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What I saw Momma and Daddy Doing

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What I saw Momma and Daddy Doing

I am 16 yrs old, soon to be 17. I have red/blonde hair, hazel eyes, I am in great shape from all the sports and dancing I do, and my breasts are getting bigger like my moms. I had just gotten off the bus and walked into the house and I heard screaming coming from somewhere in the house. I put my book bag down and went to see who it was screaming. To my surprise my bedroom door was open and I peeked inside. What I saw and what I heard made my little virgin pussy become soaked. I became so wet that it leaked through my panties and my pants. I started listening and watching my parents fuck on my bed, in my room. I heard mom tell my step dad, “Daddy lease out your big fat, thick cock in my little tight wet pussy”. My dad said princess what if your momma finds out, then I guess we will be in trouble, but fuck your princess daddy. My step dad’s cock is huge it looked as long as a ruler and as thick as some of my books.

Mom turned over on her stomach, daddy got behind her, pulled her up on her knees and then his cock disappeared into mom’s very wet pussy. I guess I did not realize but I was rubbing my own pussy through my pants. I slide them down and stepped out of them and my panties. I took off my shirt and my bra, so my aching hard nipples could be free. I began to rub my pussy once again as I watched my dad fucking my mom. Mom was screaming yes fuck your daughter, fuck her pussy, fuck your princess harder. Then I guess my moans became to loud, they both stopped and turned and looked at me, making no attempt to cover up. They both told me to come in and sit down on the bed.

Daddy pulled his cock out of mom’s pussy, her soaking wet, dripping pussy. He was still hard, I don’t think he had came yet. I started to pick up my clothes they, told me to leave them on the floor and come in and sit down. I did as I had been told. I was embarrassed and so turned on at the same time. Mom looked at me then put her hand under my chin raised my face up and kissed my lips. I didn’t know what to do at first, then I kissed her back. Our tongues began dancing in each others mouths. I closed my eyes and my hand wandered back down to my wet pussy. Mom and I stopped kissing, I opened my eyes and there was daddy in front of me stroking his cock, up and down. Mom took my hand and placed it on my dad’s cock. Holy Fuck I said, that is hard and FUCKING HUGE! I then had realized that I had said that and turned 20 shades of red. Dad told me, ”Princess don’t worry about saying those words, it turns me on more when you do say them”.

Mom’s hand was still on mine and she had started stroking his cock, I followed her lead. She took her hand off mine and then her hand began rubbing up and down my thigh, I thought I was gonna cum right there. She slowly made her way to my pussy, where my legs seemed to open own there own. My mom had started rubbing my pussy and I was losing my fucking mind. Dad had came closer to me, placed his hand around the back of my head and was pulling me forward. I eagerly did so, I opened my mouth. I had my dad’s cock in my mouth, which was filling my mouth up to the fullest. I was moving my head sucking my dad’s cock and my mom was fingering my pussy. I was closing my eyes and on the verge of passing out from the pure pleasure of everything.

I started shaking and humping my mothers hand and my dad had grabbed my head and was now fucking my tiny mouth. I could not scream, but needed to from the orgasms I was having and then my dad said, “Princess I am gonna cum in your mouth”. Hot sweet cum filled my mouth, I swallowed all I could, but it was too much. Mom kissed me again and took some of dad’s cum from my mouth into hers. They looked at each other and then at me and said, “we are gonna have a lot more fun tonight”. Little did I know I was the main course.


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