his senior year Eddie was glad. He looked at his watch, 1:22pm. Power went out in school and class was dismissed an hour and a half early so he was eager to get home, twist up a doobie and get blitzed before his mom came home from her hospital volunteer work.

Eddie was a lucky young man. His father and mother divorced, his sister grown and married and Eddie lived a good life. His parent’s were quite well off, and in the divorce his mom was set up for life, so instead of working, she did volunteer work and stayed home to raise her kids. After his sister got married and moved out last year it just left him and his mom in the sprawling home the divorce paid for.

Needless to say Eddie was surprised as he pulled into the driveway and saw his mom’s Range Rover in the drive. She was supposed to be at the hospital but here sat her car. There went his plans, he thought. He was gonna get stoked and then watch porn and rub one out before his mom got home, but not now it seemed.

Eddie parked and went in through the back door. He dropped his book bag on the kitchen island and rummaged thru the fridge looking for something to much on. Finding nothing interesting he grabbed his book bag and headed for the stairs. Suddenly he heard a sort of squeal. He figured his mom was doing something – God knows what. He listened for a second and he could hear her sorta moaning. He wondered what was going on and thought maybe she’d fallen and hurt herself. He bounded up the steps and reached his mom’s room.

The door was opened, but she wasn’t moaning from pain. Maybe it was Mr. Andrews from next door pounding her pussy that made her squeal so loud, but too late now. As he reached the top of the stairs he hollered to his mom as he rounded the corner to her room. There was William Andrews, the old fat neighbor from next door. His mom was on her back and Andrews was pumping her for all his fat old ass was worth. They both scrambled to cover themselves, but it was way too late for that!

Eddie stood and stared, both shocked and a little excited. When Mr. Andrews’ jumped off of her he saw his mom’s nude body for the first time in his life. WOW, as all he could think. She pushed herself up in bed and jumped out trying to cover herself, yelling at Andrews to “get out. Get dressed and get out! Christ Willie!” She tried to hurry him but his little dick was only contributing to the comedy of errors. He fell on the floor trying to put on his pants – forgetting his under britches mind you, but he fell trying to get both feet into the right leg. “God damn Willie!” his mom cursed again. “Get out!”

Eddie just stood in the doorway enjoying the clusterfuck. Her large and full tits swayed as she ran around the room, alternatively trying to cover them and her bush, grabbing Andrews’ clothes and throwing them at him, all the while screaming “Hurry up! Get out!” Eddie was almost embarrassed enough to want to leave – almost, but not enough to do so. His mom grabbed a robe from the back her master bath door hook and slid into it – sort of. It was a short robe and she’d not pulled it on properly so her left tit was free as was her bush, as the robe kept flowing open at the bottom due to her state of severe consternation, all the more to Eddie’s delight.

Eddie backed out of the doorway and Andrews’ ran past, fear all over his face. To add to his embarrassment Andrew’s fell on his ass at the bottom of the steps. He was barefoot and in a hurry, and he missed the bottom step and took another fall, Eddie laughed and hollered “Easy Mr. Andrews, ya might really hurt yourself.” Andrews looked at him and ran for his life, his shoes in his hands. The backdoor slammed so hard the whole house shook.

Eddie’s mom went to her bath and locked the door. Eddie could take a hint. He couldn’t resist a parting shot for his mom. “Damn mom, is that what they meant by ‘Free Willie?’” Eddie laughed at his clever humor and went to his room. He decided fuck it, mom would be too busy for a while to bother with him. He pulled out his stash and rolled a fatty. Heck he thought, what’s she going to do, yell at him? After catching her fucking her bridge partner’s husband, he figured he had years worth of absolution now.

After about 15 minutes his door opened. His mom didn’t bother to knock. She just launched into her “we need to talk Eddie “as she walked in. There sat Eddie on the end of his bed, a joint in one hand and the biggest cock she’d ever seen in the other. “Hi mom, come on in if ya want.” She was shocked. She almost started yelling and leaving the room, but suddenly the irony of the whole situation was too much for her. She began to weep. She just stood there, her mouth hung open and she watched as her son put the stub of a joint in his mouth and rubbed his cock, looking her in the eye, all the while.

