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Mother's Boy

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The Awakening of Julie

Chapter 1: Mother’s Boy

By disturbia85

“Ben, grab your backpack, we’re going to be late!” Julie Moore fumbled across an array of trinkets in a heart shaped dish on the counter. “Come on, Julie, keys are in here somewhere,” she said to herself. As with every morning, her children would be arriving fashionably late to their first period classes. First a buzz around Harker High School to first drop off Ben and then to Woodridge Middle School to drop off younger Samantha, then Julie would be speeding to the dentist’s office where she worked and hopefully make it in before 8:45. “Tell your sister to quit finicking in the mirror, Ben, we have to go now!”

“I heard that Mom!” said Samantha from the upstairs bathroom.

“Then quit playing with your hair in the mirror and get in the van!”

“Oh, Julie, today is not your day,” she mumbled to herself. She felt a slight nudge at her left hip. It startled her at first but the hand was unmistakable and soothed her. Julie turned around and Ben jingled the keys with a sleepy, yet smug look.

“Thank you so much, baby. Where oh where did you find them?”

“They were in your jeans in the bathroom,” said Ben.

“Don’t be digging through my clothes, Benny!” Julie said with a quirky smile, not really feeling intruded, just happy to get on the move. “How does your wrist feel?”

Ben lifted his right arm, enclosed in a cast from his fingers midway to his elbow. “I’m not gonna lie, Mom, I’m still in a lot of pain. He grimaced and laid it back to his waist.

“I’m sorry, sweetie. I guess you’ll think twice before goofing off on your skateboard next time.” Julie was in fact sorry for Ben. She hated to see him in pain. She shot a loving smile at him and turned to the upstairs bathroom. “Miss Samantha Lee, get down these stairs right now!”

Young Samantha reluctantly trudged down the stairs still gussying her highlighted hair with a blank expression on her face. If anything was certain, it was that Samantha wouldn’t leave the house until she was ready.

“Sam, you must have spent the past hour getting ready for school. You could at least act a little enthusiastic about getting there,” Mother said. Some mornings they were cross with each other and apparently this was one of those days. It was a relationship that Ben didn’t truly understand; he couldn’t—he knew it was a mother-daughter issue—Best to stay out of the way. Julie and he never had tussles the way they did. He usually felt obliged to treat his mother with respect and Julie in turn did the same—she was grateful for his assistance and had enough stress contending with his sister.

“Ugh” was the only response from Sam, still gazing into oblivion disregarding her mother. Ben quickly caught a head-to-toe glance of his sister in discretion as she lumbered down the stairs. It was his little secret, but Ben admired his little sister’s beauty. Ben gazed at her young and fruiting breasts and widening hips on such a tiny frame, not even a full five feet tall. Her face looked very young and innocent with small features—a tiny nose with large green eyes, youthful chubby cheeks, and very pouty lips. Her attitude, however, was some monster of its own. She was starting to rebel against both her mother and Ben and disdained the cordiality between the two. It was safe to say that she usually felt ousted by the two, both with a common interest of trying to parent her, which Sam wanted no part. Samantha loved attention, but not of the parental kind.

“Alrighty guys, you’re already late. Pile in the van.” Samantha shot a glaring stare at her brother—She was not happy. Off to school they went.


The office was a small practice and she had been there for over ten years—ever since her husband decided to leave for Nevada¬ with a woman much younger than Julie—and she usually showed up five to ten minutes late with little reprimand. Dr. Hodges was married, yet Julie was convinced for the past ten years that he had been trying to get into her pants. She was much prettier than Mrs. Hodges, whose body became obese and attitude snarly shortly after the two’s wedding vows.

Julie thought Dr. Hodges mentally took ownership of her, but didn’t mind it as long as he kept his hands to his self and excused the frequent tardiness. And why shouldn’t he? Julie remained gorgeous even after the birth of two children and a divorce and the doctor obviously respected her mature beauty.

Julie was beautiful as she was persistently late. Her body was widening with her age, yet still remained taut and shapely. It was a very appropriate and seductive look for a woman in her early forties. Her breasts were large and motherly and much like Samantha, very short in stature which accented her wide hips and round bottom on such a narrow waist. Her face looked much more like Ben’s—Very dark hair, not quite black, warm brown eyes and a wider mouth than Sam’s. Ben and Julie looked very much alike. Samantha looked more similar to her father’s mother if she could imagine the woman at such a young age. The thought often entertained her.

