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Summer With My Cousin

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My name is David Carter. I was 12 when I first started going to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for a couple of weeks during the summer. I would go there each summer as a sort of vacation. I would get to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle, and my five cousins too. I was older than all my cousins, so obviously they all looked up to me as an older brother. My two oldest cousins, Dallas and Alex, were two and three years behind me in age, respectively. The three of us spent the most time together since we all were the closest in age, and the younger ones would mostly do their own thing. I always viewed Dallas and Alex as though they were sisters and with that, I never really thought much about their attractiveness, that is, until the summer I went to visit when I was 17.


I hadn’t seen Dallas in almost a year. She was 14 at that time, and she was still a short little nerdy girl at the time. When I arrived at my Aunt and Uncle’s house that summer though, I saw that Dallas had developed quite a bit since the last summer I had visited. She was 15 now, a freshman in high school, and had grown to 5’ 7”. She had some of the most incredible legs that I had ever seen on a girl. She was in great shape, most likely because of all the sports teams that she participated in. Her hair, which had once been bright bleach blonde had started to become more of a dirty blonde, but her eyes, they were just as blue as ever. Her breasts has begun to develop too, and I would say they were somewhere around the size of a b-cup.


When entering into my Aunt and Uncle’s house upon arrival and seeing her and the rest of my cousins, we all exchanged hugs and kisses before getting all reacquainted and caught up with what all had transpired over the past year. One big piece of news that I discovered was that my Aunt and Uncle had gotten a pool installed in their back yard earlier that spring, including a decent sized pool house that had a bathroom, a kitchenette, and a small little living room with a couch, a table and a few chairs.


The next day Dallas, Alex, and I all decided to go out for a swim together. We were having fun playing around for a couple hours when things had finally begun to wind down.


Alex turned to the both of us and said: “I’m starting to get cold, I think I’m gonna head in now and get dried off. I’ll see you guys a little later.”


And with that, Dallas and I were left alone. Her and I chatted back and forth for a while about normal stuff, but soon the conversation began to take a little turn. It started off with her asking if I had a girlfriend yet. I did. My girlfriend, Megan, and I had been dating for a couple months before I went to my Aunt and Uncle’s. This seemed to intrigue Dallas some. She began asking me questions about my relationship, starting off simple. How many dates had we been on? Where all did we go on dates? Was she a good kisser? Things like that. There was a short hiatus, and then she moved in closer to me and said, almost in a whisper: “Have you two had sex?” With that, I could feel myself beginning to blush a bit, and I replied “What do you think?” She smiled and said “If I had a boyfriend that looked like you, you bet I’d be doing some fucking.” My jaw dropped, I couldn’t believe the words I just heard come out of my little cousin’s mouth!


She was right though; I would consider myself quite a looker. I was 5’11’’ and 180 pounds of nearly all muscle. I had short cut brown hair, and dark brown eyes. I was in my junior year of high school, and I was a starter on both my school’s football and basketball team. During the spring I ran track, and I played recreational soccer during the summer, so I was always active. On top of that, I lifted weights nearly every day in our home gym, so I was pretty ripped at the time. The only thing I had yet to acquire was a six-pack, but I was working on it.


After regaining some of my composure, I looked to Dallas and said: “I take it you’re interested…?”


“Maybe this will be enough of a clue for you.” She responded, while moving in closer to me.


She reached one hand onto the waist of my swimming trunks and pulled them forward, and with the other hand she reached down and grabbed my cock, which by now was already getting semi-hard.


I did a quick glance around to make sure that no one else was around and looking before focusing my attention back to her. I reached my hand up to the back of her neck and drew her in for a kiss. After our lips parted, she removed her hand from my shorts and said “Let’s go into the pool-house.” I immediately followed.


