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uncle and his hot teen neice

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My niece, Rachel, and I had spent many
months teasing each other. My hands would gaze her ass, her tits
would brush up against my arm, or somehow my erection would find
itself between the crevice of her pert ass. Over time, it slowly grew
from small comments of how nice her bikini hugged her large tits or
how hard my cock was as we watched HBO to outright verbal knowledge
of her going down on her boyfriend or me making a woman scream that I
had brought home from a party.

I would often find myself, dick in
hand, fanticizing my young niece and her sexy full lips or the way
her ass bounced in her string bikini (which she wore in front of me
whenever she had the chance). I thought of her rounded large tits as
I fucked my wife and picture her deep throating my cock as I fucked
other women I'd bring home when my wife was on a business trip or had
gone home with another man. When I fucked these random women, I made
sure to bring them back to the house and leave the door open so that
their moaning and, at times, screaming, was able to be heard
throughout the house. I wanted my niece to know the powerful lover I
was. The way I could teach her how to fully please a man once I
finally got her naked and willing to fuck me.

My niece was well-known throughout the
town as a slut. Most of the extraordinary rumors were false, I'm
sure, but there were a few that I hoped had been true. The one about
her sucking off six members of the soccer team after they won the
state final was my favorite. I envisioned her on her knees before six
well-endowed teenage boys, going from one cock to the next, making
sure each was satisfied as they emptied their spooge onto her tits.
The other was the rumor that she had fully satisfied Mr. Arling after
he had come home early to relieve her of her babysitting duties.
Rumor had it, he had entered the living room as she was loudly
pleasuring herself and quickly took over, replacing her hand with his
erect cock. I hadn't enough guts to ask my friend if this was true,
but I would love to hear the story of how it happened. I had also
heard that for months now she had been fooling around with my other
niece, Kaitlyn. I knew Kaitlyn and her often spent the night together
and late into the night I'd hear giggling and moving but nothing more
than what ordinary teenage girls do but I had heard last weekend at
my poker game that she and Kaitlyn had been fooling around for some
time now. Even before I heard that rumor, I had been romanticizing
about the two of them eating each other's pussies, fingering one
another in the shower, and using sex toys to bring each other to
orgasm. The thought of this actually being true made my cock fill
with lust.

On a soft spring night in April, I
returned to my house with a family friend I had been fucked several
times now. She was a kinky slut and preferred to have two men at
once. The first night I fucked her, I had met her and her husband in
a swingers club and they instantly picked me out as the one they
wanted to take home. They took me back to their place and they
treated me like an honored guest. I fucked her pussy as her husband
took over her mouth and enjoyed several orgasms that night one coming
early the next morning in the hallway, the husband on his knees in
front of my awaiting cock.

I brought the woman into the kitchen,
making out with her and grabbing her ass as we went. My niece was
fixing herself a snack. She was wearing my favorite outfit, a white
tank top exposing most of her young tits and a pair of innocent white
panties. I had always imagined accidentally getting this nighttime
outfit wet, making all of her assets visible in its wetness. I pushed
Kelly against the counter next to my teenage niece and lifted her
short dress. I stuck my hands in the back of her underwear, pressing
my erection up against her pubic area and locked eyes with my curious
niece. She grew embarrassed and quickly turned away, taking her
sandwich into the living room but well within earshot to hear the fun
that was going on.

As I went down on Kelly, I thought of
my niece. Her hand in her tiny white panties or her tank top,
pleasing herself while listening to me fuck this stranger. As Kelly
went down on me, I made sure to vocalize my appreciation of her but
also pretended it was my sweet little niece's mouth doing the

“suck it, you little slut.” I said
as I wove my hands into her hair, guiding her head to my cock.

