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my little neighbor

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There I was on a thursday night, just getting off work. Heading home from another miserable day at my part-time job. I was looking forward to this weekend, if you can call it that since it was only part-time, but I wasn't expected to go back to work until tuesday.
    I finally reached home and went to my room, I still lived with my parents as I was going to the community college and working part-time I couldn't afford my own place. It was pretty cool though, they really put no restrictions on me except the fact no girls in the house. So my rent was nil and food good so I complied with their wish and kept things smooth.

    When I got home there was a message on my machine, it was the neighbors with a request for me, if I could, to keep an eye on their little girl while they had to run outta town for a couple of days on an emergency. I called back and said that I would be happy to help them out. The wife was one gorgeous knock-out and I treasured every opportunity to gaze upon her and thought of what it would be like to tear that sweet pussy up. She was blonde, blue-eyed, with a set of 38Ds and curves that would kill James Dean. I wanted her so bad but couldn't seem to get through to her.

    So I headed over to their house early friday morning to get everything setup and recieve my instructions. Their daughter was developing nicely. You could already see that she was getting her mother's breasts as she was bumping up her t-shirt by about 2 inches already and an ass to match, perfectly rounded and plumped up just right. She had the same looks as her mother which made things even harder to think about as I sat and talked with her parents and her. After we all sat and talked everything over I said I would be back in about an hour to get the show going as I had some things to do before I could start. The thoughts of Jennifer's mother kept running through my head and how she was turning out just like her.

    I had finished my errands and came back to find them finishing up with the loading of the car. I offered to help, but they insisted they were done and ready to run. They explained that the numbers were on the frig if anything was needed or required their attention. We wished them a safe trip and went into the house. Jenn was looking so sweet in her shorts and loose t-shirt that I could feel my cock starting to twitch. I think it was more the sight of her mother, but she was going to be just as hot, if not hotter.

    We strolled into the house and I proceeded to the couch and clicked on the tv. Jenn went back to her room and said she wouldbe out later. I said I would be there watching the game and what did she want for dinner.

    " Nothing, I'm not really hungry. "

    " Okay I'll check with you later then. "

    So I sat there watching the game rather boring nothing happening with it. I got up and went to the kitchen to see what they had for munchies. Grabbed some chips and gazed out at the pool. My buzz was coming down and I needed to know if I might be able to sneak in the back and smoke a roach. So I set the chips down and walked quietly down the hall toward Jenn's room. As I approached her room I could see her door slightly ajar and some faint noises coming from her room. The tv was all you could really hear, but I knew there was something going on by her sounds muffled as they were. I took a little peak inside through the opening and could just make out Jenn's feet and lower legs as they moved ever so with her low muffled moans. This little bitch was playing with herself I thought to myself. Well I figured I had time to go blow a joint and went to the backyard.

    It was getting dusk as the sun was setting behind the treeline with it's oranges and reds, soon followed by the blues and purples. I pulled out one of my fatties. I loved my joints as I rolled them in a machine so they looked like a cigarette but a tad bit fatter and a shit load better. I fired it up and just sat there toking and watching the sunset. When I finished I was rippped and stoned beyond belief. I had forgotten about the game and tv for that fact. I stumbled back in higher then the sears tower and turned off the tv. I then turned down the hall and yelled to Jennifer, " Do you want anything to eat Jenn ? "

    No answer, so I yelled again.

    I could hear her faint reply no thank you I'm fine.

    I went back outside and pulled out one of my roaches and fired it up. When I finished that I decided I was going swimming so I stripped down and jumped in with no cares or worries. I must have been swimming about 25 minutes when the kitchen light went on and Jenn was moving inside. She came to the door and asked if I was alright. A little shocked I stuttered yes and she said, " Okay I'm going to go to bed then. " I wished her a goodnight and kept swimming.

