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Naughty bored middle aged mum.

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I know I flirt.

Its just that I have flirted ever since I grew my breasts and became aware of my bodies effect it had on men. Well boys first!

But this was rather different now! At middle age and with a grown up family,my boredom took on another dimension. - Husband gone, one son still at home! - Me with needs and a body not wasted physically, but wasted by lack of use if you get what I mean. In one word, I needed 'COCKING'

For awhile now I had noticed my 15yr old had taken to me,not motherly, but clearly sexually! By this I mean, at any opportunity he got, he'd ogle my sexual assets. - so being flirtatious by nature, I thought, great, - I'll flirt some,but without him realising it! On an opportune occasion [Our toilet is along thro' the kitchen into an extension. Meaning,an astute pair of eyes could note 'one' if the doors were open virtually from my front door right thro' too the smallest room!]

I knew he'd been horny, because I'd heard him masterbating only a hour earlier. So, with him in the lounge, I just said to no one in particular 'Must have a pee before I go!' - [He clocked it] - "GO! Go where mum,I thought you were about dinner!" - As I headed thro' the passage,I responded - "Yeah! I am, just meant go out the back garden,that's all!"

By this time, I'd gotten to the lavatory and dropped my jeans and panty's to my knee's. A face appeared at the lounge door, looked! then looked some more as I'd omitted to close the door [Purposely you understand!] The face disappeared back in the room,but I knew it was only after he'd at least seen my bush as I squatted on to the throne and possibly saw my pussy even.

As if by demand, as I stood to dap the drips off, a face appeared and disappeared again rather quickly. - I knew he'd seem my bush and pussy now! - Off I went to the garden,back I came and in moments son was sat in the kitchen intent on my activities. - "How long mum - You know before its ready?" - "Oh!10-15minutes I guess" - "Right, give me a shout then, I'll just be up in my room!"

Of course I knew what that meant [He was about to wank again over what he'd just seen] Sure enough, I listened at the stairs and before long I heard the tale-tale sounds I knew so well. - Trouble was it was making me all wet between the legs as well. Part of the reason for this was, of late I'd seen his penis and it had surprised me how big it was [Not huge,but enough to get my juices going - say 6"-7" & thick enough to make my pussy feel tight around it if it was up me]

I also knew I was thinking the unthinkable! - So, - he reappeared for the meal, while I decided to bide my time for now. Making sure I hopped off to bed just a bit before him, I set myself up ready. Laying naked on the top of my sheets, I turned away from the door and with my upper leg laying in front of the other, I knew my naked bum and my hips would be a perfect sight to get his labido rising.

Giving the impression I'd dozed off, I waited until he came up, - He hesitated by my open door, stood looking [I knew this because I could hear his breathing] - "Mum! you asleep? Mum! Mum! Its me [as if I didn't know] Mum!" - I gave no indication of hearing anything. - Waiting with my heart pounding. I thought, [go on, I dare you!] I heard him creep almost silently into my room. Whispering now [I suspect in disbelief at his luck in finding me exposed like this]

His breathing grew heavier - "Mum! Fuck your ass is beautiful,fuck I bet your cunts wet as well!" - [I almost said well feel it then!] - but lay breathing deeply. He was very close in now - So close, I could feel his breath on my hips and waist. - The most gentlest kiss touched my waist then my hip,then a hand slid down my uppermost thigh to my knee then back up again. He stopped [I assume,waiting to see if I reacted]

He resumed the smoothing down to the knee,up again,all the time his fingers were moving round towards the front of my leg then inner part of my thigh. As he got nearer to my pussy, he raised his hand higher up my leg until it brushed onto my belly and down over my pubes [Just a slight tough you understand] the next time he stopped the movement and just let his hand stay in contact with the part of my bush he could feel.

Talking to himself now. "Fuck mum! if only you'd roll back a bit, I could feel your cunt!" - I never responded! - Bolder now he gently tweeked my exposed breast, the nipple responded and if he'd had only known, so did my love juices between my pussy lips. [I'd never wanted a cock so much in all my life! The sheer taboo factor was causing this feeling!] - I knew he'd got off my bed and thought he'd chickened out until again the bed moved and he was back on it.

I also knew he was wanking as I could hear just the slight but slow sounds of his hand moving. This gave way to quite quiet gasps and grunts until I felt the warm head of his cock, just getting pushed lightly against my ass crack. He stopped dead in his tracks as I rolled slightly more forward until he realising I'd finished moving, then again he started to wank himself off.

An over active jab at my ass crack and in an instant later I felt the tell-tell warmess of my son's sperm squirt then drool down over my bum and bum groove. The warmness was subsequently helped on its way as he slid his hardness up and down my ass. - "Fuck mum! If only that had been your cunt groove! Fuck I love you mum! Please don't wake up and find out what I've just done on you!"

Then he was gone. I groped for as much of his sperm as I could get and used it to masterbate myself. I saw he'd left my door open and knew if he was still awake he'd have heard me cumming off! - From this,I knew he too was flirting heavily with me his mum. He descreatly stood to his door asking me where a particular shirt was the next day knowing full well I could see his half hard cock proudly sticking out for me to view. In turn. I made sure he seen my breast shaking about as I washed my hair with just a slip over them [flesh coloured at that]

That got him, - on back tracking slightly and hanging in the doorway - "Christ mum! For a moment, I thought you were in the all-together that colour makes you look naked!" - [I wanted to say 'You mean like the other night when you cum over me!'] - I just turned and smiled, - It wasn't lost to him that my nipples were as hard as iron and proudly torturing his eyes. [Wanking came just after this]

I applied the coup-de-graz - He'd gone around with a silky pair of boxers' on for most of the day [I admit it was as hot as hell - as was I!] - Deciding I could go no further without getting that cock of his inside me I stripped naked, then just put on a silky [Not see thro'] dress. Making to do some household chores but in fact doing little other than a lot of bending forward [Knowing full well this action would expose my pussy from the rear] I heard the chair he was lounging in scrape round on the parka flooring.

I thought, gotcha, yah tormenting young fucker! - I had and all, He was suddenly at the back of me and just said, -"Mum! I know what you're doing and this is the result!" - In the twinkling of an eye, as his fingers touched and spread my wet labia lips opening them, his penis done the rest as the spongy fat helmet part slid neatly and deeply right up inside me. His balls acting like a back stop seemed to splay my now soping wet vagina opening apart so that his sac was sticking hungrily to my wetness as he pulled back,only to thrust even more forcefully at my damanding cunt. I gripped what I could and responded by pushing back on his cock push for push until we exploded on each other. He never stopped,but just kept going until I again orgasmed as he rammed me so deeply.  I felt his knob enter my cervix. At this he clung on to my ass like a limpet and just spermed straight up into my womb using short fast little jabs.

It was then that I realised he was clinging on to my tits and I just stood saying ' "Thank fuck you got me! - I thought you'd never fucking fuck me!" - This must have boosted him as he started into me all over again. - "Fuck Mum! Why didn't you say you just wanted the cock, I've been fucking you with my hand round my cock night after night for ages. - Turning my head slightly as he humped at me - "And my ass the other night you fucking horny young fucker!"

The filth must have turned him on as he gripped me as tight as any dog, then he again made me cum with his own orgasm. - I knew it! I knew that cock of his was just what I needed!  ... We both laughed later as now in my bed a spring twanged as he chidded, - "Fuck mum, you need a new mattress if I'm going too fuck you like a husband, that's the second spring gone in about 10 minutes!" - "OW! Fuck! Let me move to one side a bit, that fucking thing just stuck in my ass cheek just then!"

A new mattress tomorrow then!



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