Eddie’s mom, Carol Wilkins, was in awe. She was embarrassed, mortified, excited and confused as Hell. She had showered and changed and screwed up the nerve to confront her son while she still had the will to do so, but she never expected what she saw. “Stop it Eddie. Jesus Christ! Stop it!” Eddie just grinned. “Stop what mom, smoking pot in the house, rubbing my fat assed cock or both?” “Both!” she scolded.

Eddie took a last drag on the fatty and dropped his cock. He rose and walked toward his mom. She watched in horror as his cock swayed, slapping his thighs as he walked. He passed near her and went into his own private bath and flushed the roach. He returned, still naked and nearly totally hard. She was mesmerized by her son’s cock, his demeanor and the look in his eyes. It was like he didn’t care. Eddie grabbed a pair of boxers off his bed and slid into them. He then jumped onto the bed and looked at his mom. “So, you were saying mom?”

Carol looked at him and didn’t know what to say anymore. She was too confused to be angry, or at least express it if she was. Eddie’s eyes burned through her. “Do you think because you saw me having sex with a man that you can now do as you please?” she hissed. “Damn right,” he replied. “How’s that exactly,” she shot back. “Well, as I see it I just caught my prim and proper mom fucking the fat old married man next door – her best friend and bridge partner’s husband, mind you, so I figure things have changed.” “Oh you do. Like what,” she asked, none too pleased with the tone in her son’s voice or the arrogance he was showing.

“Well, let’s see . . .” Eddie drug it out to make her sweat. “Yeah, sex is normal, so that’s not it. No… but then fucking your friend’s husband is not too much on the up and up, and as the moral pillar around here that you always pretend to be, well, you’re a hypocrite. I’d say that’s enough for a start.” Carol Wilkins fumed at her son. But she had to admit to herself that she didn’t have a leg to stand on. She began to cry in earnest now. “Shit mom, for Christsakes, don’t cry. I’m sorry. I am being an ass.” His mom whimpered a bit more and he went on trying to mend the rift. “Look, I got out of school early. I was looking forward to coming home and getting high and beating my cock before you got home from the hospital. I had no idea you were here. It was an accident.”

She calmed a bit and accepted that they would need to talk calmly before this shook out. She sat in his desk chair across from him. “Eddie, this cannot be the nature of our relationship. I am your mother and I will be until you die. We have to work this out to live here successfully.” She looked at him earnestly. “How do we resolve this?” “Whatcha mean ‘resolve’?” he asked. “Well clearly things are different now. How do we proceed from here?” She seemed sincere and not angry so Eddie thought he would lay it all on the line.

“If ya wanna know the truth…” “I do” she interrupted, “Well mom, the truth is I masturbate two or three times per day fantasizing about you!” She looked aghast at her son. “Me?” “Yeah mom – you!” he replied. “Well, I’m sorry if I shocked you, but you said you wanted the truth, so I gave you the truth. I know it’s not proper, but it’s the truth. I have fantasized about you since I was 12 years old,” he told her sincerely. “Since you were 12?” she exclaimed. “Yep, since just after you and dad divorced. It seemed to coincide with me growing this cock and you having no man in the house so in my mind I became the man of the house.”

Carol looked at her son in a new way. He’d always been a good kid and had indeed often sought her approval as a man filling the traditional male role in the domestic confines. He was very protective toward his older sister and even to her at times. Carol remembered the pride little Eddie took when at about 14 he scared off a burglar trying to force his way in the back door. His mom had an alarm system installed after that night, at Eddie’s mature urging.

She had to confess to herself that she had fostered that role in her son to both placate his young mind and because she thought it good for him to feel responsible for others, namely her and her daughter. And once he threatened one of his sister’s old suitors when the rejected suitor got a little too insistent that he wasn’t ready for her to break off the relationship. Eddie came in the room and the boy was trying to get her to have sex and she was protesting. Eddie picked up a weighed book end and told the suitor he had “3 seconds to get out” or Eddie would crack his skull open.

Carol looked at him. She knew it was hard for him to admit these things he’d admitted to her. And she had to confess at least to herself, that his attention and fantasizing about her made her feel excited, like a little girl. She noticed her breath was shallow, coming in short bursts. She could feel a bead of perspiration running down her side and her heart felt as if it was thumping out of her chest. “I don’t know how to respond Eddie,” she replied to her son. Eddie looked sheepish now that the heat of the moment had passed. She felt for him.

