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My Wife and The Lesbians Next Door

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My Wife and The Lesbians Next Door


Tom was your average husband. He worked daily from nine to five and took every weekend on Sunday to do projects around the house and help his loving wife. His wife, Melanie had been devoted, caring, and proved to be a capable lover as well. All of this lead Tom to believe he had the perfect wife. Little did he know that his perfect wife would soon give him quite a shocking surprise…

I sat in the basement with my computer gear one Sunday afternoon browsing some internet sites. I had made it a habit of logging onto adult sites and viewing webcam shows of  couples having sex. The webcams although low resolution turned me on in ways I could not understand. I frequently masturbated while watching these shows and fantasized about planting a camera in my bedroom to capture footage of my wife and myself going at it. She was a 5‘6, large D-cup breasts, and she was a real woman with hips and a very cute ass. I was constantly amazed at her figure and how appealing it was. I sat dreaming for a few moments of my wife being filmed on camera as I watched some young couple on my screen. Suddenly, the door to the basement opened and I jumped and quickly switched to a computer site. (Since I was a computer technician and all)

“Tom! Are you down there baby?” Called my sweet innocent wife.

“Uh..yeah babe. Do you need something?” I answered back.

“Well you remember those nice girls next door?” She called out. “Well they need you to come over real quick and take a look at their computer they are clueless and I told them you could help.”

I immediately pitched a tent in my pants and I’m sure my jaw was wide open. Being a 36 year old man with a 35 year old wife, I had always lusted over the three girls living next door. Purely fantasy though. The three girls living in the small ranch style house had moved in about four years ago right out of college. They couldn’t be a day past twenty seven and were  all shades of blonde, incredibly curvy, thin, and well endowed. The smallest of them was Sara she was 5’4, small C-cup breasts, but had an ass to die for. Next came Zoe she was 5’6, DD-cup,  and a very tight firm ass. Last was Alexis she was a wonderful medium of the three at 5’6, small D-cup breasts, and an ass that was perfect to her body. I felt myself drool slightly of the thought of going over there. I managed to speak realizing I had trailed off for a moment.

“Yeah hun, tell them I’ll be over in ten minutes.” I said.

“Thanks, babe. I’ll let them know.” She replied.

I sat for a few moments gathering my various gages, tools, and instruments to take over in my tool bag. As I packed I thought about the last time I had gone over to the house next door. Two summer previous to this one the three girls had thrown a summer beach party to help break up the monotony that seemed to be rampant in the street. This is expected of a street full of mid aged people with children but, they all turned out for the party and the girls were pleased. Everyone wore bathing suits and grass skirts. It was a blast. The girls ran out of food, beverages, and citronella oil. Being helpful I volunteered to go out and pick up some supplies. I returned a half hour later and brought the stuff into the girls kitchen. As I entered the house I heard rustling coming from the kitchen. I put the bags down and walked towards the kitchen. I heard a moan soft and short and a hushing noise. Carefully, I peered through the saloon style door and their before me in basked in the etching of pale moon light and a nighttime fire was Zoe and Sara. Sara was sitting on the counter making out with her roommate kissing passionately. I froze starring intently at the two. Then watched as Zoe kissed her was down past her breasts stopping to flick each nipple with her tongue and made her way down to her pussy. It is here that Zoe pulled down Sara’s bikini bottoms and lifted up her grass skirt shortly revealing a neatly trimmed little beaver that had beautiful lips and a swollen clitoris. Zoe placed the grass skirt over her head and began to suck and lick her roommate. Sara covered her mouth and bit down on a towel as she held onto Zoe’s head for support.  The two went at it for a few minutes before Sara arched her back and lightly banged her head off the cabinets behind her in ecstasy.

“God, that was good Zoe. You next? You lick better than Alexis she takes too long trying to tease.” Sara said.

“Maybe later my little snatch slut. Tom will be back soon with the stuff and we have to get ready to go back to the party.” Zoe replied.

I decided now was the perfect time to announce my presence and I picked up my two bags and went back to the door and closed it hard and whistled as I walked to the kitchen. I heard a great deal of commotion as I walked and when I opened the doors to the kitchen the pair stood hair slightly messed up cutting fruit for fruit salad. I set the bags down and they thanked me profusely for going to the store. I smiled and told them,

“You’re welcome girls. Remember I’m right next door and I’m always happy to help. Oh, and thank you for this party it has been a real treat and I doubt I will ever forget tonight” I smiled secretly thinking of what I had witnessed and returned to the party.

Over the next 2 years I had tried to do everything I could to catch a glimpse of the lesbians next door and the opportunity to do so was now firmly within my grasp.


