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Walker Family Fun Part 06

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My name is Susan Walker and I am a beautiful forty year old married woman with two kids. Jack is my husband, Tommy is my twenty two year old son and Krissy is my twenty one year old daughter. Krissy still lives at home, but Tommy rents a house with five roommates while he is attending the University. It has been three weeks since he was home, so I am driving up to see him tomorrow morning. Krissy wanted to come with me, but I have other plans for her. She has been begging me for permission to let her have sex with her father, so I decided this would give her a chance to be alone with him for a few days. I figure it is just a matter of time before she does it anyway without asking, because her advances towards him are becoming more frequent and obvious. A week ago I caught them kissing the garage. Krissy was topless and she had her hand down the front of Jack's swimming trunks. Then yesterday, she gets home from shopping and comes into the kitchen where Jack and I are having a drink together. She is excited about the new blouse she just bought and takes it out of the plastic bag and shows it to us. I suggest that she go upstairs and put it on, then come back down and model it for us. Instead, she quickly pulls her T-shirt over her head and tosses it on the kitchen counter.

She is now naked from the waist up. I notice Jack appears to be a little nervous, and he avoids looking at his daughter's pert, young breasts. Krissy gets a pair of scissors to cut the price tag off, then sits on the kitchen table next to Jack while she prepares the blouse to put it on. She just casually sits there topless while we have conversation. Her breasts must be less than a foot from Jack's face so it is pretty hard for him to not stare at them. Krissy finally gets the tags cut off, then stands up and slips her arms into the sleeves. She looks directly at her father while she slowly closes the front and buttons it up. She smiles at him, then looks over at me and says "So, how do you like it Mom?" I tell her the blouse looks terrific on her, and the thin fabric really shows off her cute little breasts. She turns back towards her father, then says "Daddy, can you see my nipples through my new blouse?" Jack stares at her breasts for a few seconds, then says "Maybe you should wear a bra, because I can see them perfectly." Krissy giggles a few seconds, then unbuttons her new blouse and takes it off. She walks topless to the refrigerator, gets a bottle of water, then comes over and sits at the table with us. Jack tries to avert his eyes from his daughters naked little breasts, but he steals glances now and then. We continue to have conversation for a few minutes then Krissy runs upstairs to put on her bikini.

Anyway, that is what happened yesterday. Today, I am going to tell Jack this morning to make Krissy's fantasy come true by giving her a good fucking like she wants. Besides, I love my husband dearly, but our sex life over the past few years has diminished quite a bit. Maybe having Krissy sleep with us on occasion will bring some life back into it. I just got up from bed a few minutes ago, and I'm packing a big suitcase to take with me tomorrow morning. I pull open the dresser drawer that holds my nylons, panties and bras, then quickly close it because I won't be needing any of those items. After a few minutes the suitcase is full of skirts, blouses, T-shirts and shorts, so I start zipping the top of it together. Suddenly, I remember that I did not pack any of my bikinis. I open the drawer, grab five or six of them and stuff them inside the suitcase, then run the zipper the rest of the way around. It is still early in the morning and I have not put on any clothes yet. I walk over to the full length mirror and brush my hair while I admire my naked body. I run my hand up and down my pussy a few times, then decide I better shave this morning because my son likes me to be perfectly smooth. I really don't care what my husband thinks because he just fucks me, then rolls over and goes to sleep. He has not had his face between my legs in probably five or six years.