Eddie was about to burst into tears. He was so messed up. He’d done too much and said too much, and he could not take any of it back now. His mom’s face softened and her lips turned up, her eyes developing a definite twinkle in them. “C’mon Eddie,” she said as she rose. She reached for his hand. He took it wondering what the Hell was going to be the price he would pay for his foolish and lust driven insanity. “Where are we going mom? If you’re gonna call the cops or something I am running away mom.” She looked up at her son that she suddenly noticed was now taller than her 5’9” and was quite muscular and well formed. She took in the sight and smiled at him. “Silly! Why would I call the cops on the man of the house?” she asked coyly. “Besides Eddie, you’re almost 18. You can’t ‘run away’ Honey.” He looked at her confused beyond reason.

“Well, let’s get going then!” she added. “Where are we going mom?” he asked. “I’m not dressed mom. I’m only wearing boxers” he protested. She stopped and froze in the doorway of his room. “Eddie, the man of the house sleeps with the woman of the house. Since you have been serving that roll for some 5 years or so now, I think I owe you quite a bit of “repaying” if ya get my drift. You DO get my drift, don’t you Eddie?” “Uh… I’m not sure, so why don’t ya explain it to me mom. I don’t think I need to do too much more assuming anything today.”

“Okay son, make this hard on me…” she hesitated. “You’re not the only one who’s had an active ‘fantasy’ life Honey. I started having sex with Willie about 4 or 5 months ago because I laid in bed every night cramming my fingers in myself thinking about a strong and hot young man I lived with but could never ‘make mine’ as I wanted to.” Eddie’s jaw dropped at hearing his mom say that as she stood two feet from him. “Really; you’re not jerking me around?” he asked. “Oh, I wanna jerk something, but not your mind son.” Her look was scary but Eddie was down for it. “Are we talking having sex…together I mean?” Carol smiled and squeezed his hand. “Yes my love, THAT is what I am talking about. You being my man of the house, and as man of the house I, as woman of the house, am here to serve you. You like that idea, don’t you?” “Hell yeah!” he exclaimed.

Carol led him down the hall. As they entered her room, she stepped back and moved for him to take the lead. He did, and seizing the moment, he assumed his role. “I like my woman to be on her knees servicing me. I wonder if I can ever find such a woman,” he toyed with her. Before he could turn around she was on her knees pulling at his boxers. “Jesus son,” was all she could muster as his flaccid yet still strong, thick and gorgeous cock hung before her. “Well, it won’t suck itself. Let’s go Bitch.”

She looked up into her sons eyes. “Before I do this, one thing dear. This role is our secret. I will be yours and yours alone but for appearances we must maintain decorum for the public. I still want you to call me ‘mom’ and I will still refer to you as my son. Is that pleasing to you?” “Yes mom,” he replied. “Now suck your son’s cock, or do you prefer I just shove it into your motherly cunt?” Carol smiled. “You do catch on quick. So good looking, what a cock and so smart.”

She then took his cock into her hand and tugged it as it swelled. “Does mommy’s baby want mommy to suck his big fat cock?” “Suck it mom. I want it so bad!” She obediently opened her mouth and used her tongue to pull the head onto her bottom lip. “Like this Honey?” she asked as she looked into his eyes, swallowing the first 3 inches into her warm, wet mouth. “Fuck mom,” Eddie moaned. She pulled up and said “I hope you talk to your filthy whore like the whore she is, and treat her like a filthy little whore who has been dying to have her son fuck her,” she pleaded. “Like it rough mom?” he asked. “Perhaps a little,” she cooed as she kept her eyes locked on his and swallowed as much as she could. She took his hands and placed them on her head and he got it, loud and clear. Eddie decided he was going to like this role quite a bit. Considering the way his mom slurped his cock, she seemed pleased with it too.

Eddie enjoyed the feeling but he really liked his mother's subservience to him even more. She popped up and down sucking it as it had never been sucked before. After a few minutes he was dying to bury it in Carol. He pulled her hair and she looked up to him for direction. "I want you naked mom," he ordered, she more then pleased to be naked before him, She felt a little humiliated as she removed her clothes and he rubbed his cock watching her, but she found that almost as thrilling as actually sucking this manly cock on her son.

