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my mom and sister

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Hi this is prashanth from bangalore i am 20 and working in a bank in place of mi father who expired while on duty.he was cashier of bank and the dicoity in the bank costed us his life. i have one little sister along with mi mom who is around 40. mi little sister is around 18 and we are living as a unit happily.

one day it was some special day i had to go to delhi for collection of some banks due from the delhi office and accordingly i boarded gomti express for delhi though it was late by 2 hours at intial stage means at lucknow . as it reached kanpur the engine of the gomti express failed and it took around four hours for replacement of engine. as it was tolate i decided to cancel mi ticket and come back to lucknow by four pm but when i entered mi house it was locked from inside. the outer door i opened with tricks known to us. and as i entered in mi bedroom it was bolted from inside and to mi suspicion some thing was going inside the voice i recollected was of mi sister. i saw through the key hole and was surprised to note mi best friend nitish was fucking mi sister inside the room. as they were busy and i dont wanted to disturb them

i continued to see and check moms room there too some fucking was going on it means both mom and mi sister was in plan to utilise mi absence in fucking. i was having no interest to see moms fucking i was returned back to mi bedroom where nitish was fucking mi sister. i was surprised to see big boobs of mi sister and nice cunt mi sister in which the nitish was inserting his dick and making strokes.suddenly the door of mom opened and saw me peeping into the room of sister or mi bedroom she tried to cry but i held her mouth by mi hand and said mom let them enjoy it fully. by the time and within five minutes her room too was opened and was shameful to see me outside her room. and nitish too was ashamed of his act . but i didnot said any thing but in mi heart i appreciated the big lund of nitish and was thinking if i take this inside mi ass what will happen.

both the visitor left and we were all in one room discussing about what had was in defensive mood but about sister she too was speechless. I told them to forget the past and letus start a new chapter. mi mind was full of the evil thinkings about mi sisters big boobs i wanted to see and enjoy them. that night nothing happened but next night sister was in mi room to say sorry about wat had happened and wat she was doing in mi room. i said oki but held her hand and said that u r body has made me mad. i want to forgive only u then when u come to me and let me enjoy u too.

she was surprised at mi move and told me that this night she will be with me and left. my mom came and said u want to enjoy nidhi uor sister. i replied yes i want ......... she said ok this night she will be with u .......but said mi son please obilige me someday with u r dick as u r papa always left me hungry. i said ok mom i will start mi fucking abhiyan from nidhi and lateron u will be satisfied.

this night was for me mom made all arrangement like condoms etc. i invited nitish too........................... mi sister was uneasy to see nitish and told me why he is here . i told her that is non of u r problem. i was mad to see the body of mi sister as she entered in mi room. i opened her and she was standing naked before me. with big boobs and nice pussy. we too opened our clothes and we all three were naked in the room. then entered mi mom and putoff his gown too. it was now foursome ready for fucking. i opened the legs of mi sister and entered mi dick inside and started making strokes whereas nitish was fucking mi mom. making nice strokes the room was filled with the music ......fuch.....fuch....fuch..................and so on. the music continued till we came inside the pussies of nice ladies with us. we replace3d each other now mom was with me aqnd nidhi with nitish i was enjoying mom plus seeing nitish fucking sister. both way i was satisfied. and this continued with licking and sucking of dicks and cuming of dicks inside pussies.

mi final decision that nitish will fuck mi ass too surprised all the persons in the room i was fucking mi sister in doggy style and nitish was fucking mi ass in doggie estyle and sister was sucking the nipples of mom. this continued till nitish came in mi ass. as everyone was enjoying the cock of the area sung that it is morning. the entire night was spent in fucking. and continued for another couple of years till mi sister married we all along with nitish sister use to fuck as mom has no ionterest now and i am cronic bachelor status. hope u people have enjopyed our fuckings if yes tell others if not tell me any girlr aunty for friend ship  can mail me at feel free to text


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