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Mum's 16yrs my senior.

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At sixteen,my mum was only sixteen years older than I was. She'd explained this... A boy about her own age fucked her and in doing it just the once she was knocked up. The lad was quite attached to her,but his family moved away and that was that. A while later she heard he was in fact several years younger than she was,but looked older.

Now ironically, mum informed me I was a dead lookalike to my dad, in as much that at sixteen, I looked going on twenty. This tickled her when people said to her, being thirty two. 'Your partners a real nice bloke, keep your eye on him or i'll snatch off you for myself!' - Mum always got a buzz and made comments like - "See, that's what I meant about your dad. He had girls after him thinking he was older as I did myself!"

At thirty two, mum had a super figure [Well I thought so!] pert neat breasts as far as I could see, a nice ass with enough meat on her to make her cuddly. Our trips to the beach were eye turning to men and bikini wise I got a buzz just walking slightly behind her watching her bum cheeks swivel! [I guess she realised what i was up too, but made no comment]

Equally,she would wind us past any damsel that had her breasts bared [For my benefit I assumed] By what happened this day It was plain that this was done deliberately for me! - Heading to our usual spot on our favorite beach, mum picked up before i did on one particular girl. As we approached I could see her  breasts laid bare on her chest [Like two fried eggs] what mum had spotted was that her pussy was also naked. The slit I realised as we closed on her was neatly closed, but the labia was there for all to see and her pubes tho' bushy hid nothing as being light in colour, her tanned body sheen, glowed with sex [Sun lotion I suppose]

Mum grinned her grin as she watched my eyes trace the length of her body. Out of ear shot now, - "Bet that got your labido trembling, you dirty minded young beast... her nipples will be sore as hell leaving them naked like that!" - We spread our gear out and as I sorted the sheet, mum furaged in her bag and giggling she said, - "Perhaps you could give her a couple of these and get a better look at what men look at!" [Mum had some nipple shields in her hand]

I felt strange at this as mum hadn't ever talked particularly rude to me, yet she was showing me something from her handbag that I would have never dreamed she had in there. She'd never stripped even her bikini top straps let alone bared her breasts on the beach. Yet here she was with what she thought she needed to stop her tit ends from getting burnt. 'How strange is that I thought?'

I wanted to ask her if she planned to get them out and hoped like hell she would. I had never really got a full on look at those fine tits of hers, but a glimpse here and there told me I'd like to see more! I knew she had a nice mound under the bikini bottom, but just assumed I'd never ever see that in the flesh, yet here was mum taunting me by walking me past pussy and titties,then implying she'd get her own out!

Fudging it slightly, I asked her she had a plan for these cups. She grinned, saying - "Dare I?" - I wanted to say - 'Yes please' but it came out - "I bet yours are streets better than any fried eggs around here,all white and not cooked!" - Grinning - "Bret, you dirty devil, I fed you with these,you shouldn't think like that!" - That grin of hers again. - "No! I thought just in case... you know!" - Changing tack now. - "If I lay on my belly and popped the clip, you could put some lotion on my back and I'd have no strap marks don't you reckon" - I reckoned!

My cock twitched at the thought of massaging oil on to mum [For ages I'd had the mystic of smoothing mum's body, but never ever dared] Now she's suggesting I get to do it! - I moved my torso to hide what my cock was up to at the thought. Mum meanwhile moved on to her belly and ran a fing in each side of her bikini bottom to release the leg part from the half moon creases of her buttocks. [Fuck mum! I could do that for you] I thought.

"You unclip me, I'll just rest on my arms" - as she did this I unclipped the top and it slipped away revealing a good side view of breast flesh. - "Ease the straps off down on to my arms, if I do it, my breast will show!" - Mum you're crucifying my cock here I wanted to say. [Suffer cock] I thought! More mum, more! - "Oil me Bret!" - My hand touching her made her jerk. - "OO! Cold. Smooth it on quick, give it some friction!"

Over the curvature of her shoulders to her back and nearly on to her rump, my fingers revelled in the feeling. Mum with eyes closed just let me get on with it and taking advantage I slipped my fingers just down under the waist band of the bikini bottom. [Just enough to feel the slight dip at the top of her ass crack]

Nothing was said as I moved on to the backs of her thighs. Smoothing her cunningly. I just about got my fingers into the vacinity of her slit when she just purred - "That's covered. Out of bounds to the SUN? SON?" - Which one I wondered! - The moment was over and after awhile my stiffness left me.