We went inside, and as soon as I was in, she closed the door and pulled down the window shade. She grabbed my hand and led me over to the small couch, turned me around so my back was facing it, and forced me down on top of it. She looked down at my crotch, which by now was bulging with my fully erect 7 ½” dick. She began to use the palm of her hand to rub up and down the shaft of my dick from the outside of my shorts while she was kissing my chest and abs all over. Soon I let out a small sigh of pleasure, which caused her to look up at me and smile. She untied my swim trunks, and slid them slowly off of me while staring into my eyes the who time. Once they were off, she looked down at my cock and said: “Yours is the biggest I’ve seen yet. All of the guys that I’ve seen so far were much smaller.” I let out a small devilish grin, and with that, she took my dick in hand, moved her mouth down onto the head of my penis, and began giving me the best blow job that I had ever received in my life. I began breathing heavier and started to thrust my pelvis along in motion to her bobbing head. I was in pure heaven. Once I began feeling that I might cum, I reached my hand down to the side of her head, and drew her face up to mine. Grabbing the sides of her face with both hands, I gave her a deep long kiss, feeding my tongue into her mouth to soak up every taste of her. Slowly, I began to thrust my dick underneath her crotch which was still covered by her damp bathing suit. As we continued making out there on the couch, I began to move my hands all over her body. I slid my right hand down to her thigh and pulled her leg up close to my side before retreating my hand up to her hot, tight ass. I started to move my other hand up and down her side, in slow elongated movements from her waist, up to her breasts, and back down again. Once she began to start grinding her entire body against mine, I put both my hands on her thin waist and slowly moved them up to her breasts, cupping them. I then began massaging her breasts through her bikini top, giving special attention to her nipples, which by now were extremely hard. After a few minutes, she broke off a kiss, and slowly stood up beside the couch. She reached her hands behind her back, and undid the strings that held her top on, and let it fall to the ground. He breasts were stunning. Perfectly round and firm. As I laid there marveling, she reached her hands down to her bikini bottom, and slowly removed it to reveal her neatly shaved pussy, as pink and tight as could be. I sat there staring in disbelief that this was happening as she threw one leg over me and straddled me, cowgirl style. She leaned forward, moving her hand back to my cock, and started to slide the head of my penis up and down along her clit and pussy. After a couple strokes, she lined my cock up with the opening of her vagina and rocked herself back on top of my throbbing cock, slowly taking it in. Oh god, she was so incredibly tight. The feeling was incredible. She continued to rock herself back and forth, sliding herself up and down my dick, her speed and intensity starting to grow. I grabbed her waist, and began thrusting along with her movements. She threw her head back and began to moan, quietly at first, but as we kept going, her moaning became louder and louder with each passing moment. After a few minutes, her skin began to flush, and her breathing became sharp and shallow. She let her head fall down and hang as we kept going, and said “I think I’m going to cum, oh god! Yes! Harder!... Harder! Please, god! YES!” Her body began to shake and quiver, and I knew she was almost there. I started thrusting deeper, harder, and faster; and within another minute she was cumming, he body shaking all over, spraying her sweet juices all over my cock, legs, and body.


She laid her body down on mine, put her chin on my chest, looked up at my face and whispered: “That was incredible…” I smiled at her and replied “Oh, we aren’t done yet.”


I flipped her over so that she was now the one laying on the couch, and me on top with all of the control. I moved my hand down to her pussy, and began to finger her with two of my fingers. At the same time, I started to kiss her breasts, and soon started my attention to her nipples, slowly sweeping them with my tongue, and nibbling them with my lips. She closed her eyes and began to arch her back, while slowly beginning to squirm. I began to move my kisses lower down her body now. Working my way down to her clit. Once there, I began slowly circling my tongue around her pussy before getting my entire mouth involved to start gently sucking her clit. Dallas let out a quiet whimper as she was rubbing her breasts together between her hands and arms. Once I decided she was ready, I moved my cock up to her pussy and moved it into her, going slowly at first, but gaining speed as I went. She wrapped her legs around me as I went, going faster, harder, and deeper. The minutes began to pass, and her and I were both now moaning in incredible pleasure. Soon I could feel myself getting to the point of coming. I leaned in and wrapped my arms around her, begin to thrust even harder now. Sweat was glistening on our skin, we were locked in incredible pleasure. Sex had never felt this good before. I was cumming, and gave one hard thrust with each wave of ecstasy that coursed through my body. I stood up, pulling out of her, with my cock dripping in my own cum. Dallas got down on her knees in front of me and began to lick every last drop of cum from my still throbbing cock. I smiled as I watched her enjoy every last taste she could get, sliding her tongue all over the head, and up and down my shaft. And to think, this was only day two….


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