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my 1st time with daddy

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I had snuck another of daddy's porn DVDs, they were all alike, all young girls around my age (16yrs) with older men (30+yrs).

I had seen all of them over and over, but when i went to get one today, there was a new one there.

I grabbed it and went to my room where i put it on, got undressed and laid on my bed with my secret hair brush, the one i pretend is an older man fucking me like in the movies.

I was rubbing my kitty as the older man pinned the girl down on the bed and pushed his doodle inside her kitty.

My kitty was very very wet and was feeling really good, so i slid the brush handle deep inside, it didn't hurt anymore, not like the first time, now it felt amazing.

I started pushing harder and faster as i felt myself ready to cum.

I was moaning out loud and bucking my hips, i was in such a pleasure zone i hadn't realized my daddy standing beside my bed, until he slid his hand over my boob.

"Daddy... I'm... " i started as he slid his hand down to my kitty.

"shh baby, its OK, I'm not angry, daddy is happy you like his movies. Do you know who these people are baby?" he asked as he slowly pulled the brush out and was rubbing my kitty all over.

I couldn't talk, so i nodded that i didn't.

Daddy explained that all the movies are of daddy's and their daughter, who have a special love.

"baby daddy want us to have a special love like them, do you want that too?" he asked as he stood there in only his jean's, that he was unbuttoning.

"yes daddy, i really want that special love" , i replied, never taking my eyes off his hands as they finished unbuttoning and fully removing his clothes. Daddy leaned down and kissed my lips, just like on the movies.

"mmm baby you feel good" he moaned while pushing 2 fingers inside me.

"my kitty feels really good daddy, like when i need to put the brush in there" i said.

"baby call it your pussy, and this is daddy's cock. Baby we not going to use the brush, we will use daddy's cock, but you have to ask daddy for it" he moaned as he leaned down and kissed me again.

I moaned into his mouth as the feelings got more intense.

"daddy my pussy needs to have your cock in there. Please daddy?" i begged as innocently as only 16yr old can.

Daddy got up and moved over on top of me.

"open your legs wide baby... That's it, put your legs around daddy." he said as he slid the head into my pussy and just held it there.

"mmm daddy i want it in more" i begged as i pushed my pussy into him, sliding a little more into my pussy.

"oh god baby, daddy want to fuck you hard and deep. Do you want that?" he asked.

"yes daddy, do it hard and all the way ... please" i begged as i moved my pussy around.

Daddy moaned and pushed his cock all the way in.

"daddy harder i want to do the cum thing" i moaned as i bucked my hips, rubbing my clit against him.

Daddy started fucking me so fast i could hear his balls slapping against my ass.

"oh good baby, that's it, cum on your daddy's cock. Make daddy cum inside you baby, you want that baby? Hmm I'm going to cum baby tell me you want it now" he grunted as he slammed his cock as deep and as hard as he could.

"Mmm yes daddy I'm cumming, cum in my pussy please daddy cum deep now... Oh Mmm DADDY I'M CUMMING!" i screamed as i cum harder then ever.

Daddy grabbed my hips and rammed his cock in my pussy, fucking my little pussy raw.

"oh fuck me baby, take daddy's cum honey, take all of daddy's baby juice" he grunted breathlessly as he emptied the last of his cum inside my 16yr old pussy.

Daddy remained deep inside me, resting on his arms.

"hmm did daddy's baby like that?" he asked when he broke the kiss.

"yes daddy i loved it, can we do it always? and now?" i said innocently as i pushed my pussy into him and grind against him.

"oh fuck baby, I'll never stop fucking you, but this has to be a secret. Promise?" he said as he slowly pulled out, causing a moan to escape my lips.

"yes daddy i promise, now will you fuck my pussy with your cock" i asked.

Daddy pushed deep inside my pussy and rolled over, pulling me on top of him.

"oh fuck baby girl, ride daddy's cock... Mmm fuck yes grind daddy's baby pussy on me " he moaned as he reached up, cupping my tits and pinching my nipples.

I arched my back as i continued to ride on daddy's hard cock.

"god baby girl your driving me crazy" daddy said as he rolled us over, keeping his cock deep inside me.

Daddy started pounding my pussy so hard while sucking and biting my nipples.

"baby girl hop up on your hands and knee's, daddy wants to fuck you from behind. Hmm that's it baby push your ass out for daddy" he said as he lined up his cock and rammed it deep in my pussy.

"mmm daddy go harder go harder I'm gunna cum again" i moaned wildly as daddy grabbed a handful of hair and pulled me up into his body. He reached around and rubbed my clit while fucking me as hard and fast as humanly possible.

"oh god daddy I'm cumming I'm cumming! Don't stop daddy" i screamed as i came 2 times I'm a row.

"oh fuck yes that's daddy's good baby, keep cumming on daddy's cock.

Come here baby, put your back against the wall. Hmm now give me your leg baby, that's it, put your arms around my neck so i can lift you up to sit on daddy's cock. " he said as he lifted me up and held on to my ass, lining my pussy up to his cock.

Daddy pushed his cock deep in my pussy, pinning me to the wall as he fucked my pussy with relentless speed.

"baby girl daddy is ready to cum, but if daddy cums in your pussy again, you could get pregnant" if moaned into my ear.

"daddy cum in my pussy, please daddy don't pull It out please daddy, i want to have your baby, make me pregnant daddy cum in my pussy now! I'm gunna cum again daddy, cum now cum I'm my pussy, give your daughter a baby!" i screamed as i rubbed my clit against his body making me cum over and over.

"oh fuck baby take my cum! Milk daddy's cock and put a baby in there! I'm cumming baby!" he rammed his cock as hard and deep as he could.

"hmm daddy that's the best way, i really like you fucking me like that. " i moaned in his ear.

"baby that's not fucking, daddy just made love to his beautiful baby girl, and hopefully daddy just made a baby inside you. I'd love up to have a baby, do you really want us to have a baby?" he asked as he laid me down on the bed and cuddled into me. "yep daddy i do, but i don't want you to love the baby like this. I want to be your only special girl." i said as i snuggled closer.

"you will ALWAYS be my only girl. But baby we will have to move far away from here, into a place no one knows us. You cant call me daddy no more, but we will be able to go to the shops and hold hands, and i can push you up against a wall in an alley and fuck you, cause people will think your just my girlfriend. Do you want that baby?" he asked.

I laid in daddy's arms thinking how good that would be.

"yes i really want that, but am i ever aloud to call you daddy?" i said as my hand moved in circles on his chest.

Daddy could sense the sadness in my voice, and lifted my chin to kiss me.

"baby you can call me

daddy but only when we in bed. No one can know that I'm your daddy other wise i can go to jail." he said.

I smiled up at my daddy and kissed him. I broke the kiss and whispered,

"so i can still call you daddy when we make love? "

with that daddy pulled me on top me him and kissed me deeply,

"oh yes baby, you have to call me daddy while we make love." he moaned into my mouth.

2 years have passed since that night, I'm now 18yrs old and my daddy is 38yrs old. We are now living in a small town just outside of nsw in Australia, with our twin baby boy and girl who are almost a yr old now!

We left our old life back in Florida, here no one knows anything about me and my daddy.

This is my 1st story, but i have lots more. Like my first time with daddy and our great Dane dog, 1st time with the horse and 1st time anal.

Daddy and i like hearing about things then doing it, so let us know if you want to hear more, or if you have any new things for us to try ...


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