“How’s Ben’s arm, Jules?” Doctor Hodges whipped around the circulation desk where Julie lay down her purse still settling into the office chair for the day. She hated “Jules” but even after ten years never let him know.

“He says he’s still in a lot of pain, Jakey.” The doctor hated her spiteful term of endearment as well but never wanted to ruin his chances with an impending divorce looming in his mind.

“Ha! A lot of pain! I bet he is since he can’t use his right hand anymore!” The doctor smiled and stared into Julie’s eyes awaiting response for laughter.

“What do you mean, Jake?” Julie asked. The doctor was disappointed he missed his timing for the humor. She obviously had no idea where the Jake was leading the conversation.

“Oh, come on, Jules, I know he’s your boy, but what do you think sixteen year old boys do with their right hand…In their room…Alone?”

The thought really never crossed her mind before. She was suddenly aware of what the doctor was talking about but still slightly unsure Ben would do such a thing.

“Do you think he really does that, Jake?” She asked inquisitively not sure if it was something below her child or not.

“Julie, Julie, Julie.” The doctor said with almost a “tsk, tsk” tone. “All boys his age masturbate as often as you or I drink a cup of coffee. The only difference is, I don’t have to lock the doors if I want a cup of espresso. How on earth do you think I settled with the boredom learning dentistry in college?”

Julie didn’t think it was beyond the doctor—even now with his fat wife. She caught a quick mental glimpse of Dr. Hodges brewing a pot of coffee with his penis in hand and the door locked to keep his obese wife out of view. The thought repulsed her and she shoved it away into her “discard” section of her brain.

“Surely, though Jake, I know my boy and…”

The doctor interrupted her commentary with a serious stare and said, “Frankly, Jules, all boys do, even the choir boys.” The dentist’s humorless assertion sunk into Julie. Ben is amazing, but he’s not quite a choir boy, Julie thought solemnly.

“So what’s the deal, Jules, late again because of a late night romp?” The doctor’s change of subject snapped Julie out of her trance and sobered her into her surroundings.

“You know, Jakey, you’re really a sick, sad man,” Julie said sarcastically to write off his comment. “I don’t want to date. I have everything I need right here.” She pointed to a picture of her and her children a couple years before at Disney World.

“Geez, Julie, you really should think about getting out more, you know.” The dentist jutted back to his own office and left Julie full of uncertainties of what Ben did in his free time. She knew she shouldn’t think about Ben touching himself, but became occupied by it. What’s more, she didn’t like the thought of her Ben being in pain. He should have a real pretty girl to take care of it for him, she thought. As long as he didn’t make any girl pregnant, she decided she’d be okay with Ben exploring a young lusty body. He deserved it. She then wished she could miraculously give Ben a girlfriend—he was an excellent catch.

Julie became suddenly aware of her own body and for the first time in a very long time, realized she soaked herself through her panties and was left desiring the carnal feel of a man.


The rest of the day remained difficult for Julie. The entire day, she was conscious of one little spot on her body between her legs that flooded her thighs so much it left them sticky. When she adjusted in her seat or stood up, she could feel her outer lips rub themselves in a volume of hot wetness which she would dap dry in the bathroom to no avail. She thought about relieving herself of the unwanted tension with a single finger—it was all she could fit—but diverted to her own perception that older women don’t do such things.

She wrestled with her own mind about what to ponder about while she typed her day away. She would think about lunch or dinner, her children, which she loved very much, even Samantha and her crazy antics, then think about her own nagging indulgences which she needed to alleviate. Throughout the afternoon, she would see people come in, picture them naked and inside her. She felt awful. Not only because her body was telling her to come, but also because she hadn’t had such dirty thoughts since before being pregnant with Samantha.

She then thought about Sam. Was Samantha touching herself as well? Did she have such pangs in her vagina as Julie was having right then? Surely she must. She was still going through adolescence and spent all her time trying to look pretty—probably for boys. But would she do it? The thought entertained her and she didn’t stop thinking about Young Samantha until Julie realized that her finger was attempting to slide between her pussy lips and she pulled away.

