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Sister's Sleepover

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Andrew couldn't sleep, his sister, Jess had a friend over and they were talking and giggling, they had been all night. Andrew rolled over and stared at the ceiling when the noise stopped. "Thank Christ" Andrew said and closed his eyes. Five minutes later he heard his door open, he cracked an eyelid and it was his sister and her friend. "It looks like he's asleep!" Jess said as she tiptoed to the end of the bed, "and he's lying on his back!" Andrew's head began to swim, what could they be thinking? He was about to find out. "Alright Caitlin do it!" Caitlin stood closest to the bed, he hands slowly reached down to the sheets and pulled them back, revealing Andrews athletic body and light brown skin, Andrew slept topless. "But he's not even hard!" "You chose dare now do it!" Caitlin reached out and rested her hand and Andrews’s groin, his 6 inch cock slightly stirred under her hand. Andrew let out a moan which made Caitlin stop. "I think it might wake him up" Caitlin said but jess shook her head. "If he does wake up he's not going to want you to stop is he?” Caitlin slowly rubbed her hand up and down over Andrews cock, slowly making it hard. Caitlin had Andrew at full attention, his cock now strained against his boxers and Caitlin gripped the top of them and slowly pulled them down, she got them down to just under his shaft when he lifted his hips to give her more room. She didn’t seem to notice how Andrew managed to lift his hips whilst asleep. Caitlin grabbed Andrews shaft and began to stroke up and down.

Andrew couldn't believe it, his sister's best friend was giving him a hand job and she thought he was asleep! Andrew couldn't help but let out another moan as Caitlin gripped his balls and rolled them around in her hand. This time however Caitlin was spurred on by the motion and licked from the base of his shaft all the way to the head before engulfing his entire cock in one swift motion. This time Andrew lost control and opened his eyes, Caitlin was on her knees next to the bed, he long brown hair held back by jess, they were both completely naked. Jess and Caitlin were very similar, both were short and had long brown hair, they both were very skinny and only had small breasts but Andrew found this very hot. Jess was watching intently as her friend sucked her brother’s cock, her hand lightly caressing her pussy. Caitlin looked up and saw Andrew with his eyes open and stopped sucking his cock.


“Oh, im sorry did I wake you?” Caitlin said and winked at Andrew, her hand still gripping his cock. “You could’ve just asked you know” Andrew said with a smile. Caitlin just grinned and returned to work, her mouth once again encircling and teasing Andrews rock hard cock. Andrew began matching Caitlin’s bobs with thrusts of his own, forcing even more of his 6 inch cock down her young throat. “Oh fuck Caitlin that feels so good!” Andrew said as Caitlin flicked her tongue back and forth over the head of his cock. Caitlin stopped and looked in Andrews eyes, “your turn!”


 Caitlin climbed atop the bed and straddled Andrews face. Caitlin was clean shaven, her lips were already wet with anticipation from what Andrew was about to do.Andrew grabbed Caitlin’s ass and drove her pussy onto his face, his tongue immediately going to work. He thrust his tongue in her pussy, flicking all over. "Oh fuck Andy that feels so good! Don't stop!" Andrew used one hand to spread Caitlin’s lips and found her clit, he flicked his tongue across it and felt Caitlin's entire body shudder. "Oh Christ that felt so good, make me cum Andy, I wanna cum on your face!" Andrew didn't need any more incentive, he licked up and down across her clit, each pass made Caitlin moan louder and louder. She began to buck her hips, grinding herself deeper onto Andrews face. "Ahhhh Fuck me, I'm Cummings! Ah ah ahhhh" Just at that moment Andrew inserted his finger into Caitlin's ass which made her scream with pleasure. “OH FUUUUUUCKKK!” Andrew rammed his finger in and out of Caitlin’s arse until she stopped shaking. Caitlin rolled over next to Andrew, her juices now covered his face and upper body. "Wow Andy that was amazing!" Andrew didn't get a break though as Jess, who had been fingering herself the whole time climbed atop Andrew. Jess leaned in to Andrew and kissed him, her tongue exploring every once of her brothers mouth “Oh Andy I want you so bad, fuck me big brother, please." Andrew knew it was wrong but Jess was so hot, he grabbed her hips and rolled over so jess was on her back. Adrew looked down at his little sister’s teen body, her pale skin was glistening with beads of sweat, her blue eyes looking lustfully into his. “Please…………”


Andrew positioned himself between Jess’s legs, he rubbed his hand over Jess’s pussy bring a small shudder from jess. He inserted his finger into her pussy, he could tell she was very tight. Andrew slowly pulled his finger out then rammed it in again bringing a squeal from Jess. “Oh god Andy your such a ease, I hate you!” Jess said between moans. Andrew stopped fingering her and moved in closer to give her what she had wanted all this time.


Andrew rubbed his cock up and down Jess's flaps, teasing her, making her want him more. "Please Andy, I can't bear this, fuck me!" Andrew couldn't deny his sister any more. He slowly pushed the head of his cock inside Jess's pussy, as he suspected she was very tight. Andrew thrust his cock all the way, burying his full 6 inches in his sister’s pussy. “Ohhhhh Fuck Andrew you’re so big, fuck me with that big cock!" Andrew pulled out then slammed in again bring a squeal of ecstasy from jess, Andrew began to pound Jess's pussy as fast as he could, his thighs slapping against her ass as she moaned with pleasure. Andrew grabbed Jess’s legs and put them on his shoulders making Jess’s pussy even tighter. Andrew thrust into Jess and her sreams of ecstacy filled the room, “OHHHHH FUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!” Andrew pounded Jess like this until she yeled "Oh god Andy I'm gonna cum, fuck me harder! Fuck!" Andrew felt Jess's pussy begin to tighten which made him even wilder, pulling all the way out them slamming in again. "DON'T STOP! FUUUUCK!!!" Jess arched her back and came, her whole body shaking with pleasure as Andy rammed his cock deep in jess's pussy. "Oh fuck Andrew that was amazing!" Andrew pulled out of jess, his cock dripping with Jess's juices. "Get on your knees and suck my cock jess, I Wanna cum on your dirty little face!" Andrew stood atop the bed as jess climbed onto her knees. "Suck it lil sis!" Jess grabbed Andrews cock and began to lick the head, Andrew let out a moan. Andrew closed his eyes and let the feeling of his sister’s hot mouth and swirling tongue overwhelm him. Andrew could feel the pressure mounting when he got a friendly reminder from Caitlin.  


Caitlin climbed the bed and grabbed Andrews’s balls, rolling them in her palm. “Oh fuck I forgot about you!” Andrew said as Caitlin began to lick his balls. “You can make it up to me, cum on my face!.” Jess looked up and with an evil smile said “You better have enough for both of us!” Hearing his ittle siser talk like this was too much and with her sucking his cock it didn’t take long before Andrew felt his muscles tighten. "oh fuck girls I'm gonna cum!" jess stopped sucking and began pulling him off, jess and Caitlin both had their mouths open wide, Andrew couldn't hold it any more. "OH FUCK! Ahhhhhhh!" Andrew shot load after load of hot cum, it went all over jess and Caitlin’s faces. Andrew looked down, jess and Caitlin were licking the cum of each other, their tongues mingling as they passed Andy’s juices to each other. "Well that was fun wasn't it, big brother?"


My first story, if you like I will write more, please give me some feedback.


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