I put the hair brush down, then turn sideways to the mirror. It is amazing that my stomach is still perfectly flat at the age of forty and having two children. I want to spend more time looking at myself but I leave my bedroom and walk naked down the hallway to get Krissy so we can take a shower together. When I enter her room, she is sitting on the edge of the bed and is getting ready to stand up. I quickly walk over in front of her, then ask if she thinks it is necessary for me to shave this morning. She runs her fingers up and down my pussy, then looks up at me and says "Well, it feels okay to me, but Tommy likes us to be really smooth. I will shave it for you before we take our shower." Krissy is lucky because she is relatively young yet, and the hairs on her pussy grow slowly and are very soft. On the other hand, I need to shave every couple of months to keep it smooth. Krissy continues playing with my pussy for a minute or so, then she slides her hands around my hips and gently grasps my ass cheeks. She squeezes them a few times then looks up at me and says "Mom, lean over and give me our morning kiss." Krissy keeps hold of my ass checks while we tongue kiss each other for a while, then I stand up straight. Suddenly, she pulls me closer to her and sticks her tongue into my belly button!

Oh, how I love it when she does this! I get a tingling sensation in my pussy that travels down my inner thighs and goes all the way to my toes! Krissy swirls her tongue around for a few seconds while I softly moan, then she releases her grip from my ass cheeks and runs her hands up to my breasts. She gently fondles them for a few moments, then slides her hands down to my hips and makes me turn around. She loves looking at my long blond hair cascading down my naked backside while she kisses my ass cheeks. I think that is what she is going to do, but she suddenly pulls my cheeks apart and sticks her tongue in my asshole! Oh my God it feels good! I immediately bend over and put my hands on my knees so Krissy can spread my white cheeks further apart. Krissy keeps plunging her tongue inside me while I softly moan for the next few minutes. Then, she abruptly stops and slaps my ass! I turn around to face her, put my hands on my hips, then say "Nice daughter you are! You get me half way to an orgasm then you stop!" Krissy replies "I will finish you off in the shower after I shave your pussy. Then, you have to do me!"

I smile at her, then take her hand and we walk naked down the hallway to the big shower room. I immediately sit down on the wood bench and lean against the tile wall while Krissy gets a "Lady Razor" and shaving cream. She gets down on her knees between my legs, then pushes them further apart so my pussy is completely exposed to her. She squirts some shaving cream into her hand and smooths it around between my legs. I can tell by the look on her face that she is really enjoying herself as she moves her soapy hand up and down my pussy. Suddenly, Krissy pushes two of her slender fingers inside me and begins moving them in and out! She does this for a few seconds, then puts three of her fingers in! I start moaning as my daughter looks up into my eyes and says "Gosh Mom, my three fingers slid right inside you! I wonder if I can get all four of them in there!" Without waiting for a reply from me, she shoves all four of her fingers inside me! The sensation takes my breath away and I have to gasp for air.

I take a couple of deep breaths, then she slowly starts moving them in and out of me. After about a minute she says "I wonder if I can put my whole hand inside you!" My heart is racing and I am breathing so quickly and deeply that I cannot respond to her. Suddenly, Krissy shoves her entire fist inside me! Oh my God, a shockwave of pleasure shoots through my entire body and I start seeing hundreds of blinking little stars in front of my eyes! My hips raise off the wooden bench as my determined daughter tries to get her fist even further inside me! Suddenly, I hear my husband's cellular phone ring! He must be right at the bottom of the stairs because I can hear him tell someone that he is going to take a shower and call them back. I quickly reach between my legs, grab Krissy's wrist and pull her hand out of me. Then, I jump up and close the bathroom door. Two seconds later my husband jiggles the door handle, so I raise my voice and say "Honey, Krissy and I are busy shaving! Use the master bathroom then meet us down by the swimming pool in thirty minutes! We have a surprise for you!"

A half hour later, the three of us are sitting in lounge chairs next to the pool enjoying some ice cold lemonade. Krissy finishes her drink, then stands up and casually takes off her bikini top and bottom. Jack does not take his eyes off his naked daughter as she walks over to the pool and steps down into the shallow area. Jack and I watch her float around for a few minutes, then he says to me "What is up with Krissy swimming naked? She has never done this before." It takes me a few seconds to think of a good story, then I tell him "Krissy came up to me yesterday and said she wants to confide in me about some personal feelings that are on her mind. She told me that she desperately wants to have sex with all the members of our family, so I told her she can start with me. She immediately started kissing me, then after a few minutes we got undressed and had sex on the living room floor. After we were done, she told me she is fascinated with your big cock and wants to see if it will fit inside her tight little pussy. This morning I told her that I will ask you if you if would like to fuck her. She is swimming naked because she wants to flaunt her sexy young body around to influence your decision.