I sunned myself some, then took off to get us an ice cream each. - On my return I found, not only was mum turned over,but her breasts were showing except for the tiny nipple cups at the ends. - "Just in time, eat your ice cream, then you can do my front like you did the back just now!" - I found myself answering her breasts not her face. - That grin again! - I suspected mum was playing games on me. [It was working and all. I just couldn't fully hide what her tits were doing to my groin area!]

Mum helped tho' - "Dirty thoughts have we, I saw you looking as you directly walked past the bronzed tits over there!" - 'NO MUM, ITS YOUR TITS MAKING ME STIFF AGAIN!' - I didn't say this of course! - I went about smoothing the lotion on her, avoiding her breasts of course - "Don't hit the cups off, be a bit careful doing it!" - Tentitively I dared smooth her tits and my cock knew no bounds now I had her tits in my hands. I knew my trunks would show a wet spot of precum - Fuck! Who cares, I'm feeling mum up and anyway, they all think I'm her bloke, not her son anyway... she said that only yesterday again!

I realised mum's nipples had stiffened as I touched her and one cup popped loose. Instictively I held it and pressed it back on, or as I thought I had, but mum  took control and quite blatantly now took it off and done what she had to to put it on again. [There it was - one hard pert nipple right before my eyes] - "She's a natural you know!" - "What?" - "Titties over there! Her hair is natural blond don't you think?" - "Oh! Yeah. Like you're a brunnet" - "Oh! Am I?" - That grin of her's - "You're sure about that Brett are you?" - My pulse raced, I'd never thought about that till now. - Is mum trying to tell me she's not and all the time her pubes are blond as well? Surely that's her natural colour,but then again, I'd never seen her pubes!

The day rolled by, the girl left, we stayed, a chill moment had mum peel off the nipple cups and with stiff nipples she got me to clip her top back on. - "You know, I'm feeling rather devilish having gone that far, I don't really want today to end, what say we stay here and drag that car blanket over us like lovers" - I dragged the blanket from where it lay and set it over us, - "Bet we'll be all cosy and warm in seconds now!" - The heat under the blanket must partly have come from our tanning, but in my case it was more to do with the sexual side of my thoughts about mum and her tits.

Not forgetting her real hair colour or otherwise! We lay close now, I ventured, - "Mum, do you really think of me like my dad?" Shocked now -"Maybe, you're hairy like he was" - Shocked because as she said it, she'd smoothed into my groin and her hand was up under my shorts and touching my cock and pubes. I never freaked,nor even moved as she felt me a little more. - "Bigger. But then again, you're older than he was. If I'm completely honest with you, promise you'll not feel badly of me!" - "I promise!" - My heart was pounding now as my cock had hardened in her hand. - "I would enjoy you doing to me what he did if you want too!" - I didn't respond - "Alright?" - I did now - "Alright!"

Her hand led my had into her bikini bottom and with one lace loosened she led my fingers on to a very wet pussy slit. - As her fingers slid up and down my shaft now - "Finger me, finger my cunt like he did!" - I was already nearly cumming off as my fingers searched around her slippery vagina. I think my inexperience done for her as she orgasmed almost immediately. - "Stuff it up there, get over on me and do it quick! Quickly, fuck me you bastard, FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! OH! I've wanted you so badly"

The bikini was gone, my cock went into her so easily and I just hiked the bikini top up over her nipples and held both her tits in my hands. She in turn was already humping at my cock and I forgot her tits and gripping at her upper torso, I pumped at her vagina until we orgasmed with such furosity that my sac was slopping around on her thighs like in a puddle. - No thought was given to the fact that I'd just spermed into my mother, just pure lust,love and satisfaction! - Wanting to stay inside her I gripped mum's ass cheeks and started all over again. We were soon approaching yet another joint orgasm.

Mum whispered - "Can you make it three?" - We did, then fell asleep right there and then. - Aroused by a voice, a policeman said - "Keep a hand on your valuables missy, somebody's been snatching handbacks along here lately!" - Mum aknowledged him as she squeezed my cock - after he'd moved away, - "Nobody's snatching my valuables away from me mate! They're attached to his body" - I knew in the dark mum had that grin on her face again. - She'd achieved what she'd set out too, hours ago!


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