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my mother in law and I

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As the whole family which consists of me, my wife (who happens to make me very happy in bed and in life), her mom and dad, and her baby brother whom lives in a 3 bedroom house with two bathrooms; we are a well tight knitted family who respects everybody and support each one of us.


While the front bathroom is broken and is under the process of being fixed, everybody has to use the back of the house to take a shower and use the bathroom.


One early morning, I decided to sleep in and get some gud rest after being up all nite with my wife. And I had assumed that everybody had left the house. When the phone rang at 9 am, I answered the phone and my boss wanted me to come in for an afternoon meeting; which gave me time to take a gud shower, get ready, and take the 2 hr drive to work.


As I walked in the shower, I had decided to walk thru the house naked into the bathroom. As I was walking into the bedroom that leads to the bathroom which was unlocked; low and behold, my mother in law was on the bed naked with a vibrator inside of her. Now let me tell u about my mother in law. She has the same features as to my wife, big hips, big boobs, big nipples, and juicy wet pussy.


As I tried to close the door to walk back out without her knowing that I just walked in the door, the door squeaked and she jumped up so fast and covered herself, yelling at me. But since I am not able to hear, I was not able to figure out what she was saying. As I walked towards my room, my mother in law comes out with the blanket around her and she gave me this look like she was ashamed, knowing that I had saw what I saw.


As I was walking into my bedroom, my mother in law followed me in and asked me to sit on the bed. As I sat on the bed, I grabbed a pillow to cover myself since I had a raging hard on (8 inches long, 1.5 inches thick, almost too big for my wife to take inside of her.) At this time, I was unsure whether my mother in law had seen my hard on or not.


At first, she could not come up with anything to say, but to laugh a little because she knew she got caught. So I asked her if she was okay, she replied, yes I am okay, but u cannot say anything about what u saw today. I had to promise her that I would not say anything. But I had to tell her that I need the shower because I got a meeting. So I excused myself from the bedroom. As I stood up on the bed, I had the pillow; covering myself. First thing that she said was, are u taking a shower with the pillow? So I decided to throw the pillow on the bed. At the same time, she was able to see that I was standing tall.


As I walked into the bathroom, I started the shower up and let the water warm up. As I grabbed the towel from the shelf, I set it on the counter where the sink is and it would be closer for me to grab. As I got in the shower, I was just washing myself, rinsing off and was getting ready to jerk off in the shower. I was standing there with the water over my head, my hand on my dick jerking it, trying to cum; I felt something warm wrap around my dick head. I opened my eyes as I was cumming; it was my mother in law’s mouth on my dick. I pulled away very quickly, and a stream of white cum went across her face, as she was smiling. I rinsed my dick off with the water, and turned the water off and got out of the shower, leaving her sitting on the floor. I dried off quickly and ran off to my room and was getting dressed for the meeting.


As I was walking to the truck, I had realized that I had forgotten my wallet and my cell phone. I walked back into the house and picked up my phone and wallet. As I walked back out to the truck, my mother in law handed me the paper that was on the table that was meant for me to read it.


I hurried drove to the meeting forgetting about the letter because of what just happened. But after the meeting, I noticed the letter sitting on the passenger seat. I opened the letter, wondering who it was from and what it would say. As I opened the letter, it looked like it was hurriedly written like somebody was in a hurry trying to write this letter. “Plz forgive me, but it was not my intention to do anything to hurt u or anybody else. Plz do not say anything; ill explain my actions when u get back home. Ill make ur favorite tonight. Love u.”   I knew right away it was from her, the lady in the shower.


As I drove home, I looked at my phone and I had noticed that there were 10 picture messages on my phone. As I looked at each one, they were pictures of my mother in law’s body. As I looked closer to the last picture, it was a cum-filled pussy. There was a title for this picture; “could u make one of these?”


When I got a little bit closer to home, my wife wrote me a message, “have to go see my best friend, see you later. Love u, be home in a few days.” I was bummed out knowing that I wanted to make love to her tonight.


As I pulled in the driveway, I notice my bedroom light was on. So I hurriedly ran in the house, only to be met by my mother in law. As usual, we hugged each other like we do with the rest of the family. Only this time, the hug lasted just a little bit longer and tighter. And I was really feeling it at the moment when her hard nipples were pressing into my chest.


