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Sis, Is That You?

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Summary: You just never know who you might run into online.

"Slut Roulette?" Sam burst out laughing. "Come on, Kev, really?"

"Yeah, really, Sammy," Kev rolled his eyes. "Forget how the name sounds. This site is fucking gold!"

"So let me get this straight," Sam leaned back in his chair and stared across the cafeteria table at his best friend since elementary school. "You go on this site and you can find women who'll just cam with you, and for free?"

"Yup! I'd never heard of it either until a guy from work started bragging about it. I tried it out two days ago." He went silent and sat there with a grin, waiting for Sam to ask.

Sam busted his chops by looking down at his hand and twisting his brand new class ring. The rings had been passed out this morning and he was thrilled with it. Ashley had been rubbing hers in his face for two years.

In typical bitchy big sis fashion she'd ragged on his occasionally borderline grades and claimed he's never get one because her dumb little brother would never graduate. He knew she's only been kidding and in some way trying to motivate him, but he couldn't wait to get home and shove it in her face.

As he looked at the ring, he rubbed at the bandage wrapped around the finger next to it. He'd been so caught up looking at his ring he'd slipped in woodshop and sliced his finger with a utility knife. The only bandages they had were bright green and it looked ridiculous.

"Guess you don't care," Kev lost the quiet game, and Sam laughed.

"Okay, fine. Tell me all about it."

"Glad you asked, bro!" Kev clapped his hands then looked around at the tables around him as if he were worried people would over hear him.

"Don't worry, Kev, no one pays attention to you." He'd said it loudly and the two girls at the next table laughed at him.

"Nice." Kev rolled his eyes.

"I do what I can," Sam replied smiling over at the girls. Well one in particular. Nicole Wilson. Damn was she fine and seemed really nice. He'd been trying to get up the nerve to ask her out for the last month and with only two weeks left in his senior year he'd better do it quick.

"Don't bother, Nicole's going out with Dave from the baseball team." Kev spoke as loud as he had and Sam's face flushed as he quickly looked away from Nicole and her friend.

"Aww, that's okay, I'm flattered, Sam!" Nicole called over to him.

"Thanks." He gave her an awkward wave, then kicked Kev under the table. "Asshole."

"Oh, come on, that was good!"

Sam tried to look pissed, then laughed. The ring had him in a great mood all day. "Yeah, you're right, touché."

"I do what I can," he mocked him. "But okay, so back to this site. I'm thinking what you are. Yeah right or maybe it works but only when you pay big bucks."

"You going to tell me different?"

"Sam? That sites the real fucking deal! You sign up for free then you can pick from these categories like milfs and teens and lesbians and..."

"She males for you?" Sam smirked.

"Nah, your mom's not on there. I looked."


"Well, let me finish. Then I notice you can search for local girls. But they warn you if you do that to set your web cam so you only see neck down."

"Wait, they see you too?"

"Its not like the regular cam sites where a bunch of guys watch the same girl and type to them. This is one on one and they see you too, and you talk to them."

"That's as risky as showing your face though, I mean if it were someone you knew." Sam pointed out.

"Not really they have this filter the voice sounds kind of...I don't know distorted."

"So they talk dirty to you and sound like Darth Vader?"

"No, you dope. It just sounds kind of like there's an echo like the regular cams. Still sounds sexy, but just a little different. I could hear it in my voice coming through on her end."

"So you talked to some girl?"

"Not just some girl, a smoking hot girl! Did more than talk too." He leaned closer across the table. "We talked dirty and she got friggin naked and played with herself in front of me while I jerked off for her." He whistled. "Man I shot a big fucking load for her."

"Fucking gross!" Sam scrunched up his face in disgust. "Tell me about her, not you!"

"She was so hot! I could only see neck down, but she had nice long light brown hair and her tits? Goddamn man! They weren't really big, but perfect! And she talked so fucking dirty! Told me to stroke it, how bad she wanted it in her mouth."

"No shit?" Sam had to admit he was getting interested. He'd been striking out left and right lately and just plain whacking off was getting old fast. Maybe this would be worth a try.

"Yeah, and she showed me," he lowered his voice to a whisper, "Her pussy and played with it and had me tell her how I wanted to eat it and fuck it."

"Wow, and was she older? Like a Milf?"

"Nope, I put in to search within five years of my age. Couldn't be more than twenty three. Man, she was wild, got on her knees and stroked her pussy from behind and talked about me shoving it in her damn ass and when she got off? Dude, this girl was not faking! Sounded so hot I went off on the spot."

"Slut roulette?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, now you're interested!" Kev clapped him on the arm. "Then she told me how she'd friggin lick it up if she were there."

He grinned. "Actually she said if she were there it would have gone in her mouth." He sighed. "Tell you what, if she had stayed on I think I could have just kept jerking and gotten off again."

"I have to say you have me interested." Sam admitted. "Not sure if I could do it though. You know, take it out and talk nasty."

"Well, with a needle dick like you probably have I guess you have a point."

"Your mom didn't complain."

"My mom's a she male remember? You been with her?"

"You're on a roll today, Kev."

"I've been on a roll since last night and after I get home from work tonight I'm going on again."

"Just seems too easy. What if it's someone you know, or they know you?"

"That's why you do neck down and make up a nick name." Kev snapped his fingers, "And set up your lap top so there's nothing behind you that might have your name on it or something that might tell them about you, like your dunkin uniform, shit like that."

"Good advice."

"Going to try it aren't you?" he grinned at him.

"I'll scope out the site, but I don't know if I can. You might have gotten lucky with a girl first try."

"Yeah I had some duds the first two, but got off them quick and found that hot little number."

"Might be dudes on there too, busting balls and she males and..."

"Hey!" Kev slapped his forehead. "Just thought of something. "You can search by name once you know someone. She was naughtykitten96."

"Hmm, so she's twenty," Sam noted. "An older woman! By two years anyway."

"Huh, didn't even think of that. Anyway, try looking her up."

"But then I'll be thinking of your gross ass talking to her." He shuddered. "Nasty."

"You're right after seeing me what she want with you." Kev jumped when the bell rang. "Well I have to work tonight and won't be around, but if you go one, promise me you'll tell and let me know if you had any fun."

"I'll tell if I do it. I'm not really sure I could go through with it."

"Your loss, Sammy," Kev grabbed his book bag and hurried off.

Sam grabbed his own bag and grinned to himself. Who was he kidding? Of course he'd check it out.

Naughtykitten96 here I come, he thought. Maybe literally! He laughed as he headed for his next class.

***** "Hey, Mom, check it out!" Sam exclaimed as he entered the living room and showed off his ring to her.

"Looks great!" Mom gave him a hug. "I'm happy to see you're excited. That ring will be a great keepsake for the rest of your life and you'll always know you earned it."

"That's right," he nodded. "Now I'm going to go shove this in Ashley's face!"

"Sam, you know your sister was only busting you up. She's thrilled your graduating."

"I know, but I still want to show it off and tell her she was wrong."

"Okay, but do it later." Mom told him. "She just got home a few minutes ago and said she has a bad headache and is going to lay down until dinner, so leave her alone."

"No problem, I'll wait until she's feeling better then say 'take that bitchy big sis!'" He laughed.

"Whatever makes you happy." Mom shook her head. "The two of you. I don't get why you pick on each other when you know damn well you love each other."

"Because that's what brothers and sisters do!" Sam pointed to her. "You and Aunt Linda fight all the time!"

"Well played." Mom bowed her head. "Now go upstairs and do homework or play video games for a while. Your dad's working a little late so we're not going to eat for an hour or so."

"No problem," he turned away from her grinning. "I have something I need to research on the web today."

"See, Sam! It's that work ethic that gets you what you want in life!"

"I hope so!" he called back over his shoulder."


"Okay, let's see if Kev was pulling my leg or what." Sam muttered as he sat down on the edge of his bed.

He had his lap top on the night stand he'd pulled over to the bed so it would be facing the one wall where he didn't have any posters. Not that seeing a bunch of pictures of Metallica and Iron Maiden album covers and concert photos was a giveaway to who he was, but he wanted to be as careful as possible.

He had even tossed on a plain black t-shirt in place of the Roger Williams Zoo staff shirt he'd had on. The one that had his first name on his chest from the summer he'd volunteered there. That would have been an epic fail, right there.

Sam turned his web cam on and carefully positioned it so he couldn't see above the neckline of his shirt and went onto Slut Roulette. He registered with a yahoo e-mail he'd just created and stared at the pictures of hot nude women on the home page while he waited for the e-mail confirmation.

When he got it, he clicked back to the site and rolled his eyes at the message 'welcome Joe98' couldn't he have come up with better? Probably, but he didn't want to create anything dirty that would look lame.

He looked at the options and decided rather than to explore and end up with a bunch of misfires to see if he could find the girl Kev had mentioned. He selected 'local members' then picked the eighteen to twenty one category.

A list appeared with names and small thumbnail pics.

"Wow," he whispered as he looked at some of the picks. Some were of bare asses and tits, some were full nudes and others in lingerie, but none showed their faces.

He thought about trying one of a girl named Ruby in a red thong and stockings and mothing else, but it said she was offline. When he saw he list was several pages long he decided to look for the search members near you and typed in Naughtykitten96

"Kev, you the man!" he whistled when her profile came up.

He was looking at another neck down image of a girl in a short denim shirt that only went about hallway down to her stomach. It was open and she was wearing nothing beneath. One of her hands was teasingly holding one half of the shirt over her left breast.

The other half of the shirt was resting on her right breast and showing off the inner half of it, but just covering her nipple. The bottom was just as sexy; a pair of denim daisy duke shorts that were cut off so high the bottoms of the pockets were hanging out.