Jack looks at me with disbelief, then says "You can have sex with her as many times as you want, but I am not going to fuck my daughter! Jesus Christ Susan, that is called incest!" I pause for a second, then say "As long as you pull your cock out of her before you ejaculate your sperm, then incest is not an issue!" He stares at me for a few seconds then says "That is a bunch of crap Susan! I can't fuck my daughter, then pull my cock out of her at the last second and pretend it's not incest!" We stop talking as Krissy swims to the pool ladder, then grabs the rails and pulls her perfect little naked body out of the water. She walks over to the patio table, gets a towel, then comes over and stands in front of her father while she dries herself off. Jack seems a bit nervous and attempts to not look directly at his naked daughter while she tells him how refreshing her swim was. After a few moments, she spreads out the beach towel in front of us, then gets down on her stomach and props herself up on her elbows.

I ask Krissy if she would like her father to apply suntan oil on her back. She smiles at me, then says to her father "Daddy, please come over and put some suntan oil on me! The sun is really hot and I don't want to burn!" Jack immediately replies to her "I'm sorry honey, but that would be inappropriate for a father to put suntan oil on his naked daughter's body." I am getting pissed off because of his reluctance to make his daughter's wish come true, so I say to him "She just wants you to put suntan oil on her! It is a very innocent gesture on your part! Now, get out of your fucking chair and help her!" Jack slowly gets to his feet, then takes a few steps and sits down next to his daughter. I am really happy now as he takes the suntan oil bottle and squirts some on Krissy's back.

Jack hesitates for a few seconds, then puts one of his hands on his daughter's back and begins to rub the oil around. Krissy starts moaning softly, then tells her father to move his hand down further to make sure her white ass cheeks are protected from the harsh rays of the sun. My husband just sits there for a few moments, then he looks over at me. I tell him "Jesus Christ Jack, you are not fucking her! Just squirt some oil on her ass and rub it around so she won't get burned!" Jack does what I tell him to do, then after a few seconds Krissy says "Daddy, your cock is peeking through the bottom of your swimsuit, and it's big and hard!" My plan is working, so I quickly stand up, take off my bikini and tell Krissy to turn over on her back so her father can put suntan oil on the front of her. Krissy turns over and I lay down next to her. I know that men get excited watching girls kissing, so I lean towards my daughter and start tongue kissing her while I fondle her young little breasts.

Jack starts playing with his cock through the material of his swimming trunks for a while, then he suddenly pulls them off and starts stroking it back and forth! I am very pleased with his behavior and tell him to put some suntan oil on Krissy. He squirts some on her hard nipples, stomach, and between her legs, then starts running his big hands all over her petite body. Krissy moans softly and lays motionless for a while, then she reaches over and starts playing her father's cock. A few seconds later, Jack slides his hand down to Krissy's pussy and pushes two fingers inside her. I let them masturbate each other for a few minutes, then I tell Jack to get between her legs and push his cock into his daughter's tight little pussy!

He immediately climbs between Krissy's legs and I take a good look at his cock. My God, it is bigger and harder than I have ever seen it! It is pulsating and the veins of the shaft are bulging from the huge amount of blood being carried to the engorged purple head! Krissy raises herself up on her elbows, then grabs her father's cock and moves it up and down her pussy lips a few times. She has a concerned look on her face, then says to him "Daddy! I think your cock may be too large for my little girl! Let's do this another time when you are not so excited!" Suddenly, Jack thrusts his hips forward and his huge cock plunges three or four inches inside her! Krissy immediately screams "Pull it out Daddy! It's too big!" Jack pauses for a few seconds, then he slowly starts backing his cock out. Just when I think the purple head of his cock is going to pop into view, he shoves it back in again! He strains every muscle in his body trying to get the entire length of his cock inside his daughter's little pussy! Krissy thrashes around and tries to get out from underneath him, but he grabs her wrists and holds her down. After a few more thrusts of his hips, he is satisfied his cock is all the way in her and pauses for a few seconds. Krissy suddenly relaxes, then looks over at me and says "Thanks Mom for helping my dream come true!"

