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Monirul on Incest Stories

Hi readers, I think all you know me. For the new readers, at first I introduce myself. I am Moni, late 40 and 5’-7”. I was born in a middle class Bangladeshi Muslim family and serving in a public organization. My whole life is lustful indeed. As I gained some practical experience about sex at my childhood, I became a sex-maniac and whenever I got chance I tried to fuck any aged girls or women with many tricks without applying force or at least to peep the uncovered boobs and pussies from hidden places when they change attires.


I always find the chance to touch teats and breasts of sleeping girls or women. I think always believe “sex is one kind of art”. So I want to share the real stories of those incidents of my life with yours. I assure you that every tale will give you a full satisfaction.


Dear readers, the conversations of the story obviously were in ‘Bangla’, some places I have used ‘Bangla’ as happened and translated into ‘English’, otherwise I have tried to use translated English.


We were the joint family with my Patu uncle. We were then 4 member’s family, my parents, me and my younger sister. Patu uncles were also 4 member’s family. Lima aunt and their two children. We were very happy family till Patu uncle got his second marriage with Kalpana auntie. Patu uncle did a service far from home and stayed there. Once he got married with Kalpana auntie and took her home and the fire burnt in the family. The joint family separated. Because Kalpana auntie was from Hindu family and a chaos had been started and the family broke. Kalpana auntie was very cute to look at. She was milky-pink complexioned and her appearance was just like a fairy without wings.


I was then only 10 years old and studied in class 5. From the very beginning I liked Kalapana auntie. My liking grew more when I observed Lima auntie’s misbehavior to Kalpana auntie. She always scolded Kalpana auntie as Kalpana auntie was cuter than her. There was another reason to like Kalpana aunty , she always caress me and kissed me and gifted me various items like chocolate, candy, marbles etc. So I always passed my leisure time around Kalpana aunty and my mom never forbade me about that. But Lima auntie never liked my frequent presence to Kalpana aunty . She forbade me to mix with Kalpana aunty and told me that Kalpana aunty is not a good woman. But I always reached to Kalpana aunty in absence of Lima aunties eyes.


Once upon a time my relation with Kalpana aunty established like friends. One day for Lima aunties misbehavior Kalpana aunty was weeping in her room. I went there and saw her weeping, I requested her to be patient and told like a responsible man “Kalpana aunty , don’t cry, let me grow up, then I will forfeit your sufferings.” Hearing my words Kalpana aunty stopped her weeping and asked “dear, how would you forfeit my sufferings?” As I was a kid so I had not the sufficient knowledge about relation of elders. So soon I replied “when I will grow up, I will marry you.” Kalpana aunty forgot to weep and began to giggle and at last she dragged me into her hug and asked “do you love me so much? Could you remember this when you will really grow up?”


I emotionally told “I never tell a lie, it is my promise, you will see, really I will marry you.” After that Kalpana aunty sometimes bantered me with that subject and when we stayed alone she called me by “bridegroom”, I ogled at her beauty. This ran for about 2 months. She sat beside me and we chitchatted for hours, she told me her childhood stories. Sometimes she hugged me and kissed on my forehead. The most attractive thing of Kalpana aunty was her body fragrance, it made me addicted. At last I couldn’t but disclosed my liking to Kalpana aunty and that was the introduction of our incestuous act.


It was hot summer day and I was in Kalpana aunty room, the room was from a far distance from our or Lima auntie’s residence. Patu uncle had to build for Kalpana aunty separately far from the mainstream as Lima auntie’s desire. I was gossiping with Kalpana aunty , the sky was covered with dark cloud. Suddenly heavy rain started and stormy wind started blowing. Dust was entering through the door, so Kalpana aunty shut the door for avoiding dust. Soon the rain turned into cats and dogs and for a long time it was raining. Kalpana aunty felt cold and lain on the bed wrapping her body with a bed sheet. I also was feeling cold and shivering, Kalpana aunty noticed that and told “Moni, you are feeling cold, you might be sick, come into the bed sheet.”


