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Hello! I’m a very boisterous tall, 6’9” twenty-year-old guy. My friends know me as Toby, short for Tobias, hate the name, but I wasn’t given a choice at the time, LOL, might change it later. I’m a spitting image of my father who dumped my mother for a younger model. My mother is a white woman and my father is black. I hope I am not as stupid as my father is for dumping my mother, I think the younger model is fucking stupid, she has a knockout body and tits, but pretty much a bimbo. I inherited my father’s height and muscular traits all the way down to our twelve-inch cocks and two inches in diameter. My mother Jennifer, runs an advertising agency, which includes lots of models, that’s how my father Mack met his new bitch, Rhonda and took off. My mother must have loved his huge cock maybe that’s why she kept him around, my bedroom was downstairs, but sometimes at night I could hear my mother screaming as my dad pounded her pussy. My father was a lazy lady’s man that didn’t work, my mother took care of him. I heard the conversations from employees that my father probably fucked all the female models and female staff that worked in my mother’s agency, married or not, nothing stopped him. I heard from the employees that he said, the best pussy was married pussy. It has been a year since he has left.

I decided to build an adult XXX-rated site instead of going to college, I knew that with the marketing skills I acquired from my mother agency would make me loads of cash, beside I loathed the idea of going to school. Every year my former high school had a twenty-five-member cheerleader squad, 20 were usually females. I banged all twenty every year until I graduated, what was so fucking fantastic was that every year some graduated so there was plenty of cherry pussy to pop every year and I sure popped lots of it, like I said previously, they always came back for more. Currently, I have a little office downtown, where I still fuck quite of few of the former cheerleaders when their husbands are out of town and they still keep coming back which led me a marketing idea. I decided to video tape myself as I fucked the shit out them, it was not hard to do, I could tell these sluts loved to fuck my huge cock, some even started bringing other married women that wanted to try a big cock. I loved fucking all the pussy I could bang, but it was getting too much for one guy, so I recruited six former high school buddies that played basketball with me, I also put out classified ads that netted me additional guys, right now are a group of seventeen guys. The prerequisites were simple, they had to have at least a ten-inch cock and very thick. It was a very easy audition; the married sluts always text me when their husbands would be going on their business trips. When the sluts came over, I quickly get them to suck my cock, the bitches got hot very fast so the welcomed my cock in their pussy. One of the new guys would show up displaying his huge cock, the sluts were so hot they didn’t care he would join in and fuck the shit out her while I made sure I got plenty of video. Sometimes their husbands would call them on their mobiles, they could hardly hold back as they were being banged. The husbands thought they had loyal wives, but our group sometimes ganged banged when they came over. My website business started making lots of money with all the fucking action, I named the website “”. The website was so successful, I wanted to expand my website business to a different theme, but with same type of fucking action, I intended to call it, “”, but I had no models to get my website going.

Since I was sixteen, I began having lewd fantasies of fucking my mother, but with my father being there, it was quite impossible, now he was gone, and my obsession was to drive all my twelve-inch cock up her cunt and pound it harder than my father used to. I didn’t know if my mother got her ass fucked, but it didn’t matter, because I got torrid hard-ons just thinking of the ass-pounding I intended to give her and fill up her ass with wads of my cum. For years I had fantasies of fucking her beautiful face and make swallow all my cum. I was going to make my fantasies real plus turn my very sexy mother into my first “” website whore. I was going to couple my lewd fantasy and teach other guys to fuck their mothers and let them post their videos of them fucking their mothers any way they could get them to fuck, gangbangs, street walking whores, fucking in cars, etc. The idea was to post their sexual videos on my website “” and it would be a members only site so all the members could fuck any mother they wanted on the website, it would be a great XXX-money maker with my mother being the lead star and making her available for all the members to fuck.

My mother, Jennifer, is a very beautiful tall woman with long very long sexy legs and straight long blond hair. In my mother’s business she must remain very fit and look as beautiful as possible and wear very fashionable attire, most of her dresses and skirts quite short, her top usually shows lots of cleavage, her short skirts make it very easy for me to view lots panty shots. When my father left, I immediately installed hidden mini video cameras in her bedroom, bathroom, hot tub, swimming pool and several more around the house. Like I mentioned in previously my mother had to look very young and beautiful all the time because of her advertising/modeling agency. During the past year I had collected quite an assortment of videos of my mother in very sheer nighties, “g” string & thong panties, bikinis, naked.