No, Julie, you’re at work. If you really want to, you can wait until you’re home, lock the bathroom door and spend extra time washing up for bed. The thought alone of touching herself was making her wet and then what her kids would be doing while she would be having “The Big O”. Would they be doing it too? Okay, just a little touch, Julie. She slowly and watchfully guided her finger to the outside of her black slacks and was taken aback by the alarming wet spot which was growing in size. She lightly pressured her clitoris and rubbed in circles. Julie felt intoxicated and shut off to the outside world when her finger touched her and the circular motion caused Julie’s head to swirl. No, no, no. This isn’t right. Just wait. Julie snapped her hand back to her keyboard, listening to the “click, click, click” she wanted no part of right then.


Unfortunately for Julie, that day was an exceptionally long day. Dr. Hodges usually quit taking patients by 3pm, just short of rushing back to the schools to pick up her children, helping them with their homework, cooking dinner, and going to bed to do it all over again. However today, Dr. Hodges felt exceptionally optimistic about work, either because he probably wanted to avoid the hag at his house or to raise enough money to hire an exceptionally scummy lawyer for a much awaited divorce to scam the soon-to-be ex-Mrs. Hodges from receiving any alimony. No wonder dentists kill themselves, Julie thought.

She called the house and Ben answered. “Hi, mom,” he said. Her inner lips quivered again. She looked at the clock—5pm.

“Baby, I’m so sorry I couldn’t pick you and Sam up from school today dear. Did she make it home safe?”

“Yeah Mom, but she went out with friends. I dunno when she’ll be back.” Probably at a boy’s house, Julie thought.

“Well, I’m glad you’re home, Benny.” Her tone sounded elated and seductive. “Listen Ben, I probably won’t be home until seven or eight tonight. Jake has me working stupid hours today. I’m so sorry, Baby.” And for some reason, she was. She was always home to make dinner. One day shouldn’t be such a big deal, but today, it was—for personal reasons.

“Are you okay, Mom?” Said Ben. Julie became self aware that her tone was giving her emotions away. She snapped out of it.

“Yes, Benny, I’m just fine. Thanks for asking. I’ll be home later tonight. Get in the shower before eight, Baby. Mom’s really tired and wants to relax tonight.”

Oh shit, Julie, did you just blow your cover? Julie quietly panicked.

“Okay Mom. I’m going to take a long shower too. My body really hurts today. It’s going to take me a while to take a shower too, with this stinking cast on.”

Julie shuttered. She felt her pelvis rocking in her chair, instinctively trying to rub it against her clit. I bet you do have to spend a long time in the shower, Baby. That’s okay, come for Mommy. Julie’s own thoughts startled her into excitement.

“Alrighty, Baby, do what you have to do. I’ll see you later tonight. Love you very much, Ben. Bye.”

“Bye, Mom. Love you too.”

Julie hung up the phone and stared at it. For the first time, she was very curious about how her Big Boy was growing up into a man. She thought about what Dr. Hodges said and what Ben said on the phone. She wanted to see him in the shower and watch Ben come to take care of his body. She loved Ben. Why shouldn’t she want to see him feel good? It was a question she pondered heavily as she drenched her panties.


Julie sped through the city and parked her car in the driveway, the inner-most part of her thighs sopping wet and sultry. She opened the door and smelled the aroma of cooked pasta. She walked into the kitchen to find a freshly washed Ben cooking on the stove with wet hair wearing a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt.

“Welcome back, Mom. Cooked you spaghetti tonight,” said Ben. It was a picture that Julie never wanted to forget. Her boy was gorgeous. She felt proud.

“Samantha hasn’t shown back up yet. I’ll call her in a little while and see what she’s doing.”

Good, Julie thought. I can’t deal with her right now and I get the shower all too myself. “Don’t worry about it Benny. I’m sure she’s just at a girlfriend’s house.” …or a boy’s house—either way, probably fucking. Julie felt relieved. No Sam yet. “You must love me very much if you cooked for me. Julie impulsively massaged Ben’s right shoulder, feeling an incredibly tight and tense muscle. “Ben, your muscles are still real tight.” Ben moved his shoulder into his mother’s hand as she kneaded it. “You must be in a lot of pain.” Julie wanted to grab his son’s ass for a split-second and work it to his balls. She wondered what he’d do.

“You have no idea, Mom, the shower didn’t help me out at all.” Ben looked into his mother’s eyes with great anguish.