I couldn’t but soon entered into the bed sheet and Kalpana aunty hugged me with her body. My nose touched her throat. I sniffed and disclosed the secret “auntie, your body fragrance is very fond of me.” She smiled and told “really?” I innocently told “yes, it makes me addicted, how nice, I can’t express in words.” Then she unarranged my hair and kissed on my head caressingly and suddenly offered, “okay, then I’m giving you an opportunity to sniff the fragrance, now shut your eyes.” My head was covered with bed sheet, I shut my eyes, then I felt some movements of her hands and then she asked me to open my eyes.


I opened my eyes and astonishingly saw a pair of nice meat ball in front of my eyes. A black swell encircling with a black round was at the top of each balls. I recognized that those were her breasts but I never saw such round and supple breasts earlier in my life. I also saw some breasts of many aunties but those were all dangled and hang from their chests. But Kalpana aunty ’s breasts were so round and supple and fairer complexion than her open body like neck, tummy, feet etc. She dragged me head pressing with her hand from the back of my head and placed my face into her cleavage and told “no sniff, as much as you want.”


I sniffed for a while and told “it’s marvelous.” Kalpana aunty giggled and asked “which? Fragrance or things both side of your face?” I felt shame and couldn’t reply. She waited for few seconds to get the reply, then she told “okay, you haven’t to tell, now tell me, do you want to suck your auntie’s milk or not?” I told “auntie, don’t say like this type of words, I feel shame.” She pressed my cheek and told “wicked boy, did you not suck your mom’s breasts few years ago? Then what is the problem to suck auntie’s breasts. Take it and suck.” She pressed my mouth over her delicate nipple and began to rub my mouth with her breast.


At last I had to open my mouth and took her nipple into my mouth and began to suck like I sucked my mom’s milk few years ago. Kalpana aunty made a sound aaaaahhhhh. Then she raised her one leg over my thigh. I wore half-sleeve trouser, so from thigh to toe were bared. I felt auntie’s bare leg with my leg. She told “when I lie under a bed sheet the attire of my lower body doesn’t stay it’s place, it rises upwards. Though I was then only 10 but my penis grew oversized. I saw some of my friends’ penis but all of them were about 2” to 2.5” but at the same age my penis grew at least 4”.


Kalpana aunty auntie’s bare leg was rubbing with my bare leg, I don’t know why, my penis erected and made a hard and huge bulge with my trouser (I had no undergarment inside). Auntie pulled me nearer her and my hard bulge touched her private part. She realized that and placed her hand there and asked “my bridegroom, what is there I’m feeling so hard, let me see.” She grabbed my penis and surprisingly expressed, “oh my god, you have got a huge tool dear.” She began to press my penis. Though I was feeling shame but her touch was giving me pleasure. Soon she unhooked my trouser and also unbuttoned the front part and brought out my penis, it was looked like a strong iron piece.


I was sucking her nipples one by one. She handled my penis first for few minutes and then touched my circumcised penis head with some soft, warm and slick thing. I was feeling wetness with my penis head and I felt that it was rubbing some soft and dented surface. Kalpana aunty rubbed my penis head for 2 minutes and then jerked severely and something warm jellylike thing drenched my penis head. She wiped my penis with her shari and laughed staring at my eyes. Then she kissed my whole face and whispered into my ear “darling, don’t tell it anybody, okay.” I leaned my head one side to express “yes”.


After that we often lain under the bed sheet and did the same thing for about one month. Then one afternoon as well as that was a rainy day. We lain under the bed sheet and as other days I already put off my trouser earlier. Kalpana aunty hugged my body with her leg and began to rub. Suddenly what happened to Kalpana aunty I don’t know, she became trembling and pressed my penis head deeper than other days and I felt my penis head inserted into some narrow and tight hole. Then she held my bum with her hand and yanked toward her and as a result she engulfed my penis totally into her pussy. She began to move her waist speedily and thus my penis was moving through her pussy hole.