Her thighs were well toned and tanned as was her hard flat stomach. Damn she looked in shape and damn hot! He could just see her neck and just the bottom of her chin, but her long dirty blonde hair was down in front of her and went just beneath her breasts.

He imagined seeing her hair like that without the shirt, her nipples peeking through it. Sam found the would you like to send an invitation to Naughtykitten96 and crossing his fingers clicked yes.

"Uh-oh." He frowned when a box came up. "Type your message to naughtykitten96 here. Be sexy and clever, make me want to talk to you!"

"Man..." Sam's fingers hovered over the keyboard. "Okay, here goes."

"Hey Kitten, this is Joe and I live nearby. This is my first time here and your avatar blew me away! My god you're hot! I love your hair and your sexy outfit. I'd love to see even more of you. Please make my first time here a memorable one!"

Sam hit send and immediately wanted to smack himself, but what the hell else could he say? He wondered what Kev had said? It was hard to picture him being smooth. He sat there nervously, his heart racing then jumped when there was a beep and a message flashing across the screen.

"Naughtykitten96 wants to chat with you! Make sure your cam is on so she can see you too!"

The screen flickered and Sam found himself looking at Naughtykitten who was sitting back on her bed in similar fashion to him. She wasn't dressed as sexy as her AV wearing a tight black t-shirt that hello kitty on it. The waist down was better though.

Her legs crossed and stretched out on the bed and a good portion of them were visible due to the very short plaid skirt. She was barefoot and her toes curled forward, showing off her blue toe nail polish and she was sporting a silver ring on each of her middle toes.

Her hair was visible, but in a ponytail on either side, like pig tails. He realized the shirt actually matched as she was sporting a naughty school girl look. Staring at her hair he noticed had on a black choker with the words bad kitty on it.

"Hi Joe!" she spoke through the lap top and he quickly lowered the volume as she'd come through really loud.

Sam noticed what Kev was talking about, there was a sort of metallic sound to her voice as if the speakers were echoing, but she still sounded damn fine.

"Hi, um, Kitten?"

"Kitty's fine!" she pointed to him and laughed. "We match because you're a Panther!"

"What?" he asked confused.

"You're school ring! Johnston High, you're a Panther!"

Smart, Sam, really damn smart. "Yeah, sorry, didn't get that."

"I went there, graduated two years ago." She sounded relaxed and casual which on one hand made him relax a little, but made him feel like an idiot that...

"And you got a booboo on your other finger." She laughed. "Cute band aid"

Okay, now he didn't just feel dumb, he felt like a total loser.

"Oh, I uh cut it in woodshop." Why would he tell her that?"

"You're nervous, huh? Don't be!" she lowered her head just enough he caught her mouth which was turned into a big friendly smile. Her lips were coated in hot pink making him think she knew was getting him to think about her lips, and he was.

"A little. This is my first time on here."

"That's why I figured I'd talk to you." Her tongue slipped out across her lips. "I want to take your cam cherry!" she burst into a giggle that, along with her licking those full pink lips had his cock already swelling.

"I really like your shirt." Oh for fuck's sake could he be any lamer?

"Thank you!" she put her hand over the Hello Kitty on her shirt and Sam noticed her long bright blue nails. "It's brand new! I bought it with the skirt just to play with my friends here."

"You have a lot of friends here?" Why do you care you moron? Come on Sam act like you're eighteen not eight.

"Some, I'm kind of new myself. Only been on a month, but I've had a lot of fun!" she released a purr that sent a shiver through him. "I'm a very playful kitty!"

"You look playful," Okay, that wasn't too bad. "Look pretty damn sexy, actually."

"Hmm, you're not looking too bad from what I can see, that shirt's nice and snug. You have nice arms."

"Thanks!" He caught himself before he said "I work out" at which point he would have logged off in shame.

"Course I'd love to see more." She ran her hands up her shirt, then fondled her breasts through it. "I'm glad you like the kitty on my shirt, but I bet you'd rather see what's under it wouldn't you?"

"I'd love to see what's under that shirt," he had to force himself to speak slowly.

"You want to see my titties, baby?" she pulled the shirt far enough up to reveal the bottom of her braless breasts.

"Please?" he asked softly as he stared at the sweet curves of the bottom of her tits.

"Please? That's sweet! I like sweet! Makes me want to get even nastier." She pinched her nipples though the black shirt. "I like making good boys bad."

"I so want to be bad," he breathed, sending her into another giggle.

"Well, see I'd take off my shirt, but there's one problem."

"What?" he was suddenly nervous again. Was this the bait and switch? Would he have to pay? If so where was his debit card?

"You still have your shirt on! How can you expect kitty to take her shirt off when yours is still on?"

"Well, ladies first no?" he laughed.

"Nice try, but baby? I'm no lady. I'm a dirty little slut and I'll be your slut, but you want to see some skin, I need to see some first."

His slut? Sam grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it off so fast he heard it rip.

"Nice!" she once again showed her mouth and ran her tongue along her lips. "You play sports, baby?"

"Football the last two years," he said as he tossed his shirt away.

"Flex for me! Let me see those muscles."

Feeling like a fool, but there were some hot tits to be seen and it's not like she knew who he was. Sam flexed his arms and she cooed delightedly.

"You're pretty damn sexy, Joe! If I were there I'd be running my hands up and down those muscles. Then I'd be using my tongue, licking your nipples, then down that hard stomach to something a lot harder!"

"It's getting harder," he lowered his arms and made a show of shifting in his seat to adjust the bulge in his jeans. "A lot harder."

"Ba-by!" she purred sending a thrill through him, Christ even with the slight metallic twang to her voice she sounded hot. "You look like you have something big and hard for kitty to play with!"

"It will get bigger when I see those pretty tits." He surprised himself with how bold he was becoming and she picked up on it.

"Not so nervous now, are you? Good. I want to have fun today! Take your pants off for me."

"You haven't taken your shirt off yet." He reminded her.

"Come on, baby, you'll still be in your underwear, which is if you're wearing any."

"Are you?" he tried to stare up between where her legs were crossed.

"Yup, see?"

She spread her wide, showing off the thin strip of black material between her tanned thighs.

"Damn." He whispered when she put her hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy through the thong.

"Hmm, they're awfully wet. I'll have to take them off soon. She kept her legs open and pointed. "See, I showed you something. Now take your pants off for me."

"I..." He could take his pants off, but he knew what would be next. Could he really go through with this?"

"Please?" she pushed her lips into a pout. "Pretty please? Kitty will show you her tits. Promise!" she giggled again. "I'll even play with them for you."

Sam stood up and before he lost his nerve pulled his jeans down. He slid them off then sat back down in just his boxers.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" Kitty whistled, "Baby, you're very happy to see me!"

Sam looked down and had to admit he felt pretty good about the way his hard cock was filling his boxers.

"Okay, seeing you were a good boy." Kitty crossed her arms and pulled her shirt up over her head.

Kev, I owe you one, Sam thought as he took in the most amazing tits he'd ever seen. Granted he'd only been with two girls so hadn't seen a lot of tits, but this girl could be a damn porn star with the pair she had.

They weren't that big, but damn they were fine. Nice and round and firm with hard pink nipples that had small silver hoops pierced through them. As promised she cupped her tits and squeezed them, then ran her thumbs across her nipples.

"Like those tits, baby?"

"They're fucking amazing." He told her, getting her to laugh.

"What would you do to my pretty tits? Tell me!"

"I'd lick them and suck on them, and while I suck one I'll play with the other nipple." Sam had no idea where this was coming from, but it was flowing and he wasn't going to stop.

"I'd love to put my cock between them and tit fuck them while I rub your nipples."

"That sounds soooo hot!" she cooed. "I'd lay on my back and you'd push your big dick through my tits and I'd lick and suck on your head each time you did."

"And I'd squeeze them together nice and hard and fuck them faster and then I'd blow a big load right in your pretty face."

"Fuck, yeah!" she let her right tit go and put her hand between her legs. "What about this? What would you do with this?"

"Jesus," he swallowed when she tugged her thong to the side and showed him her completely smooth pink slit. "I' anything you wanted me to."

"That's cheap, baby." She teased her finger through her slit, her blue nail looking incredible against her pink flesh. "Tell Kitty what you'd do with this tight hot and oh, so wet fucking pussy!"

"I'd get right on my knees and spread it open and shove my tongue right in that hot little slit." He declared, his hand straying to his cock and rubbing it through his boxers.

"Hmm, you'd tongue fuck me, wouldn't you? Suck hard and get a big mouthful of my sticky juices wouldn't you?"

"I'll slurp them up, then start sucking on your hard clit and shove two of my fingers into that tight cunt."

"Cunt? Oh, that is so naughty, Joe!" she gasped.

"Oh, sorry!" Jeez, why had he used that word?

"Don't be sorry! Keep going!" she laughed. "Tell me again about your fingers!"

"I;m going to shove them into your..."

"Say it!"

"Your tight cunt and..."

"Nice and hard, you're not going to be easy are you?"

"No, nice and hard! Make you squeal for me! Finger fuck you and put my thumb on your pink clit and rub it."

"Oh, Joe you're so fucking good at this! You're getting me so wet, see?" she brought her other hand down and spread her pussy wide open showing off her glistening pink folds and the small opening he'd love to be in right now.

She pushed her fingers inside that hole and thrust them in and out roughly. "Yeah, Joe, fuck my tight twat with those strong fingers! Oh, get me ready for that big cock!"

She removed her fingers and lowered her face enough to see her mouth, then sucked her fingers into it.

"Suck them like you'd suck my cock!" Wow, he was becoming a natural he thought.