Oh, I think I do know. I know now, Ben. I know what my boy needs, Julie thought. “Aww Ben, I’m sorry. I’ll see what I can do for you.”

“What can you do, Mom.” Ben posed this as a statement, but Julie took it otherwise.

I could take you into my womb right now, Ben. Her own contemplation startled her.

“Sit down, Mom. Let me make you a plate tonight.” Ben’s pampering of his mother drove Julie crazy. She felt loved. She felt wanted on some level with Ben. She felt Ben’s pain on another level.

Julie and Ben had the most quiet, romantic dinner she had in ages. The sexual tension was thick with Julie and could be felt throughout the kitchen. Neither felt it appropriate to elaborate. Simply, they loved each other. Nothing needed to be said.

As dinner was over and the plates were emptied, Ben opted to wash dishes so his mother could take her long awaited shower. Before leaving the kitchen, Julie bent into Ben to kiss him on the lips. Ben naturally did the same. This one was different and Ben felt it. She kissed him much longer than she ever had on the lips, making an mmm sound and coming back for one more. She walked to her bedroom, all too aware of her pussy tingling. However now, it wasn’t only her pussy but her lips tingled, her teeth rang, and her throat felt heated.

Oh fuck, I can’t wait, thought the horny Julie. She stripped her clothes in her mirror examining herself—her attractive hips, the curve in her back, her hair. She noticed other things she never noticed as well¬—her flushed complexion, her pointed nipples that stuck out hard and long like almonds. She postured in the mirror to see something else. A glistening stream poured down her thighs below her hairy pubic mound and glistened in the room’s lighting. Julie was hot. She couldn’t wait.

Julie threw herself onto her bed with images of her beautiful son that looked so much like her in the face—His body, hard and sinewy like a teenager’s. His ass perky and round like his sister’s but firmer and smaller. She drove her fingers into the wetness and circled around her clitoris and labia. She was wetting herself harder this time.

No. No no no. It’s not right. I can’t come thinking about my son. The thought of the taboo urge caused her to think more intensely about it nevertheless. Julie knew her son hadn’t come. He practically told her. Did he expect her to understand his lingo because she had been his age? Did he want her to know?

Julie quit rubbing. She stared at the ceiling for a long pause. My son needs to come.

Julie quickly rose from bed, grabbed a soft terry towel and wrapped it around her torso. With legs trembling, she exited her room and walked down the stairs. She walked into the kitchen to find Lovely Ben doing the dishes. Julie looked in desperate want. She was a hot mess.

Ben turned to see his mother naked in a towel, noticing her beautiful motherly curves for a brief second and then looked her directly in the eyes speechless. He didn’t need her to say anything. She looked aggressive, as if he was about to be pounced by a bloodthirsty lion. Julie didn’t hesitate. She let the towel fall down to the floor without saying a word and let her son take in her body—which he did. She wanted him to look—and he wanted to. There, in the silence of their kitchen, Ben gazed at his mother’s body. She let him as if it was a gift. She gawked at his as well. One thing in particular caught her eye. It was what she wanted.

She approached Ben steadfastly and pulled his shorts to the ground with force all the way to his ankles. As she did, a long shaft of flesh bobbed to full erection—it was gorgeous. It was the hardest dick Julie ever seen. Slightly narrow for the length, but definitely long. Julie’s son had a cock to be proud of. It didn’t matter what Ben had to Julie—He could have had a child’s penis and she would have taken it in with pride—but before Julie stood a man’s cock.

Her long fingernails lightly grazed his thick and stringy tuft of pubic hair and around his thighs. Ben was just as hungry as his mother. Every bit of Ben’s soft personality was counteracted by his hard, tan body. She entered Ben’s personal space and gave his cock a gentle stroke, hearing a deep “Ugh!” from her beloved son. With one hard stroke, she milked Ben’s angry cock to see a small splash of pre-come form and adjusted the tip of his long cock against her vulva, mixing their sex as one—it felt right.

