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Dominated in the school bathroom

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It was a very normal day in Fremont High School. Everything was going as usual like most days. Same old boring classes, and same old boring teachers.

Ring, 4th period. The worse period of all. The teacher was Mrs.Anni, the oldest, ugliest, smelliest, and bitchiest teachers of all. Dominique figured when going to her class she'll go the bathroom so he didn't have to deal with her. 5 minutes into the period he asked, and was allowed.

In the bathroom Dominique simply stared at herself. She loved her body and didn't want anyone elses. Shes 16, 5,2, has nice long but not too long light brown hair, B+ tits and a nice tight ass that fits her body perfectly. She never liked girls, in fact she was disgusted at the thought of kissing another girl. Although it was always in the bak of her mind to try it out, she didn't want to. She did kiss about 4 boys before. A couple of more minutes in the bathroom, texting and making weird noises, she heard a noise that wasn't her. It was coming from a stall in the back. She suddenly felt embarrased, thinking the girl heard her and would tell the entire school. She heard this noise again, and she thought it was a moan but couldn't tell. She decided to look through the stall hole, and saw the hottest girl in the school, Ashley, fingering herself. Ashley was 5,5, she had C tits and a great round ass with long black hair. She was beautiful. She was probably the most popular girl in the school but she simply was a bitch to every girl. Especially unpopular girls. Dominique was popular but according to Ashley's standards, she wasn't. They had a ton of word fights before and a couple near catfights. But, Dominique put that aside when she saw Ashley fingering herself. She suddenly felt horny and had lust, all for a girl she hated. After about 15 seconds she started to gently rub her pussy through her jeans, and moaned the slightest bit. Ashley heard, and looked out the stall. She saw the girl she hated the most, masturbating and staring at her masturbating. But, Ashley always wanted Dominique, she felt she was a submissive girl, which she is, and thats perfect for the dominant Ashley. Not only that but Dominique was hot too.

Dominique didn't realize it, but Ashley threw open the stall door and threw Dominique in the stall. Dominique thought she was gonna get her ass kicked, especially when Ashley smacked her, but then Ashley said "Take off everything. Hurry the fuck up." Dominique did a told. Ashley knew she had Dominique, especially with cum drippng down Dominiques legs. Ashley grabbed Dominiques face, and said "Im your master now bitch. Got it?" Dominique nodded, trying to hold in her smile. Ashley took the thong still on her feet, took it up and said "Open wide" to Dominique. Dominique did, and then Ashley shoved the thong into her mouth. Dominique loved it, and licked the area where Ashleys pussy rested on so much. After 5 minutes, Ashley took the thong out. She said "Sit down on the floor and put the back of your head to the stall wall." Dominique did, expecting pussy to come down to her mouth. Instead, Ashley bent a little bit and shoved her great ass in Dominiques face. Dominique immediatley started licking her asshole. She loved this, she never thought of it though. She loved the asshole taste, and loved Ashleys ass all over her face. She was being dominated, exactly what her inner desire was, and Ashley was doing what she wanted to. After 10 minutes of asshole and ass licking and kissing, Ashley stood up and went onto the toilet seat. She commanded "get on your knees. Dominique di, expecting Ashley to open up her legs. Instead, Ashley stuck her feet up and said "Suck my toes and feet you dirty bitch." Dominique did as her master said, and pleased Ashley incredibly. Dominique thought feet and ass would be disgusting, especially when she saw mens in pornos. But she loved the softness of girls and cleaness, especially Ashley. Dominique loved girls

After 5 minutes of making love to Ashleys feet, Ashley told her to stop. Dominique did, and Ashley opened up her legs wide. Dominique licked her lips, hoping she wasgetting what she wished of getting. Ashley says "Eat my pussy whore. Make me cum so much, and make sure not a drop of my cum hits the floor." Dominique dove in for Ashleys pussy, and ate it like a fat man would eat cake when hungry. After 10 minutes, 3 orgasms, loads of cum and only Dominique cum on the floor, Ashey told Dominique to stop. There was so much cum on Dominique lips and her cheeks close to her lips, but Dominique loved it. She was dominated by Ashley, and she would've never wanted it to be any differently. Asley told Dominique to lick the cum that dripped from her pussy onto the floor, and Dominique did. Dominique begged if she could have some "milk" and she did. She massaged ad sucking and licked Ashleys breast for about 7 minutes. Then the bell rang, and the greatest 45 minutes ever ended. They both put there clothes back on, and agreed to Ashleys house on Friday night. Her parents were gone until Sunday night, and they were gonna have fun. That will be part 2

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