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My mom surrendered to my friend!

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My boyfriend is in to incest as well. This is one of his fantasies; I just gave it a form! *kisses*

My mom surrendered to my friend!

I live with my MOM alone. This story is about her. She is a 46 year old middle aged woman. Fair, plum with 36 32 42 fig. Beautiful hair and decent looks. She is a nice lady and has a good image in neighborhood. I often spend time outside out society with some friends so society gossips are very common. Once while returning from college, I was at the entrance of the society. I saw some auto drivers who were my friends chatting, so I joined them. They were talking about the ladies in the society who were sexy and beautiful. The topic was interesting and was getting hot. A salesman who often visited our tower also joined. He was describing the ladies and a really wonderful manner and was sharing his fantasies. I was enjoying all this. Suddenly I realized that a lady that he was describing resembled my mom. I was surprised. I wanted him to describe her in detail. He did and I found that the lady he was describing was my mother. I was shocked but at the same time I was aroused like never before. The salesman description of my mom was wonderful.

I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I was thinking about my mom. Next day again I caught up with the discussions. I asked the salesman to describe the lady in more detail. He had no idea she was my mom. He went on describing. He said, “She is such a sexy and hot lady, I always fantasize to lay her.” Even other guys there passed sexy remarks on my mom. I was embarrassed and aroused at the same time. After the discussion I caught the salesman alone and enquired. I asked, “Have you ever laid any woman in our society?” He said no but he wished to. He said few women have become very friendly with him. I asked him about the lady he was describing. He said yes. The salesman was a young man around 30 yrs old had a good physique and handsome looking. I was wondering if my mom would have ever fantasized him. I wanted her to talk about him. So I started some topic and diverted it to salesmen. And there he was. She started describing the salesman as a good young hardworking man, very friendly and cheerful…and on and on she went. Oh! She really admired him. I thought in my mind, this salesman has got a real good chance. I had always fantasized my mom but it was the not first time I was fanaticizing & always fucking my mom. I thought what if Raj gets my mom. Will she enjoy her body? I wanted him to enjoy my mom. For next few days I was observing my mom’s body and imagining Raj fucking her.

I became very friendly with Raj and often discussed this topic. I found that he was a real hot man, had an 8 inch long, and a nice physique. I also wanted to see if my mom submits to him because one thing I had always noticed was that my mom admired men with good physique. I asked Raj, “Have you ever tried to get any woman since you know many in the society?” He said, “I wish to but do not have the courage.” I said, “YOU should try man! You are such a handsome person, have a nice body and an 8 inch long “. This really forced Raj to think. Next day it was Raj who approached me and asked, “Were you serious yesterday?” I said “Off course I was. You should try and I am sure you will succeed.” He thought for a while and asked, “Whom do you think should I try?” I said,” The one who you always fantasize, who is very friendly to you and who would be alone when you meet her.” This was enough to hint him towards mom as she is always alone home in the afternoon.

The same day evening I met Raj and asked what he had decided. He said he would try it tomorrow but he was nervous. I said, “Don’t worry, be confident. SO whom have you decided to try it on?” HE replied, “(My MOM) madam. The one who lives on 6th floor in the last building. Do you know her?” ‘Off course! She’s my mom’ I though in my mind. “Yes I do know her. She is a very good lady, you would be very lucky if you get to lay her. Go ahead.” I wanted him to enjoy my mom and describe it to me. I had set everything for Raj. No one was supposed to visit us and mom was going to be all alone in the afternoon. Raj turned out to be a very smart man. He took the initiative, laid my mom, fucked her and then described every moment of it to me. This is what happened as narrated by Raj…..

Raj knocked the door and mom opened it with a big smile on her face as usual. She offered him a seat and sat in front of him. She was wearing a pink sari and was looking damn sexy. He was little shy but gathered courage and said, “Mam today I don’t have anything for sale. I have just come to meet you.” Mom was surprised but kept on smiling. As mom was very friendly to him and liked him she offered him a cup of tea which Raj denied. He then stood up and sat next to her held her hand and said,” Mam you look so beautiful, I have always admired your beauty.” Mom was surprised but kept on smiling. She always liked such complements. He then kissed her hand and then her face. Mom was shocked. She said, “What are you doing Raj? I am a married woman.” Although she was protesting she was not angry. There was politeness in her voice. She really liked Raj. While she was talking Raj started caressing her hair. He then grabbed her and started smooching. Her silence was encouraging Rajesh resisted and said, “No Raj you can’t do this to me, I like you but this doesn’t mean you can do such things.” Raj was hot by now and was unstoppable.

