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my little friend

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    I always love when my grandson comes to visit because we go to the pool and I get to scout for more pieces of pussy. The pool is the best place to find some, as there is so much exsposed and little to wonder about.

    Well one day when my grandson came over we got ready and went to the pool. I lounged on a chaise while he played in the water. There was a little girl who was playing with him, had to be about 2 years his senior. They were having a wonderful time playing in the water.

    Then I finally saw who was the guardian of this little minx. She was a drop-dead gorgeous woman. Her milk-chocolate colored skin just glistened from the oil. Her eyes were a crystal blue, deep and piercing. Her body was straight from a magazine. She had a non-typical black girl's butt, but not large just a small jut. It was just the perfect shape and size. Her breasts were, guessing, a 38c/d. Very full and pert. Her bikini was a light blue, like a sky blue. It wasn't a thong, but then it didn't need to be as the sight was too beautiful watching her walk to the edge of the pool. She bent down and said something to the kids and my grandson pointed in my direction. she proceede toward me.

    As she approached I could see your firm hard breasts bounce slightly. As I moved down her hour-glass figure, god her curves were so fantastic, I got to that gap between her legs and figured I could put 2 fingers between her thighs and still not touch her thighs. The gentle, yet provacative, sway in her hips started to get my blood churning even more then it was.

    " Hello my name is Tina " she said as she approached. " May I sit here ? "

    " By all means, please. " I said feeling like it sounded desperate.

    I sat up slightly trying to hide the erection starting to form in my shorts. I caught her glancing toward my cock as she sat down next to me. She moved it such a way that her ass was pushed toward my face before she placed herself down on the chaise. The sweet aroma of her coconut oil was intoxicating. She smilied wolfishly as she gave me a flirtacious glance.

    " I notice my daughter really likes your son. Where is your wife ? "

    " I'm sorry that's my grandson and my wife has been dead for 10 years. "

    " I am terribly sorry. " she muttered feeling she had offended me.

    " Don't worry, it's not a problem. Most people make the same mistake all the time. So where is your husband ?"

    " Well he is in the military and is away for about 6 months right now. "

    BINGO just what I wanted to hear. " He leaves a hot wife like you all alone for months at a time ? Isn't he jealous or worried about what might happen ? "

    " What I do is my business. As long as he gets what he wants when he comes home there is no reason for him to be suspicious of me. "

    This was what I was waiting to hear. This hot bitch just gave me the go ahead to do as I please with no questions asked.

    " So why don't we all go back to my place and continue this meeting in private ? "

    " Have you ever been with a black woman before ? "

    I looked her up and down, giving her a nasty look. " I have been with more black woman/girls then your husband, I'm sure. "

    We both called the kids and gathered our stuff as we let them know we were heading to my place. My eyes drifted toward her daughter who I really noticed for the first time. She was the spitting image of her mother. Soft coco colored skin, sweet booty so young and firm, with her just budding breasts starting to push trough her top. We walked behide them as we proceeded to my house. I just couldn't keep my off her daughter as we walked and she noticed it. We just chatted as we walked making small talk so the children wouldn't realize why we were doing what we were doing.

    We got to my place and I asked the kids if they wanted anything to drink. Both said anything would do so I gave them some juice and sent them down to my grandson's room when he comes over. It is downstairs and out of the way. As they trotted down stairs I watched as her daughter's ass giggled just so. She watched me watch her ass all the way down until they disappeared. Then I turned to her and asked if she would like anything to drink.

    She moved toward me and grabbed me and gave me a passionate kiss driving her tongue deep into my mouth and pushing those lovely tits into my chest hard and heavy. My hands instinctively moved down and grabbed her ass and squeezed hard on her firm cheeks. GOD her ass was so perfect my cock sprang up like a powerpole and pressed against her damp bikini bottom. She giggled slightly as I pressed it hard against her pussy.

    " So glad you're happy to see me. " she muttered.

    I slid my hand inside her bottom and felt that soft ass cheek, baby smooth. As I reached up with my other hand toward her breasts, I heard a noise as it was my grandson coming from the room. Quickly I removedmy hands and pushed her gently away. He came around the corner and up the stairs.

