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my little dog

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          There I was walking my little dog as usual on my weekend. It was about 7:30 am, lovely cool morning.  As I passed my neoghbor's house, I heard a noise.  It was my neighbor's young daughter, Lexi.  Lexi was a fine young girl with a nice shape and smooth curves.  She was going to be an absolutely gorgeous woman when she grew up.  But for now she was just starting to get little nubs where her breasts would be and her hips were just inching outward slightly.

           She ran to the sidewalk and startled my pup. She reached down and petted him, but at the same time he moved his nose deep into her pussy.  She seemed a bit taken back by this, but grabbed his head near the ears and pushed him in tighter. 

            " I see you enjoy Weiner and he enjoys you ? " I blurted out not knowing what to think.

            " I like the feel of his nose.  It is soso wet and cold.  It feels real nice to me. "

            " You enjoy that do you ? "  Do you want to come back to my house for a little bit and we can see what else we can come up with that may make you feel good ? " I boldly pushed forward with my questions.

            " Let me run in and tell my mom I'm going to the park.  I'll be right back. "

            " I'll be at my house, ring the bell. "

            " Well it looks like you have to wait ol' boy. "

            I took Weiner back home and put him in the basement.  I tried to figure out what or how I was going to get things started.  Do I just grab her and start ripping off her clothes ?  Do I play dumb and let her move first ?  Do I try and make it seem like an accident ?  Questions, questions, questions, yet no answers.

            Suddenly the bell rang and I almost bolted for the door.  I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.  Lexi had been in my eye for at least the past 4 years.  Her sister, Cassie and I, have been having sex for at least 6 years.  Now I was hoping the same would happen here.

            I opened the door and there was Lexi standing there in a sweatsuit.  She had a hooded top with zipper front and her matching pants.  They weren't tight, mind you, just the typical loose fitting you get with any sweatpants.

            " Well may I come in she ? "  she uttered.  " Where did little weiner go ? "

            " Well I had put him away for now, unless you want me to go get him ? "

            " No that is alright, I really wanted to come and see you, if I may ? "  She stated as she moved past the door and into my house.  " My sister was talking to me last night and was telling me some stories about you and her.  I was wondering if they were true or just that, stories ? "

            " Well I don't know, what kind of stories was she telling you ? "  As I led her into the livingroom to sit on the couch.  " Would you like some cocoa or something to drink ? "

            " I would really like to have a hit of some smoke, if that's alright with you ? "

            I almost fell over in my tracks and stopped to look back at Lexi.  She was unzipping her top to reveal a bare torso with the slightest hint of breasts, but a pair of lovely nipples.  She smiled as she watched me gaze at her upper body and removed her top completely.

            " I guess I know what stories your sister has been telling you huh ? "

            I stopped and turned to move back into the room.  " Please, I would like some water, if you don't mind. "  she spoke.

            My cock was now starting to respond, as I moved to the kitchen to get a glass and fill it with the requested water.  By the time I got back to the livingroom, my cock was pushing so hard against my zipper the pain was getting unbearable.  Beholden to my surprise and hard cock, Lexi was sitting there naked from head to toe.  Her sweet little, bald pussy glistened in the morning light, as the sun was just coming high above the horizon.  The glass almost dropped from my hand as I staggered from this miraculous sight.

             " Do you like me ? "

            I put the glass down on the table next to her and muttered " You are truly beautiful ! "  As I began to undo my belt and pants.

             " No, No, please let me do that for you. "  As she dropped off the couch and finished what I had started.  As she pulled my pants and boxers down my cock sprang out slapping her cheek.

             " Cassie was right you do have a big cock. "  As I stepped out of my clothes and kicked them aside.

             She grabbed my cock in her little hands and gently started to stroke it.  " Cassie says you are very nice and will help me with whatever I need.  She said you will show me how to do everything the way you like it done. "

             With that she put her tiny lips up to my head and tried to push it in her mouth. 

             " Why don't we get a little relaxed first and then we will start with the lessons. "

             I reached into the end-table and pulled out my bong and smoke.  Lexi's eyes seemed to sparkle a little as I broke some bud up and put it into the bowl.

             " Have you ever done this before ? " I inquired.

             " Only with the stuff Cassie use to come home with from you. She used an old soda can to smoke it as our parents would find anything else. "

             " Well let me show you how to work this. "  As I proceeded to fire it up and inhale it deeply onto my lungs.  My chest expanded to double it's size and I hacked just a bit as the smoke oozed from my mouth.

             " That was a little too big of a hit so I am going to give you a tiny one. "

             I filled it, gave her the lighter, showed her the carburator and let it fly.  She powered it right down and asked for another.  I filled it again, just a bit more and let her go.  She was pounding it like a pro.  I fired up 2 more for me and we were both feeling real good.