I headed over eager to begin work. The door opened after a short while and the three girls answered the door wearing tank tops and low cut shorts. I managed to keep my composure as I began to speak.

“Good afternoon ladies. What can I help you with? I heard it was a computer issue.” I said.

Alexis answered back, “Well Tom, the internet runs really like slow and it gets on our nerves. Three girls and one computer we need to have a good connection. We do a lot of like blogging, emailing, and shopping so it would be nice if we could get a better connection to the net and stop the constant drops.”


“Yeah. You know when your uploading something and then it just drops away and the net closes.” Replied Zoe.

“Or when you leave it on for too long and it get real hot and like feels like its going to burn you. Then it stops working.” Sara added.

“Well lets see here,” I said entering the room spying the computer in the corner. “Okay girls it appears you need to move it to a better place. The ventilation is poor and all these books on top of the tower are not helping.” I looked around for a few more moments knowing instantly the problem was the old decayed wiring that ran to the wall. I also could tell the outlet for the cat 5 was rigged up cheaply. Easy fix. I poked around taking out my flashlight and then addressed the girls. “Alright girls it looks like I’m going to need to grab a cat 5 to run and replace this old line and take apart the tower at my place so I can clean it. Probably have it back in two hours if that good.”

The girls giggled and hugged me. “Thank you so much Tom we love you!” The girls shouted together. I relished in the moment as I was tackled by the girls. Oh the joys of being surrounded by such youth.  Zoe began, “So what can we pay you for your service Tom. We don’t have much but we can give you some cookies or something.”

“Well girls. I tell you what my wife could use some time out of the house. She works all day and is constantly trapped inside. I think she could really use a nice girls day out. Plus if she’s not home I can get this done faster. “ I told them. “And I really feel like she could use some youth in her life. She works hard and deserves some fun.”

“ Awe that is so cute Tom. You are really sweet to want to give your wife a nice time with some friends. Tell you what. We will go out  shopping, dancing, and to the bar. Maybe we’ll even get her to buy something sexy for you.” Sara said giggling. “Who knows maybe this will become a regular thing.”

I smiled and thanked them for their help and began taking their tower to my work shop. I had a devious plot developing in my head and couldn’t wait to set it in motion.


Within an hour I had ripped apart their computer cleaned it, upgraded the ram and cleaned their hard drive. I had decided now was a perfect chance for me to exercise my voyeuristic fantasy. The girls were the object of my desire and it wouldn’t really hurt anyone if I peeked in once in awhile. I had also noted that running new cat 5 cable would give me a chance to link rooms and ultimately provide me with a chance to wirelessly connect my computer with their house. Now the problem in my mind had become where to install a camera to view the girls. I concluded since they were inept about technology to put one directly in front of the tower of the computer. Below the disc drive hidden in plain site. I had taken apart several small pretty high res cameras in the past and easily slid one into the computer and covered it discretely with a metal heat shield to hide it from prying eyes. I clicked it on and sure enough it came to life and gave a decent color picture of the room and myself.

I returned the tower to their house and placed it prominently in the room and left a note to leave it next to the monitor to allow for ventilation (and to provide me with optimum viewing of anything that happened in the living room. Next I ripped out the wiring from the wall and began to run the new cable. The girls had only one bedroom luckily and I ran cat 5 through their room and installed a wireless transmitter in behind their drywall to allow for secrecy. Next I had to tackle the problem of a camera. I opted to place two. I tucked one in the corner of the room peeking out from the side of a vent. I also placed one in their ceiling fan hoping to capture a close up of any action that takes place in the rooms. Closing up I quietly snuck back over to my house and set up an receiver in my old computer and set the computer to record and display feed from the house. I set up the program to record with the aid of motion sensors and tested the night vision on the two bedroom cams. Perfect. Proud of my accomplishments I headed to bed early feeling tired from a long perverted day. I smiled as I heard the girls coming back from their long night later that night. And I smiled even more thinking of the surprises that would await me.


The next day I checked the cams to find nothing exciting. A bunch of rubbish. Some making out here and there but a whole lot of nothing. Reality hit me that life is boring and not what one sees in a porno or a movie hit me. I cut to a live feed hoping to catch something but felt disappointed. Zoe, Sara, and Alexis all sat on their couch. Zoe and Alexis were under a blanket and Sara was on the opposite end reading a book. I felt defeated. I leaned back feeling sick. Maybe this was a bad idea I got up a paced. What a waste.

“Tom?” Melanie called to me.

“Yeah babe? You need something, I’m downstairs.” I said clicking off the monitor.

“I’m going next door to visit the girls. We had such a blast last night. Thanks for having them take me out, it was really sweet of you to do that for me. I’m probably just going to hang out their for awhile. We might even go out shopping again.” She said.