    My thoughts were wandering as to what she was doing in her room and my cock started to respond. The heated pool water sure felt good against my rigid cock. Now I'm not saying I have a huge hunk of meat, but it is 7 inches and with 2 inches of girth, never any complaints even from the black women. It was nice swimming on my back with my cock protruding above the water like a periscope. Finally I had enough fun and went back inside with just my boxers on, plunked on the sofa and put on the adult channel.

    I was enjoying the show and my hand was gently stroking my cock when I heard a voice behind me. I quickly turned around doing my best to hide my cock as I saw Jenn standing there with her loose fitting t-shirton and her hand rubbing her pussy.

    " That's a really nice cock you have there Peter. " she calmly remarked.

    " You're suppose to be in bed Jen ! " I muttered as I kept trying to push my cock down and in my boxers.

    " I just couldn't sleep you, it's kinda hard since my daddy isn't here to tuck me in. "

    As I was fumbling for the remote she said, " Don't change the channel, we watch this alot. "

    I was put back by this just a bit, but started to ask who and when.

    " My daddy and I always watch this channel at night. He tells me it is a good way to get started without a lot of foreplay and he helps me with anything I don't understand. "

    " You mean to tell me you and your father have sex together ? " I blurted

    " Oh yes we have sex at least twice a day, if not more. "

    I was not believing my ears. This little thing of a girl was fucking her dad at least twice a day and they appeared to be such a typical family. My buzz was starting to drop off a bit, my cock was sagging just a little and I had this hot little girl rubbing her pussy watching an adult movie. Who would ever believe this to be happening, especially to me.

    " Can I come sit by you ? " as she moved around to the front and sat down

    " Like I said earlier you have a nice cock Peter, may I play with it ? "

    All of a sudden she leaned over and started to stroke it with her hand. Like automatic my cock started to spring back to life. Almost instantly it was back to full rigidness and Jenn was stroking it with both hands. She moved close and started to lick and suck on it. I just couldn't believe my eyes. She was so good at it, taking my cock in her mouth and amazingly deep. She continued bobbing up and down with her gentle moans and that wonderful slurping sound that goes with a great blowjob.

    She looked up at me with those huge blue eyes to see if I was enjoying her and I gave her a smile to let her know all was well.

    " Your daddy has taught you very well Jenn. "

    Just as I was chatting I could feel the pressure start to build, I was going to blow real soon. Jenn could tell to as my cock did it's final swell and twitching. She was bobbing quicker now and loving it. I grabbed the back of her head and slammed it onto my cock hard as I blew a huge load deep into her mouth and throat. She gagged from the initial blast trying to lift her head, but I kept pushing it deeper into her mouth cumming and cumming, blast after blast as it drooled down the corners of her mouth and chin. She sucked and swallowed as well as she could and what didn't get eaten was running down her face and neck or dripping on my legs. She sucked and licked until I was dry, then proceeded to lick my legs and thighs clean. All this and cleaning herself up too.

    " I hope you liked that. You squirt alot more than my daddy does. " she said as she sat up on the couch. I could see now her nipples were hard and erect pointing out of her shirt. I was quite surprised by their size. I hadn't seen nipples that big on most women, let alone a 13 year old girl. Her shirt was up enough to show her bald pussy as it glistened from the light of the tv. What a beautiful pussy it was as her lips just curled ever so inward giving that little puffball look. I was just in amazment over this little girl and her abilities.

    My head was swirling and trying to get a grip on what had just happened when Jenn said, ' Wanna go skinning dipping ? "

    Before I could answer she was already up and heading for the door pulling her top up and over her head. Her ass was oh so fine, just a perfect ass the right thickness, shape and roundness. Her titties must have been about a 28 or 30 b cup as they were much more developed then I previously thought. As I watched her disappear into the pool. I stood dumbfounded for a moment and then pulled off my boxers and followed her in.

    We swam for a couple of minutes playing little kiddy games then she came up and grabbed my cock under the water and asked to smoke a joint with me.