Tears start running down her face, then she looks up into her father's handsome eyes and says "I'm sorry for struggling with you Daddy! It's just that I have never had a cock as big as yours inside me before! It hurt at first, but now I am okay!" While Krissy continues to talk, Jack slowly moves his cock in and out of her. After about a minute, he speeds up and is really giving her pussy a workout! Krissy is moaning loudly and tossing her head back and forth while she screams "Please don't stop Daddy! Keep fucking me! I am going to orgasm any second now!" Jack continues to fuck her for another couple of minutes, then he suddenly stops. Krissy looks up into her father's eyes and says "Oh Daddy, I can feel your cock pumping sperm inside me! You have made me so happy!" Jack rests on his elbows for a few moments, then says "Krissy, this has to be a secret between the three of us! We cannot tell anyone what happened here today!" I notice that while they are talking, Jack starts moving his cock in and out of Krissy's pussy again.

He starts speeding up, then Krissy puts her legs up in the air and they dance wildly around. Jack is fucking the hell out of her! He continues pounding her young pussy for another five minutes, then suddenly stops. Krissy's legs immediately drop down to the tile floor, and she becomes motionless while her father shoots another load of sperm inside her. Jack is exhausted, so he rests on his elbows for a couple of minutes, then pulls his cock out of her and stands up. Krissy looks over at me and says "Mom, is it okay with you if I sleep with Daddy every night while you are gone visiting Tommy?" I smile at her and say "Honey, from now on, you can fuck him anytime you want!"

The three of us spend the rest of the afternoon naked while we swim in the pool and lounge around. When it gets to be about seven o'clock, Jack fires up the grill to cook some steaks while Krissy and I prepare a green salad with ranch dressing. After dinner we retire indoors to watch some television for a couple of hours before we go to bed. All three of us walk naked to the living room and sit down on our big couch. I am sitting between Krissy and Jack for a while, then Krissy whispers in my ear that she wants to change places with me. I tell her okay, so she stands up while I move over, then she sits back down between her father and myself. After a few minutes I notice Krissy's right hand slowly moving up and down Jack's thigh. Then, she looks at him and says "Daddy, can I play with your cock while we watch television?" Jack replies "It's okay with me honey, but you better get permission from your Mom." Krissy looks over at me and I tell her "Okay, but remember that older men recover more slowly then younger guys like your brother. His cock may not get hard because he ejaculated inside you twice a couple of hours ago." Jack immediately says "Susan, has Krissy and Tommy been having sex together?" Krissy comes to my rescue by saying "Daddy, we did it just a few times while he was home from college! I told Mom about it, and she made me promise that we will never do that again!" Krissy puts her fingers around her fathers limp cock and starts stroking it up and down. He forgets about questioning Krissy about having sex with her brother, and within just a few seconds his cock is hard.

After a couple of minutes, Krissy leans down and swirls her tongue around the head of her father's cock while she continues stroking the shaft up and down. Suddenly, she sits back up and says "Daddy, is that okay with you if I suck your cock for a few minutes? I promise I will not do it for very long because I don't want to bother you! Please Daddy, let me suck your cock for a while!" He immediately gives her permission, so she jumps off the couch and gets on her knees between his legs. She opens her mouth as wide as she can then lowers her head down. I watch as my husband's cock head pushes her lips apart and begins moving past her teeth. She gets about two inches inside her mouth, then gags a little bit and pulls her head back. She smiles at her father, then opens her mouth and does it again! She gets three inches inside her this time, then stops. She keeps her father's cock in her mouth for about ten seconds, then starts gagging and leans back.