“That’s wonderful Mel. I’ve got work to catch up on and I’ll be here.” I replied.

I listened as I heard footsteps and the door close. I brushed my wife off as just excited with her new friends and clicked the monitor on. Sure enough Mel walked over and let herself in. The girls all said hi to her and waved and then I noticed the most off thing. The whole time I had assumed Zoe and Alexis were snuggling under a blanket. It appeared that Zoe was rubbing Alexis under the blanket. I only noticed when the two shifted slightly and the dark pubic hair of the girl came into view. I zoomed in as much as the camera would let me and saw Zoe’s fingers dancing all over the girls nether region. I felt my dick stand up saluting the girls and I smiled as I was getting some good footage. I watched curiously as Mel stood nervously in the corner and said something I couldn’t make out. Sara smiled and walked over to my wife and planted a big kiss with lots of tongue on her. Although unsure Melanie kissed back and began to feel up Sara’s well rounded ass. I practically fell over. My wife was making out with a twenty something lesbian next door as I watched on camera. Things grew even more erotic as Sara pulled out a blanket and slipped off her shorts. I watched eagerly as my wife slowly and cautiously slid off her pants and slid under the blanket with Sara and began to kiss softly. I practically shot a load when I saw Sara’s head disappear under the blanket and began to bob up and down on what was my wife’s covered crotch. As she moaned in pleasure from the work of Sara’s tongue I shot a heavy load onto the floor. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening.

The couples spent forty or so minutes together under their respective blankets and then all began talking and laughing about something.  I wish I had a mic in there to catch this. Whatever they said they all began to dress and cleaned up the living room. The whole time teasing one another and copping feels of each other. A slap on the rear hear and squeezing of another’s breast and to top it off my wife was playing along like one of the girls. It was so hot and I was so turned on from this playing that I felt let down as they exited and I heard the car start as they left to go shopping. Oh well, I thought. At least when they come back I’ll get more of a show. By then it should be bed time too. Thoughts raced through my mind at the prospect of what type of kinky sex may go one behind the closed bedroom curtains. I felt like a child waiting for Christmas morning. The anticipation eating away at me as I counted the hours till their return.

A few hours later as I sat dazing by the television I saw a pair of headlights pop up over the horizon. They came close and closer and abruptly stopped at the end of the street parking near the curb. I thought it was the neighbors at first but as I watched out the window I could clearly see the four women stumbling about and holding onto each other. As they reached the house they glanced around nervously to see if anyone was watching. I ran downstairs and jumped into my computer chair with a raging erection tugging at my pants. I watched eagerly as the women came in obviously drunk and feeling frisky. My wife slumped down on the couch and laid her head back. Alexis headed off down the hallway probably to the bathroom while Sara went to change in the bedroom and Zoe began typing away at the computer. Sensing something was about to happen I watched Sara change in the corner of her room. She stripped off her dress and bra and pulled on a short t-shirt with only her panties on under. She exited the room and went up to Zoe and planted a soft kiss on her cheek and embraced her. Zoe rubbed her arm in return and the two stared transfixed at the computer screen. What were they looking at? I strained to make out any sort of hint from the two. I soon got an answer as Alexis returned wearing only her panties and her beautiful breasts bouncing about and pointed at the screen and raised two fingers to her mouth forming a V through which she flicked her tongue and laughed. They were watching porn! I immediately felt a rush to my prick as it began to leak pre-cum.

After starring at the screen and giggling for a few moments, the girls began to whisper and point in the direction of Melanie over on the couch. She appeared to be a bit tipsy and was half asleep. With a quick glance Alexis, Sara, and Zoe all descended upon my wife on the couch. They cuddled up to her as she looked around. Alexis straddled her legs sitting with her bare breasts in my wife’s face running her fingers through her hair. Zoe and Sara made out passionately next to my wife and Alexis as they undressed one another. I starred in amazement that something this erotic was happening with Melanie my wife of fifteen years! Alexis kissed Melanie on the lips several time and bit her lower lip pulling on it playfully. Melanie’s mouth made an O shape as she was no doubt moaning and she eagerly began squeezing Alexis’s ass as she began kissing her neck. The two were locked together my wife obviously was turned on by this so much that she began removing her blouse. She pulled the blouse open an quickly popped her bra off and Alexis began kissing her chest and flicking her tongue on my wife’s nipples. Her nipples even in the darkened room were quite large. I had always secretly loved sucking on them as she had extremely sensitive nipples and often time would allow me to suck on them to help her orgasm. Now I watched on as Alexis sucked hard and gently began to bite my wife’s engorged nipples. I practically shot a load as a panned out to find my wife moaning as Alexis assaulted her nipples with her expert tongue and Sara and Zoe rubbing each other’s clits as they kissed passionately.