I told my group what my plan was for my new website “” and they all said they were down with it. The guys commented that they all had been wanting to fuck her anyway, just never thought they would ever get the chance. I told the guys, since you all will be banging her shortly, you might as well see this videos and pictures. I begin to show them all my collection of videos and pictures I had of my mother. A guy named Oscar said, damn that’s a fine piece of ass, I’m going to love ramming that ass. I said, listen guys, I’m going to the first to ram that ass, after that, she’s all yours, fuck that ass all you want. A guy named Dave, asked if they could DP her while another guy had his cock down her throat. I replied, I want to be first to pound her cunt and ass, after that, you guys can fuck her anyway you want, she’s going to be the first website whore. When we get to house, let me start everything, I tell you when it’s time for you all, make sure you guys do lots of videos for the website.

We were arrived at my house as my mother was getting out of her SUV. She had on black heels with a short red flare skirt and black silk top, she looked so fucking hot, my dick quickly got hard. I walked in the house right behind her and the group of guys was behind me. I turned to the guys and with a hand signal, I told them to wait in the living room, she went into the kitchen, I followed. In the kitchen, I said, it’s nice to see you and leaned over like I was going kiss her on the cheek, instead I turned her towards me and kissed her hard on her mouth. She was attempting to push me away, but I was much stronger, I started inserting my tongue into her mouth while holding her tits hard against my chest. She started running out of breath, so I released her and pulled back. She said, ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY, I’M YOUR MOTHER. I replied; I’ve got a new role for you. She said, WHAT DO YOU MEAN, NEW ROLE. She looked at me, appearing to be waiting for an answer, but before she realized a verbal answer wasn’t coming, in one quick swift motion, with both my hands at her hips, I swiftly raised her red skirt up to her waist revealing very sheer black panties with red trim, matching black garter belt attached to her stockings. I got a good view her trimmed pussy hair. I quickly said, look at those sexy long legs, I’m going to enjoy wrapping them around me as I pound that hot pussy. She tried to lower her skirt, I pushed her against the wall pinning her with my body. Her skirt remained raised while I grabbed her right arm put behind her back and held it, while I grabbed her left arm and also put it behind her back until I was able to hold both small wrists with my right hand. I started using my left hand to insert a finger in her pussy, I kissed her again then pulled back, looking directly into her eyes, I raised my left hand and licked the finger I had inserted in her pussy while telling her, oh yeah, I’m going to really enjoy pounding that hot cunt and making you my whore. I yelled out, COME IN HERE GUYS AND BRING A CUSHION!

The group of guys came in and I said, move her over to the counter and hold her, as Robert and Oscar held her, I walked over, unbuttoned her top, opened it revealing a very sexy matching black sheer bra with red trim. I said, hold her as I removed her top, I said, DAMN, LOOK AT THOSE GORGEOUS TITS, while I leaned over and sucked first on her right tit then her left, leaving her tits expose out of her bra. While I kissed her tits, I unzipped her skirt, pulled it down until it was on the floor alongside her top, all that she had on were her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. I looked at her and said, MAN, SHE LOOKS SO FUCKING HOT, SHE IS GOING TO BE A GREAT WHORE! YOU GUYS READY TO GET YOUR DICKS WET? Daniel said, I CAN’T WAIT TO DRIVE MY COCK UP THIS WHORE’S CUNT! I grabbed the cushion and threw down in front of me and said, SHE NEEDS TO ASSUME THE POSITION. Robert and Oscar brought her over, as she said, NO, NO. As they knelt her down, she was still saying NO, NO, on the second verbal no, I quickly inserted my cock head in her mouth. Robert and Oscar lifted her arms to her sides and held them, while Daniel quickly positioned himself behind holding her head and started rocking, it back on forth on my cock. When she tried to take my cock out of her mouth, Daniel would say no you don’t, from now you’re going to be sucking lots of cock so get used to it, whores suck lots of cock, then he would thrust her head harder on my cock making it go deeper in her mouth. I started hearing her breath sound more laborious, I said, lay her on the kitchen table, hold her arms and spread her legs. Robert and Oscar picked her up sat her on the edge of the table, as they laid her back Daniel and Reed grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide. I sat on a chair, saying, TIME TO HAVE LUNCH and all the room erupted in laughter.

