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My Wife's Niece Part 2

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Let me start by saying, a few people have complained about the lack of detail in the first story. As I mentioned there was definitely a prelude…think of the first chapter as a beginning…Details will follow!

My wife’s niece has proven to be insatiable these last three weeks. Every single moment, she wants to have sex. We have done it in every room, and on every surface of this house save one. I refuse to have sex in my wife’s, her aunt’s bed. Really our bed, I mean mine and Rita’s. Stacy wants me to fuck her in the “big bed” as she calls it. It’s King, all the others in the house are Queen! Stacy asked me if I would make love to her in my bedroom, her aunt’s bedroom, if it where the three of us? I laugh and tell her if she could get her aunt Rita involved, I am all in! This was where it all went wild!

For several nights after I made that statement, I would come home and find Stacy lying in bed with my wife. My wife is very religious as previously stated very conservative especially when it comes to sleepwear. She usually wears PJ pants, and a tank or T-shirt for bedtime. Stacy would be lying there in panties and a tank, no bra of course. And I was supposed to ignore this? MY wife noticed me noticing and commented to Stacy. Stacy in turn, told her Aunt to lighten up, and to loosen up her style. Well this did not go over well and for the next few days the house was hell! Stacy is persistent if nothing else, and continued her exhibitionist ways.

The last fight I remember was on a Thursday, I remember because their Sabbath is Friday, and that is the day it all happened. I came home from work, it was late, maybe 10:30pm or so, about 3 hours later than my normal hour, and I heard moaning, familiar moaning. The moaning was that of my wife when I make love to her. Slowly I walked upstairs, we live in an old house and I was afraid my steps would alert my wife. Just as Stacy had planned, I was supposed to sneak in, catch them, and scream…”what the fuck”? Well, I managed to get to the third floor bedroom just in time to see my Stacy with her face buried in my wife’s cunt. Want to talk about an instant hard-on??? Rita shrieked trying so hard to apologize, but I just stared for a minute and told her to finish, I told her I wanted to watch her orgasm, I wanted to actually watch for a change. Rita utterly refused and said the whole thing was a mistake, a lack of judgment, a sin. I asked how this all happened and she tried desperately to explain that she thought it was me going down her, she felt, dreamed it was my tongue. I told her that I was more in love with her now than ever and that I wanted to see it end, and if she would feel better about it, I would help Stacy “finish” it. My wife refused again, saying it should never have happened, and that she wanted to run away. I knelt at the bed, and kissed her ever so softly, I told her that I loved her and I took her exposed nipples one by one in my mouth. Stacy then resumed licking her exposed pussy, Rita groaned a loud “NO”, but fell back and let us have her.

The women were naked, I was still fully dressed, I got up, took of my shirt, and then unbuckled my pants. As soon as I was exposed, Rita took me in her mouth; she sucked me harder than ever as Stacy ate her pussy. I was actually shocked at the vigor at which she sucked. Pleasantly surprised, I quickly loaded her mouth. Not deterred, Stacy continued to eat her Aunt’s pussy, and pull on my cock with her right hand. The girl was trying to get me hard again. And she was more than successful. Within a few minutes, I was fucking her, Stacy, dogging style, while she continued to bury her tongue in Rita’s pussy.

The three of us fucked all night, none of us went to work the next day, instead we all woke, and got into the shower, it was crowded, but it was fun.

Later that day I was sent to CVS for KY his/hers, everyone wanted to try it!!!



I'm not sure what the earlier comments meant as I didn't read that first part. However, I have to tell you that there is not much reading unless it's at least 20KB. This is not even 4KB. If you're serious about writing, then spend some time filling out the details. There just isn't anything here.

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