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my sisters sleepover

lastcallg on Incest Stories

There was my sister and 3 of her friends I had joined them in her room while my parents were out. Being 13 my sister and her friends were curious about sex I guess. They were asking about my dick and pubic hair all that kinda stuff. I just ignored them until when I was about to leave they like gang tackled me which I kind of liked but didnt let them know. Apparantly they had planned this cuz they put me on the bed and like tied my hands to her bedpost. I was getting hard but kind of scared too. Then my sister was like ok lets see whats hes got they all tok my shorts and boxers off I really didnt want them to see because I was only 5" hard. They all looked at it while I was still trying to get out of the rope tey had tied me with. My sister was saying look its like a little boys dick Ive seen bigger on some boys. The girls started taking off their pants and panties. Then my sister was like wait girls lets make him a little boy even more she went to the bathroom and brought out shaving cream and a razor then went to work on shaving my pubic hair and balls. Oh man I was dripping precum even though I was so mad. She took her panties and wrapped it around my dick as the girls watched her start to jerk me off with her panties. I came pretty quick which they all seemed to like I watched as the girls started figering their pussies. my cum shot right into her panties which then were put all over my face my own cum dripping from them. I was still hard being 16 and all. My sister then said were not done yet as each girl got on top of me and started rubbing their clits against the head of my dick. One even put the head inside her. Then my sis got on top and slowly put my whole cock inside her. sh e started going faster saying thats it cum inside your sis I tried to hold off but she was making me so horny I blasted another load in her. they left me tied up till I calmed down and promised not to do anything to them. even though they had done all that to me I still loved every min of it.

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