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my step-daughter the call girl

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My wife, Barbara wouldn’t listen and didn’t want to hear that her young daughter, Kris was having sex. Barbara would get pissed and me and shut the conversation down. I could see it. Kris dressed like the girls on music videos, tight pants and booty shorts either showing the crack of her ass or the print of her pussy in the front. Kris bloomed much earlier than the other kids her age and the boys were after her like flies on shit.

            I was seeing the gap between her legs and the way that her ass shook when she walked. Kris was not only fucking, but she looked experienced. Kris would wink her and blow me a kiss whenever she caught me checking her out. There was no doubt that grown men would do a double take and fuck her sexy little ass if they could get away with it.

            Kris was clearly the ring leader of the little group of three girls and three boys that followed her around like puppies. Barbara insisted that they were just kids and didn’t think about sex yet. Clearly my wife was living in denial.

            Other than saying something to Barbara when Kris couldn’t hear me, I pretty much stayed out of Kris’s way. When I saw Kris drinking from Barbara’s wine glass I didn’t say a word. Nor did I say anything when Kris would take cigarettes from my pack. I was seen as cool in Kris’s eyes. Kris also flashed her young tits at me. I just said that they were nice. I figured that it would only be a matter of time before something happened that would shock Barbara to no end. I knew that if I wanted to fuck her then other men surely would love to ride that sexy little ass.

            Saturday afternoon, my plans got spoiled because my buddy’s wife came home and we had to clear out of his house. Barbara was working all day, so I came home. Barbara insisted that Kris was mature enough to say at home by herself.

            This was summer time and I smelt sex as soon as I opened the door. Then I heard all the voices. There had to have been ten guys ranging from very young to old adult hanging outside of Kris’s bedroom. The guys were passing around condoms and stroking their cocks. One of the little guys handed me a condom.

I would have blown up and started kicking asses out of my house, but I really wanted to see what I suspected was happening. I peeked in the door and it was just as I suspected. Kris and her two girl friends lay cross ways on Kris’s bed while the guys took turns fucking them. Two of the men, I figured had to have been ten years older than me.

Kris looked so fucking sexy holding her knees up and spread apart while the guys took their turns and stroking their cocks to get a second and third turn based on what I heard. One of the little guys told me that I could go next because he had already had Kris and wanted to try out one of the other girls.

Why the fuck not! Her mother wouldn’t believe it anyways. I pulled out my cock and stroked it a few times before stretching on the rubber. I noticed that I had a few inches of both length and thickness on the guys that I saw.

I wanted to see the look on Kris’s face just before I shove my cock in her. I wondered what her reaction would be. I stood with my head turned way waiting for the young man who was fucking her at a hundred miles per-hour to shoot his load.

I felt that I moved as smooth as a cat. I slapped cock rock hard cock down on her spread pussy, smiled and drove my cock to the hilt just as she gasped. Her eyes were as big a plates. The smile on my face couldn’t have been washed off. I started pounded her wet little cunt causing the other two pairs to bounce on the bed. She looked like she wanted to say something, but my strokes seemed to be taking her breath.

One of her little friends recognized me and the older guys ran out first and then the others. There was one little guy left peeking in the door wacking his cock. The pain of the head of my cock hitting against Kris’s cervix began to show on her face. She finally broke eye contact and closed her eyes.

I was going for the marathon fuck. I got Kris turned around on the bed and tried my best to nail her straight through the mattress. After a while Kris began to moan, but I didn’t let up. I figured that they must have been fucking for about four hours before I got there.

The more I fucked Kris, the more I enjoyed it. I turned her on her knees and began bagging her doggie-style. She cried out with each stroke. I never could last very long that way and her sexy little ass felt good enough to make me shoot my load.

I pulled out of her and told her that I wish I had known that she was giving up pussy like that, I would have been fucking her a long time ago. I added that she had really good pussy. Before she had a chance to respond to my first couple of comments, I asked her to explain what was going on.

Kris told me that it was a gang bang party and the guys paid seventy-five dollars to fuck her and her friends until the party was over. I was floored. She was still unsure about what I was going to do, but she warmed up seeing that I wasn’t going to do anything or say anything to her mother.

Kris showed me that she had a big load of cash from the parties that she and her friends gave. She had a safe where she kept her money and I didn’t have a clue about it. I had clearly under estimated Kris. She was pretty smart. I asked her how did it all start and she told me that a boy offered her money for sex and she told him that he had to pay more than what he offered to fuck her. She said that the boy came back with fifty dollars and she had been getting paid for doing it since.

I asked her if I could help and she told me that older men would pay more but they wanted to meet at motels. I got so wrapped up in what she was saying that I agreed to take her to meet men if she wanted me too.

Kris and I ended up discussing her career plans of beer. She was totally in control. She said she loved fucking and sucking, but it was really cool to get paid for doing it. She called her two girl friends, Sarah and Lacey, back over. I fucked Sarah and then Lacey while they figured out that my role would be body guard. They started making plans for their next get together.

I fell right into it. Barbara got home and we had diner as usual. Kris told Barbara that I would be taking her and her friends to the mall and a few other places. Barbara was surprised that I would volunteer my time, but said nothing else about.

Kris flirted with me a lot more behind Barbara’s back, and as soon as Barbara went to take her shower Kris and I started fucking on the dining room table. Kris took my cum in her mouth to show me her blowjob skills. I was very impressed. She twisted me right around her fingers.

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