"Hmm-mmm!" she bobbed her head sliding her fingers in and out of her mouth. She removed them and ran her tongue along her finger then teased it around her fingertip as if it were the head of his cock.

To his surprise she spit on her finger then slurped up the spit noisily.

"Baby, I can't really get into to pretending to suck a cock I can't see! Come on, Joe, give kitty her treat!"

Overcome by lust, Sam didn't hesitate to stand and whip his underwear down. His hard cock sprang free and when he sat back down, kitty exclaimed.

"Oh my god, Joe! That's a big fucking dick!"

She sounded completely sincere and he felt himself grinning like an idiot. The other two girls he'd been with had mentioned he was pretty well hung, but one of them they'd been each other's first and he doubted she had any real idea. But he assumed 'Kitty' had seen her share.

"Stroke it for me!" She demanded.

Joe wrapped his hand around his aching cock and groaned softly as he slowly stroked it. She must have heard it because she said,

"Hmm, someone really needs to cum!"

"I wish I could come all over you."

"Yeah? Where? All over these tits?" she held them up for him. "Or all over my slutty face or in my dirty little whore mouth?"

Damn, Kev was right about everything. This girl talked as dirty as any porn star!

"In your mouth," he answered and just thinking of it made his cock jump in his hand.

"Guess what, Joe? You wouldn't have a choice! A cock like that, damn straight I'm sucking it until you blow a big load down my throat!"

"'re really naughty," he laughed.

"If I were there with you? I'd be on my knees and pumping that cock with one hand while I played with those big full balls with the other."

"I'd be licking and teasing and making you moan and get you so frustrated you'd grab my head and shove my mouth on that big fucking cock!"

"Fuck those pink lips would look so good around my cock." He groaned as he pumped his cock faster.

"I'd take it nice and deep and bob my head! I'd be moaning and gagging and drooling and you'd be pulling on my pig tails forcing my poor little mouth up and down that big sloppy dick!"

"Play with your pussy for me." He tried to sound as demanding as her, but it still came out softer than he wanted it to.

"This pussy?" Kitty stood up on the bed and turning around shimmed her ass back and forth.

She unzipped he skirt and shook her ass, causing it to fall around her ankles. She stepped out of it, then pushed her thong down her hips. She bent over in front of the screen, pushing her ass out while she worked the thong to her feet.

"God, you have a fine ass!" he whistled. "I'd love to spank that ass!"

"I'd love to let you!"

Keeping her back to him, she got on her knees so she was in the doggy style position. She reached beneath her and spread her pussy open for him.

"How's that view?"

"Fucking incredible!" Joe slowed his hand down to barely moving otherwise he'd pop off in another minute.

"I wish you were here behind me shoving your face in my wet fucking snatch and licking and sucking me! I'd want you to shove your tongue in my asshole and give me a rim job! Would you, Joe? Would you be a dirty boy and eat my ass?"

"I'd shove my tongue anywhere you'd let me," he was getting even more wound up than before at the imagery both in front of him and in his mind. "I'd shove my tongue in your ass while I pushed my fingers in your pussy and spread it nice and wide so I can fuck you!"

"Tell me!" Kitty moaned and the sound caused his hand to move faster on his cock. "Tell me how you'd fuck me! I want to come while you fuck me!"

Her finger was moving rapidly on her clit and looking closely he could see her tits beneath her and she was playing with her left nipple.

"I'd get on my knees behind you and grab your hips and slam my cock hard into that tight wet cunt of yours. I'd fuck you long and hard and I'd keep slapping that ass! I'd spank you as hard as I was fucking you! Making that ass as red as your skirt!

"Yes, oh, yes!" she squealed. "Fuck me, Joe! Take me nice and hard!"

"I'd reach up and grab those pig tails and pull your head back so hard it would hurt!"

"Ow! Oh, Joe! It hurts! Oh, please! Oh you're cock is so big it hurts!"

His hand was going faster and he was talking just as fast. He'd never talked dirty to a girl before, but it was flowing out of him as he'd been doing it his whole life.

"Then I'll shove your head down into the bed and push your face into the pillow and lean over you so I'm fucking you even deeper."

"Fuck yeah!" Kitty cried out, "Keep going Joe! Keep telling me how you'll claim my pussy how you'll make me your little cock whore!"

Cock whore...okay, she still had him beat.

"Pound my sloppy fucking cunt! Make me yours!"

"Fucking you so hard my balls are slapping your clit and you're biting the pillow. I push you down more."

He paused to moan as he watched her two fingers work her clit in rough circles. Her hips were rocking and she was making high pitched little yelping sounds as if he were actually fucking her. In a simple, but sexy move, she crossed her legs at the ankles and closed them. Her fingers were a blue blur across her pink slit and she was moaning louder and louder.

"That's right slut," he had to stop stroking or he wouldn't even be able to speak. "Look at you on your knees, face down and ass up, just like a fucking skank should be! Look at you..."

"Oh, fuck! Fuck, fuck!" Kitty exclaimed and then released a wail so loud it startled him.

She repeated the sound and her hips were going wild as she kept diddling her clit. Her knees were bending, causing her feet to thump up and down on the bed. Her wail, turned into softer squeals and as he watched, her entire body shuddered and she let her legs slide straight out beneath her.

She remained lying on her stomach, her legs dangling off the bed on either side of the screen and he stared at her glistening slit. Her ass was trembling and he could see her pussy quivering.

She slowly rose to her knees, keeping her back to him, and then carefully turned around, making sure to keep her face out of view. He wondered what she looked like. With a body that hot she had to be gorgeous.

"Damn, I came so hard!" Once more, Kev was right, no way could she have faked that, hell she was still out of breath. "Now it's your turn. Jerk it for me, Joe."

He grabbed his cock and tried to start slow, but he was so damn hard he felt like he was going to pop and his damn balls were aching.

"I'm on my knees for you again. I'm moaning and slobbering all over that big cock. Its all slimy with my spit and I'm being a total fucking pig."

"There's drool all over my chin and my tits and I run my tongue down your shaft and I clean your balls. I lick them clean and suck on them while I jerk that big fat dick in my soft little hand."

"But you want me to suck it don't you?" she asked, her hand straying to her pussy and lightly caressing her still swollen clit.

"Suck it," he moaned, he was getting close. "Please keep sucking it!"

"Hmm," she began making loud gagging noises and his hand moved even faster over his cock which was now glistening like her pussy from smearing his pre cum all over his shaft as he jerked it.

"I'm sucking it so hard! I'm moaning and jerking it and my eyes are rolling back and I'm gagging myself on your dick! Oh, Joe! Your little slut is working so hard on your cock! Give it to me, baby! Give me that big load!"

Sam moaned as his cock twitched in his hand and his balls tightened.

"Come on, baby," she whimpered in a little girl voice, "Kitty wants cream, feed it to me!"

That last line sent him over the edge and he gasped when a huge thick spurt of come erupted from his cock. It shot straight into the air and came down all over his hand and stomach.

"Hmm!" she made a gurgling noise. "Yes, shoot it down my throat! More, Joe! Keep feeding it to me! Keep shooting that hot thick load down my throat! Hmm there's so much and I'm sucking for every drop just a like a good girl would!"

"Oh my god." Joe moaned as he stared at the biggest load he'd ever blown. His hand was covered and there were several small puddles on his stomach and a splatter half way up his chest.

"Wow..." he breathed. "Holy shit that was intense."

"Yeah, it was!" Kitty remained where she was with her legs still wide open, but no longer playing with her slit. "Seriously, I've been on here a few weeks and this is the best time I've ever had."

"Yeah?" he caught himself leaning in and almost showing his face. "Want to play again?"

"Anytime." She sighed, "When you around tomorrow?"

"Hey, um...this says you live within a couple of miles of me." He took a deep breath. "Want to meet? Maybe we could you know...go out."

"You don't want to go out with me." She laughed. "You want to go home with me."

"That too," he admitted.

"Sorry, Joe, but this is for fun for me. I wouldn't act like this with some guy."

"No?" Why did he care, just say thanks and look for her again tomorrow.

"Nope. I mean..." it was her turn to pause. "I'd love to be this dirty for a boyfriend, but I could only act like this if I really liked the guy. He'd have to be really good to me to get me to be this bad."

"I get it." He nodded even though she couldn't see him. "He'd have to earn it."

"Exactly and most guys just think the girl should be their porn star, but if you want that then you better be my porn star and most are just selfish jerks and duds."

She shrugged and he loved the way her tits bounced. "That's why I do this. I get to be a dirty girl." She giggled. "I'm a closet slut!"

"I'd like in that closet." He told her. "But I mean maybe we could go on a date and just talk and..."

"You're cute Joe and a lot nicer than a lot of the assholes on here and you were really fun. I'll do this again with you, but no meet ups. I'm sure you're nice, but a lot of sick people out there."

"I understand."

He tried not to sound disappointed, but figured he could count himself lucky she wasn't making fun of him. He was acting pretty pathetic trying to get a date with a girl who played with herself and talked dirty to any guy she felt like on the internet. Odd that she seemed so normal right now after acting so dirty, then again he had done the same.

"I have tomorrow off so if you're up for it log on in the morning. I'll probably be on."

"Kitty, I think I'll always be up for you." He wasn't kidding his cock was still fairly hard.

"I bet," she laughed. "Good night, Joe, you were really sexy and fun and...sweet." She lowered her mouth to the screen and blew him a kiss. "Sweet dreams sexy."

Before he could reply the screen went blank and with a sigh he closed his lap top and lay back on his bed ignoring the slimy mess on his stomach. He rested his equally messy hand on his thigh, staring down at his finally deflating cock and sighed.

