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[M/S] Mum helps son through his breakup [Part 1]

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"Don't you what me young man! Come out for dinner please!"

Ryan rolled his eyes and jumped off his bed. He'd been sexting his girlfriend, of 3 months, Sarah. He tucked his phone into his pocket and rubbed his dick through his shorts to try and hide his throbbing boner.

"Yes my dearest mother! what are we having for dinner?" Ryan said

"Oh finally! The dead has risen and is walking the earth! Nice of you to join me for dinner Ryan! Here take this beans and serve them please."

As his mum turned around to grab the mash potatoes, he noticed how full and firm her arse was. Was it his boner that was making him see his mother this way? His mother was the skinniest of women and she had all the right curves in the right places. He looked at her legs, they seem to go on forever.

"Earth to Ryan, Everything okay back there?" His mother called out to him

"U..uh yeah.. Can i have a spoon please? Can't serve these with my fingers" He tried to stifle a laugh

"Honey, there's a spoon in the pot"

"Ha ha yeah there is, got ya! Was testing you to see if you remembered! You're not as young as you used to be" He awkwardly laughed

"Is that right is it? You weren't standing there checking out your mother's ass were you?" She laughed out loud. "Go and serve those bloody beans before their cold, i'd like to eat them while its still hot ya know"

"Ha ha checking out your ass, yeah good one mum.." His voice trailed off

They finished dinner and Ryan helped his mother do the dishes before running off back to his room. He laid down on his bed, pulled his shorts off, grabbing his hard dick ready to finish what he and Sarah had started. He pulled his phone out and had 45 texts and 14 missed calls from Sarah.

He rolled his eyes and called her, "Hey babe, everything okay?"

"Is everything okay?" She screamed at him "I was about to orgasm and you went cold turkey on me! I didn't get to finish and you promised you would get me off if i sent you those pics of my asshole!"

"I know, i know! Sorry babe, i was having dinner with my mum and i can't text let alone sext at the dinner table. You know that.."

"I don't care! I was so fucking close!! I sent a picture of my pussy to Zach and he made me cum super hard. I'm done with you, we're breaking up. Delete my pics and my number, fucking rat." She hung up on him.

With his phone still up to his ear, he was left in shock. He didn't know what to say or do. She sent a picture of her pussy to his best friend Zach. A hot tear slide down his cheek, he threw his phone at his bedroom door.

His mother came running in wondering what all the banging was about. She knocked on his door, "Is everything okay sweetheart?"

"No." He said with a short, stern voice.

"Would you like to talk about it?" She stood on the outside of his door. "Can i come in and we can talk? I can make you something afterwards if you feel like eating?"


His mother came in wearing a sheer baby doll nightie, Ryan could clearly see the outline of her massive breasts and her nipples were poking through the material, it was a bit cold tonight. As she sat on the edge of his bed, her breasts almost bounced out of her night gown. Ryan could feel himself getting hard again. His head rested on his knee's. She put her hand on his shin and stroked it slowly trying to calm him down.

"What happened baby?"

"Sarah dumped me" He said through his teeth

"Oh Ryan, i'm sorry to hear that. I know you loved her a lot. But maybe she just wasn't the one for you, there's always other girls.."

"I guess so.." He bit his lip and tried not to cry in front of his mum. Which only made him cry harder.

"I do not miss being your age" His mum laughed "17 is such a shitty age."

"Gee, thanks mum. Helps a lot at the moment" He rolled his eyes so hard he saw the back of his skull.

"No seriously baby" She put a hand on his thigh and then realized he wasn't wearing any pants. She paused for a moment, leaving her hand in place. "Ryan.. Why aren't you wearing any pants?"

"Uh.. because i was talking to Sarah..."

"You were sexting weren't you?"

She moved her hand back to the edge of the bed.

Ryan paused. It felt like the world had stopped. Did his mum just really ask him that? What was he supposed to say?


"Y-Yes M-Mum..?" He was visibly shaking. He could feel his hands getting clammy and sweaty.

"Are you going to answer me? Please be honest"

Ryan let out a sigh "Yes mum, I was sexting Sarah."