She stood before him nude. He looked her up and down. She reached for his swollen cock and he fondled her tits and ass. "That feels nice" she whispered, leaning in on his chest. "Can I kiss you mom?" he asked, still unsure of what to do. "Please. I am yours to do with as you wish." He kissed her deeply and she moaned into his mouth. Her nipples hardened to an extreme and she pulled back and faintly whispered, "Mommy's coming Honey." He tweaked her nipples harder as they swelled to huge nubs trying to leap off her chest. She grunted and shuddered. "Oh fuck...." was all she said.

"Make love to me Eddie," she pleaded to him. "Make your mommy happy Sweetie. I have wanted you for so long."

She led him toward the bed and laid on her back as he crawled up over her legs and belly. He kissed her navel, flicking his tongue in and out. She held her tits up for him. He sucked them and she squirmed "Mommy's cumming again Baby." He kept sucking as he hovered over her and she guided him into her. She was soaked and his meat slid in with no resistance at all despite how snug the fit.

He pumped her through a half dozen intense orgasms and his nipples hardened,. She licked each one and pleaded "fill mommy. Fill me up Eddie. God I love you. Fuck me! Fuck your mother!" Eddie slammed her a dozen more times and started spurting shot after shot of hot cum in her. She pushed up to meet every thrust. She came as he did, and they kissed passionately. He started to back out but she stopped him.

"It's been almost 18 years since I had you in me and I don't want it to end." Her eyes filled with tears as she pleaded even more. "I love you Eddie, and not just as a mom loves her son, I'm almost ashamed to admit." she said.

Eddie smiled at hearing that. He lay on her chest, her legs wrapped tight around his waist. He pulled his face from her tits and looked at her. "I love you too mom, and like a man loves the object of his desires." They kissed again and he hardened again without ever pulling out. As she felt the swelling she began to push against his pelvis and she grabbed his ass in her hands. "Fuck me Honey. Make mommy your whore again, I am your whore Eddie," "Yes," he confidently replied, pumping her. "You are my whore." She wailed in pleasure as he said that and she roiled into ecstasy again.

Eddie knew the world was now a very different place, and he was good with it. So was his mom. The coming months before he left for college sealed their lifelong commitment. Even his marriage at 23 and children did not end their love. Of course it helped that his wife was a filthy minded sub who loved that her husband was fucking his mom. For the remainder of Carol's life she was dedicated to her son/lover/man of the house. She slept in the bed with her son and his wife as often as not - at least until the kids got big enough to walk in on them. Then Carol, now a grandmother by Eddies three kids, was a happy and contented woman.

And she loved the custom made chastity belts he had his wife Rita and her were at most times, and she was really turned on that she had to pay the $3000 dollars for the two custom made devices. They wore it not because they needed to be kept in line, but because he so liked it. On the nights when the kids were tucked in and sound asleep Eddie would have them both stand naked before him and kiss and make love without touching each others genitals. Rita sucked Carol's tits through many an orgasm, and Rita even learned to cum by the same method.

After their little games most nights Eddie fucked them both as each made love to the other woman and their man. This continued on until Carol had a stroke and died suddenly at 62. She left the house and one half the estate to Eddie; his sister got the other half of the cash and it was a substantial amount.

But the best part was when his 41 year old sister, three years older then him, moved in and took her mom's role as the elder sub in the house. She was a childless divorcee and a beautiful woman too. Now Eddie had a very hot sub wife and his sub sister in his bed whenever he wanted. They all planned for the day when Eddie & Rita's youngest went to college and they could all sleep in the king sized bed together when the kids were away. Only five years to total freedom they plotted anxiously.

Of course Eddie confided in his lover/mom as well as his sub wife that he'd been having sex with his sister Faith since he was 15, the six months before she left for college and met her pencil dick husband. Eddie continued to make love to Faith all those years, with his mother's approval, although mom never joined in with that little tryst. She was just happy knowing her beautiful son was keeping her lovely daughter happy too. They never openly discussed it or made love - the four of them that is. The one thing the 3 remaining lovers regretted was that never had the four of them made love together. But as often as not Eddie had his mom on his mind as he pleased his other two lifelong lovers.

Yep Eddie concluded looking at his two lovers and remembering his mom. It was an awesome life for sure.

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