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Sister's Special Relationship

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My sisters always had a special close relationship with my father. I didn't know the nature of that relationship until one day my father came home from work earlier than expected.

I had gotten home from school and it was a wednesday which meant no one else would be home for at least another two hours. This was my favorite day of the week, because I would be alone for those tow hours I could raid my sisters' lingerie drawers. Today I was after my sister Renee's drawer in particular, I had seen my absolute favorite lingerie of hers come out of the


I first went to my room and stripped off my own clothes leaving my jeans, thirt and boxers laying a heap on the floor. Next I

went down to the bathroom and shaved myself so my legs and chest were clean of hair. I was on the swim team so no one thought

my occasional hair removal activities were too strange, only one of my sisters knew about my shaving my package too, but she kept

the secret.

Then I went across the hall into my sister's room and opened the top drawer of her dresser in anticipation, which was quickly fulfilled.

On top of the whole pile of delicate things in the drawer was the object of my desires. Bikini panties, Bra, Garter Belt, thigh-hi stockings

and half slip all matching, white with red and pink hearts trimmed with black lace. My hard on started just looking at them

in the drawer. I took them out of the drawer and layed them out on the bed. I pulled the panties on first savoring the fulling

as the satin and lace slid of my legs, then cradled my package tight against my body. I had to wiggle my half hard cock around

a little to get everything to fit inside but got everything settled in a minute or two. Next I sat on the edge of the bed and

wadded up the stockings and pulled each over my legs; I love the feeling of my legs in nylons, so smooth and cool against my skin.

Next I fastened on the garter belt and attached it to the stockings. Finally I stodd up and put on the bra and pulled the slip

on over my head. I walked across the room to the mirror, enjoying the feeling of the helm of the slip swishing against the top of

my legs. I was so involved in admiring myself in the mirror and wishing I could fill out the A cup bra just a little, that I had

not heard anyone come into the house. I know a moment later when the door of the room openned, revealing my father...and my

to him in all my cross dressed glory.

"What the fuck are you doing boy...never mind I can see...what the fuck is wrong with you?"

I was struck speechless.

"Oh hell boy, christ fuck...Oh...what the hell am I going to do with you?" My father just stodd them for a minute while

a gapped stupidly. "Well, fine, your gonna dress like a little girlie, your gonna get fucked like a little girlie." With

that my father grabbed my arm and shoved me over to the bed spinning me so I landed across it face down. He then undid

the gater belt clasps from the stockings, then grabbed the waist of the panties and pulled them down around my knees. Next

I felt something cold and wet get splattered on my ass and rubbed in the crack.

"Boy your gonna wanna relax your asshole, or this might hurt a bit...uhm, might hurt anyway"

The next thing I felt was my father's cock sliding into my asshole, then pulling out, pushing back in, over and over.

I was getting ass fucked by my father, strangly once I relax my asshole a little I actually started to enjoy it, it

felt good. I realized that my own cock was rock hard under me and was oozing I could feel a wet patch growing under me.

I wasn't cumming just sort of dribbling cum.

After a couple minutes I heard some one else come into the room.

"Hi Daddy what's going on giving a little to Renee?" said my sister Sara pleasantly

"naw turns out Pete likes to dress like a little girlie, so I'm giving him a good ass raping like a little girlie, remember the

the first time I did it to you?" my dad relied to her as he kept pumping me in the ass.

"You never ass raped me, I always let you do it to me, you must be thinking of Karen. I'm kinda glad you do me in the cunt now though, way better


"Well he's only got the one hole"

Sara laughed.

"So since it seems he's now in on the family fun you think I can suck his dick?"

"Sure why not, I'm just about done with him" My father stated, then grunted, I felt his cock twitching and then felt his cum

pumping into my ass. He pulled out and started walking out of the room. "Be good for Sara now, and if your really good

maybe I'll let you fuck your Mom later" he said as he left.

I laid on the bed for a minute recovering, then rolled over. Sara was standing in the middle of the room naked.

Sara was what you might call a curvy girl, not fat but definaely not a skinny type, wide hips, tiny waist, large tits like

big grapefruits,

very hourglass. She was unshaved on her pussy which I liked actually her having a nice dark furry bush just seemed right.

I was still rock hard from the encounter with my father and if anything the site of my naked sister only

enhanced that state of being.

"So welcome to the family fun brother, dad got his jollies time for you to unload, although looks like

you already did once" Sara said indicating the wet patch from my oozing dick on the bed.

"Naw, I didn't blow a load, just sort oozed"

"Ah, dad milked your prostate, heard about that never seen it, interesting" Sara said as she reach over and pulled

the panties backup my legs, leaving my had cock protruding out over the waist. She then got down on her knees

between my legs and put my cock deep in her mouth. I could fell the head of my cock rubbing the back of her throat

as her tougue tickled and rubbed the underside. She then started rocking just a little so my head moved jsut a little

back and forth on her throat. In my already excited state with the addition of getting my first suck job ever

I have to admit I didn't last long after only a minute or two I was blowing my load with loud groans and "ahs"

down her throat. Sara kept sucking on me as I went flacid, until finally with a last "slurp" so popped my dick

out of her mouth.

