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Secret Lovers Daddy and Me

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My name is Jessica. I am 15 years old. I am 5'6'', with C cup breasts and long brown hair that covers my breasts. Last year, when I was fourteen, I lost my virginity. Not to a boyfriend, or even a friend. I lost it to my father. Now, before you get crazy, let me explain:

My mother and father are divorced now because a year ago, my father cheated on my mother with her sister (my aunt), Katie. But, right after my mother found out about them, she took a vacation to the Bahamas, in order to De stress and think about what she was going to do with her marriage, my father, and what was going to happen to me. "Now Jess, I need you to behave yourself while I am gone. Do well in school and don't do anything that you will regret later," she said to me, but I could really tell she was talking to my dad when she said that last part. "John," she said to my dad "Think before you do something stupid while you and Jess are alone. I know thinking, and doing so rationally, are hard for you, but try."

My mom left, slamming the door behind her. She didn't say when she was going to be back, which was not a good sign. "So, Jessie bear," my father said turning towards me. "what shall we do?" As he said this, he was almost lost in his own words. "Dad, why did you cheat on mom with Aunt Katie? Is it because you don't love mom anymore?" He stared at me, shocked by my question? "Well..Sweetie. Of course I love your mother. I always will. But, she is not the same as when I married her. Her...body doesn't work the same as it did when she was 20. Do you understand?" I did understand. But, I wanted to hear him say it. "No daddy. Do you mean she is older? I am older too daddy... Do you not love me anymore too?" "Jess, I said I love your mom. Aunt Katie is, well. Shes, more energetic. She is 12 years younger than your mom. She is more...quick. Do you understand now?" Oh, I understood. I understood even more then than before. He wanted someone younger because they were better to have sex with. The younger the better, according to my father. Well, if he wanted younger, I would give him younger.

My mother left a month after 8th grade for me started. That summer, I had almost transformed from the girl i was in 7Th grade. I lost 15 pounds, gained two cup sizes and I became tan, just in two months. The day my mom left, I decided it was to put my newly found goods to use. When I woke up on Saturday, it was very hot out. Even though it was October, it was still about 85 degrees out side! I decided I was going to start operation "Give-Him-Younger" today. My dad, who is 47 years old and about six feet tall, was rather in shape for his age, so I knew he could keep up with me. I had never thought about my father this way before, but i had to see if he would go even younger than aunt Katie, who was 31, my mom was 41. Could he handle someone even more energetic, someone even younger than me, who was 14 at the time? I would hopefully soon find out.

After summer was over, I went shopping for bikinis for the next summer, because they were 75% off. I didn't find any cute enough that would fit my new breasts, but the ones that were for girls with small boobs were too cute to pass up, so, on an impulse buy, I bought 3 "too small" bikinis. And, boy am I glad I did. I got up on the weirdly warm October Saturday, knowing my father was already up. I put on the sluttiest of the three suits I had got. A string bikini: Red with a thong style back on the bottom, and, as I said before, the top barely covered my breasts, as they had grown two sizes. I curled my hair, put on some lip gloss, wrapped a towel around my waist, and took a deep breath. I trotted down stairs to find my father right where I thought he would be: In his favorite chair by the kitchen table, which had a perfect view of the pool...Perfect.

He was reading his newspaper, and drinking some coffee. time to go to work. "Hey, daddy!" I said as I entered the kitchen. When he saw me, he spit the coffee he was drinking back into the cup, coughing a little. "Are you okay daddy?" I asked, dropping the towel from around my waist and going over to the table, rubbing his back. "Mum, yes, sweetie. I'm fine. Um, what are you doing in your swimsuit? It's October." "Well, daddy, it's very hot outside, so I thought I would take advantage of it, and take a dip. Do you mind? I asked, with my sweetest puppy dog eyes. "No, sweetie. Have fun. Use sunscreen. " "OK, daddy." I said. I walked over to where I dropped my towel. Here was my next chance to mess with him. I bent over very slowly, knowing that he was still looking, to get my towel. I pretended my swimsuit bottoms were riding up my ass, and reached over with my hand, slightly revealing my ass to my father even more than the swimsuit was already doing on its own.