Damn that had been fun. He glanced over to where his cell phone was at the foot of the bed. He thought about texting Kev and telling him he had a hell of a story for him tomorrow. It seemed like too much work to sit up and get the phone and instead he closed his eyes and let his mind drift as he tried to picture what Kitty looked like.


"Hey, you alive in there you little shit!"

Sam jerked into a sitting position as Ashley's voice was accompanied by her pounding on his door. Shit had he even remembered to lock it? He yanked the bed spread up and across his stomach and crotch.

"I'm up!" he called back hoarsely. "Don't come in, I'm not decent."

"You've never been decent!" Ashley quipped from outside his room. "Get your ass downstairs, its dinner time!"

"Yeah, I'll be down in a minute."

"I bet that's all it takes," she laughed nastily and with a parting bang on his door wandered off.

Sam waited until he heard her feet on the stairs before he risked flipping the covers off. He grimaced at the sight of the semi dried cum on his stomach and gingerly sliding across the bed, grabbed the tissues on his night stand and wiped himself off.

Coming like that had really knocked him out he thought when he saw it was after five. He'd slept for over an hour. He still felt groggy, like he was hungover. He wondered what he'd feel like if he'd actually fucked her.

He had no doubt that little wild cat would have fucked him senseless and kept looking for more. He bet she could get it too. All she'd have to do is either talk dirty or better yet, suck him the way she described. Who the hell could resist that body and those lips?

Still moving in slow motion he forced himself to slip his underwear and jeans back on and don the black t-shirt. He slipped into his sneakers and left his room. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, he felt himself waking up and a huge smile spread across his face. Damn, that had been a good time and now he got to do what he'd looked forward to all day.

He entered the dining room and came up behind Ashley who had her back to him, sitting in the middle of the table with mom on one end and dad on the other. Reaching around her, he put his hand in her face.

"Read it and weep, sis! Look what I got!"

"Get your hand out of my face, you dweeb!" she put her hand on his forearm to push it away then stopped. "You have a class ring," she spoke softly and sounded weird. "And a bandaid."

"Yeah I got a class ring!" he laughed. "The one you said I'd never get and..." he stopped when he looked at her hand on his arm. Her nails were electric blue. The same as Kitty's. Wow, that was an awkward coincidence. But Ashley always painted her nails in neon colors.

"Sam, we're all proud of your ring. Even your sister." Dad spoke up. "But get your hand out of her face and sit down and eat."

"Sorry, pop." He gave Ashley a last look, but she now had her head down and he wondered what was up with her.

Mom noticed too as when he made his way to the other side of the table, she asked. "Honey, you okay? You're head still hurt?"

"I...I'm okay, I think." she barely whispered.

"She's just bummed because I got my ring and she can't bust me up anymore." Sam joked as he pulled his chair out and sat down.

"Wow, mom those chops look good!" he exclaimed, picking up his fork and reaching for the platter in the center of the table to spear one. "I'm starving and..."

He stopped in mid-sentence when his eyes landed on Ashley across the table.

She was wearing a black hello Kitty t-shirt.

"And what?" Dad prompted.

"And, um...I can't wait to dig in." he managed to finish. He stabbed a chop and whipped it onto his plate so quickly it almost slid off, but he didn't want the folks to see his hand was shaking.

His entire body seemed to tremble and he felt as if someone kicked him in the stomach.

"Jeez, kid, they're not going anywhere." Dad joked.

Sam forced a weak smile, then stared at his older sister. The shirt, the nails...her long hair that was currently pulled into a pony tail was dirty blonde.

Ashley still had her head down and his heart hammered in his chest when he realized he now knew exactly what Naughtykitten96 looked like. She finally looked up, her baby blue eyes meeting his before she quickly looked away.

Sam had just had cybersex...with his sister. Jesus Christ, he'd jerked off in front of her and never mind what she'd done in front of him!

"Ashely?" Dad asked. "Seriously, you feeling okay? You look sick."

" head really hurts, dad. I need to go back to bed."

"Of course." Mom said, "Get some rest. Want me to bring you up a plate later?"

"No, my stomach is pretty sick too." Ashley pushed away from the table and with one last troubled look at him turned and slowly walked to the stairs.

Sam watched her, unable to help himself, his eyes dropped to her ass in the tight jeans she was wearing. He'd seen that ass. She'd told him to lick her damn ass...Oh fuck me, he thought.

"Sam, you sick too?"

"Oh, uh, no." he took a deep breath. "I was just worried about Ash, she really doesn't look good."

"See that?" dad reached over and clapped him on the shoulder. "I knew you cared about your sister!"

"Of course he does." Mom added with a smile. "You two can pretend all they want, but you're a lot closer than you want people to think aren't you?"

"Closer than ever," he sighed.


For the fourth time in the last half hour Sam got up from his desk and walked towards his door. This time he would do it. This time he would have the nerve to leave his room and go knock on his sister's door and tell her they had to talk.

Or did they? As it had the previous three times, that question stopped him cold. Did they really need to discuss it? It was obvious that it had happened. So what was there to talk about?

They'd seen each other naked and watched each other get off and talked like phone sex operators. What was there to say except it was pretty fucking disturbing and damn straight neither of them would ever tell anyone. It would just be a dirty secret. Hell, they'd probably laugh about it years from now.

There were a couple other disturbing things about this. First off was the fact his sister could act like that. Ashley wasn't quite a wallflower type, but she was on the quieter side at school and work. She'd never been one of the 'popular' kids and in the two years they'd gone to the same school he'd never heard any rumors about her which he was glad about.

She'd had a few boyfriends since dad had let her officially start dating at sixteen, but only one, the first one had lasted more than a year. Even now in college she wouldn't join any sororities and avoided all parties.

Ashley never dressed sexy. She generally favored loose fitting t-shirts and jeans which never showed much of what she had. The only time Sam recalled her looking hot was last year when she lost a bet to her best friend and had to go out to an under twenty one club dressed to kill.

He remembered sitting in the parlor and when she walked by him on her way out with her friend he'd done a double take and flat out gawked at her. Ashley had been in a one piece painted on micro dress and fuck me shoes that had their parents been home, they would have grounded her for even thinking o going out like that.

Ashley's hair had been down and teased out and she was wearing heavy makeup. That was the first and only time Sam had ever looked at her and thought 'wow' but even that thought vanished as soon as she'd left his view.

He knew Ashley was pretty and had seen her enough times in a bathing suit at the beach or by their pool to know she had a nice body. But he knew that simply in the sense of thinking if he were looking at another girl who looked like that he'd think she was sexy.

She was his sister and he acknowledged her being attractive the same way he'd think about the fact she had blue eyes.

The fact that she could show herself off like that and talk that dirty and flat out be that dirty was as much a shock as the fact he'd seen her do it. Where the hell had that come from? He was pretty sure if Ashley was that wild in real life he'd have heard it around school, guys always talked about what their girls did for them.

He wasn't mad at her in anyway. How could he be? He was on the same damn site and did the exact same thing. It was just shocking. Sam doubted there was anyone who knew her would thing she was capable of that. In fact the only thing he'd ever heard about her from an ex-boyfriend was she was 'hot, but a damned dud'

Well she wasn't a dud when she was hiding behind a computer screen that was for sure. As he had on previous attempts. Sam sat down on the edge of the bed and again made himself admit the biggest issue today had brought on.

He'd been harder and hotter than he'd ever been before with "Kitty". He swore even though he didn't actually touch her that encounter had been better than a lot of the actual sex that he'd had. It was her dirty talk and her flat out wantonness that had him so hot.

Now that he knew it was his sister, he should be nothing short of disgusted. He should feel dirty and do the best he could to force that scene from his mind. Instead, he was confronted with the alarming realization that...

He was even more turned on knowing it was his sister.

In his eyes that was worse than what they'd actually done together, but he couldn't help it. He kept staring at a picture take of the two of them from last year's family vacation. They were sitting on a rock overlooking the beach and Ashely was in a pair of shorts and a bikini top.

It was a nice picture even though they both had to stick to their sibling rivalry and say the other person picture it. Now Sam was looking at it in a completely different way. His eyes were now lingering on her bikini top and thinking of how perfect her tits were beneath it.

Her long legs were being showcased by the cut off denim shorts and Sam wondered if those were the same pair in her AV, cut down even more. His gaze roamed up and down those long legs and in his mind he kept seeing them open wide, exposing the smooth pink flesh between her tanned thighs.

He made his way up to her face and took in her long hair, wide blue eyes and those sensual lips. Sam would have never used that word to describe her lips before today. Over the years a few of his friends had remarked her lips looked like they were made for cock sucking.

He'd always defended her, telling them to fuck off and not talk about his sister like that. Now here he was being worse than a hypocrite as he looked at her smiling in the picture while thinking of those lips-coated in that hot pink lipstick.

That led to envision what she'd told him she'd do with those pink lips. The thought of his big sister on her knees sucking him off should be enough to turn his stomach, but here he was thinking of it...and getting hard.

The issue of his thoughts weren't that big of a deal in the sense only he knew them. The problem now was how the hell could he ever look as Ashely the same way? There was no way he could see her and not picture her bare tits and ass, never mind her mouth?

Any time she spoke he'd hear her in his mind talking about cock and fucking. Still sitting there he wondered what she was thinking. Probably what he was thinking...that this was sick and was wishing she could un-see the whole thing.

Sam forced himself to his feet. They had to talk about this because if they didn't and kept acting strange around each other the folks would start asking question. He walked over to his door and this time opened it and stepped into the hallway.

He went directly to Ashley's room and knocked on it before he lost his never again. There was no response and he went to knock again, but the door opened enough for Ashely to peek her head out.

"Hey, Ash we...we need to talk."