    " How do you know I smoke and even have some ? "

    " I came out earlier when you were back here toking away. "

    " I guess there is alot I don't know about you. "

    I jumped out to go get a joint. When I came back out Jenn was sitting on a chair with a towel under her and her perfect body sitting in front of me on full display. She was more beautiful then I could ever discribe for any of you. She was going to be prettier and more gorgeous than her mother. Now her mother could pose for playboy at any time, so you see how this little girl is going to be.

    I fired up the joint and told her to be careful as it might be something she'll not be able to handle. She took the joint and power hit it like a pro.

    " I guess this isn't your first time smoking dope ? "

    " No, my father and I have been smoking since I was little. "

    " Is that the first time you and your father had a sex act ? "

    " Oh no my father use to slip his cock in my mouth when he would change my diapers. He told me he knew I was a natural because I always smiled when he brought it up to my lips and I tried my hardest to eat it. "

    I was shocked as hell when she told me and as if it were nothing out of the ordinary.

    " When was the first time you actually sucked his cock ? " as I hit the joint and passed it to her. As she took it and sucked on it you could tell she was a natural at it.

    " The first time I actually sucked his cock and swallowed his cum was when I was younger. "

    I just about fell off my chair. Being as stoned as I was and hearing that she has been sucking since adolesence put my cock into overdrive. It sprang up to full attention in a split second. As she leaned over to hand me, the now roach she said, " That's enough for me. " After I took it she dropped down in front of me and started to gobble my cock again. I could tell that the deck was uncomfortable on her knees so I suggested we go back inside.

    She scampered up and bolted into the house telling me to meet her in her room. I took a couple more puffs and put the roach away. Got up and headed toward her room. As I strolled that way I just couldn't imagine a little girl like that being as experienced as she was and me never knowing it. This girl was only 3' 8" or 4' and to look like her at this age just meant major trouble later in life.

    I finally got to her bedroom and she was there waiting for me with a couple of candles burning giving a nice soft glow to the room. She beckoned me to sit down on the bed. I took a closer look at my little girl and saw that she was about a 32a but full and firm. Her aereolas were the size of half dollars and a little bit on the puffy side. Her nipples were exceptionally large for a girl as petite as she was roughly standing up about half an inch and about the diameter of a dime. Just an absolutely gorgeous piece of girl. Her slender body with that perfect pussy just puffy enough as those soft velvet lips tuck in just so. Her ass was as perfect as they could get, plumped up at the perfect size and perfect roundness. This little girl was every man's dream.

    As she approached me she smiled ever so, as my cock just sprang to life. Standing as tall as it could and just pulsing in anticipation. She grabbed it with her hands. Neither hand could fit around it, but she held with both and gently started to stroke me. I began moaning and leaning back on my elbows as she stroke it ever so slowly. Her head bent down and she licked my balls and then gently sucked on them. This little girl was better then most of the housewives I fucked and much more talented with better looks.

    As she started to suck my cock, slowly inserting the head into her mouth, I began playing with her pussy. I started rubbing my fingers on the outside of her velvety lips. She was so fucking wet you would think she already came. So moist and hot I had to slide a finger into that pussy. As i slid my finger into her pussy she let out the moist pleasing moan from her cock filled mouth. She slowly started to gyrate her hips as I continued my finger fuck. The juices were really starting to flow from her pussy and all down my fingers and hand. The aroma of her sweet juices was making me hornier then ever before. I started pushing my finger, then fingers, in her faster and harder as her moaning got louder.

    She popped her head off my cock and said, " My god you got to fuck me with this monster now you prick ! "
    She pushed me back and moved her ass up to my cock and slowly pushed her pussy over my head. She was so fucking tight I didn't think I could go in. She wiggled and moved just so and before I knew it she was riding me like a rodeo bull rider and screaming loud. She had cum the first time I drove it all the way in. I couldn't believe this little thing was swallowing my whole cock all the way into her pussy. It was so hot and tight but slicker than a frozen lake with all that cum and juices just pouring out of her all over us and the bed.

    I reached up and squeezed her nipples. I pulled on them and she squealed, " Harder you little pussy, I make my titties hurt ! " I proceeded to twist and pull even harder.

