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Sister Sleeping Tired

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Hi friends, I am an passionate fan of IIS and I wish to share with you a wonderful sex experience that happened with me and my sister. Well firstly I would like to share my real life experience with my younger sister. I am Raja and my sister Rani(both name changed) presently me 32 and rani about 28 years.

This happened when i was 21 yrs old and she was 17 yrs old. One day everyone was at home and me and my sister was watching TV in another room. My dad, mom and other relatives were discussing between themselves in another room. Usually that happens in our home. Me and my sister don’t like that stuff and we usually won’t put our heads between them. She was very tired that day and watching TV she fell asleep there itself. She was wearing a T shirt and a medium size skirt. When there was nobody around us. My evil thought began to rise and I was getting more and more erected as time passing by and thinking of my sweet sister.

I stayed behind her as if I was watching the TV. I was wearing a kurta and I hadn’t worn any undies. I slowly touched her thigh; there was no reaction from her side. This gave me some more courage. She was lying sideways. Facing her back I put my thigh over her thigh. Still there was no response from her side. I started to press my dick against he ass. Still there was no response from her side. I went up to see if any relatives nearby. I found nobody nearby.

When I came back, she changed her position of sleep. Her ass was facing the ceiling. I was in seventh heaven seeing this. I just slowly moved my hand on her ass above her skirt. She was asleep and was ignorant of my intentions. Since there was no response, I switched of the light of the room and the only light available was the light of TV. I removed my kurtha. I pressed her ass above the skirt with my naked body. My dick was eagerly wishing to get inside her. I lifted her skirt very slowly and I could see her private part.

I slowly put my cock from back side to touch her hole. It went to that level only. I didn’t go deeper. I was unable to control my feelings towards her. I remained in that position of my dick between her thighs near the asshole and loved the warmth. I started to push slowly and realized that she hadn’t wont any panties.

I pushed some more and I feared that pushing more will wake her up. So, I started to move little by little. Unexpectedly, she bent forward, allowing me to go deeper. I started pushing to and fro very slowly and at any moment, I will cum. Even then, I started moving slowly, enjoying her tightness. After 3 minutes I busted. She did not moved a bit.

This is something that happened without the knowledge of Rani. The next time things changed and that I will tell you next time. Keep sending your responses to That will keep me interested in posting more experience here.



Not bad,would like to hear more of this story if it goes any further! I am assuming you are indian right? If you're going to use words in your language,you should at least tell us what it is in our language so we know what you're talking about!

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