First thing that came out of her mouth was, “Im sorry for this morning. Can we talk?” I said, “Not at the moment. I just got home and I need to get out of these clothes.” She moved aside and allowed me in my bed room and I noticed there was a wet spot on the bed. She walked in the room and gave me this look, like she was guilty of something. “Did u do that?” as I leaned over and gave it a sniff to make sure it was not urine. Well, it sure didn’t smell it or look like it. It looked like a white paste, possible women cum.


She left the room in a hurry into her bedroom. So I closed the door, and took off my clothes that I wanted out of and put on some comfortable clothes. Needless to say, my cock was at full mast. Just when I was about to pull my shorts up, the door opened and it was my mother in law standing there with the same vibrator from earlier this morning. She gave me a big smile and asked me to sit on the bed. I finished pulling up my shorts when I sat on the bed and she followed me onto the bed and sat next to me.


“Sweetie, I have a confession I want to talk to u about. Are u willing to listen to me?” I nodded yes, that I would listen. “I have heard u have sex with my daughter, ur wife. And every time u two have sex, I get jealous because Pa never wants to have sex with me because of my freakiness with my pussy.” I gave her this look like what the hell do u mean by that. “See the wet spot on the bed? That was me. Sorry, I will wash ur sheets for u.”


I stood up from the bed to do some thinking for the moment, and as I stood up, my shorts became a tent. My mother in law looked at my cock with amazement. Now I never knew up to that point that my mother in law thinks of me sexually. And I have never thought of her that way either up til now, knowing that my father in law has got the shortest weiner in the whole family because of his drinking problem.


My mother in law stood up, stripped her robe from her shoulders allowing me to get a complete view of her body. Now for somebody her age, I have never thought I would get to see my mother in law’s body, much less a naked body in this whole family. She sat down on the bed as I looked at her in awe of how good her body looks. My cock got a little bit harder and a little bit longer and is in dire need of some relief.


All in one motion, she pulled my shorts off and inhaled my cock into her throat, letting me know that she wanted to deep throat my cock. So I grabbed her head and begin in slow motion moving my hips back and forth, forcing my cock all the way in to her throat. She gagged a few times here and there, but she was doing it like a pro. As I began to feel some heat from the bottom of my balls like I was getting ready to cum, I stopped myself short from cumming into her mouth.


I pulled away from her and got on my knees and spread her legs out. As I was going on my knees and into my mother in law, I grabbed the vibrator from her hand and put some spit on the vibrator, I insert the vibrator into my mother in law’s pussy. She tensed up a little bit and starting moaning. I kneeled down a little further and gave my mother in law’s clit a good workout with my tongue. She tasted so sweet, and I could tell from her body language that she was on the verge of her orgasm. Moments later, she cummed like crazy, but she was spewing out white substance as I was moving the vibrator in and out of her pussy. She begged me to stop because it was so sensitive.


As I let her settle down just a little bit, she pulled herself up trying to catch her breath. I noticed how she smiled at me and asked me if I saw the pictures on the phone. I replied, “Yes, I saw them. And u have been a very naughty lady today, haven’t u?” She giggled a little and leans back on the bed and spread her legs out. “Would u like to fuck me?” “U don’t have to ask me that question.” I said. I stood up, and lean towards her. As I guided my cock into her wet pussy, I gave her a kiss on the lips. She grabbed me really tight with her arms, her lips locked on my lips, and her legs grabbed my butt checks and she pulled so hard, in one swift motion, I impaled my cock into my mother in law’s pussy to the hilt.


As I come to a stop at her cervix, she groaned, “Give it all to me!!” She didn’t have to tell me twice; when I at full speed moved in and out of her with my cock and her vagina walls were gripping my cock like a vacuum. It surely didn’t take much for her to have multiple orgasms.  After fucking her pussy for 15 minutes straight, I wanted her to change her position on me. She pushed me off and lay on her stomach. As I enter her pussy again, I could not hold back my urge to really fuck my mother in law. As I was fucking her, I had noticed that she was on the verge of having another orgasm. I asked her, “Want me to cum inside of u or what?” She gave me a nod that she actually wanted me to come in her. After the last few grunts, my cock spewed out hot sperm into her pussy with full force, that she even said, “Oh My God!!! It’s so warm, that is a lot of cum! Oh, Im cumming, im cumming. Ahhhhhhhh, oh oh oh.” As I finished cumming, I started to pull out of her pussy, when she begged me to stay in for a few seconds longer.


I pushed myself further inside of her; she raised her hips for me to go further inside of her, when she said “I hope u enjoyed this, because this will never happen again.” I totally nodded my head up and down like I agreed with her. But that was not the case, even though no one else in the house knew of this situation.


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