"Oh, hey Sam," she rolled her eyes. "I mean Joe. Don't bother. I don't think there's anything to say."

"I think there's a lot to say, sis," Sam put his hand on the door. "Can I come on for a few minutes? The sooner we get this over with the better."

She hesitated, then nodded and stepped back from the door. "Fine, come in."

Sam entered her room and unable to help himself, his eyes quickly sought her out. Ashley was in a simple pink night shirt that went about halfway down her thighs. Like her shirt this also had a Hello Kitty on it and any other time he would have thought it looked cute on her.

But now he was focusing on her chest scoping to see if she had a bra on and to his surprise she didn't. The shirt was loose enough not to hug them, but he could make out just the hint of her nipples behind the material.

Her hair was down as it have been earlier, but wasn't wearing any make up. Right now she was more cute than hot on the surface, but Sam would from this point on see her as hot even if she was wearing a damn trash bag.

She sat down on the bed, against the headboard and drew her knees up to her chest. Sam made an effort not to star down and see if he could get a glimpse of her ass cheeks or whatever she was wearing beneath it.

Ashely had her legs pressed close together however, and he really couldn't see anything unless he pretty much just gawked and he couldn't do that right now. Sam went to sit at her desk, but she patted the bed.

"Some sit over here, like we did when we were young and wanted to talk about things." She laughed softly, "Usually the folks."

"Okay," Sam slipped off his sneakers and sat on the bed face her with his legs stretched out so his feet were on either side of her. Seeing her look at his foot, he added. "I showered, my feet don't stink."

"There's a first." She cracked.

"Not the only one." He cut right to the chase. "Today was my first time on that website and I think there were better odds of lightning striking that I found you there."

Ashley frowned and shook her head. "It couldn't have been that random. There's over four thousand women from Rhode Island on there."

"You're right it wasn't totally random. Kev was telling me about the site earlier today and I decided to give it a try. So I signed up and looked for my age group in the state."

"Still such a long shot, though."

"Right but...oh, fuck." Sam whispered.

"What's that look for?" Ashley rolled her eyes. "I think we're at the worst point we can get."

"Kev told me to look for you because he cammed with you the other night."

"Oh fucking ugh!" she slapped her forehead. "That creeps been ogling me for years and now he..." she shuddered. "Well, at least he doesn't know."

"I don't think that ugh tops today though," he sighed. "I'm sorry Ash. I had no idea it was you."

"Me neither, how could we?" She rubbed at her temples. "You know they have a disclaimer if you see anyone you know, be cool about it and never mention it."

"We're the only two that will know, trust me" he grunted. "Hey, Kev, know that really hot girl naughty kitten? That's my sister!" he gave her a forced grin. "See? Doesn't quite sound like something I should say."

"Same here. We can't tell anyone and after today we shouldn't talk about it." Ashley shrugged. "Sooner or later we'll forget about it and it won't be so bad."

"Can I ask you something personal?" he should let it go with her words, but needed to know.

"Sam, you saw me butt ass naked and acting like a damn cum dumpster. You can ask whatever you want."

"Cum dumpster? You talk like that before you got on that site?"

Ashley blushed and lowered her head. "I watch a lot of porn and never talked like that to anyone. That's why I like the site. I can act like that and no one knows it's me. What did you want to ask?"

"Why are you on there? I can see why guys go on there. We don't have anyone and porn gets dull and it's a chance to have some fun getting off with someone else."

"Same thing for girls."

"Yeah but girls have it easier. They don't get shot down like the boys do." He pointed to her. "You're pretty damn hot, Ash. I'd think you could get whatever you wanted."

"I'm on there because I really want to cut loose and act like a little slut, but," she spread her hands wide. "A decent girl won't just act like that with a guy. If they do, it's all over the damn school and social media."

"True, I guess."

"Plus like I said when we talked a little after we..." she averted her eyes from him. "Finished. I can't be like that with a guy."

"Why not, just because you think they'll tell? Not every guy is an asshole."

"But you don't know until it's too late." She pointed out. "My friend Julie found pictures of her blowing her boyfriend on an amateur porn site. She found it because someone sent her a link. Half the damn school saw it."

"But she let herself get taped," he countered. "That's different."

"No, he had his web cam on and facing the bed and she never noticed. So you never know and the other reason?" she paused, "Promise you won't make fun of me."

"Sis, I think right now we're past the ball busting stage." He whistled. "Can you imagine if mom and dad ever found out?"

"They won't. I don't think they hang out on Slut roulette." She laughed. "Or are you going to be a little tattle tail? 'Mom, Ashley's playing with herself on the internet! How do I know? because she was playing with me!"

"Come on sis, give me some credit here. This is serious."

"You're right. I was kind of making fun of the whole thing, not just you."

"Right, just jumpy about the whole thing," he admitted. "Only we know, but I still feel awful and like someone could find out somehow."

"They won't," she assured him. "But the other part of why I wouldn't act like that with a guy in real life is I'd have to really care about him. I wouldn't do those things unless I was really comfortable and we'd been together awhile. Then I could trust them they would just appreciate it and not blab it or make me feel bad about it."

"I understand, I think."

"I've had a few boyfriends, but no one that serious, plus? Honestly, the average guy isn't worth it. Guys want the girls to act like I did for you, then they think all they have to do is shove it in. They want a porn star and want to do nothing to make me want to be."

"So that site is away for me to be the dirty girl I'd love to be to a certain point and not worry about whether the guy is decent or not because I won't ever know them."

"Makes sense," he nodded. "And I get it about guys, they just think all they need is their dick and the girl should be all over them."

"Just so you know?" she smirked. "Kev was a dud. A lot of guys are. I go on and on and they just go ' my dick?"

"He made it sound like you were really into it."

"I get into it because the idea someone is watching me naked and playing with myself is a big turn on. All the stuff I was saying with him was helping me get off. So he's the typical guy, didn't even realize he was so useless I could have been alone."

"Too bad I can't tell him that," Sam grinned, "Kev, Naughty Kitten says you suck."

"Tell you what, little brother," Ashley pointed to him. "You were pretty good at that. You sure you'd never been on a site like that before?"

"First time. I never even talked dirty on the phone with the couple of girls I've been with." He looked closely at her to see if she were making fun of him. "You really think I was good at it? Or is this you making a joke?"

"Seriously, Sam, you really had me hot and bothered," she rolled her eyes. "There's irony for you. Find a guy who knows how to talk dirty and he's my brother."

"I hear you. Hottest body I've ever seen and a wild cat and it's my sister." He burst out laughing and she stared at him, her eyebrows raised.

"I was just thinking I tried to ask you out! God, wouldn't that have been bad."

"You're not kidding because I was thinking about saying yes."

"I...what?" Had he heard that right, "You thought about it?"

"I did. You were great at the dirty talk and you're pretty damn sexy and at the end you were actually sweet. Most guys get off and then log off. Jerks can't even say goodbye. Tells me I'm right not doing it in real life."

"Did you just say I was sexy?" He had pretty much heard nothing after she'd said those words.

"I..." her eyes widened as if she hadn't realized she said it. "Yeah, I guess I did." She snapped her fingers, "And you said I was hot a minute ago. Did you mean it?"

"Come on, Ash, how can you not know you're hot? The guys on that thing are all drooling over you."

"Yeah, I guess, but hearing you say it is different. I guess because you're not supposed to think your sister is hot."

"Most guys never see their sister like that." He laughed. "Most wouldn't want to. The average sister isn't as hot as you."

"You called me hot again!" This time she was smiling when she said it.

"You are. Not just your body, but the way you acted and all that nasty talk? I...well you saw how much I liked it."

"I did and, Sam?" she pointed between his legs. "I wasn't kidding. That's a pretty big cock."

This time he blushed. "That's not something a sister should say." He couldn't resist adding, "You mean it?"

"I've seen a few in person and I watch a lot of porn. You're pretty hung my not so little brother."

"How many you see in person?"

"A few." She sighed. "I've been with about five guys, but remember my first boyfriend I was sixteen so not like I'm easy or anything."

"And you never got dirty like that?"

"No, I mean I sucked their cocks, but I didn't go porn star on them. They weren't worth it."

"Well seeing you said I have a nice cock?" Sam hesitated just for a second then figured, this was such a weird situation he couldn't make it any worse. "Ash, your tits are fucking amazing."

"You think?" she smiled again and he smiled with her as it was a shy one and she was blushing. So different from the out of control porn star in heat she acted like this afternoon.

"I know, I mean I've only been with a couple girls, but I watch a lot of porn too and your tits are as nice as any porn stars." He went on imagining them in his mind as he spoke. "When did you pierce them? Mom and dad would shit."

"Mom and dad don't see my tits," Ashley giggled. "But my brother has."

Sam's eyes widened at that giggle. It was the same naught one she'd used when they'd ben online earlier.

"Your brother now has great appreciation for his big sister's tits and pretty much everything else."

"Like what?" she straightened her legs out and placed her bare feet on his calves.

The night shirt was long enough that he couldn't see her underwear, but was getting nice look at her inner thighs.

"Wow, this is awkward." He smiled nervously. "Feel like I'm in a X-rated twilight zone movie. Probably should forget about all this and leave it at we got it out in the open and won't talk about it again."

"Come on little brother," she leaned forward, her lips pushing into a pout, "I told you all about how big your cock was. Tell me what you thought was hot about me."

"I did, your tits."

"That's it?"

"I...okay, fine. Your ass is fine, and you have great legs and I love how dirty you were. All that dirty talk had me wishing I could find a girl that would talk and act like that."

"You'll meet them in college next year, trust me."

"But like you want to be with a guy who'll enjoy it and not be a jerk? I want a nice girl on the outside who'd just be dirty for me."