             Lexi grabbed my cock and moved her mouth toward the head.  She opened wider this time and got the head into her mouth.  It felt so nice aroundmy head, SSSSOOOO TIGHT and WARM.  I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed a little to see if we could go deeper.  After another inch and a half she started to gag and choke.  I pulled out a little.  The saliva and mouth juices were dripping down my cock and her hands.

            " Am I doing alright ? "  she asked as she gathered her breath.

            " You're doing just fine Lexi. " as I pushed her head back onto my cock.

            This time I pushed a little further and she coughed and gagged some more.  As she was trying to get use to my cock filling every crevice of her mouth I reached down and started to pinch her little nipples.  She wiggled so I could get a better hold of them, as I pulled and pinched them.  Her moans and groans were more from that then my cock sliding into her mouth.

             I started pushing deeper into her throat as she choked and coughed from my cock gagging her and shutting off her oxygen supply.  She tried pulling off my cock a couple of times, but I pushed her back down and finally on the third attempt I let her up for air.

             " You don't like it when I'm forceful, do you ? "

             " I don't mind it, it's just that I use to practice on popscicles with Cassie andthis is much bigger then that. "

             " Let's have a little more smoke and then I going to fuck your little pussy Lexi. "

             We both had 4 more hits and I moved down to her bald pussy to see what I had in store for me.

              This was a sweet little nectar pot.  The aroma from my playing with her nipples and her sucking was strong for such a little girl.  I lifted her hips high in the air as I drove my tongue into her moist hole.  Sweet as sugar and juicy as a watermelon. I licked her pussy up and down, driving my tongue deep in her hitting, the soon to be broken hymen.  Moving up to nibble on her virgin clit, now slightly engorge.  Her squeals and noises told me she was enjoying every moment of my pussy molestation.

              I dropped her hips back to the couch and reached for the lotion.  I took a heavy amount and smeared it liberally all over my cock and head, then all over her lips and inside her tunnel.

              " Now Lexi this is going to hurt, so bear with it.  After I break your hymen I will stop so you get use to my cock in you pussy and the pain will subside. "  With that I, in one swift, quick move, plowed my cock halfway into her womb and held it there, while holding her and consoling her as the tears ran down her cheeks.

              " It's okay baby, it will be better in a little while.  Just hold me and you will be fine. "

              My cock was filling every possible space there was in her reproductive system.  She was so tight on my cock, I could feel the walls move everytime she breathed or sniffled.  She held me tightly and I her, whispering in her ear that all would be okay.

              " I know, Cassie told me it would hurt bad at first, but get much better. "

              With that I let her slowly down to the couch and looked into her tear-filled eyes.

               " Are you ready to continue ? "

               She nodded her head and I proceeded to pull back.  As I pulled my cock slowly out, her lips and everything inside moved out as my cock moved out also.  As I pushed back in in all went back in.  Her pussy was so tight around my cock, it was like a cock ring.  The tears went away and loud moans and squeals were soon to replace them.  My pace increased as her noises became louder and more frequent.

                " OH MY GOD YES, FUCK ME PLEASE !!! " she squealed as I pushed as far as I could go.

                " Cassie was so right when she said you were so good and made her feel so wonderful. "

                I could feel her body convulse and pussy clamp hard on my cock as her orgasms started flooding her pussy and coating my cock.  The natural lubricant was much better then the store bought, as my cock was gliding in and out of her hole with much better ease as she continued flopping around with orgasm after orgasm.  I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew and I let her know.

                 " Lexi I am getting ready to cum, so I want you to open your mouth and get ready for it. "

                 She tried as best she could to lift her head as I pulled my cock out, grabbed it and started unloading a firehose of cum all over her face, hair, chest and ears.  I was blasting load after load and pulling her head up to catch as much as possible.  I tried my best to put as much in her mouth as I could, but i would say only about 20% made the mark, the rest was all over her and the couch.  She gulped what she could down, the rest just ran down her chin onto her chest.  Her glazed and glassy eyes just stared up at me and she tried to give me a smile as she passed out onto the couch.

                  She came to about a minute later, wondering what had happened.  I had bent down and was licking the cum from her chest and face as she awoke.  I proceeded to share with her some of what was missed on the first go-round.

                 " Do you feel alright Lexi ? "

                 " I have never felt like this before.  This is so different from when I play with Cassie or just by myself.  When can we do this again ? "

                 " Well I think you need to go wash up and get home so your parents don't worry.  Then when you are able to come back I will be here waiting patiently, reliving evrey moment we have just shared.  You know it would be even more fun if you brought Cassie along with you also. "

                 With that she gathered her clothes and headed to the bathroom to clean up.  She winked with a smile as she left out the back, promising to bring Cassie back tonight................

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