“deep throat, baby, deep throat.” I
coaxed her

Far before coming, I pulled her mouth
off my cock and pulled her to her feet. I guided her towards the
kitchen table and placed my hand on the back of her neck, pushing her
to bend over. I knew the kitchen table was in direct line with the
couch, giving my niece perfect visibility of me fucking this

My cock swiftly found her hole and I
mounted her wet pussy with a full groan. As I entered her, I made
contact with Rachel who had a sandwich in her right hand and was
attempting to discretely please herself with the other. The woman
came quickly and did so with many expressions of how much she loved
my cock. I held Rachel's gaze the whole time I pumped this woman and
finally uneventfully climaxed, knowing the pussy I really wanted was
sitting in the living room watching us fuck.

Luckily, her husband was waiting back
home and as I put on my boxers, she smoothed her wrinkled appearance
and was swiftly out the door.

I sauntered into the living room and
took off my shirt, the only article of clothing left on my body. My
adorable fourteen-year-old niece sat unassumingly, as if I hadn't
just been fucking a woman in the kitchen.

“Did you like that?” I asked, my
voice deep with lustful thoughts of biting her nipples, licking her
cute little asshole, and feeling her pussy lips on the tip of my

“Like what?” she asked coyly.

I chuckled an evil chuckle and stood
over my young niece, cock growing harder as the moments passed. I
placed my hand on the top of her head and ran my fingers through her
soft hair.

“You know what I'm talking about. Did
you like watching me fuck Kelly?”

“I hadn't noticed.” she remarked in
a flippant teenage tone.

“Lying bitch.” I said, my normally
kind demeanor replaced by my need to dominate this young slut. My
hand gripped the back of hair and I pulled her mouth towards my half
erect cock.

“Suck me.” I said, my hand on my
dick, guiding it towards her tiny lips. A sly smile crossed her face
as the tip of my penis grazed her bottom lip. She stuck her pink
tongue out and flicked it at the end of my dick.

“What if I don't want to?” she
teased and looked up at me with her big green eyes.

“I'll make you” I slowly growled,
letting her know how the night would be played out if she didn't
submit to my authority.

She giggled. “that sounds like fun.”
she placed the head of my dick between her lips, my hand still
holding the shaft, and softly sucked once or twice. I closed my eyes
and let up on her hair out of pure ecstasy.

All of a sudden, she wiggle from my
grip and took off down the hall, pulling her tank top off over her
head. She was giggling voraciously. “Catch me if you can, Uncle

I was blinded by my anger and lust and
took off down the hall after her. She ran into the guest room and
slammed the door behind her, putting all her weight on the door but
not locking it.

She began to tease me. “Oh Paul, fuck
me, fuck me. Your cock is so big and awesome. Fuck me with it.” She
was impersonating Kelly and the way she verbally gushed over my dick.

Finally, I overpowered the teenager and
busted into the room. She fell with a hard thud on the tile floor and
in an instant I was standing over her, grabbing her hair and pulling
her face towards my fully erect cock. I couldn't wait to feel her
tight lips fucking my cock. I pushed her head, not giving her a
moment's breath, onto my erection. Over and over I fucked her pretty
little face, not paying attention to anything but the ecstasy of
forcing my fourteen-year-old niece's face onto my dick. I was about
to cum when I realized I wanted to feel her pussy, there'd be plenty
of more time to cum down her throat. I pushed her back onto the cold
tile floor and climbed between her skinny legs.

“Now I'm gonna fuck you, you dirty
bitch.” and guided my dick to her teen opening. She gasped when I
entered her and let out a great moan. I could tell she loved my
forcefulness, a submissive to the core was my teenage niece. I held
down her arms and began pumping in and out of her soaking pussy. The
longer I moved between her legs, the harder I pounded her. The
slapping of our bodies was loud along with her sultry moans.

“Uncle Paul. Uncle Paul. Yes, fuck
me. You're so good. Fuck my little pussy.”

I didn't want to hold onto my cum any
longer, I pumped faster and faster, harder and harder until I
released all my juice into my niece's soft pussy.

After I was spent, I laid there for a
few moments, letting my cock grow flaccid. I pulled myself out of her
and stood up. I reached down and peeled the teenager from the floor.

“Go clean up,” I demanded, “The
night has just begun”

As I showered her, I thought of all my
niece's other body parts I wanted to cum in and on. Soon my dick was
hard again and our playing lasted well until the next morning.

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