Her hand probed Ben’s testicles and held them comfortingly in the palm of her hand. Ben had nice balls—not big like his cock but still weighty with semen—and when not fully erect his dick still probably draped far below his testicles. She carefully lifted his shirt over his head and removed the arm of the shirt away from his cast, feeling the head of his cock milking come between her warm labia. With the shirt was over his hands and in the air she kissed him like a lover on the mouth, then his neck and ears. There Julie took note of the striking similarities between their bodies—His hairless chest revealed his tan skin and dark areolas, a tight abdomen with a sexy and rare “V” that started at his hips and ended near the base of his manhood; both Julie and her son very warm and in the heat of lust. Both remained quiet and as his very own mother explored her son’s body like a prize, submissive to her touch with one hand on the counter and the other in a cast. As Julie stroked his long cock, she took Ben’s left hand from the counter and guided it to her bosom breaking the silence.

“My sweet baby boy,” Julie whispered in his ear. “Mommy’s here for you now, Benny. Mommy knows the pain you must feel in your body and now I have to kiss it and make it feel better.” Ben squeezed his large mother’s breast as if to milk it, Julie’s hand still on his wrist, tightening with the pleasure and then let go. She bent further into Ben, skimming her face from his chest, lower to his sexy stomach, and then with one large gulp, Julie consumed the head of his cock and its shaft until it reached the back of her throat. She was in such pleasure of her newly discovered hard cock that Julie let out a series of short moans as she fucked it with her mouth.

Ben was gasping for air, breathing heavily and staring into space, afraid to look down at his mother while she worked him around her tongue. Julie pulled the cock out of her mouth while sucking it, making a loud pop, breaking the suction. She looked at her lovely son directly in the eyes with a delighted smile.

“Benny, your cock is so big and hot,” Julie said, making a ring with her index finger and thumb around the base of it. She pulled on it hard until her fingers reached his crown and saw the approving dribble of sticky white come.

“Oh Mom, I’ve never felt anything like that before, “said Ben, in complete awe of his mother’s expertise. Ben had never felt a woman’s mouth and the sensation engulfed him—this made Julie feel truly appreciated. It’s totally okay to suck my son’s big cock. There’s nothing that’s not perfect with it. If only all frustrated mothers took their boy into their mouths…

Ben’s approval heightened his mother’s pleasure and she guided his hand to the back of her head, still romantically maintaining eye contact. Julie opened her mouth wide with her tongue laying flat and took in his pre-come with a pleasurable moan. Ben’s body flinched as she went back to stroking it with her tongue with enthusiasm. After several hard throbs coming from Ben’s body, she slowed it down and got off her knees and the two kissed passionately on the mouth.

“Oh my, Benny, you’re a very excited boy. I need you to save some of that for the rest of me. Would you like that? Would you like to finish inside me?”

Ben was overwhelmed. He was speechless with enjoyment but nodded, closing his eyes, imagining what the rest of her felt like. Julie grabbed Ben’s wrist and escorted their two naked bodies to Ben’s room, which was downstairs next to the front door, bodies swaying in their exposed grace. Ben followed behind her, observing the womanly shape of her hips and the roundness of her ass, which his cock pointed to in pure want. She let go of his hand as they entered the door and Julie squatted on her knees and elbows right on Ben’s own bed, still unmade from the night before. Her ass pointed directly to her son’s view and she relished the thought that she was getting her child off with the sight of her body. It felt very raw to Julie for him to observe her like this, letting her see her exposed bottom from a different view and turned her neck to observe her son and his hard dick in anticipation.

“Do you like Mommy’s naked body, Benny?” Julie took her right hand and placed it over her round ass cheek and spread it as far from the other as possible. Julie wanted this. She wanted him to see everything—at the top her tiny asshole, leading to the thin bunch of hair that traveled to her hairier pussy lips.

“Oh, Mom, I’ve never seen a girl before like this. Thank you for showing me.”

Julie’s asshole shuttered with delight with a new found appreciation of her son’s abstinence. He could fuck any girl he wants to, he just doesn’t know it yet. I need to teach him how to make a woman feel good and they would follow his every move. Any girl or woman would let him put his cock anywhere he wanted. “Come over here baby and feel your mother.” Julie slapped her ass cheek hard and left a fading red handprint on her bottom.

Ben hesitantly approached his mother, caressing the small of her back with inexperience and around the large globes below her waist. The anticipation killed Julie and she moaned. “Okay, baby, mommy needs to feel you…here, mmm.” Julie directed his fingers onto her warm wetness and squirmed. He probed the lips of her cunt slowly, unsurely not yet knowing what to do. “It’s okay, baby, feel your mother’s hot wet slit.” With broad strokes he fondled Julie until he found a special place where his index finger sunk inside her.

