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My daughter's first time

ChaosIncarnate69 on Incest Stories

My girlfriend and I got married when we were 18, after I forgot to pull out and knocked her up, a year and hundreds of fuck sessions later, our daughter was born.

16 years later my daughter Cassie, was beginning to look hotter than her mother. She had Full C cups and wore tight push-up bra's that made them look even bigger. Her ass was full and every time I saw it I just wanted to bend her over and push my entire dick inside of her until she screamed. Her outfits consisted of the thinnest G-Strings and shortest skirts you could find along with her tight push up bra's and low V neck shirts. When she went out my daughter was a walking hard on machine, every were we went men would stare at her bouncing tits and try to hide their bulging erections. I had always wanted to put my dick in between her breasts until I came then shove my man meat inside of her tight little pussy, but as I was her father I always restrained until the night of her 17th birthday.

That night her mother was out on one of her business trips and had left me and Cassie, who had promised my wife to look after me. After her party she said she was tired and went to her room to sleep. Looking around the house I found a present she hadn't opened so I brought it to her room. When I opened the door I saw that she had fallen asleep with nothing but her Pink G-String on. Her breasts slowly heaved up and down as she breather. I looked down and realized that my dick was fully erected, at that moment I realized that I had to fuck my daughter. Silently stripping my clothes of I moved slowly to the bed and knelt down. Swiftly removing my daughters underwear, I exposed her sweet, tight, delicious pussy to me. As I moved me head closer to her pussy she stirred and woke up.

"AH HOLY SHIT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING DADDY." She screamed in surprise

"Honey, its okay remember how you promised your mother that you would take care of me?"

"But Daddy, this is incest"

"Sweetie I am a man and since your mother isn't here I need your to help me get my "Release"

Cassie looked down and seemed ashamed of what she said next, "Fine but you can only eat me out, you can't put it inside of me because I want to stay a virgin, promise?"


Cassie laid back down and I moved my head back between her legs. I slid my tongue in between her pussy's lips and heard her softly moan. I quickened the pace and started kissing and sucking it. Cassie swung her head back and forth and bit her lip to try and stop from moaning too loud but after a while she gave up and moaned like the whore her mother is.

"Oooooh Daddy this feels so good" She cried loudly . I moved my mouth faster and faster around her pussy until I felt all of her pussy juice come flowing out at once. Cassie screamed and shuddered with the Ecstasy of her first Orgasm.

"OH MY GOD DADDY THAT FELT SO GOOD" She screamed so loud I thought the neighbors might wake up. As I looked at my beautiful daughter laying on her back her pussy juices still sliding out of her I knew I couldn't keep my promise. Sliding her back I got on the bed. Puzzled she asked "Are you going to eat me out again?"

"No, Honey" I said with a devilish grin. Cassie's eyes grew wide and instinctively shut her legs but I was too fast and held them apart. She started to get away but I held her down. Nooo please don;t daddy please she begged but I didn't care I just wanted to fuck my daughter. Stroking my shaft I slowly inserted the head in to her pussy. I felt her hymen and with one swift thrust I made my baby girl a women. She screamed and scratched my back but that only made me feel more horny. She had tears in her eyes and complained that it hurt so bad.

"Shut up it will feel amazing in a moment" I replied. She shut her mouth and i began thrust my dick inside of her slowly at first but then picking up speed. She gripped the bed sheets and twisted trying to free her self my my cock but to no avail I just kept thrusting. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and she moaned.

"See doesn't it feel good' I whispered in her ear

"Oh Daddy it feels so good, go faster"

With her blessing I pounded her pussy faster and faster while her moaning got loud and loud. My dick felt like it was on fire and I yelled

"OH shit I'm gonna cum"

"Daddy pull out I'm not on the pill and I don't want to get pregnant"

"Its okay Baby I will"

I kept thrusting and just as I was about to pull out I suddenly unleashed massive load deep in her pussy.


"Sorry guess history repeats itself"

Cassie didn't get pregnant but every time my wife was gone we fucked but I'll never forget her first time.

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