    " Grampa, can we have a snack ? "

    " Why sure, I'll make you two a pizza, okay ? " as I looked at Tina to see if it was okay. She nodded and I sent him back down to the room as I moved toward the kitchen to pull a frozen pizza out of the freezer and throw it in the oven. As I was doing this Tina came up behind me and latched onto my cock with her hand through my shorts and squeezed it so. She started to stroke it gently as she rubbed her tits on my back.

    I turned around and pushed her gently down to the floor onto her knees. She dropped with no hesitation as I slid my shorts down. My 8 inch cock sprang forth and into her groping mouth. I grabbed her head and pushed slightly. She accepted with no resistance. She slowly slid up and down my cock in a motion that just drove me absolutely wild. The suction was so great I flet as though my balls were going to be pulled through my cock, but it wasn't painful. She methodically moved up and down using her lips, tongue and teeth in such a way my mind was floating above the planet in a zone I have never been. I would grab her head and push my cock as deep as I could into her mouth so my balls slapped her chin and she would take it without hesitation. She seemed to enjoy it more as I did this.

    Suddenly there was a ding as the timer went off telling me the pizza was done. I looked down as she looked up with those piercing eyes. I pushed her head back as my cock POPPED from her lips and the saliva dripped off my cock and down her chin.

    " Let me get this to them so we can continue uninterrupted. "

    She just nodded and smiled as I proceeded to get myself back in order and cut the pizza for our children. As she stood up I could see clearly a huge spot on her bottoms. I reached over and felt between her legs and she was saturated.

    " My god you sure love sucking cock. "

    She batted her eyes and turned her head slightly as if embarrassed. It was so cute and sexy, as I grabbed the pizza and some more drins and headed downstairs.

    As I turned and started to come up the stairs, there was Tina completely naked standing there for me to see. I was truly impressed. Her large, firm breasts were capped by areolas that were 3 inches across with nipples the size of dimes standing three-quarters of an inch tall. Rock hard and inviting. As I moved down her baby-smooth body with it's deadly curves, her waist must have been only a 20 incher. Then came those hips pushing back out to a 34 inch. Most eye-catching of all though was her pussy showing proudly between those legs and perfectly placed in that gap between her legs. SSSSOOOO smooth and perfect. A baby had nothing on this girl. Smoother than silk and balder than kojak. It glistened in the light and shined like a lighthouse for the sailor to find his way.

    She just smiled at me and asked " So do you like what you see ? "

    As my cock immediately came back to life harder than before I uttered, " You are SSSSSOOOOO FUCKNG GORGEOUS. Even if I was blind i could see you are ever man's dream. "

    As I got to the top of the stairs and grabbed her body and threw the most passionate kiss on her. Sliding my hand on her ass and sliding a finger to her asshole pushing in slightly. She let out a moan. i drove my tongue deep into her mouth still tasting some of my cock lingering there. My other hand reached up for a nipple, pinched hard and pulled. She let out a squeal load and clear as the pleasure over took her body. She quivered and shook as she had her first orgasm. Almost biting my tongue as she came. I stepped back half a step and held her up as she convulsed with an orgasm I had never seen before. The cum was running down her legs. I took my hand and slid it down one leg and up the other to gather what I could and put it in my mouth. SSSSSOOOOO FUCKING SWEET. The aroma and taste sent my mind reeling. I picked her up in my arms and proceeded to take her down to my room and lay her down on the bed.

    " You are one truly special lady Tina. I have never been with anyone as passionate and horny as you. "

    With a quiver in her voice, " This is... nothing. Wait un... un... until I get star... started. "

    As she lay there on the bed getting her composure back, I slid down between her thighs and dove into my dripping honeypot. She began moaning and groaning as my tongue danced over her clit, now fully engorged and standing tall. I had never seen such saturation of a pussy in all my life. Even with other black women I have been with. The sweet aroma and taste was enough to make me want to cum. I continued to lick and suck and bite as she grabbed my head and pushed it hard into her pulsing and gyrating hips.

    She yelled between her squeals and moans, " That's it baby eat that pussy. Make momma cum like the fucking whore she is. Let her spray like the animal she wants to be. "

    These words just drove me crazier then I already was. I was driving my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could push it. I bit down hard on her engorged clit as she bellowed for more. I was trying to keep up with her hips but she was bucking my head all over the place and smashing me into her cunt as she let out a loud howl and came and sprayed all over my face and mouth. I was in sheer heaven as her cum drenched my face andand chin. She sprayed hard and long as it moved down my face and chin to my chest and into my hair. She was flopping around like a net of fish just put up on deck of the troller. Her moans and squeals were loud as she floundered around the bed like a spasm.