“Aggghhh!” Julie panted as his finger leisurely investigated her canal, digit by digit. It was very tight on Julie. Oh my God, I can’t wait to feel his cock! I want it sooo bad! “That’s it, baby, finger-fuck Mommy!” Julie was now shouting, bucking her hips onto his hand. His finger swooshed around her insides and her head swirled. “ Benny, that’s where your big long cock goes, okay?” His fingers went deeper and deeper, in and out of his mother. The dirty talk was making him hornier and the pace rapidly sped up. “Ugghh, Benny, Mommy needs it…now! Please put your dick in Mama’s hole!”

Still stroking his mother, Ben positioned his cock head to his mother’s womb and with her hand underneath her, steered her son in for the right fit. Ben hurriedly removed his now soaking finger and with a quick thrust plunged himself into his mother’s narrow passage. The two simultaneously exulted in disbelief of the indescribable sensation of lust. Julie let out a yelp as Ben’s cock entered bit by bit until his cockhead disappeared into his mother and pulsed so hard that he had to stop.

“More, Ben! Mommy needs more!” With Julie’s command he sunk his cock a couple inches more and Julie’s hips swayed in disbelief doing all she could not to cry from pleasure. “Oh God, Ben, I’ve never felt anything like that before. Mommy needs it bad, too!” Ben rocked his pelvis into his mother out and in again, deeper by the thrust until she took every inch of him. “You’re doing such a good job for your first time, dear. Just go with the motion until you can’t take anymore, okay sweetie?”

“Yes, Mommy. I’ll do anything you say. I’m starting to feel real close now. I’m sorry, I just don’t think I’ll be able to go much longer.”

He’s the most passionate lover I’ve ever had…and he obeys everything I tell him. I have to have it all in me. He has to…everyone should come inside their first time…

“No, baby, you’re doing a great job, don’t be sorry. Just let Mommy teach you how to come in a woman. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes, Mom! I’m, I’m so close!” Ben began to thrust more erratically, pulling out slightly and pushing his cock harder inside his mother. Julie could feel it begin to happen. She was lubricated not only with her come, but also with the small splashes of her son’s come as well. The rhythmic feeling of soft wet skin against itself caused Julie to enter a surreal place—it was as if she was physically inside her own vagina and she could almost see her son beginning to spurt come. Julie reached behind her, still with her son on top and pulled his smooth, round ass into her with her hands.—she grabbed at him hard.

The thrusts became yet shorter and faster. Both making an “Agghh” sound with each burgeoning drive until both shuttered flesh-against-flesh. Ben felt the safety of his mother’s hands around his delicate ass and held on for an awaiting shiver. Ben pushed as deep as his cock would fit and released…

“Oh Mommy, I love you so much, I love you, Mama!” With Ben’s confession, thick ropes of come rushed into Julie’s womb with force and she face planted into his bed, legs trembling and weakened with orgasm. Julie needed Ben’s come. Her son’s come caused her vagina to flood her own mixture of sex and both filled her vagina with satisfaction. After a dozen pulsations from Ben’s manhood, he collapsed onto his mother still inside her sanctuary. The two lovers embraced tightly and Big Ben kissed his mother’s glistening neck and back. They lay in their sex in indulgence of carnal lust.

Ben’s cock slowly became softer in his mother and slid out before a trail of thick white come pushed from his mother’s femininity, trickling from her clitoris to his dick and balls and comforter. It was the strongest orgasm either had and nothing had to be said except for a simple “I love you” amidst the gasping for oxygen.

They lay in their come for quite some time until it had gotten cold from the atmosphere and laughed like two children. Ben wiped his cock off with a towel and stammered out the door and up the stairs to the bathroom naked with his cock draped well below his testicles. He opened the bathroom door and stumbled on a sudden surprise. In the reflection of the bathroom mirror, little Samantha tinkered with a curling iron in a bra and cotton shorts and over her shoulder stood her big brother with a moist, long cock. She herself was speechless. Ben was tired. He proceeded into the bathroom to pee with his sister frozen in motion and Big Brother relieved himself as if nothing was amidst. He flushed, looked his sister from top to bottom and smacked her on the ass, shocking her enough for her to jump and walked back to his room. Maybe tomorrow, Ben thought. Tonight I’m a mama’s boy.


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