"That's sweet," she smiled at him and there was no sign she was mocking him. "I want a boy who'll be good to me and I'll reward him with my being bad. You want the same."

"Exactly," he told her. "That's why I thought about meeting you. But I guess that was really only about you being dirty, but I would have been good to you too."

"You'd be good to naughtykitten?" she was using the teasing voice from earlier now. "You'd take good care of her?"

"Sure," she was making him a little nervous. He felt one of her pranks coming on. "But even if it hadn't worked out I was dying to know what Kitty looked like."

"Now you know!" she pointed to herself.

"True and I remember thinking earlier that a girl with that hot of a body would have to be beautiful to go along with it and I was right."

"You think...I'm beautiful?" A smile slowly spread across her face. "You mean that?"

"You're beautiful, sis. I'm your little bother so I have to make ugly jokes about you, but you're very pretty and all around fine."

"You too, I never really noticed how you'd filled out. You have nice arms and that chest and stomach are nice too. I'd love to be able to enjoy a body," she licked her lips, "And a cock like yours."

"I...okay, this is getting as weird as it was earlier, except we didn't know it was weird then."

"Sam, I've told you a lot just now and you haven't made fun of me and this whole thing is pretty out there, but I figure seeing it is, we may as well really get things out in the open."

"What do you mean?"

Ashley reached out and put her hand on his arm. "I'm going to ask you a question and I want you to promise me two things."

"What are they?" he asked suspiciously.

"First, you can't make fun of me for asking. Second? You need to be honest."


"When I found out it was you, I was upset, just like what the fuck? Then I was embarrassed." She lowered her voice to the point he could barely hear her. "Then it turned me on."

"Are you kidding?" he exclaimed

"Part of me wishes I was because getting horny thinking of your brother is pretty twisted. But the more I thought of it the more turned on I got. That nice body, that amazon cock? The way you talked so nasty and now I know its the first time you ever did?"

She leaned over so her lips were close to his ear and whispered. "I'm so wet right now, Sam. Just from telling you, I'm wet."

"Oh my God." He said as softly as she had spoken.

"Now, if you're not turned on then I guess I'm the twisted one and should be ashamed of myself. I'll just ask you never bring it up again and..."

"Damn straight I'm turned on." He blurted out before he lost his nerve. "I never really looked at you that way because I shouldn't. You never dress to show yourself off and the only thing I've heard about you from guys is you come across as uptight. Seeing you like that? Wow!"

"So we're both twisted!" she clapped her hands.

"Seems that way." he felt better now. "Glad we talked about this and we feel the same way. I'm going..."

"Show me your cock."

"Say what?" he blinked.

"I want you to take your cock out for me, I want to see it in person."

"Ashely, we can't do that!"

"We already did," she countered.

"But that was when we didn't know and it wasn't like right in front of you."

"Please, Sam? Please show it to me?" she gave him a sexy little smile. "I'll show you my pussy."

He glanced down between her legs and his heart raced. He should get up and leave. The net was one thing, this was even more wrong. Yet even as those thoughts went through his mind his cock was swelling at the thought of seeing her pussy.

"You're fucking with me." He told her.

"Am I?" Ashley leaned against the headboard and lifting her hips, pulled her night shirt up over them. "Still think so?"

"Goddam, sis!" Sam gasped at the fact she'd been wearing no underwear and her pink slit was right there in front of him.

"Now, let me see that cock because I want to play!"

Sam got off the bed and went over to her door and thumbed the lock.

"Good thinking!" Ashley commended him as he came back to her bed.

Sam unsnapped his shorts and pushed both them and his boxers down to his ankles and stepped out of them.

"Shirt too! Let's see those muscles!"

Sam pulled his shirt off while thinking he was now completely naked in his sister's bedroom. He was going to tell her she should be too, but when his shirt came off he saw she was pulling hers up over her head as well.

"Look at you," he whispered, his cock bobbing between his legs as he took in Ashley's naked form. "So much better in person."

"I agree," she spoke, her eyes locked into his cock. "Now, come back and sit exactly the way you were.

Sam did as she asked, feeling a little self-conscious in his nudity, but keep his eyes on his sister's body helped overcome those nerves.

"Stretch your legs out on either side of me." She instructed.

Sam pushed his legs past her until his feet were against the headboard. Ashely lifted her legs and draping them over his, slid forward until her pussy wasn't much more than a foot away from his cock. Her bare thighs over his felt amazing, but the sight of her slit that close to him was even better.

"Now stroke your cock for me, and I'll play with my pussy. We're going to come for each other like we did before, but now we get to watch in person."

She put her hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit with two fingers. Sam focused on her to make it easier for him to grab his now hard cock and pump it.

"There you go, little brother, play with that big dick! I want to see you come for me!"

She moaned softly as her fingers worked her clit while she played with her right nipple with her free hand. Sam's eyes went from her tits down between her legs and back again, taking in the taboo sight of watching his sister masturbate.

"Jerk it for me baby," she purred. "I so wish that were my hand, then my mouth, then my tight little pussy on that cock, but we can't do that."

"No," he agreed, but would be lying if he said the thought of them actually touching each other wasn't exactly an unpleasant one. "But I can tell you how I wish I could watch that pretty mouth work my dick while you play with my balls."

"And your fingers would be inside me and I'd be getting you as hard so could shove you inside my tight cunt."

"And I'd suck on that nipple while I play with your clit and when I fuck you? I'd push you over onto your back and make you hold your legs back like those sluts in the movies and pound the hell out of you."

"Hmm, so good!" she groaned. "And I'd be yelping and squealing!" she released several sharp little sounds that made his hand move faster on his cock. "Oh, Sam! Oh, little brother! Oh its so big!"

"Like that sis? Like your brother's big cock slamming into your hot wet slit." he moaned as to his surprise, he could already feel his balls tightening.

"It's my turn to push you over and hop on and ride that big fucking cock! Ride you like I'm at a fucking rodeo!"

Her words were coming out amid her soft moans and he could feel her thighs trembling over his.

"I was so fucking horny laying here, Sam! Horny because I was thinking about my brother's cock. Thinking about how hard you got off to me! How nasty you talked and how much I could tell you wanted your sister."

"I kept thinking about you sucking my cock and taking every drop, or coming on your face or your ass," he was moaning as he spoke. Damn being this close to her had him worked up.

"Then you'd lick my pussy, wouldn't you? Finger and tongue fuck me, then suck my clit until I come screaming in your face!"

"Oh, shit." He groaned.

"You getting close?" she asked in a breathy, trembling voice that told him she was.

"Yeah, you got me so hard sis! So worked up looking at your pussy and thinking about..."

"Screw it, give me your hand!" she demanded.

When he didn't move right away, she grabbed his hand and caused him to gasp when she shoved it between her legs. "Fingers inside, thumb on my clit!" she moaned.

She tugged two of his fingers to against her slick pussy and then moaned when she guided them inside her. Sam eased them in, marveling at how fucking tight his sister's pussy was.

"Rub that clit!" she moaned, her blue eyes wide and staring down at her brothers hand between her legs. "Now give me that cock!"

She pushed his hand away and he moaned when she grabbed his cock in her fist and pumped it hard and fast.

"Oh, fuck!" he groaned, watching her slender fingers with those bright nails work his cock. "Ashley that feels so good!"

"So do your fingers in my pussy! Pump them harder!"

Sam did as she asked thrusting his fingers deep inside her.

"Come for me!" she demanded, her face only a foot from his. "I want you to come right now!"

He whimpered as his cock twitched in her hand and his balls tightened. Leaning over, Ashley whispered in his ear, "Come for your big sister."

Her words, as wrong as they were, sent him over the edge. He gasped when his cock went off in her hand, spraying a squirt of cum that landed on her stomach. She pumped him even harder and the second spurt splattered on her inner thigh.

"All of it!" she hissed in his ear. "Every drop! Give your slutty big sister every fucking drop! I want...Oh fuck, yeah!"

She squealed in his ear so loud he flinched, but didn't mind as it was the sexiest damn sound he'd ever heard. Her already tight pussy contracted around his fingers and her hips bucked as she drove into his fingers.

Sam moaned as her frenzied pumping milked the last of his cum from his spent cock, but he kept his thumb moving, keep Ashley in the throes of her own orgasm. She was pulling hard on her nipple while she yelped and ground her hips into his hand.

Her pussy relaxed around his fingers and with a sigh she leaned back against the head board, breathing hard, her amazing tits heaving with her breaths.

"Oh, wow that was...." She held up her hand and stared at his cum on her fingers. "So dirty!"

"I though you said we weren't going to touch?" Even as he asked, Sam eased his fingers from her pussy and couldn't help sniffing them.

"I know, I just couldn't hold back anymore. I needed to hold that cock and have you touch me." Ashley continued to stare at her hand. "I want to lick this so bad, but...I guess we went to far as it is."

She grabbed her night shirt and wiped the sticky white fluid from her hand then her thigh and stomach.

"Yeah, way too far," he agreed as he fought not to suck on his fingers.

"That was fun, but we should just forget it all from here." Ashley grabbed the edge of her sheet and pulled it up over her chest. "You need to get dressed and go. Sam."

"Yeah," he was disappointed, but what did he really expect to happen from here, oral sex, actual sex. "You're right, plus it's still early. Mom and dad might come up for something."

He slipped his shorts and shirt back on and pushed his feet into his shoes.

"They're going to bed early," Ashley told him. "Remember, they're leaving early tomorrow morning to visit their friends in New Jersey."

"Oh, right." He recalled. "Cool, and tomorrow is the first Saturday I don't have work in over a month."

"I'm off too," Ashley told him. "Hmm, mom and dad gone. We're home alone..." she stopped and shook her head. "Wow, we really need to get over this, you don't want to know what I was thinking."