    I looked down at her with her cum just running all over my face and body. She just smiled trying to apologize.

    " I don't know why I have never met you before, but believe me you are never going to leave me again. You have now become my personal slut. " She smiled as I told her this. " I am going to do things to you everyday you only dreamed about. We have at least six months for now but I that will turn into a lifetime by the time I finish and you will never go back to him again."

    " I love to hear that 'cause there are more things to come for you too. " She smiled sheepishly as she said this.

    She turn ed and rolled on the bed so her head was by the side and grabbed my cock. She eagerly pulled it to her mouth and set a lip-lock upon it I almost came right there. She moved feverishly up and down my cock like a baby trying to get momma's milk. Trying so hard to get it to cum quickly. I just stood there enjoying it. She would take in my wholle cock and lick my balls as it tickled her tonsils. There was no need for my to grab her head as I couldn't push it in any futher then she was driving it.

    I could see while she was gobbling my cock the juices were just pouring from her pussy. Like water over a beaver dam. I reached down and got some on my fingers and hand and sent it to my mouth. Her nectar was truly heavenly. SSSSSOOOOO sweet and creamy. I pushed two of my fingers into her slippery pussy. With hardly any effort they slid in and her muffled moan squeezed from her filled mouth. I slowly and methodically pushed my fingers in and out of her pussy as her hips started to gyrate and pulse.

    My cock was stiff as steel and starting to pulse itself. She sensed it getting ready to blow and inhaled it deeper then I had known was possible for a woman. As she suckedit deep down her throat I blew a load like never before. The force pushed ME back as I dumped load after load deep into her throat where swallowing was not required as it was already halfway down to her stomach.

    She continued sucking my balls dry. I was bouncing all over the place as my head gets so sensitive on the under side as all you men know. She would not let it out of her mouth. Swallowing and sucking it hard. It was like getting it stuck in a hoover tube and you can't reach the switch or pull the plug. This woman was the cockwhore of cockwhores.

    As she continued to suck my cock I began to ram her pussy hard with my fingers. The sloshing sound was to much for me asmy cock started to grow in her mouth and she glanced up at me with those deep penetrating eyes which assisted in the rebirth of my cock. A smirk could be made out from the corners of her mouth. She was frantically fucking my fingers and cumming again. Finally she pulled her mouth of my cock as she came again. Her moans and squeals were waking the neighbors. I worried about the children.

    " Get down there and eat my pussy my little bitchboy. Don't stop until I cum two more times on your mouth and face. "

    She commanded and I obeyed. The juices were gushing forth like a leak in the faucet. It was spraying everywhere. I was loving every bit of it as I went down and just started lapping it up like a puppy to milk. While I licked I would bite her clit hard and love her squeals as she begged for more. I moved my fingers to her asshole and pushed two into her as she let out a howl that I am sure the whole block heard. I was worried she would break my nose as she bucked into my face. She came four more times and laid back, blacked out. I thought she had died.

    I stood up as she laid there and became a little worried. Then I saw her gorgeous chest start to move up and down and knew all was good. I reached up to her breasts with my cum filled hands and spread it all over her lovely mounds. As I rubbed it in I sucked and bit her breasts and nipples. Her moans and groans were back and she pushed my head against her chest.

    " You are truly amazing " she uttered. " I have never been so turned on in all my life. I need you to fuck me and fuck me hard. "

    With a smile on my face I said " It shall be my pleasure. "

    As I was grabbing her legs and pulling her toward the edge of the bed she yelled " NO NO NO "

    " I thought you wanted to get fucked ? "

    " Yes I do, but I want that bad boy in my ass. "

    A smile grew on my face as big as her ass and she laughed and smiled, " I knew you would like that idea. "

    I rolled her over and just gazed at that work of perfection. Such perfect curves and plumpness. All it said was " please come in we're open for business. " I could see where all the juices and cum had run down and covered her asshole. I moved my cock up toward the hole rubbing the fluids over the head as I moved pass her pussy and toward the glory hole. She squealed as my cock rubbed against her lips as her hips pushed back on my cock slightly parting her lips and letting the head just dipp into the tiny gap of her pussy.

