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My first time anal with daddy

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"Baby, come here." daddy shouted from our bedroom.

He didn't sound angry, in fact he sounded pretty happy.

"Whats up daddy?" i asked as i walked over to him.

"come sit on daddy's lap and look at this. Remember we posted c few things on that sex site asking what people want to hear, well all of them were pretty much the same, but this one stood out. Read it my love." daddy said as he started sliding his hand under my shirt, unclipping my bra within seconds.

I could tell the email had got daddy all hot, and that i would be having some fun real soon.

The email said;

' Dear daddybaby,

I came across your post online about your first time with your father.

I must say, it was amazing to read such a story, and even better to know you two are still together.

My father and i have been together almost 9yrs now and have lots we can share.

I'm not sure if you have tried already, but as for an idea for you's, maybe anal for the first time? Its an amazing feeling and i'm sure you both will love it.

I would love to hear from you, my email is xxxxx


By the time i finished reading, daddy already had my clothes off and was holding my fav egg vibrator firmly on my clit.

I reached back and pulled daddy's head to mine, and kissed him, letting our tongues dance as the heat began to rise.

I tried to pull away from the kiss as i started to orgasm. Daddy pulled my head closer, kissing of harder as i moaned into his mouth as my orgasm took over.

Daddy picked me up and carried me to our bed, laying me down and climbing on top of me.

"Hmm come on baby, lets give it a shot. Let daddy fuck that sweet ass baby" daddy moaned as he ran his hand down to my ass. Spreading my cheeks and gently pushing his finger tip in my ass.

Daddy playing with my ass was getting me so hot, i could feel my pussy juices leaking down my ass crack.

"Mmm yes daddy, fuck my ass." i moaned.

Daddy got up and walked over to the draw, and came back with a bottle of lube.

"Hmm god daddy loves his baby girl. Get up on all fours baby, ohh yes baby like that. Mmm spread your legs really wide, oh fuck baby lean down and stick your ass in the air."

daddy grunted as he leaned down and licked around my ass hole, sending waves of pleasure through my body.

"Hmm daddy that feels really good. But i want your cock in me." i moaned.

Daddy knelt on the bed and droped a heap of lube on my ass hole.

"Mmm is daddy's sex kitten all turned on and wants her ass fucked? Tell me how bad you want me baby, tell me where to put my baby girls cock!" daddy said as he slid his finger into my ass.

I moaned out in pleasure, it felt so good and my ass tingled as daddy moved his finger around, stretching my asshole.

"Mmm daddy i want you so bad. I want your cock in my ass, please daddy, put your cock in my ass" i begged.

Daddy rubbed his cock along my ass crack, getting lube all over it.

"You ready baby?" daddy moaned as he pushed just the tip of his head in and pulled back, teasing my ass.

"ohh daddy stop teasing me, i'm ready. Fuck my ass now daddy!" i moaned as i pushed my ass back into daddy's cock.

Daddy pulled my ass cheeks apart and guided his cock to my asshole, pushing untill his head disappeared.

"outch outch daddy go slow it hurts" i whimpered.

Daddy rocked back and forth letting my ass adjust to his cock.

"hmm baby im sorry it hurts, it will get better i promise" he said as he lent over and put the egg vibrator back on my clit at full speed.

It didn't take long for my orgasm to build, i started bucking my hips around as daddy's cock slid the rest of the way in.

Daddy turned off the vibrator and pulled me up to his body by my hair, kissing me with such need.

"hmm fuck baby your ass is so tight, i'm not going to last long baby. Does it hurt still?" he asked, still holding my body to his by my hair, keeping his cock buried all the way to his balls in my ass.

I thrashed my hips back and forth, encouraging him to fuck me.

"hmm no daddy, i want you to fuck my ass. Fuck

me hard daddy and cum in my ass now!" i screamed.

Daddy grabbed my hips and started pounding his cock into my ass so hard and fast.

"Hmm baby i'm close, but you know i like to see your face and kiss you when i cum." he moaned as he pulled his cock out, causing a moan of disappointment to come from my lips.

"baby lay on your back, hmm fuck yes, spread them beautiful legs. Rap them around me baby." daddy said breathlessly, as he pushed his cock back into my ass.

I moaned out loud at the instant pleasure of my ass being filled by my daddy's big cock.

Daddy was pounding my ass so hard, i could see he was ready to cum, he grabbed the vibrator, put it on high and held it over my clit as he reached down, taking my lips with his.

"hmm fuck baby daddy is close. You ready to cum baby?" daddy asked.

I was bucking my hips wildly as i started cumming.

"hmm i'm cumming daddy, fuck my ass! Hmm cum in my ass daddy! Cum now!" i screamed as a 2nd orgasm rocked through my body.

Daddy grabbed my legs and lifted my ass into the air as he fucked my ass harder then ever before.

" fuck baby take daddy's cum! Oh mmm fuck...." he moaned as he dumped load after load into my stretched asshole.

Daddy let go of my legs but remained locked deep in my ass.

"hmm baby, that was... Incredible." daddy said as he started kissing my neck.

"god yes, that was amazing daddy! We best be thanking "daddy-wife" for a wonderful suggestion." i moaned into his ear.

I left a simple reply to daddys-wife;

"daddys-wife, we would love to chat some more, we have moved to another site where i am uploading my 1st anal story.

Daddy and i want to say thanks for the suggestion of anal, it was amazing.

Love to have any more suggestions.


all suggestions are welcome, daddy and i are always up for new, exciting things.


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