"Probably what I was." He admitted. "But we're already crossing a line. This was just kind of part of earlier in a way."

"Right," Ashley nodded her head vigorously. "Just part of the same mistake. Now we get back to normal."

"Back to you picking on me."

"And you whining about me picking on you."

"Night, sis."

"Later, dweeb, make sure you close the door on the way out."

Sam gave her an awkward wave and left her room. He'd no sooner gotten her door closed behind him then he shoved his fingers into his mouth. He rolled his eyes at the sweet forbidden scent of his sister's pussy and with a sigh went back to his room.

Mom and dad were gone for the day tomorrow and they were both home. Entering his room he told himself that what they had just said was the right thing to do. They had more fun doing things brothers and sisters should never do with each other and that's where it had to stop.

Stretching out on his bed, Sam stared at the picture of Ashely and him on the rock and kept his fingers pressed to his nose, taking in her scent with each breath. He better try to make some plans as soon as he got up tomorrow, or it was going to one long day.

One long, hard day.


Sam looked up from his computer at the sound of a knock on the door. Was is Ashley? Had she changed her mind? He hoped not, but at the same time, he hoped so.

"Come in,"

Sam experienced a mix of relief and disappointment when his father poked his head into his room.

"Wow, you're up early for a Saturday!"

"Yeah, couldn't sleep, had something on my mind," Sam told him.

"Something or someone?" Dad winked. "Maybe a pretty classmate?"

"You got me," he answered honestly. "It's a girl." He left out it was his sister that had one head spinning and the other one dripping.

"Well don't think about her, make a move and ask her out." Dad advised him. "Girls like guys with confidence."

"I will," Sam replied. "You guys leaving?"

"Yeah, I just popped in to tell you that since you and Ashley are home there's plenty of food on the fridge, but we left some money on the table if you guys want to grab some pizza."

"Thanks dad, drive safe."

"Always, we'll be home last most likely around ten. Stay out of trouble and keep your sister out of trouble. She's still sleeping so pass that on."

"I will, see you later, dad!" he waved as his father closed the door.

Ashley was still sleeping. That was a good thing. On a day off she could sleep until noon. That would give him some time to see if any of his friends were around to go hang out with. Right now he didn't trust himself to be alone with Ashley all day.

Sam heard a car door in the driveway and rose from his desk to look out his bedroom window. Dad had held the door open for mom to get in and was making his way around the car. When he got in her immediately backed out of the driveway and Sam watched them disappear around the corner.

Sam ran his hand through his tousled brown hair and thought about what to do next. Maybe he'd go for a quick run he'd been slacking lately. Then he'd come home, shower and make himself scarce the rest of the day.

As always he'd slept in his underwear and went over to his bureau to grab a t-shirt and a comfortable pair of shorts to run in. He jumped when his door opened and Ashley walked into his room and when he turned to face her, his jaw just about hit the floor.

She was completely naked.

Her hair wasn't just down, but a wild mess as if she'd just woken up, but her blue eyes were wide and bright and...she was naked! Her pink nipples were hard and pointing right at him and in the scant few seconds he had been looking at her, his cock was already growing.

"What are you doing? We said..."

His words were cut off when his big sister stepped up to him, took his face in her hands and kissed him. He grunted in surprise, then moaned when her soft lips pressed to his. Her lips weren't the only thing being pressed to him.

Ashley's breasts were pushing into his chest and her hard nipples were poking into him. Ashely threw her arms around his neck and kissed him even harder. This time he eagerly returned the kiss and slid his arms around her waist.

Ashley shoved her tongue into his mouth and was met by his. They both released a sigh as their tongue caressed each other and explored the other's mouth. Sam let his hands roam up and down the smooth skin of her back, then dipping lower, he cupped her ass cheeks and squeezed.

Ashley responded with a moan and Sam couldn't believe how firm her ass was and how perfectly each cheek fit in his hands. He squeezed again and this time spread them open. His sister wiggled against him, causing her nipples to slide across his chest and sending a pleasant shiver through him.

She slid her lips from his and whispered, "Kiss my neck! I love that spot."

Sam lowered his head and kissed then gently sucked on the soft skin of her neck while still fondling her ass.

"Hmm, so nice," She purred.

"I thought were weren't going to do this?" he spoke into her neck.

"Yeah, well I lay there last night and thought why can't we? You're just what I'm looking for. Someone to be dirty with, but who cares about me and can never tell anyone."

"We definitely can't tell anyone, but..."

"Little brother?" she eased back so she could look him in the eye.


"Stop talking and just do what you know you want to do...your sister!"

His reply turned into a startled gasp when she pushed him hard. He staggered back and when the backs of his legs hit the edge of the bed, she gave him another push. This one was much softer that made him fall into a sitting position on the bed.

Sam's ass had barely hit the bed, when his sister was straddling his left leg. Sitting on it, she pushed her tits into his face.

"Come on, Sam, suck your sister's tits like you wanted to when you first saw them online!"

With her breasts inches from his face and her hot and very slick pussy on his leg, Sam didn't even think of telling her no. She was right, they both had what the other needed and who the hell would ever find out?

Sam eagerly sucked his sister's swollen nipple into his mouth and the loud moan she emitted had his cock ready to burst from his boxers. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and arched her back, showing her tot further into his mouth.

Sam grabbed her other breast, rubbing her nipple with his thumb while he licked and sucked the other. Ashely was moaning and her hands were running up and sown his shoulders and arms. Sam switched to sucking her other nipple and groaned around it when she dropped her hand in his crotch and squeezed his cock through his boxers.

"I need this cock in my mouth, now!"

Ashley slid off his leg and his disappointment from having her tits taken away from him was quickly replaced by excitement when she grabbed his boxers and tugged on them. Sam lifted his hips and loved the look of pure lust on his sister's face when his cock sprang into view.

Ashley dropped to her knees and Sam moaned when she instantly took him into her mouth. Even while she was pushing his underwear down to his feet and slipping them off, her head was bobbing along his shaft.

"Goddamn, sis!" he groaned as she took his cock all the way down to the base. She shook her head back and forth, moaning as loudly as he was.

The vibration of her mouth coupled with his sensitive head being worked around in her hot wet mouth, caused his hips to jerk. His cock was thrust deeper into his sister's mouth, but she only moaned louder.

She withdrew his cock with a noisy slurp and to his surprise she spit on it and began jerking him, using his spit to lube his cock. Ashley then fluttered her soft pink tongue up and down his shaft and teased it under the rim of his now swollen purple head.

"Damn, you know what you're doing don't you?" he asked as he put his hands on her shoulders.

"I know what I've wanted to do and how I've wanted to do it." She looked up at him as she jerked him. "I've been with a few guys, but my brother's going to be the only one to see me be the slut I've wanted to be."

"Damn, I don't think they'll ever say that on the family channel!" Sam laughed then gasped when she pushed his cock back along his stomach and proceeded to suck his balls.

Ashley sucked and licked his balls with the same gusto she'd used to suck his cock. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning as she drooled and slobbered all over his sac like she was auditioning for a porn shoot.

After bathing his balls once more with her swirling tongue, she ran it along his shaft and grabbing his cock, opened wide and slapped it on her tongue.

"Damn that looks hot," he whispered as she pressed his dripping tip to her lips, then rubbed it across them. When she pulled his cock back a lie of precum trailed away with it. Still holding his cock by the base, Ashley turned her head and slapped it against one side of her face, then the other.

"How's your dick look in your big sister's face?"

"Amazing, but I think it would look good anywhere on your body?" he told her.

"Like back in my mouth?"

Without waiting for an answer, Ashley took him deep and this time bobbed her head much faster. The time her blue eyes were wide open and staring up into his as she blew him. Sam didn't know what was better, how good her mouth felt or how hot it looked to have his pain in the ass big sister naked between his legs and sucking him off.

Sam reached down between them and grabbing her tits, rolled her nipples between his fingers. Ashley moaned around his cock, then whipping it from her mouth, stood up and shoved him onto his back on the bed.

"I'll suck you more later; hell I'll suck you all fucking day long, but right now, I need to feel my brother's big dick in my slutty little pussy."

Ashley knelt on the bed, swung her leg over his hips and drove down on his cock. Sam gasped louder than she did as his cock stuffed his sister's extremely wet and unbelievably hot and tight pussy.

"Fuck yeah!" Ashley cried out and bounced up and down on him, riding him fast and hard. "God, you have such a nice fucking cock! I'll never call you names again, Sam! Not as long as you keep shoving this big dick in my mouth and cunt!"

Holy shit! She was making it sound like it wouldn't just be this once! Ashley leaned over and placing her hands on his chest slammed her hips up and down so hard it bordered on painful, but he sure as hell wasn't complaining.

Ashley was yelping each time she buried him inside her and her eyes were wild and face flushed. She leaned over, dangling her tits in his face and laughed as she swayed side to side and he licked and sucked each nipple in turn.

Damn his sister was something! Riding him like an out of control wild cat and feeding him her tits. Her pussy kept contracting around his cock and he made soft whimpering sounds each time it did.

"This feels so fucking good!" Ashley moaned, "But I want it really deep!"

She slid off him and remained on the bed next to him on her hands and knees.

"Well, what are you waiting for, an invitation?" She laughed and wiggled her ass at him. "Fine, little brother please come fuck me!"

Sam rolled over onto his knees so fast he almost pitched off the bed. Ashley was looking over her shoulder and giggled at him.

"You've always been a klutz," she teased.

"You've always been a bitch," he retorted, even as he got behind her and admired her perfect ass.

"Then how about you teach your bitchy big sister a lesson and fuck her nice and hard?"