    " Is that all you got ? I thought you were a man ! " she wailed as she was bouncing faster and faster on my cock.

    I really pinched and pulled her nipples while squeezing her tits with a great force and she screamed as she came again and again from the pleasure she was getting. Suddenly I could feel my cock expand and my balls tighten. She knew too as she bucked her ass and came with me as I blew a massive load deep in her tight twat. Her cum and mine were mixing and gushing with every stroke. It was all over her pussy, thighs, legs, my cock, thighs, legs, the bed. One hell of a mess as she continued to ride me and cum again and again.

    Finally, we both panting like two dogs in 100 degree weather, as she collapsed on top of me and thanked me for the wonderful fuck.

    " That was real nice. " she said " It has been a while since I felt something like that. "

    " You are just fucking amazing ! " I told her " How did you fit my cock in your little pussy ? "

    " I have had bigger ones so don't think your special. "

    I just put my arms around her as the smell of sex filled the room. The smell of our cums mixed together with the sweat of our bodies. We just layed there and cuddled for a little bit, not saying a word just loving the moment and reliving the sex in our own minds. She curled up like to me like a kitten to her mother. My hand gently stroking her firm tight ass rubbing those soft sweet cheeks ever so gently. She cooed with a sutble noise as I squeezed but not to hard. She started to caress my chest with her hand and sliding up and down my torso with her fingers, a soft gently feeling. My cock, amazingly enough started to spring back as she would move down further and further gently stroking it. It was starting to grow back to full life and she smiled at me telling me it was nice to have such a responsive cock by her side.

    She moved to go suck on my cock once again. This girl was amazing. As she stroked and sucked it back to full health she begged for me to fuck her ass. I was immediately harder than life itself and almost came right there. She got off my cock and bent over the edge of the bed. I got up and moved behind her. There before me was the most beautiful ass I had ever seen, so small and tight I couldn't imagine my huge cock fitting in there. I took my cock and rub the head on her drenched and dripping pussy. I spread it around with my hand over my head and shaft. Then I reach up with my hand and caught some more juices and spread it over her little hole, the rest I massaged in her soft, firm cheeks.

    " Fuck me with your cock you son of a bitch. Put that monster in me and make me wail like a banchi ! " she demanded.

    I moved the head of my cock up to her spincter and proceeded to push it in her tight asshole. It wouldn't go at first as I wiggled and prodded, then Jenn push back and the head spread her hole a little wider as she wailed from the ripping my cock was giving her ass. Her hole was so fucking tight I almost came as I pushed the head in.

    " Yes push that big fucker in my ass !! "

    As I reared back and pushed it deep in her tiny ass as she slammed her hips back to take it all deep inside her.

    " Fucking pinch my tits hard baby!! Pull my fucking hair !! Spank my ass hard !! ' she screamed and demanded

    I was ramming my cock in her tight ass deep and hard as my balls slapped her dripping pussy. I had her ass cheeks spread as wide as possible gripping into her cheeks with my fingers. I reached around and grabbed her tit and pulled her nipple so hard I thought it would come off. As I pulled I pinched it even harder. She squealed loud as she came two more times. My balls were now saturated with her juices as it sounded like a baby playing in a bathtub as they slapped her sopping pussy. I was becoming an animal. Just grabbing those petite hips and slamming my cock as far and hard into her ass as I could. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as she squealed loud and came a few more times. I was becoming more of an animal then she was. Suddenly I felt the feeling and my cock exploded deep in her ass. She squealed loud as my cock exploded again and again in her ass as I pulled her hair and pinched her nipple with the other hand. She was howling and cumming right along with me.

    I finally slid my limp cock from her ass and she wheeled around and grabbed my neck with her arms and gave me a deep hard kiss.

    " Oh god I love it when you men make me a fucking slut and abuse me ever so ! I just wish it could happen all the time. "

    " Well if I had known we could have been doing this a lot more, a lot sooner. " I muttered back at her.


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