    I grabbed hold of one cheek. So firm and yet just the right softness. The smoothness of her skin was enough to make me cum right there, but I held off until I could get it into my treasure.

    My head came to her tight little opening and I pushed it in just a tad to see what kind of resistance I would encounter. Her hole was SSSSSOOOOO TIGHT. It squeezed the head of my cock snuggly as i moved it in. She howled, " OH YES, I WANT ALL THAT LOG IN ME BABY !!!!! "

    I then grabbed the other cheek and squeezed hard and spread them slightly to make a little more room as I plunged my cock deep into her ass.


    I dug my fingers into her tender cheeks and squeezed them hard as I drove my cock to the hilt deep into her ass. Her cries were loud and wild. Her hips were driving back against my cock with such force. My balls were slapping against her pussy with a LOUD smacking sound. The juices were splashing all over us both. She was having another orgasm. I could feel her warm cum against my sack. I just continued to drive my cock into her tight ass. I could feel her squeeze my cock tight as i moved back keeping it from exiting. I started to spank her ass with ahrd open hand. She howled loudly and came again. The bed was completely soaked by now. From sweat, her juices and cum. I was driving her ass and slapping those cheeks.

    " Oh mommy not again. "

    My heart just about fell out of my chest. I stopped my strokes, but kept my cock in her ass, as we both turned our heads and saw her daughter standing in the doorway watching us.

    " Don't worry baby, your turn will be coming soon honey. "

    I turned and looked at her and she smiled at me and said, " Oh yes you will get my daughter also. "

    With these words my cock seemed to get just a bit bigger and harder.

    " You just get naked and get ready for your turn and watch mommy so you can learn. "

    I was just baffled. This was too good to be true. Here I was fucking the sweetest ass of a fucking nympho and when I finished with her I was going to get her little girl also. It was too much for me.

    I started driving harder and faster as I wanted the daughter now. You could hear my hips slapping against her cheeks, my balls splashing agianst her pussy as I dug my fingers deep into her ass and pulled myself deep into her channel and let loose a load like I had never before shot. I must have been cumming in her as for a good three minutes. All the while she cried for more. Finally as my cock finished, she quickly pulled her ass away and flipped around and began sucking on my cock draining it of every last bit of fluid. Her suction was so fantastic as it began to almost instantly arouse my cock again.

    " He looks bigger then daddy. Do I get to do all the things with him or not mommy ? "

    As she pulled off my cock for a moment, " Baby you can do what you think you can. Mommy will be right here to help with anything you need. "

    I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Here I have this black, goddess, nympho giving me the best sex i knew to this day and I also get her delicious YOUNG daughter. Her daughter was already naked and playing with her pussy. She definitely was not new to this.

    " So when did you get her started in all of this ? "

    " I got her started when she walked in on my husband and I one evening and wanted to know why he was hurting me. Since then she has been with me everywhere I go. "

    I was just astounded by these words. " She has been with you whenever you go have sex ? "

    " Yes I have and I think you'll like me as much as mommy " she uttered as she got up and moved toward the bed. I could see her smooth bald pussy just glistening ever so from her little play session. She really had no tits to speak of, but one could tell when she got older they would be as wonderful as her mother's.

    She approached as her mother got off my cock and handed it to her. She took both her small hands and grabbed it and guided it toward her mouth. She parted her lips as far as she could and moved slowly over the head.

    " That's it baby, take it nice and slow like mommy taught you. "

    She got just the head into her mouth and danced her tongue around it as well. This was driving me crazy as my cock started to grow. The thought of this fine young girl doing all the things her mother does was driving me crazy.

    She took a little more in her mouth. Her suction was very similar to her mothers. She could only get about three inches in before I felt the back of her throat. She gagged slightly with a cough, pushed off a little and went back. Soon she was bobbing up and down on the little she could take while stroking the rest with her hands. She would move one hand down and play with my soak scrotum now and then.

    Her mother in the mean time was playing with her engorged clit and making sounds like a wild animal. She moved around and positioned herself so she could watch her daughter sucking my cock while she tore up her clit and pushed a finger up my ass.