As I stood back up , and turned around, my dad had turned his body back towards the direction his chair was, and his legs were now crossed. God, was it really this easy to get this old man turned on? This was going to be easier than I thought. "Would you like to come swimming too, daddy?" I asked. "IMHO maybe Sweet we'll see." "Okay." I said, and headed out the back door towards the pool.

I set my towel down on our lawn chair, and started to apply sunscreen. I turned to see if my father was looking. Of course he was. What a pervert. I started with my arms, then my legs, bending down to get my calves just the same way I had bent to get my towel. I turned towards the pool to do my stomach so I could tease him a little with my ass even more, and I wanted him to think I was rubbing sunscreen near my pussy near the bottom of my stomach. Which I totally was. Then, I went on the diving board near the deep end, and did my best dive. I came up, and swam slowly towards the shallow end.I looked to see my dad standing by the lawn chair, in his trunks. I knew he would come and swim with me. he wore his baggiest shorts, so he could hide his dick if he got excited, which he did. "Hey daddy!" I said innocently. "You are gonna swim with me!" "Uh, yes honey I am." He jumped in the pool. I swam over to him and hugged him. "Let's play Marco Polo!" I suggested. "OK, sweetie. Do you want to be Marco or polo?""Polo" I said with out much hesitation. "Close your eyes. and count to 10." As my dad counted to ten, I swam as far away from him as I could and each time i said polo, I would move closer to him, and boy was my daddy in for a surprise. He finished counting...


"POLO!" I cried, moving along the edge of the pool. He moved in my direction.


"POLO!" I said again, moving closer to him. He moved closer to me.


"POLO!" I said, this time diving underneath the water and swimming towards him. I reached his legs. I can hold my breath for a very long time, little did my dad know, I would use this skill later

"MARCO!" he yelled for the last time

I didn't respond. Instead, I very carefully tried to find the middle of his pants, and when I did, I untied them, brought his dick out of his pants, and as quick as I could, so he wouldn't move, making me miss, I stuck his half erected penis Into my mouth. I only sucked a few times, and then sprang out of the water and yelled, "POLO!"

My father was shocked. He stared at me, and I stared back, smiling. "sweetie..." my dad said "did you just put daddy's penis into your mouth?" I smiled even bigger and nodded "Yes, daddy. It was driving me crazy all this time. Ever sinse I saw you tried to cover your erection in the kitchen after seeing me with out my towel on, I knew I had to suck on it, so I did!" My father didn't respond. "Did you like it daddy? Did you like the feeling of my mouth around your dick? Because, if you did, I can do it again. I can hold my breath for a very long time, and I have nearly no gag reflex." My father was still speechless. So, I took that as a yes. I winked at my father, took a huge breath and went back under water, finding his dick more erect this time, I stuck it back in my mouth and sucked it again. This time, i was sucking it for about fifteen seconds, when I felt my father tug me by the shoulders, off his cock and back to the surface. "whats wrong daddy?" I asked "I thought you like it when young girls suck your dick. You liked it when Aunt Katie did it." "I loved when you sucked my dick, princess." He said. "But its wrong. Sucking your fathers dick is not right, and its even more wrong for me to enjoy it. So you...WE cant do that again okay?" He hopped out of the pool, and wrapped his towel around his waist, throwing me mine as I got out.

I watched my father walk into the house, shaking his head. He wouldn't get away from me that easily. I would get him to do the things he did to my Aunt, one way or another. I was going to have to get crafty, sneaky and even more devious. i walked back into the house and tried off my body, then went upstairs to my room. I looked at my phone and I had a voice mail.... From my mom. "Hey honey" She said from the other line. "I hope you and your father are having a good time. Sorry I left you with out much explanation. I will tell you as much as I can when I get back, which should be around thanksgiving. Is that okay with you? Call me back when you get this. I love you honey. Bye,now." I shut my phone and walked into my bathroom, undressed, getting ready for a shower. I stared at myself in the mirror. "I have a month." I said to myself. "Perfect."



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