She pulled my hands and placed on her breasts and told “press those”. I began to press the meat balls hanged from her chest because she already got up over my body made me to lay on my back. She was thrusting my penis thoroughly into her pussy and moaning like “aaah aah aaah aah aah aah aah aah aahh”. Within 3-4 minutes I felt the spasms of her pussy wall with my penis’s body and she jerked her waist and ejected jellylike things drenching my penis. Then she told me to leave the room at once. I became so surprised that couldn’t say anything. After then two days I didn’t went to auntie. On the third day I was sitting a lonely place, suddenly I felt a hand touched my head. It was Kalpana aunty , she told “umma, I think my bridegroom has become angry upon me, okay let me do something for him.”


I became addicted with aunties love-making game, so I couldn’t deny her. After entering her room she shut the door and called me to lay with her. Then she kissed me and asked “what game do you like? Last one or previous?” I couldn’t keep my angry and told with shyly smile “last day.” Kalpana aunty smiled and told “okay, but today I will not do anything, you will do the all jobs. Now at first suck and press these.” Telling this she removed the bed sheet from her upper body. I clearly saw the cuteness of her nice supple round breasts in the daylight for the first time.


More amazedness was waiting for me. When she totally aroused then she offered me to replace the rest bed sheet from her body. I obeyed the order immediately, she was lying on her back and her both legs were slightly parted. For the first time I watch an adult woman’s pussy. Kalpana aunty told me to insert my dick through the hole located at just beneath the clitoris. I placed my penis head at the orifice of the pussy hole and thrust it till its base. Then I began to move my waist so that my penis frequently moves in and out through her pussy canal. At the same time I was kneading her breasts and she was moaning “aah aah aah aah aah aah aah, speed up, give more hard press, oh my playboy, oh my bridegroom, it is yours, do whatever you want to do, ah ah ah ah ah ah aha ha hah aha haha.”


I fucked her about 5-7 minutes till her orgasm and then she ejected. I didn’t get my puberty and no semen grew, so I didn’t eject but after her ejection she sucked my penis for a while and I felt a jerk inside my body. This game continued for about six months and then once I had to leave the house for my higher education. As there was no high school in that village so after promoted to class six I admitted in a school in the town far from my village and couldn’t return home within the next six months. Within these six months some occurrence happened. Patu uncle hired a house and took Kalpana aunty to him, but unluckily Patu uncle died within one month from a heart attack. Kalpana aunty didn’t return our village. We never got her tress, she lost from our community.


8 years passed…………………………………………..I never could forget Kalpana aunty for a single moment. Meanwhile I passed my higher secondary and tried to admit in the university. For that I had to go Rajshahi to collect the admission form. I had no relative there so I boarded in a hotel. That day I was returning from the university by bus and crossing a school there. Suddenly I saw Kalpana aunty came out from the school, hired a rickshaw and disappeared. I couldn’t get down from the running bus. I returned to the hotel and decided to find out Kalpana aunty by any means.


In the next day I went to the school at the same time and began to wait keeping me hiding behind a tree. When Kalpana aunty came out from the school and left the place I went to the school get and asked a student “the woman went by rickshaw, who is she?” The student replied “Kalpana Aunt, our teacher.” I understood all, Kalpana aunty is serving in this school. I asked the student again, “Where does reside your teacher?” Now he alerted and asked me “why are you asking about her, who are you?” I smiled and told “n-nothing, I will appoint her as a house tutor of my elder sister, but I don’t know her address.” Then the student described the address.


I didn’t waste time, hired a rickshaw and went to the address; I had to ask more two persons to find out the exact location. It was a 4 storied building and Kalpana aunty was residing on the top floor. I reached and push the call bell. Within few seconds the door unlocked and opened, that Kalpana aunty was then standing in front of me. There was no change in her appearance, I thought her age did not increase even for a single day. She was same cute at her 30. But she couldn’t recognize me at the first sight. I saw question in her eye. My appearance got great change within those 8 years, grew tall @ 5’-8” instead of 4’ (at my 10 years age), long and clustering hairs, sunglasses and all above I had moustache on my upper lip.