Krissy keeps doing this over and over again for the next ten minutes, then suddenly crawls over to the middle of the living room and gets on her hands and knees. She swishes her long blond hair away from her face, then looks over at her father and says "Daddy, please come over here and fuck me doggie style! It would make me happy if you would! Please Daddy!" Jack looks towards me for a second, so I smile at him, then he gets down on his knees behind her. He spends a few moments running his hands all over his daughter's naked body while she moans softly. Then, he positions his cock at her pussy entrance and thrusts his hips forward. It slides in more easily this time and within a few seconds he is giving her a good fuck. After two or three minutes, Krissy looks over her shoulder at her father and says "Daddy, pull on my hair and slap my ass really hard a few times!" Jack immediately grabs her long blond hair with his left hand, yanks her head backwards and begins slapping her white ass cheeks with the other. After about five minutes he lets go of her hair, then grabs her hips and begins violently ramming his cock into her tight little pussy. He fucks the hell out of her for the next thirty seconds, then suddenly stops. Krissy becomes silent and motionless so she can feel her father's cock ejaculating inside her. After a few moments, Krissy looks over her shoulder at her father and says "Oh Daddy, it makes my little girl feel so good when you pump warm sperm inside her!" Jack rests for a minute, then pulls his cock out of his daughter's pussy and stands up.

He reaches down and helps Krissy to her feet, then she puts her arms around him and says "I love you Daddy!" They begin kissing each other and I am shocked to see my husband's cock is still hard! Krissy wraps her fingers around it and says "Daddy, do you want to fuck me again?" Jack immediately replies "Only if you want me to. We can wait until tomorrow if your little girl is getting tired." Krissy looks towards me and says "Mom, remember the other night when we had sex on the front lawn? Lets all three of us do it together this time!" I tell her that sounds like a great idea, then instruct her to go outside with her father while I get a couple of big beach towels. Krissy grabs hold of her father's cock and leads him out the front door while I run out to the pool area a grab some towels. On the way back through the house, I pick my digital camera, then run out the front door. Even though it is evening time, there is quite a bit of ambient light from the full moon and street lamps. I quickly walk over to the middle of the front yard, spread out the towels, then take my digital camera and start snapping pictures of my husband and daughter standing up while they tongue kiss.

I really don't need the camera flash lighting up the whole yard each time I take a picture because there is enough light, but I don't want to take the time to figure out how to turn it off. I take a couple more photos, then tell Krissy to get down on her knees in front of her father and put her arms down along her sides. Jack immediately grabs his cock and begins slowly pushing it into her mouth. I tell him to stop for a second, then I take another couple of photos. Just after the head of his cock pops past her lips, I tell both of them to look over at the camera. I take some more photos, then give them permission to go ahead and do whatever they want. Jack immediately grabs the back of his daughter's head with both hands and begins fucking her face. Krissy starts gagging, so he lets go of her, and she slumps backwards onto the beach towel. She takes a few deep breaths, then gets back on her knees so her father can shove his cock back in her mouth again! Jack fucks her face for a few seconds, then Krissy starts gagging again. She pushes her father away from her, then lays down flat on her back and raises up her knees. Jack gets between her legs and Krissy grabs his cock to guide it into her pussy. I tell them to stop for a second while so I can get a few more photos, then instruct Krissy to rub her father's cock up and down her pussy lips a few times. After I take a few more shots, I tell Jack to push his hips forward very slowly so I can get a series of photos as his cock slides inside her. I snap a few more shots, then tell them the photo session is over and they can do whatever they want.