He managed to lay mom on the sofa and was all over her. Mom did not know what to do. She was resisting but her resistance was too weak to stop Raj. She started begging to Raj to leave her but all in vain. Raj was working all over her. He said, “come on mam you are liking it.” He then took off his shirt and mom was amazed to see his body. This further weakened her resistance. This was the turning point. It was turning her on. Raj placed her hand on his dick inside his underwear. She started rubbing it involuntarily while she was resisting. She tried everything from begging to pleading but all in vain. Raj took off her blouse and started squeezing her boobs. Her nipples started getting hard indicating her arousal. Raj then started smooching her lips. Her resistance came to an end. For the last time she said in a weak voice…”No Raj”. She started moaning as Raj licked on. He grabbed her with her hair and made her sit on knees and said, “Suck my dick.” He took off his underwear and mom was amazed to see his 8 inch long hard dick. Before she could say a word, he cupped her head and inserted his dick in her mouth. Mom tried to avoid it but Raj was out of control now and forced her to do so. Once it was in her mouth she realized there is no point in resisting. “Come on mam, I know you are loving it.” Raj said and she really loved it. She held his dick and sucked for around 15 mins after which he came over her face. Both were silent for some time. Mom was so embarrassed to see herself in such condition in front of Raj. She enjoyed what had happened and was relieved that it was all over. But it wasn’t. While she was dressing again she saw Raj starring at her and his dick was erecting. “Oh my god!” she said. He stood up and walked towards her. Before she could wear her blouse again, Raj took it off. Mom pleaded, “No Raj we had enough, please leave me.”

“Come on mam I know you loved it, you are such a sexy woman.” He started undressing mom. Mom was frightened and started resisting again. She begged Raj to spare her. By now Raj had taken off her sari and she was in her bra and panty. Raj embraced her and started kissing her. She couldn’t believe she was having a strong young stud in her arms. She could feel his rock solid body, his kisses were passionate. He pulled moms panty and started fingering her pussy this really turned her on and her resistance started trembling again. Raj was aware of it and took no time in taking her to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and was over her smooching her. She had one hand around his neck and another around his back. In a soft voice Raj said, “I want to fuck you mam.” Mom was in no position to resist him now. It was too late. She knew he was too hot now and she really liked his body. She just kept quiet and closed her eyes. She did not know what to do. She was in the bed with a young man laying on her who wanted to fuck her. She just said,” No Raj!” with her eyes closed. Raj sensed consent in her voice. He said, “Be cool mam, you will enjoy it.”

He took off her bra and panty. Mom was bare naked in front of him. She was so embarrassed she couldn’t look into his eyes. He spread apart her legs and started licking her pussy. She didn’t say a word and her eyes were still closed. It was turning her on. She started moaning in joy “Oh Raj! NO!” She had started enjoying. Raj then got up; his dick was fully erect and hard. Mom was starring at the dick. She had never seen such rock solid dick before. Raj went nearer and put her hand on the dick. She started rubbing it; she could see his nice pink dick head. She was not aware what she was doing. Raj spread her legs apart and slides his pink dick inside. Mom was quietly watching him doing so. She once screamed in joy. Raj started pumping slowly. She was really enjoying it. She grabbed his body with both her hands and embraced him. It seemed that this was what she always wanted, a young stud with solid body and an equally solid dick. She was enjoying his body all over her while he was fucking her hard. After some 15 mns mom started moaning… Oh Raj… Yes… Raj! Raj knew she was nearing orgasm. HE increased the speed and mom was screaming. Finally she experienced a long orgasm and so did Raj. His fantasies had been realized. Mom was still hugging his body both of them came back to their senses.

Raj quickly dressed up and so did mom. Both were embarrassed. Raj left without saying a word. Mom was looking at him speechless. I knew Raj was working on my mom so I was waiting at the gate. I saw Raj coming. I asked. “Any luck?” He said it was the luckiest day of my life and thanked me. He promised me to meet next day and describe everything. I went home and mom opened the door with big smile as usual. I was surprised. I was sure she had a fuck of her life. Now Raj is my intimate friend and shares al the experience with me. He now knows the weak points of my mom and has laid her once more. She resisted again only submitting to him.


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