But those all things couldn’t deceive her for a long time, at first a narrow smile blossomed on her lips and then she abruptly held my hand and began to shake and told “oh my god, it’s my bridegroom, I see. Thank god, come, come in.” I followed her in her apartment. It was a small apartment containing 2 bedrooms, she sleeps in one and other one was used like a storeroom of old and broken furniture. She explained about the using of that room later when night came. As she never had any guest, so the room was unusable to her.


At first she arranged some food for me, then she served me that and sit beside me. She looked very cute as early age, I thought, her age did not increase even a day. She was caressing me standing my back by passing through her fingers into my hairs while I was having food. Then she asked me “where are you staying now, where is your luggage?” I smiled and replied in a word “hotel”. Then she told “go back to the hotel, pay their dues and return with your bag and baggage. You have to stay here for about a week.” I surprised and ask “why, aunty ?” She laughed and replied “you’ll know all, first go and return soon.” I ran for the hotel and within one hour returned.


Kalpana aunty told me to take rest in her bed and she was completing her household works. In the meantime I tried to take a nap but failed, many thoughts were running in my brain. After finishing her job she came to the bedroom. She enquired if I sleep or not, then sat on the bedside and asked “now tell, how did you get my address?” I narrated in detail how I got her address. Then she smiled and asked “can you remember what your commitment to me was?” I replied, “Auntie, I couldn’t forget you even for a moment in these years. I always remembered, I wanted to marry you? I really told that and I mean it. I have got you after long sufferings, if you agree I can marry you just now.”


“Really? You memorized all?” she giggled. I got up from the bed and snuggled her. Then I held her hand and keeping it in between my palms told “Kalpana, I really love you, I need you in my life.” She giggled again and told “okay, then come with me.” I got up and followed her. She took me at the corner of the room where there was a dressing table. She took a box from there and gave it to my hand and told “open it”. I opened and there I saw vermilion inside, I looked at her eyes, those were bright and lusty. She smiled and told “if you are courageous then put it on my forehead.”


Without any hesitation I took some vermilion from the box and applied on the parting of her hairs of forehead. She stared at my eyes with a great affection which I should never forget in my life. Then she hugged me with her whole heart and began to kiss. She then took the conch-bracelet and wore on her wrists. Again she hugged me and told “till now I was a widow but from now I’m your wife, you have full right on me, let’s go on bed, I’m thirsty for a long period.” I picked her body on my arms and took her to the bed. Though my brain was not playing the right way but I thought about many things. About my future, about my parents, how they will take this happening?


But nothing I could think when I discovered myself between the hug of a cute and beautiful lady, whom I love so much. Soon her dress disappeared from her body and I saw the wealth was intact which I saw those earlier. I played for a long time with her firm and supple breasts, knead those and suck the nice pearly nipples. Then she began to play with my dick, she sucked it nicely and I felt her warm and soft tongue surrounded the circumcised head and neck, the pleasure was immense to me. Soon I got her naked pussy and discovered that it was neatly saved just now. I think when I went to the hotel she saved then. An aroma made me arouse.


I sniffed the nice whitish bald pussy and the clitoris was so nice-looking. I touched my tongue there and licked the clitoris and then began to eat the pussy. I took the whole soft fleshy pussy into my mouth and was biting softly the pussy lips and irritated with my tongue. About 15 minutes we passed for that. Then she invited me to the final game. I lain at her back and both of us were on our flank. Then I lifted her one leg upwards and inserted my waist in between her thighs. My dick was so rigid that it stiffed towards my chin, so the penis head easily touched the orifice of the pussy.


