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    Jen and Chelsey had been friends since the 5th grade. Now, they were both seniors in high school and had turned into hot 17 year olds. Jen, who was 5'8" and 110 pounds, had long blonde hair, a very cute face, perfect C boobs, and a nearly perfect hourglass body. Chelsey looked just as hot, but was 5'5", 95 pounds, had mid-length brown hair, B size boobs, and had eyes that turned heads. Neither of them were the most popular kids in school, but they had a good amount of friends. They were both virgins, however, even though they could have probably gotten any man they desired.

     One friday after school, Chelsey went to Jen's house to hang out. They wanted to see if there was anything going on that night, like a house party or something. Jen called everyone she could think of, and everyone already had plans. It was getting later in the evening, and around 10 PM, Jen finally decided to have a sleepover at her house, just her and Chelsey.

     They were talking way late into the evening in Jen's room, and they got on the subject of sex and their bodies, and they were both getting a little horny from all the talk.

     "I dont think anyone will notice me with my small boobs" Chelsey said. "I mean it could be worse, but i want bigger boobs." For some reason, Jen found herself feeling very horny that night, and the talk of Chelsey's boobs, coupled with the fact that Chelsey was only wearing a nightie and a thong made Jen wet. "Let me see them. i bet you're just self-conscious" said Jen. So with that, Chelsey stood up, took off her nightie, so she was only wearing her thong, her small but perky breasts exposed. This sent a jolt through Jen's pussy, and she felt her nipples starting to get hard underneath her t-shirt. "Come over here, sit down. Okay, now let me feel them, they look great to me". Chelsey was a little confused, but she went with it and sat down on Jen's bed. Jen started to feel up her friend. "Yeah! youre breasts are fine, and if i may say so, they're actuall really nice!" Jen said, as she started to slowly work her hand down Chelsey's body, and eventually reached her upper thigh. Jen worked her hand in between Chelsey's legs.

     Chelsey was skeptical at first about all this, but she felt a great sense of lust all of a sudden, and started breathing heavier. her nipples got hard, and Jen noticed. "Are you liking this? I hope so, im so hot for you babe." "Yeah Jen, im so hot right now, i dont even know what to think, this happened so fast, but i love it! Please dont stop!" said Chelsey. "Then stand up for a second if you want me to keep going" Jen replied. Chelsey got off the bed, stood up with her rock hard nipples protruding from her perky boobs. Jen stood up, took off her t-shirt, and gave Chelsey a passionate french kiss. She then got on her knees. She pulled down Chelsey's thong, which revealed her dripping wet shaved pussy. Jen was overcome with some kind of primal instinct, and immediately started licking and rubbing Chelsey's clit, which soon got it very swollen. Chelsey was getting really into it, and she laid down on the bed. Jen started to finger Chelsey's clit with one finger at first, then she managed to squeeze in 2 and then 3. By this time Chelsey was moaning, and she was about to cum. She knew she had to keep it down, but she couldnt help it. "Oh my god! Don't stop babe! make me cum better than i ever have before!" was all that Chelsey could manage to put into words. Soon after that, her whole body began to convulse and a wave of pleasure shot through her, and she had a great orgasm.

     Jen continued to play with Chelsey's pussy, and soon she said "Well now i think its time for you to return the favor!" She got up, went in her top dresser drawer, and took out a big blue vibrator. "Chelsey, i want you to fuck me with this thing until I cum all over you and the bed."

     Jen gave her the vibrator, and stripped off her pants, revealing her pussy because she wasnt wearing any underwear. Jen also had a shaved pussy that was dripping with anticipation. Chelsey got up off the bed, started making out with Jen, and shoved her finger inside Jen's pussy. After a minute or two, Chelsey shoved Jen down on the bed, and got to business. Jen spread her legs as Chelsey turned on the vibrator, and she started teasing Jen's cunt with it. Jen was loving it, as she started rubbing her own clit. Chelsey went at this for a while, then moved Jen's hand, and shoved the vibrator up Jen's pussy, rapidly going in and out with it. She also started to lick Jen's clit ferociously. Jen couldnt even make words, the only sounds she made were moans that sounded almost like gasps for air. Soon enough, Jen had a great orgasm of her own, squirting her pussy juices all over Chelsey's face and her own bed.

     Chelsey then wiped off her face, got on top of Jen, and started passionately making out with her. They started fingering each other's pussy's, now knowing how to make the other hot as hell. They eventually fell asleep because they were so tired, but they knew that this was only the start of their sexual encounters between best friends.


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