Suddenly, I hear someone say "Susan, oh Susan!". I am somewhat startled for a few seconds, but then I recognize the voice. I turn around to face the street and notice my neighbors Monica and Mike walking towards us. Monica is topless and Mike is wearing a pair of swimming trunks. I shout at them to come over and visit with us. My husband immediately starts freaking out! He pulls his cock out of Krissy and tries to stand up, but she wraps her legs around his waist and tells him to calm down. He struggles to push her legs away from him while Krissy says "Daddy, they have already seen us fucking! If you get up right now, they will think you are guilty of something! Just relax and quickly think of an explanation why we are having sex while Mom takes pictures of us!" Jack pauses for a few seconds, then Krissy reaches between his legs and guides his cock back inside her.

When Monica gets up to me, we immediately embrace and begin tongue kissing. Mike watches my husband fuck Krissy for a few moments, then says "So Jack, how's everything been going lately?" Jack keeps fucking Krissy and says "Please Mike, don't tell anyone about Krissy and myself! She pleaded with me to teach her about sex, so I am just giving her a lesson! This is a one time deal, and we are never going to do this again!" Mike immediately replies "Don't worry about a fucking thing Jack! My wife and I love your family and appreciate you sharing your secrets with us. It is because of your wife's stories and her weekly visit over our house, that has kept our sex life more interesting and fun!" Monica, Mike and I watch my husband plunging his cock into his daughter's young pussy for the next five minutes, then suddenly he suddenly pulls his cock out and ejaculates onto her lower stomach. Jack is exhausted from fucking his daughter for the fourth time today, so he rolls off her, then lays down flat on his back and closes his eyes.

I think Krissy has had enough, so I reach down to help her get to her feet. She pushes my hand away, then says "Mom, could I have another lesson about sex? Maybe Monica or Mike would like to teach me some more!" Monica immediately raises her hand and says "I will go first if it's okay with your Mother!" Monica looks at me for a few seconds while waiting for my decision, then I suddenly push her bikini bottoms down to her ankles. She gives a squeal of delight, then climbs on top of Krissy and begins tongue kissing her. Krissy starts moaning softly as Monica kisses her neck, then works her way down to Krissy's hard nipples and begins sucking on them. After about a minute, Monica leans back on her knees, then buries her face in Krissy's pussy. I am getting horny hell from being naked all day long and watching other people fuck! I pull Mike's swimming trunks down to his ankles, then get down to my knees and start sucking his cock! After a few seconds, I pull my head back and say to my husband "Jack, get up an take pictures of me sucking Mike's cock! I need some more photos to put on the internet!"

After a couple of minutes, I lay down on my back and pull Mike on top of me. I reach between his legs to guide his cock into my pussy, then say to him "Mike, you have been wanting to fuck me for the past two years. Now, here is your chance! Show me what a great lover Monica says you are!" My husband starts snapping photos as Mike's cock slow disappears inside my pussy. After Mike's cock is in all the way, he pauses for a moment while I ask him "How do you like having your cock inside pussy?" Mike replies "Oh my God Susan, you have made my dreams come true! You have jacked me off dozens of times over the past couple of years, but now I have my cock inside one of the most beautiful women I have laid my eyes on! I was beginning to think that you were never going let me fuck you!"

I lean forward a little bit, give him a quick kiss, then say "Oh Mike, you are a sweetheart! Now, go ahead and enjoy yourself!" He immediately pulls his cock almost all the way out of me, then rams it back in. After a few more hard thrusts, I decide to lay flat on my back so he can lean forward over me to get better penetration. For the next five minutes, I loudly moan while Mike's quick thrusts make my breasts flop around on my chest. Oh my God, a feel a tremendous orgasm building up inside me! It is going to be a big one, and it is coming up real soon! Suddenly, a tremendous surge of sexual release explodes and I scream "Oh Jesus Christ! Oh my God!" The orgasm is so intense that my bladder opens and I start urinating all over Mike! He immediately pulls his cock out of me and leans back while my piss sprays all over his stomach and legs! I put my hand between my legs to divert the flow and wait for it to stop. Then, I look towards him and say "Oh Mike, I am so sorry! Please don't tell anyone about this!"