My penis already grew double in size (long and circumference) from I fucked her at my early age. I set my penis head at the opening of her pussy hole which was very slick for the oozing pre-cum from the hole. My penis was also oozing colorless slippery juices. I grab my penis with one hand to give the support to stick my penis head with the hole and applied some pressure. My penis head popped in to the hole and rest of the body soon followed the head and the base stuck with the pussy lips and Kalpana aunty was making some sounds of pain and enjoyment. She asked me “what things you have fed your tools, it became a giant and I seemed it would burst my cunt, you great, my new hubby, now run your tool, please.”


I then began to move my waist forward and backward and my giant penis began to move through her pussy hole. It’s rough body (veins and arteries were swelled) was rubbing the tight pussy wall and made the rubbing sensation and my trimmed pubic hairs were irritated the clitoris while I was pushing my penis till its base. I then changed her position and made her to lie on her back and then I also lain on her body and began to chew her nipples and knead her bosoms. Kalpana aunty lifted her both legs and hugged my waist and locked, she began to pull my waist to get from friction from my penis. She was continuously moaning in joy aaah aaah aaah aaaah uuuuuhh uuuuhhuu aaahhh aaaaahhh uuuuuuhh uuuuuhhh uuuuhhh mmmmm mmmm mmmm mmm mmmm mmmmm eeeeemmm uuummmm aaammmm.


After fucking about 5 minutes I then again changed her position and made her body upside down. She lain on her chest, at that position I kept the upper portion from waist of her body on the cot and rest of the body brought out of the cot, so that her body became doggy style. Her foot touched the floor, then I grabbed her both thighs and hanged on the air and parted and then placed the legs at the brink of the cot. For that her pussy spread and I got ample space there. I again shoved my penis till its base and began to fuck again with my entire strength. My pubic was collided with her bum and made some thap thap thap thap sounds. After about 4-5 minutes she began to groan and restlessly moved. So I brought out my penis and she got up from the bed.


She told me to lie down and did that on my back, my penis was stiffly stood straight the roof. She the bestrode on my body facing me and sat on my penis and engulfed my whole penis into her pussy whole and then began to dance up and down, her breasts were swinging with the movement of her body, I grabbed those and began to knead. Soon she reached her orgasm and began to groan and became weak. I turned her body facing her opposite and leaned her towards my face. At that position I kept her weight on my thighs placing my thighs under her thighs and made a little lift, then began to fuck her vigorously.


She did not hold her orgasm and with some spasms inside her pussy she ejected, I pushed her up to bring out my penis and then some sticky juices oozed from her pussy hole and drenched my pubic surface. I then again shoved my penis and fucked her for about 2-3 minutes and felt my ejection came near. So I again made her doggy position and began to fuck her from her back and at last my ejection came at the end and I dragged out my penis out of her pussy and unload on her back.


Then we took rest without wearing any cloth and within half an hour I again aroused and then fucked her for the second time of the day. After dinner I fucked her for the third time and slept. In the dawn I awaked and saw that a lotus is sleeping beside me, I couldn’t control myself and fucked her again. I stayed there about a week and every day I fucked her minimum 5 times. She didn’t impede or denied but enjoyed. Within that week she regular went out for about 3-4 hours but where she went didn’t tell me. She already resigned from the school before I met her, that day she went for receiving her dues and I saw her at the school gate.


Lastly, one morning when I woke up, saw her completely ready and a luggage was packed. I asked about the matter and she requested me to accompany her. She went out with me and hired a taxi to the India Boarder, at last she told me that she was leaving Bangladesh forever. She begged pardon from me and told “you are young enough, I know if I would go with you, you will fall in a great sufferings. None of them would be in peace. I managed a job there and for a widow everywhere difficulties and danger wait. So this vermilion and conch-bracelet will save me from those which you have gifted me, these are not fake. I always know, my hubby is alive. Please go back to your parents and will marry a nice lady.”


Then she went away crossing the boarder weeping. Unconsciously I was standing there, after a long time I felt that my eyes also filled with tears. She never contacted me and I never came to know about her address, really she lost from my life. Please mail me if you have any comments or suggestion for me. I’m able to fuck any lady minimum thrice in a night. Any aged girls/women living in Dhaka feel lonely can mail me at

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