    This was getting to much for me. " I'm going to blow here baby. "

    " That's alright she knows what to expect. "

    I placed my two hands on either side of her face, gently. She looked up with those beautiful eyes and I could make out a little smile from her overstuff mouth. She was enjoying this as much as her mother.

    " I'm going to cum baby. Do you know what that means ? "

    She nodded her head as my cock was pushing her lips and cheeks to the max.

    Suddenly her mother pushed two fingers up my ass. It was at this point I let go with a blast that blew her head off my cock. The second shot blew over her face, chest and stomach. She sprang back up and caught the third on her face and partially in her open mouth, as she grabbed my cock and tried to get it back in her mouth. Then the fouth and fifth blew down her throat as she gagged and choked from the loads blasting against her tonsils. She kept sucking what she could as it oozed from the corners of her mouth and squeezed out from all around lips. I was pumpimg about half a pint of cum in her mouth and she was trying her hardest to take it all.

    Her mother had cum again and moved around front and started licking her face where the cum was oozing out.

    " How did she do for you ? "

    " The two of you are not going home today if thats what you mean. "

    " Oh but I must so I may talk to my husband. He will be calling in about two hours. "

    " Well I guess I need to do something else with her before you go. "

    As her daughter pulled off my cock and finished draining my cock of cum, she looked up to me and said, " Do I do good for you mister ? "

    " My little girl you did very well and you are going to do more soon. "

    Tina was licking her face, trying to get all the cum on it. These two girls were fucking unreal. A fantasy every man has, coming true for me. A nympho, cock-whore with a young daughter who tries to out do her mother.

    I moved down and started to eat her daughter's pussy. It was a little damp, but OH SSSOOO SWEET. The delicious nectar from her young cunt would make any man cum instantly. While I was eating this little pussy, Tina moved so she could suck my cock and was psuhing two fingers up my ass. This was driving me wild as I plunged my tongue deep into her young daughter's sweet pussy. The juices were just starting to flow when Tina came up and said, " It's time to put that log in her pussy. "

    I pushed her legs out and moved into position so my head was just at her lips. The mushroom was pushing those little lips into her pussy. Tina moved in and pulled her lips apart so my head was just starting to spread those lips wide.

    She grabbed my cock and aided it into her super tight pussy. In clung with great force to my cock as I slid it inward. I could feel the walls pressing up against my cock as I stretched that tiny pussy to it's limit.

    " Oh my GOD mommy, he is so much bigger then daddy. I am so full. "

    " I know baby, but it feels so good. "

    I pushed a little more and pulled back. Then I pushed a little further, trying to allow her pusy to adjust. It was super hot and sssooo fucking tight on my cock. SSSSSOOOOO FUCKING SMOOTH. Her pussy was like jacking off with a velvet glove. After a couple more gentle slides, I pulled back to where just half my head was still in and then let loose with a plunge that even made Tina cringe. Her daughter took it like a champ as I started to pound away on her tiny pussy slamming my cock hard and deep into this love canal.

    Tina started rubbing her clit and pulling on it hard as I continued to pound her baby's pussy hard. Small tears could be seen coming from the corners of her eyes. I was pushing her canal walls as far as they could go. My cock was tickling the top of her womb. If it was possible my cock may have come out her mouth. I was fucking this little girl with all my might and she just moaned and squealed with pleasure as I pounded her.


    " OH god baby, here it cums. " As I blew my load deep into her womb. Thank god she couldn't get pregnant yet, because I'm sure we would have had at least twins from that load and as deep as it was.

    I pulled out and Tina told her to finish the job. She popped up and began with that magnificent sucking cleaning my cock and draining any dribbles left.

    " Oh my GOD you two are just two hard to believe. I want you to stay here all the time until you need to go back home. "

    " We will be back after I talk to my husband and we will spend the night. "

    " I'll take my grandson home and we will continue later. "

    I looked at her daughter and winked, " Next time i going for the ass. "

    She grinned, " You think you can handle it ? "

    They both got dressed and took off, I went downstairs and woke my grandson to take him home.................

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I have never been in a mother/daughter combo, but I did do 2 sisters once. I will put that one to pen later, right now, PERV, this was excellent. I haven't read a story of yours that I didn't like Great work, thanks.

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