"I can't," he said softly while staring at her ass and her smooth slit between her thighs. "I have to do this first."

Sliding off the bed so his knees were on the floor, he spread her cheeks and shoved his tongue into her asshole.

"Oh you bad boy!" Ashley called out, then groaned when he pushed his rigid tongue into his sister's ass.

"Hmm, look at you giving your sister a rim job!" she cooed and wiggled her ass while he pushed his tongue into her ass, then teased it around the edges of her pink rosebud.

Sam gave her ass a slap and she yelped causing him to give the other side a sharper slap.

"Oh, yes, spank your naughty sister!" she moaned and pushed her ass back into his face.

Sam slid his tongue from her ass down into her oozing slit and once again shoved his tongue inside her. Ashely gasped as he swirled his tongue inside her hot sticky slit and sliding his hand between the cheeks of her ass, Sam took a chance and pushed his finger into it.

Ashely emitted a high pitched squeal and cried out, "Dirty boy! I love it! Finger my ass and suck my clit!"

Sam sucked hard, getting a mouthful of her juices and rolling his eyes back at the taste. He pushed his finger deeper into her ass and was as amazed that he had the balls to do it as he was that she licked it.

Something told me his big sister liked pretty much everything and as he worked his tongue up to her clit it dawned on him how incredible this could be. If she was serious about doing this all the time, the possibilities were endless.

Sex in their rooms, in the shower when the folks weren't home...hell the kitchen table! Ashley would wear sexy and slutty outfits for him and do anything he wanted. He thought of her slipping into his room in the middle of the night and sucking him hard then climbing on top, riding her little brother while their parents slept below them.

He worked his tongue as fast as he could around her clit and Ashley slid her hand beneath her and spread her lips wide open for him. Keeping his finger in her ass. He sucked on her clit and managed to ease two fingers from his other hand into her pussy.

"Oh...fuck, Sam!" she groaned. "Just like that little brother! I'm going to come so quick the first time!"

First time? He loved it! All day, their parents were gone all fucking day! Sam pumped his fingers into both her holes and she was now rocking back and forth pushing them deeper. Sam alternately licked and sucked her clit and he could feel her thighs trembling against his shoulders as he ate her pussy from behind.

"Put another finger in...both!"

Sam's eyes widened, but he worked a third finger into her pussy and loved how she whimpered as her tight slit stretched around him. He eased the second one into her ass and Ashely surprised him by shoving backwards and burying his finger roughly into her ass.

She threw her head back and howled long and loud as her holes convulsed around his fingers. Sam kept them moving as he continued to lick and was amazed that he had two damn fingers in her ass!

He could feel his fingers moving between the thin skin between her pussy and ass as both tightened around him. Ashely was squealing so loud he could just imagine the neighbors telling mom and dad that one of his kids must have had someone over.

That was no big deal as if they were both grounded they would just have time to fuck. Speaking of fucking, Ashley's yelps were getting softer and her hips rocking much slower as her orgasm flowed through her.

Sam's cock was aching with the need to be back inside her sister's tight pussy, but he continued licking softly until her body relaxed and she was no longer moaning. He eased his fingers from her wholes and stood up to get on the bed behind her.

"I came really hard! I....Oh, fuck!" Ashley cried out when Sam grabbed her hips and buried himself inside her.

Sam didn't try to tease her or ease into the position. Instead he reared back and pounded away on his sisters still quivering pussy. Ashley yelped with each thrust, but when she turned to look over her shoulder at him there was a look of lust on her face that caused him to fuck he even harder.

"Yeah, that's it! Give it to your bitchy big sister! Think of all the times I was mean to you and take it out on my tight little cunt!"

Sam was doing just that, loving the fact this was his older sister on her knees with her ass in the air letting him fuck her as hard as he could. He lifted his hand and slapped one side of her ass, then the other.

"Yes! Harder! Make your big sister sorry she was naughty!"

Sam dealt each of her ass cheeks several hard slaps, turning her ass red and leaving his hand prints on her smooth skin. Ashely was now rocking back into him, her hips moving in time with her long hard thrusts to drive him even deeper.

"Fuck that pussy! Fuck it for the first time today!" Ashley egged him on. "Go ahead and fuck me as hard as you can! Cum nice and quick this time! Get the edge off so we can fuck for a long time next time!"

"Next time," he repeated as he was now squeezing her hips so hard he was sure he was going to leave bruises.

"Next time and he time after that! We have all fucking day, Sam and the only time we're leaving this bed is to fuck in the shower then get in my bed!"

"Oh fuck, that sounds good!" he was now giving her short hard strokes as his thighs were already shaking and his balls tightening.

He began to slow down, but she continued pressing him to finish.

"Go ahead, little brother! Come for me! Fuck me until you're ready to blow a big load!"

That was going to be in about another thirty seconds the way he was feeling as he continued to do something he would have been appalled by two days ago, fuck his big sister. But right now his sister looked hotter than hell.

On her knees her long hair across her back and her eyes bulging as he tore into her. Her mouth was open in a continuous wail and her hips were slamming back into him so hard it was as if she were trying to drive him in past his balls.

"You close, little brother?"

"So close, "he groaned.

"Then stop!" "!" he exclaimed as she pulled forward, removing him from inside her.

"Trust me," Ashley spun around on her knees so she was facing him and sliding her legs beneath her so she was now flat on her stomach, took his cock into her mouth.

Propped up on her elbows she took his glistening cock in her mouth and bobbed her head rapidly.

"Oh, my god that feels so good!" he groaned as she sucked fast and hard.

Ashley had her mouth open wide and was making loud wet gagging sounds as she pounded his cock down her willing throat. She was looking him in the eye and as she winked, she cupped his balls and gave them a squeeze.

"Oh fuck!" he yelled as his cock exploded into his sister's mouth.

Ashely released a wet gurgling moan as her brother shot his huge load down her throat. Sam knelt there moaning and gasping as his sister continued to suck down each of his long squirts of cum as his balls emptied into her mouth.

Ashley pulled his cock out and began jerking it, spraying her tongue, chin and cheeks with the last of his load. When there was nothing left but a couple of drops, she sucked on just the head, making him whimper as her tongue teased the sensitive head, but managed to wring a few more drops from him.

"Oh, wow..." he moaned as she eased him from her mouth.

Ashely gave his cock a kiss, then rose to her knees and facing him opened her mouth wide to show him she'd swallowed everything he'd squirted in her mouth.

"Still think your sister is bitchy?" she teased.

"I think my sister is fucking amazing."

"You're just saying that because I have your cum on my face!" she laughed then grabbing the edge of his sheet wiped the cum from her face.

"Hey! Now I have to wash that."

"Good, at least you'll actually have clean sheets for once." She grinned. "You want your sister in this bed, you better stop being so gross."

"I...anything you want, sis." He told her.

"Be careful with that," she reached down and grabbed his dripping cock. "You have no idea how much I want."

"I'll deal with it, you know take it for the team."

They both laughed and Ashely lay down on her back and stretched. Sam took in her long lithe body, his eyes lingering on her tits.

"You're damn sexy, sis. You know that?

"Yup," she giggled.

"Modest, huh?" he asked while stretching out next to her.

"Well, like you said, all the guys told Naughtykitten she was sexy so I guess I am." She reached out and took his hand in hers, "But only one got to fuck me, isn't that right, little brother?"

"And I'll keep doing it every chance you let me." He sighed. "People say this is so wrong, but damn it was great!"

"You were just what I wanted. A sweet guy, I could trust enough to be dirty with. Who can I trust more than my sexy little brother?"

"I'll say the same to you. You think I'm sexy?" he asked her.

"You're damn good looking, Sam," she slid her hand down and grabbed his cock, "And I'm not kidding you, this cock is amazing!"

"So are you, sis," he turned his head and gave her a soft kiss.

"Aww, you're sweet!" she giggled and surprised him by blushing. "See this is what I wanted. A guy who could fuck me like a slut, but be sweet to me later on."

"You know, there's only one thing wrong with this." he mused.

"I'm laying here with the taste of my brothers cum in my mouth and you had your tongue in my asshole." She laughed, "Sam, there's a lot wrong with this!"

When you put it that way," he grinned. "You're right, but its only wrong if we get caught, isn't it?"

"And we won't. So what were you going to say is wrong with this?"

"Damn Kevin!" he sighed. "I wish you hadn't done that with him."

"But he'll never know." She reminded him. "Besides, like I said he was a dud."


"Nice cock though," she gave him a mischievous smile.

"Bigger than mine?"

"I don't know. I'll have to fuck him and find out."

"What?" he rolled over on his side to face her. "Are you..."

"Kidding!" she burst out laughing, then put her hand gently on his cheek. "I'm pretty sure you're going to be the only one I'm fucking from now on."

"Wow, a sister who's a girlfriend." He snapped his fingers. "I save money on birthdays and Christmas."

"Such a damn dweeb," she told him, but was smiling away at him.

"So no more naughty kitten then right?"

"Oh, I don't know about that."

"What do you mean?"

"I was thinking, seeing I love showing off and you seemed to like it too, maybe we could you know, put on a show together?"


"They have couples categories. We could keep the web cam below our necks and even wear masks to be extra safe." She sat up, a look of excitement on her face.

"Think about it! You and I fucking in front of each other and no one knows it's us. The people on the other side will think its hot, but only we'll know the truth! That they're watching a brother fuck his sister!"

"I like it." He liked it enough his cock was beginning to rise. "You want to give it a try sometime?"

"Some time?" she grabbed lowered her head and taking him in her amazing mouth had him hard again in seconds. Lifting her head, she took his hand and getting off the bed tugged him to follow her.

"Let's go log in right now!"

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