I think that he is going to be disgusted, but instead he immediately positions his cock at my pussy entrance and plunges it back inside me! While he fucks me I apologize again for urinating on him, then say "You told me earlier that you wanted to ejaculate inside me, and I told you not to. Well, I feel really bad about what happened, so you can go ahead and shoot inside me whenever you want." About five minutes later, Mike suddenly stops and I can feel his cock pumping warm sperm inside me. He rests on his elbows for a minute while we kiss, then he says "Susan, you are the best piece of ass I have ever had in my life!" I thank him for the compliment, then he pulls his cock out of me and stands up. He helps me to my feet, then I put my arms around him and say "I really had a good time tonight, but you did not buy me dinner first!" We both laugh for a few seconds, then he responds "When you get back from visiting your son, I will take both you and Monica out to any restaurant you want!" He helps his wife to her feet, then our family waves to them as they walk across the front yard.

In the morning, I open my eyes and see the sun is shining. My husband Jack is not in bed with me, so I figure he must have got up early and is probably out in the garage admiring his new Harley Davidson motorcycle I bought him for his birthday last month. Anyway, I take a quick shower, then start putting on the clothes I selected the night before. I never wear a bra or panties, so I slip my arms into my white blouse and button it up. I examine myself briefly in the mirror to make sure I have chosen a blouse that has fairly heavy fabric so my hard, dark brown nipples are not so obvious. I enjoy showing them off to anybody that wants to look at them, but today I should be more conservative because I will be meeting my son's roommates. Anyway, I brush my hair and run my hand up and down my pussy a couple of times to make sure it is nice and smooth, then step into my pale yellow skirt and pull it up. I really like this skirt because it looks nice and proper when I am standing still, but when I walk, the slit opens and completely exposes my left leg all the way to my waist. You can't see my pussy, but if the wind is blowing, the skirt wraps around the back of me, and gives everyone a great view of my naked white ass cheeks. Jack put my suitcase in the car last night, so I slip on a pair of white high heel shoes, grab my purse and walk down the hallway to my daughter's room say goodbye.

She is not there, so I turn around, and go downstairs to the kitchen to get a bottle of water to take with me. When I enter the kitchen, I am shocked! Krissy is sitting on the kitchen counter next to the sink while her father is slowing fucking her! She is eating an oatmeal cookie while my husband Jack holds onto her hips and moves his cock in and out of her pussy! She just sits there and smiles at me while her legs dangle around beneath her! I walk past them to the refrigerator and grab a couple bottles of water, then Krissy says "Mom, these cookies taste so fresh and new! Where did you get them at?" I smile at her, then give her a kiss on the cheek, and say "Honey, I bought those two weeks ago. I think you are enjoying something else that is fresh and new!" The three of us laugh briefly, then I give my husband a quick kiss and walk out the back door to the garage. I get in my car and push the remote controller to open the garage door, then wait for it to stop. Then, I put the key in the ignition and just when I am ready to turn it, I hear "Daddy, Daddy, don't stop fucking me! I am ready to orgasm any second now! Keep fucking me!"



Susan please write the seventh part I am dying to read more and me and my wife enjoy your stories soo much that we have a very great desire to be in one of your stories any way you want I am 20 years old 6' 3" and have a 8 inch cock which is nearly 4 inches wide. my wife is fair 5'11" yay she is tall with long shapely legs that anyone could die for and she is has a dark chocolate complexion with a stunning beautiful highly accentuated figure she has 34D breasts very ample and a perfectly apple shaped ass. she has large honey colored eyes and a soft smooth lips which part into a very stunning smile that makes your heart to melt and your cock rock hard. Looking forward to be included into one of your stories my email is due to my wifes shyness i will not be able to send you pics of her and me but you can get my cocks pic if u request . . . . she is not at all willing to be taken on cam but i think she might come around if . . . . he he he so tell me if you want to write about me and my wife . . . .

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