"Um, you don't taste bad at all, some guys are funky, your kinda sweet" Sara said "I always wanted

to suck off a guy while he was wearing panties and stockings. I then have him do ever go

down on a girl before?"


"Humm, good then i can teach you to do it the way I like it"

"Um..uh sure only seems fair."

Just then Renee came in to her room.

"Hey, you look better in that outfit than I do, so what's going on?" Asked Renee

"Well seems little brother was trying on your stuff, and dad caught him and gave him a good ass raping.

I just finished sucking him off, he was about to return the favor." Said Sara

"Oh, Cool can I play too, it is my room after all" Renee said and began stripping off her clothes making it

clear it wasn't really a question, really just a statement that she was going to play too.

"Well that seems fair let me see how can we work this oh I know. Pete lay down on the bed on your back"

I turned on the bed so my legs were no longer hanging off, and laid the long way on the bed. As I finished

Renee finished stripping off her clothes giving my a view of my second naked sister of the day. Renee

still had a curvy hourglass figure, but she was slimmer than Sara through the hips. Her breasts

were a little smaller more softball size than like Sara's. The thing about her though that was really hot

was the neatly trimmed red hair that matched the hair on her head, a buzz cut that allowed the lips of

her pussy to show.

Sara got on to the bed on her knees walking up the bed that way until she was straddled over my face.

She then lowered herself over my mouth until her interesting parts were just above my mouth. Meanwhile

Renee had leaned on the bed, I could feel her weight but not actually see her around Sara. She had started

had pulled the panties backup and was rubbing my package through them.

"Ok so I think you can pretty much guess the plan here little brother. Toungue and lips go here." Sara said

taking two fingers and spreading her lips apart to reveal a better view of her inner lips, fuck hole and

clitoris. "But there's more too it, so I'll teach you as we go along"

"Ok" was my simple reply.

Sara started rubbing her inner lips with her fingers.

"Ok, start there with your tougue do what I am doing with my fingers with your lips and tougue"

I watch a bit longer then sealed my lips around Sara's left pussy lip and started sucking in licking it.

"ahhh...good!" she sighed

I changed to the right lip and did the same thing and was rewarded with another "ah". I kept doing this for a

while and Sara's "ahs" got more breathless and higher pitched. Sara reached down and placed a finger in her

clitoris and started rubbing it in circles, this made her start groaning her "ahs". I got the idea and took

over doing this with my tougue while still occasionally using it to lick the lips. She seemed to like that

as I was rewarded with an "oh yeah".

Renee had by now pulled my cock back out and was licking it up and own as it got harder. She eventually

stuck it in her mouth and began sucking on it. This was making me quite hard and I could feel another load

being to build to blow. My cock was starting to twitch as I built toward my orgasm.

"Ah, ah, ah no blowing your load in my mouth" Renee said as she popped my cock out of her mouth "I want

your cock in my pussy when it blows."

Sara was starting to moan hard and loud with my continued attentions to her pussy.

"Oh god yeah, oh lick my cunt you dirty little fag boy, ah,yeah, ah, tongue my hole!" so I did "Oh Yeah, ahhhhhhhhhh"

Sara came a could feel her cunt twitching in my mouth as she orgasmed. Renee has now climbed on the bed and was playing

with my cock teasing it around her wet slippery cunt pushing the head in and out a little. Sara finished with her orgasm

got off of me and now saw Renee Kneeling on the bed playing with my cock then pushing down and ramming me

home inside herself. Since I had already blown one load I was able to control myself and not blow another

as I slid into her. She began rocking back and forth on me. As Renee started fucking me, Sara stepped over

and started carressing Renee's Breasts and making out with her. They did this for a bit then as I felt Renee

starting to twitch around my cock Sara turned around and bent over to start making out with me while I played with

her breasts. Renee reached over with one of her hands and started caressinfg Sara's bottom. We were quite the

incestuous tangle.

"Oh, Oh, OH, Awhhhhh" Renee screamed as she came, I let my orgasm go at the same time and came hard inside of her,

groaning loudly. Then Sara screamed as well, Renee had been finger fucking her it seemed so we were all cumming

together. Once we had all finished screaming and groaning the girls got on the bed and cuddled up on either side

of me.

"Oh god, your a good fuck little brother!" Renee said "I haven't had an orgasm that good in a while"

"Not a bad cunt licker either!" said Sara "next time the other way around"

"Well you both suck a good dick, I gotta say" I said to them.

We spent the rest of the afternoon together playing once we had rested a little. We reversed the

earlier position and fucked Sara while eating out Renee. Sara turned out to be a better fuck

than Renee, way tighter! Renee is a way better cock sucker though. The best part was that I got

ass fuck Renee, and well cunt fucking Sara might be better than cuck fucking Renees, but Ass fuckinging

Renee was the best of all.


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