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I never knew my mother, she died when I was a year old. My old man moved his girl friend in to take care of me and my sister and she was a real bitch, a good match for him. Somehow me and Carla survived till the witch got fed up and moved out. By then I was eight, Carla was thirteen and she got stuck in the roll of mother and housekeeper.Six years later the old man got killed in a freak accident. He had no life insurance, but the settlements from the different people and companies involved set me and Carla up real good. And since she was nineteen and had been taking care of me for so many years the court said she could have custody of me till I turned eighteen, so I didn't have to go into foster care.One day we were going through Pop's junk, sorting it into three piles, keep, give away and trash. I found a stack of girlie magazines and was looking though them when Carla came up and looked over my shoulder.“That stuff turn you on?”“Not much, really. Most of these chicks have silicon boobs and botox lips. She stood right next to me, watching as I turned the pages and I caught a faint whiff of her scent. I got the impression she was getting turned on, watching me look at the pictures. Impulsively I ran my hand up her leg and inside her shorts. She gasped, tensed up, I thought she'd nail me, but she didn't move. So I worked my finger inside the crotch of her panties. Her slit was hot and moist and she gasped again when I touched it. I hardly heard her low whisper.“I should make you stop.”“Please don't. You feel so good.”“But you know what can happen.”“I know what I hope happens.” I stood up and put my arms around her. Again she tensed up, then relaxed and put her arms around me. As our lips met I felt her ass, and when our kiss turned French I stuck my hands inside her clothes to knead her bare cheeks.“You bastard!” she mumbled into my mouth. One hand fumbled with my zipper, groped around inside my pants and came out with my dick.“Let's go to my room.” “Huh uh, the old man’s room's closer. He tried for years to get me in his bed, I hope his ghost is watching.”If Pop's ghost was watching he sure got an eyeful! Once in his room Carla made me keep still while she undressed us, one piece at a time. She turned it into a strip show with two strippers and two observers. My prick was throbbing and she was panting when she finally pulled me on top of her and guided my prick into her pussy.“Don't worry, Pop made me get on the pill when I was sixteen.” That was the last sound either of us made except for our sweaty bellies slapping together and our heavy breathing. Then Carla broke the silence.“Can you hold on just a little longer, Gary? I'm so close to cumming.”“I'll try,” I gasped, “I'm getting damn close myself.”And with a loud gasp Carla went wild, bucking so hard I had to hold on tight to stay inside her. Of course, that did it for me, as soon as her pussy muscles started contracting my balls erupted and I spurted my load deep inside her pussy.We dozed off side by side for ten or fifteen minutes. I woke up when she kissed my cheek.“I haven't felt this good since …... shit, I never felt this good. Were you cherry, Little Brother?”“Huh uh, but I never felt this good, either. Uh Sis? Did Pop ever, you know …...”“Fuck me? He wanted to but I raised so much hell he backed down. But he used to make me strip and watch him jack off. God damn! I hate his fucking guts! Even this bed stinks of him.” She giggled, “Hey, what did you want to do with his bed, anyway?”“I don't know, the bed's fine, but like you say the mattress and sheets stink. Trash them, I guess. What do you want to do?”She put his pillow between her legs and laughed.“I think I'll piss on his memory.”I watched the pillow soak up her pee. “I had to let him watch me go to the toilet. I'm tempted to shit on him, too.”“Go right ached, if you don't want me to watch I'll leave.”“No, you stay, I want someone to see it.”She squatted in the middle of the bed, grunted, and squeezed out a little pile of shit. I wiped her ass with the sheet and pissed on her pile, then we dressed and took the stinking mess to the trash can and lugged the mattress to the curb.Within a week all traces of the old man were gone, there was a new mattress on his bed and me and Carla moved into his room. All the perversions the old man wanted of her she asked me to do with her, and I was happy to oblige. Pussy eating, cock sucking, sixty-nine, butt-fucking, we tried them all. We gave one another golden showers and rim jobs. Except for the time Carla shit on Pop's bed, we didn't get into scat, and we stayed away from B&D and S&M. Me and Carla are both married now so we don't have sex together as often. But my wife is as adventurous as we are, and her husband is submissive, so every now and then we have a weekend foursome which always includes a little bi action.

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