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My Wife's Niece

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My Wife’s Niece- Chapter one

There is definitely a prelude to this story as there are a few chapters to come.

Susie, my wife’s youngest niece came to live with us to finish school. Susie, very much like my wife is one hot Latina mamma, Curves in all the right places! The girl teased me to death for two years. Walking around in tight clothes, even at one point sitting in my lap with little booty shorts, and a white tank top. I thought of every baseball statistic I could dream up at that moment! I spied her naked several times in those two years, and I am quite sure I allowed for her to spy me more than that, but alas nothing ever came of it!

Fast forward, two years, Stacy, who is Susie’s older sister, has graduated college, finding work is rough, she decided to take some time, and come stay with me and her aunt, my wife Rita. Now let me tell you, every one of these women are beautiful, my wife is true Boricua, beautiful and very curvy as is her niece Susie. Stacy, Is Gorgeous, but not nearly as voluptuous. She is more athletic built, but still sexy as hell!

Stacy comes to visit with us at the ripe old age of 23, Still a virgin (or so I thought), the family especially Stacy are very devote Christians, and therefore Premarital sex is very taboo. This I believe is a big part of my lack of success with Stephanie. Damn God! Anyway, when Stacy comes to live with us, I am 35, my wife 40.

Although I had to peek in order to see Susie naked, or near, Stacy is much more of an exhibitionist, she prances around in panties and bras as if she is at the pool bathing. As my wife travels frequently for work, Stacy and I were left alone within the first week. My wife was going to be gone for 2 whole weeks. The first week, I tempted my niece into a game of truth or dare. I was subtle at first, daring her to show me a nipple, or a butt cheek, but eventually it elevated to french kissing, or me sucking a nipple, all of which she readily accepted! This teasing goes on almost the full week, and then one night I come home from work and Stacy says she wants to talk. I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for some more truth or dare, but I was surprised at the topic and direction of the conversation.

Stacy proceeds to tell me that “our games” have put her in a terrible state, and confesses that she had indeed had sex with her ex-fiancé. This was a revelation to me, as I had never dreamed to go further than our little tease games because of the religion. I ask her if she had missed sex, and she without hesitation exclaims that now more than ever she wants too, no needs to have sex. She goes on to tell me that she has been masturbating herself to sleep every night after “our games”. Well, that was all I needed as I started to strip right in front of her! Stacy hungrily eyed the whole thing with slight protest, but there I am standing right in front her naked as the day I was born! Stacy reaches out her hand, reluctantly at first, but once my cock is in her sight she starts to pull, and twirl, and stare.

With a tiny bit of coaxing Stacy kisses, the head of my dick, lips only at first then over a few minutes, I start to feel her tongue. Before I know it my niece has the head of my cock in her mouth. I reach a hand down her loose fitting blouse to caress a breast, but she pulled away. I was afraid I blew it, but she just stood up, took me by the hand, and led me to her bedroom!

Once in the bedroom, Stacy begins to undress, timid, but she seems sure of what she wants to do, determined. Once she was fully nude, she walked to me, kissed me full on the mouth. I could feel my hard dick push against her bald and very soft pussy, the warmth dripping from her. I spun her around and dropped her ass right on the bed. There she was sitting on the bed, feet dangling. I pushed her shoulders down, got to my knees and began to lick her young, and dripping pussy.

Now let it be known, I love to eat pussy, but after about fifteen minutes Stacy was begging for me to fuck her, and fuck her I did! First with her legs still dangling off the bed, and then we climbed up together and layed one on top of the other. Me on top, then her on top, and then me on top again until I squirted all over her belly. We had to be somewhat safe after all!

The best part she decided to live with us for awhile after that!

It has been 3 weeks now, Stacy has decided to stay here indefinitely, and try to find work, and her Aunt is thrilled she will be staying with us…So am I!!!

And Stacy, well now she wants to figure a way to get her aunt involved in our “games”!!!


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