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New Year's Eve passed out drunk sister

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So on New Years Eve a couple of years ago I was home and watched the ball drop with my family. My sister was out with a couple of her friends. Midnight comes and goes and I stay up late and dick around on my computer. At about 2:00 in the morning I hear my sister come home with a couple of friends. She was 16 and I was 17. I hear them go out into the garage we had converted into a spare room with a TV and an "L" shaped couch. Half and hour passes and I sneak downstairs and into the garage. I had snuck into my sister's room before when her friends were sleeping over and felt them up while they were sleeping. I get into the garage and my sister and her two friends were laying on the couch. I walked over to see if they were asleep and if they weren't I would've just made up some excuse to why I was there. But they were all passed out DRUNK. I could smell the alcohol on all their breaths. Taking the moment of opportunity, I run back up to my room, and get a condom. I went back into the garage, and targeted the first girl, who was this cute little asian, with huge breasts but a small ass, unfortunately. I pulled up the top she was wearing and exposed her black bra. I pulled down her bra and started feeling her up (I have a really profound boob fetish). I took out my dick and pressed her boobs together with my dick inbetween. I then took her hand and put it on my dick and made her stoke my dick. I then took my dick and tried to shove it in her mouth, but didn't keep it in there long because I was afraid she would choke. I then took off her pants, that were thankfully sweat pantts so they were easy to get off, and then took off her thong. I rubbed her clit and shoved my finger in her pussy. The whole time I'm doing this I keep looking up to make sure she doens't wake up. I take the condom and put in on, then spread my sister's friends legs and started fucking my sister's friend. I did for a few minutes. The I pulled out and went over to my sister's other friend, who was a hot blonde with moderate boobs but a pretty good sized butt. She was laying on her stomach so there wasn't really a way to get to her boobs. She was wearing pajama pants so those came off easily. I took off her panties, and grabbed her ass and spanked it. With the condom still on I inserted my dick into her pussy and started fucking her as well. I only did for a few more minutes. I was about to cum and I didn't want to cum inside her. So I pulled out and took the condom off and considered my options. I could cum on the asian's face, but I didn't want her to wake up the next morning and be like what the fuck. So I just ended up cuming in the blonde's hair. If she woke up with sticky shit in her hair I could just blame it on the couch. So I came in the blonde's hair and disposed of the condom in the trash can in the garage.  I was about to walk out of the garage and I saw my sister just laying there as well. She was the most attractive of the three, but I had never looked at her in a sexual light. I went over, and pulled down her shirt and bra and let her boobs pop out, and my boner was retained. I pulled off her pants and looked at her beautiful pussy. I didn't want to put the condom back on, and I have always wanted to know what sex felt like without a condom. I decided to just go for it and stuck it in. It felt so good! I was fucking my sister, and that seemed to be a real big turn on for me. I fucked her for about 15 minutes, and I didn't want to cum inside her, so I just came in the blondes hair again. I sucked on my sister's nipples for a few more minutes and then stuck my dick back in the asian's mouth.  I decided I was finally done and put all their cloths back on, and sucked and felt up the asian's boobs for a little while longer. I went inside and went to bed. I've never told my sisterthis, and she will never find out.



Not very well written, but I like the story in general.

Try adding some paragraphs at least for readability.

You should have left their clothes off and moved them so they were all cuddling each other when they finally woke up.

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