I unclipped her garter belt and pulled it down along with her panties, while saying, here we go, we got to take these all the way off, you’re going to be fucking so much, you probably won’t have a needs for panties anymore, WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS, AM I RIGHT? The guys responded, YOU’RE RIGHT, ONE SHE STARTS GETTING LOTS COCK, SHE WON’T NEED PANTIES, again the room erupted in chuckles and laughter. I started inserting two fingers in her pussy, I knew she was starting to respond when she was sucking my cock, her pussy was wet. I leaned down and started inserting my tongue in her pussy, she said, NO, NO, NO, and suddenly she started slowly moving her hips to meet my tongue. She started moaning lowly ooooooh, while slowly moving her head from side to side. I said, GUYS GET IN LINE ALL SEVENTEEN OF US NEED TO DINE ON THIS WHORE’S CUNT AND MAKE WE CAN PLENTY OF VIDEO. I moved, Bill took my place, he started fingering her hard then started thrusting his tongue in and out fast, she kept on moaning, ooooooh, oooooooh. Tom took Bill’s place, he started eating her pussy hard, finally she started bucking hard against his mouth, moaning Loud, OOOOOOOOOH, OOOOOOOOOH, the guys that had ate her pussy, took the place of the guys holding my mother, so they could eat her pussy.
I said, TIME TO FUCK THE WHORE, BEND HER OVER, KEEP HER LEGS SPREAD, HOLD HER ANKLES I WANT HER ASS UP HIGH, GET ME SOME LUBE. When she heard that, she knew I was going to fuck her right up her ass, she said, NO, NO, I NEVER LET ANYONE DO THAT TO ME. Bill commented, DAMN TOBY, YOU LUCKY BASTARD, YOU’RE GOING TO POP A VIRGIN ASS, AND IT’S YOUR MOTHER’S, HOW FUCKING LUCKY CAN A GUY GET. I said, I’M GOING TO BORE THIS SHIT OUT, HOLD TIGHT. I first placed my cock on the opening of her pussy and inserted my cock head, she moaned lowly, ooooooooh, and I pushed in deeper, she moaned again, ooooooooh, then said, I can’t believe my own son is fucking me, this is so wrong. I replied, not only am I fucking you, you’re going to do lots of fucking for me, I’m taking your business over, you’re going to be very busy being my whore. I sank my cock deeper and deeper until my balls rested against her ass, then I wasted no time, I started thrusted hard in and out, when I thrust up, I left my cockhead in her cunt and I came down hard pounding her pussy hard, she started screaming, AAAAAAAAAAH, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH, AAAAAAAAAH. I told the guys, let her legs go, I’ve got the whore fucking. I told her, I’M GOING TO POUND THE SHIT OUT YOUR CUNT, JUST LIKE FUCKING DAD USED TO DO, I KNOW YOU LOVE A BIG COCKS, NO WOMAN WOULD KEEP A LAZY NON-WORKING NO GOOD AROUND EXCEPT THAT HE HAD A HUGE COCK. I withdrew my cock and quickly lubed it and placed in her ass entrance.

She said, no, please no, you’re too big. I replied, WHEN I GAP YOUR ASS REAL GOOD, YOU WON’T HAVE A PROBLEM TAKING LOTS OF COCK UP YOUR ASS, THAT’S WHAT WHORES DO. I said, GUYS PULL HER OVER AGAIN AND HOLD HER BY HER LEGS, DON’T LET HER LOOSE, I’M GOING TO PLUG HER ASS, AND MAKE SURE WE GET PLENTY OF VIDEO OF AL OF US STRETCHING HER ASS. I drove my cock head in her ass, she began screaming, TOOOOO BIIIIIIG, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, STOOOOOOOOOOP, PLEEEEEEEEEZE STOOOOOOOOOP. I thought to myself, I don’t give a flying fuck how much it hurts, I was going to make my mother my whore, there was no stopping now. I said, GET PLENTY OF VIDEO OF ME BUSTING THIS VIRGIN ASS, IT’LL PROBABLY BE A GREAT MONEY MAKER ON MY NEW “” WEBSITE. As I kept going deeper in her ass, I told my mother; JENNIFER, I’M GOING TO MAKE YOU THE MAIN STAR OF MY WEBSITE, YOUR GOING TO BE PUTTING OUT LOTS OF PUSSY FOR ANY MEMBER THAT WANT’S TO FUCK YOU, IT WILL ALL BE ON VIDEO, I’M MAKING YOU A STAR, all the guys erupted in laughter. I started slowly thrusting in and out of her ass, going in deeper when I thrust in, she was still screaming AAAAAAAH, TOOOOO MUUUUCH PAIN. I said, yell you want, soon you’ll be taking lots of cock up your ass with no pain. I went in for the kill, all the way in as she screamed, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, I yelled out, OH YEAH, HEY GUYS ALL TWELVE INCH DICK IS IN TO THE HILT, Daniel said, I CAN’T WAIT TO PUT MY ELEVEN INCHES UP THAT WHORE’S ASS. As I started thrusting in earnest, I replied, SHE’S GOT A TIGHT ASS, BY TIME ALL OF US TAKE HER ASS, SHE’LL HAVE NO PROBLEM TAKING ANY COCK and I withdrew saying, COME ON DANIEL, PUT THAT COCK IN THAT TIGHT ASS. I said, let’s all give her ass ten thrusts and change to another guy. We’ll keep rotating over and over so she can get use to taking lots of cock in her ass. I asked my mother, JENNIFER, YOU’RE GOING TO LIKE BEING MY MOTHER AND MY WHORE, she was screaming, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE STOOOOOOOOOOP, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, as all the guys kept on rotating taking turns banging her ass hard.