"Is that why she dumped you? Was she reciprocating? Did she not want to text sexual things with you?"

"No mum, she definitely wanted to. She dumped me because i left her on the brink of 'finishing' and she wasn't okay with that so she sent a pic of her... uh.. bits Ryan pointed to his crotch to Zach and apparently he finished the job, so to speak. Then she dumped me.

"Wow! She did that to you? What a cow! Teenage girls are the worst. Maybe i should talk to her mother about that. Let her know how slutty her 16yr old daughter really is."

Ryan grabbed his mother's hand and gave it a squeeze "Mum it's fine, i'll be okay. Promise" He looked at her with a smile on his face. "really"

"Hmm okay, if you say so. You just let me know and ill talk with Mandy. But get some sleep now, I'll wake you in the morning for school." She lent over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Her boobs brushed against his shoulder as she lent in. He definitely felt his dick getting harder, he couldn't wait til his mum left his room so he could jerk off.

Mum left his room and closed the door "I'll make your favorite for breakfast okay? Love you"

"Love you too Mum" He called out. No sooner did his door close, he was beating his dick like it owed him money. He pulled up the video Sarah had sent him of her fingering her asshole and her pussy at the same time while moaning his name and saying how badly she wanted him to fuck her sweet, tight asshole and eat her out afterwards, he put his headphones in and went to work on his throbbing cock.

He was just about to cum as his mum walked back into his room "Sorry i forgot to te-" She stood there wide eye staring at her son rubbing his hard cock. She closed the door and couldn't believe what she just saw. She cracked the door open the smallest bit. She couldn't tear her eyes away from it, his cock was not huge but it certainly wasn't small. She felt herself getting wet, just watching her son play with himself. She was about to leave as he grunted, was he about to cum? "What are you doing Emily?" She thought to herself. "You shouldn't be watching this! Leave now! Before he see's you!" But she couldn't, she so desperately wanted to see him finish. She wanted to see his hot cum spurt out all over himself. She wanted nothing more then to go over and suck that juicy load right out of him.

He watched the video from beginning to end so many times he lost count, but it just didn't make him cum. He thought back to his mum. Her tits looked awesome in her night gown tonight. He pulled up her facebook and looked through her profile photos, he knew there was one of her from a couple of years ago bending over on the beach in a light blue bikini. He started rubbing himself again

"I can't believe im about to jerk off to my own mother, I didn't realise how fucking hot she is."

As he scrolled through her photos he started taking notice of how she looked. her body was like a goddess, she had perfectly tanned body. "I bet she tans in the nude when im not home, i can't see any tan lines" She has massive creamy, milky 34DD tits with naturally curly blonde hair. Her ass is so full and firm, she has the most gorgeous blue ocean eyes.

"Yes! Found it! Oh mummy!" he moaned quietly to himself

Emily stood in the hallway, peeping through the crack in the door. "Did he just say 'oh mummy'?"

She felt her pussy gush with juices and soak straight into her panties. Her hand found it's way into her hairless slit. She pushed a finger inside, she was soaking wet from watching her son play with his cock and moan for her.

"Is he jerking off to me? Surely not! He isn't interested like that in me.. is he?"

"Oh mommy, i wanna suck on your milky tits so badly! Feed your baby boy your milk pleaseee"

"He's definitely jerking off to me, and he wants to drink my breast milk?" Emily found herself more turned on then she's been in a long time. She pushed a second finger into her tight pussy and let out a small gasp.

"Oh mommy, i wanna cum so bad! Please let me cum in your sexy mouth! Please mommy!" He begged for sweet release

Emily came, and came hard. Her pussy squirted her juices all through her panties and soaked her hand. She was so turned on and it had been so long since her husband had left her.

She couldn't help herself, she walked in and tore her son's hand away from his cock. She slipped her mouth around it and felt the hot gush of his teenage boy cum hit the back of her throat. She gulped it down and wiped her mouth. She put a finger over Ryan's mouth to shush him, she took off her panties and gave them to him.

"I love you, goodnight baby boy"

[End of Part 1]



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