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Sarah and I. Part 2

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I woke up the next morning in bed alone, but I could hear the shower running in the bathroom.

I went into the living area and made myself some breakfast, about 10 minutes later Sarah came out wearing nothing but a towel.

'Morning' she said, cheerfully,

'Hey' I replied

She turned to me, and with a grin on her face asked 'How'd you sleep?'

I gave her a puzzled look before replying 'Great thanks. how about you?'

She just grinned at me again before walking out the room into my bedroom to get changed.

The rest of the day went on without either of us mentioning the night before. We went out, did a little shopping, got some dinner and then came back again. It was about 10pm when we decided to go to bed, she didn't even bother with the sofa this time & was lying in my bed before me. I climbed in the other side & switched off the light, I lay there for what felt like 2 hours unable to get to sleep. I could hear Sarah's heavy breathing and assumed she was asleep.

Reaching over, I grabbed my phone from the bedside desk, and using the light from the screen, I shifted down under the sheet to get a look at her body. She was wearing a long t-shirt and a small pair of shorts, I slid my hands up her body until they were resting on her tits. I squeezed gently & heard a soft moan from above. I pulled the sheet off us both & slid my hands back down her body until I found the waistband of her shorts. I gripped them & slowly started pulling them down until they were at her knees.

When I finally caught sight of her shaved pussy, I let out a small gasp. I spread the lips of her pussy & leant forward & started searching for her clit with my tongue. When I found it I felt her body tremble in shock, I start pushing my tongue deeper eating her out. After a while I could hear her breathing become faster & heavier, she let out one loud moan & her body trembled as she had a powerful orgasm. My face and the bed both get drenched in her cum, I roll over to catch my breath but keep one hand on her tit gently rubbing & squeezing it.

I roll back on top of her, but this time face to face I kiss her & she returns my kiss a little bit. While kissing her, I reach down & slide my boxers down to my knees, my hard cock springs out & I feel it bump against her soaked pussy. Suddenly she opens her eyes & pushes me off her, she then rolls onto her front & pretends to be asleep.

I realise shes changed her mind, but I'm too horny to just stop. I climb back over & sit with a leg each side of hers, I then reach under her & grab her hips, pulling her hips upward so her ass & pussy are sticking up in the air.

She tries to push me away, but from her position she only manages to push her crotch against me. I push her back into position & then take my cock & start rubbing it against her pussy lips, she let out a soft moan & relaxes her body. She's still soaked from her orgasm, so when I start pushing my cock head slips inside easily. I feel her body tense up again, but she doesn't try to push me away, shes just nervous about losing her virginity. I press my body against hers pushing in slowly until I feel my head hit her cherry. I stop, waiting for some signal to push forward but she doesn't give me one, she just throws her body backwards into mine.

My cock breaks her cherry & she keeps pushing until all of its inside her. I pause and can feel her pussy gripping onto my cock. It feels incredible & I know I won't be able to last too long. She stays there motionless for ages, and I eventually give up waiting. I slide my cock almost all the way out of her & then plunge it back in, she gets caught off guard & loses balance, falling flat onto the bed.I pull her hips back up again & then start pounding my cock in & out of her pussy. I reach round & start roughly squeezing her tits. Her head starts banging against the headboard with my every thrust but she ignores it, I can hear her breathing growing heavily again.

Her pussy is like a vice gripping my cock now, as I thrust harder & harder into her. I feel my cum building up & I know I won't last long. She lets out a loud scream as her orgasm hits. My cock gets drenched with her cum & I feel her pussy milking my cock.

'N..not Inside' she gasps between moans, before passing out from the intense pleasure. But I realise it's too late.

I let out a long loud moan as I cum deep inside her. The world starts spinning from my intense orgasm & I fall forward, with my cock still inside her & pass out.

Thanks for the feedback on part I.

If any ones got any suggestions for part III or for a whole new story, then please let me know :)


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