I stood there with a torrid erection jacking off watching all the guys taking turns driving all their cocks deep in her ass, all I could think of were lustful thoughts of how I had finally made a reality of a fantasy I could not get out of mind since I was sixteen. As I watched them bang her ass, I was actually loving the lewdness of all my buddies and I turning her into a whore. I said, TAKE HER TO HER BEDROOM UPSTAIRS, IT’S TIME TO FILL UP THAT CUNT AND ASS WITH LOTS OF CUM. The guys carried her upstairs, some were saying, I’m going to wrap those long legs around me when I destroy that pussy. Robert commented, hey Toby, this bitch is fine looking, she’s going to make great whore, I can see lots of guys wanting to pop that ass and ram that hot cunt, then he turned to her and told her, I can tell that pretty mouth was made for fucking, that fine mouth is going to be busy doing lots of blow jobs. We got to the bedroom, Daniel quickly lifted her and made her wrap her long legs around his waist, he quickly penetrated her and started bouncing her hard on his cock. He walked over to the bed, sat down with her on his cock, falling backwards saying, SOMEONE PUT A DICK IN THIS WHORE’S ASS, I wasted no time, with some many cocks fucking her earlier, I had no problem quickly penetrating her ass until I had all my 12-inch cock buried to hilt. I said, LETS DP THE SLUT ALL DAY, SHE’S GOING TO HAVE TO GET USED TO BECAUSE SHE’S GOING TO DOING IT A LOT. Bill jumped on the bed saying, LET’S FILL UP ALL HER THREE HOLES as he drove his cock in her mouth, all she could do was moan as we pounded her ass cunt and mouth at the same time, a few minutes later, I yelled out, I’M GOING TO CUM, I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock held it in as deep as I could and began ejaculating wads of spunk. It felt very hot and full of lust as I dumped wads of spunk deep in my mother’s ass. I finally finished dumping all my spunk, as I withdrew, I started seeing lots of cum drip out her ass, down her legs, I yelled out, WHO’S NEXT. The next two days became a total fuck fest, except for some rest and nourishment breaks, me and my guys had a cock in her, sometimes a DP, and sometimes we used all three of her holes at same time. After the fuck fest, she had cum running out her cunt, and ass making small puddles on the floor.

That fuck fest was only the beginning of many gang bangs she has been in. She fucks and sucks anyone, I tell her to. All my buddies can come over and get a quick blow job whenever they want to, the guys say she’s the best cock sucker around. The only rule I have is, they must take pictures and video all the action so I can use it for my websites. Robert was right, her mouth was made for fucking, she loves for guys to dump their wads down her throat, I have lots of video of my whore mother on her knees doing blowing jobs and swallowing wad after wad of cum. Like I planned, she became “” main star. Lots of young guys have posted on the website asking for tips on how to fuck their mothers, some men have even posted on the website asking for tips on how to get their wives to fuck their sons. One father posted several videos of him and his three sons fucking his wife and daughter all weekend. The guys got hooked on all the hot action he and his sons participated in, the dad started planning to have his office buddies come over often and gang-bang them both, his three sons were planning the same thing with all their friends. They usually posted videos of the gang-bangs, they were hot videos, the husband and sons kept the mother and daughter constantly with plenty of cock. We one weekend my buddies and I went over to their house and we gang-banged them also, that mother and daughter loved to fuck and suck cock.

A year later, we have over a thousand mothers and sons that are members of our very successful website, and we have spun out to other Adult sites. All our male members plus my guys have fucked lots of mothers registered on the websites. Some of the young housewives on the original website “”, have talked their mothers into fucking young men and turned into whores, the husbands don’t even know they’re married to whores. Some of the young male members think it’s so fucking hot that their fathers think they are married to very straight and loyal women, but actually when their father is not around, their wives are their son’s whores.

My mother loves for me to put my twelve inch in her cunt but she loves it in the ass, sometimes I’m her first fuck of the day, sometimes the fifth, sometimes the tenth, who cares, we are making big time money, even more then the advertising/modeling business my mother owned, I sold that business, CHACHING.



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