The two for whatever reason abruptly stopped and got up from the couch. Sara and Zoe almost automatically got up and left the room heading for the bed room. Alexis pulled off my wife’s nipples and stood up. My wife seemed confused she looked around and seemed lost at what to do. Alexis bent over and pulled my wife’s skirt down and trailed soft kisses from her neck down to her navel. She then stood up and pulled down her panties and reached for my wife’s hand. As she stretched it out Alexis quickly grabbed it and pulled her into the bedroom where Sara and Zoe sat waiting on their king sized bed. Melanie stopped at the entrance as Alexis joined her lesbian lovers on the bed. The three girls all kissed and felt each other up briefly. Melanie hovered in the doorway watching unconsciously rubbing herself down below. The girls all looked towards her and beckoned her to come to the bed. She nervously walked forward and the girls gently guided her onto the bed where they all waited.

They seemed to be discussing something and pointing to different places. The women all nodded at different points and I figured they were merely figuring out who was pairing of with who. Seconds later Melanie crawled forward and into the middle of the gigantic bed. She sat down and turned over with her stomach facing the ceiling. The girls quickly moved around her and took up different positions. Sara moved quickly on top of my wife and began kissing her passionately and I watched on as Zoe and Alexis secured her ankles and arms with silk scarves they had on the night stand. After securing Melanie and restricting her movement, Aleixs pulled out something dark that I could not make out. It appeared to be a pair of underwear and she sat down in the corner and watched Sara making out with my wife as she rubbed her breasts. Zoe moved down to my wifes crotch the glistened with moisture and began teasing her. Kissing softly around her thighs and dragging her lips dangerously close to my wife’s aching vagina. After Zoe had begun teasing my wife Sara backed away from my wife’s mouth with her lips and brought her breasts down to Melanie’s face. She started brushing them across her mouth and pushing them into my wife’s face and finally held one firmly and forced the nipple into my wife’s mouth. I could make out the word’s “Suck it” come across Sara’s lips as I watched my wife take the nipple into her eager mouth. She suckled Sara’s tit like a pro and I could see her tongue flicking back and forth as she pulled the nipple in and out of her mouth. Zoe at this point began to pay attention to Melanie’s lips and clitoris which were engorged with blood and began to grow to tremendous sizes. The swelling parts of my wife’s pussy and the hot lesbians making out were enough to give me an orgasm from just watching. I could feel the pressure growing. I was so turned on I did not even need to touch myself.

I saw Alexis stand up as she played with the underwear she had put on. I noticed she flipped a switch and began to see something in front of her shaking. The girls looked over and they all smiled knowing full well what was to come. Sara pulled her tit away from my wife’s mouth still trying to suckle the nipple that had just occupied her mouth and received a faceful of Sara’s cute little slit. Sara mounted  my wife’s face and swiveled her hips. My wife was now getting her first taste of lesbian pussy. She eagerly lapped up the juices that were flowing from Sara’s crotch and licked her clit with gusto. Sara squeezed her breasts enjoying the attention she was receiving.  Suddenly, Zoe moved forward straddling Melanie’s torso with her wet pussy at the same level as my wife’s and her mouth poised over her breasts. Melanie began to slowly tease her nipples and nibble on them. I watched half interested still trying to figure out what Alexis was up to. I watched and soon saw as she climbed atop the bed down near Melanie and Zoe’s dripping slits that she was wearing a strap on with two dildos that were vibrating.

Seeing this action  unfold I unzipped my pants and watched a my cock quivered as Alexis neared the two with her strap ons. She moved up quickly and inserted one into my wife who bobbed her head up under Sara’s snatch as the large vibrating dildo entered her red hot love hole. Alexis smiled and then quickly rammed it into Melanie’s snatch and pumped it a few times gyrating in different directions to warm up her pussy. She then called to Zoe who lifted her butt to allow the other dildo to slide in effortlessly. She quickly inserted it and began to rotate her hips in a circular motion as she slowly moved the vibrating members into and out of the women she was fucking. My wife and Zoe were moaning from the expressions on their face and Sara was nearing an orgasm. Alexis too was enjoying the vibrations from the dildos and playfully bit Zoe on the ass and gave her a quick slap on the ass as she picked up the pace while fucking my wife and her lover. The four women all merged together into a lesbian love blob. They all seemed to be lost within one another. They were moaning in unison and were nearly indistinguishable at times. I listened carefully and could hear the moans of the women coming from their house next door. I began to stroke my cock that was aching and twitching for attention. I could feel an nearing orgasm for myself and the women next door. I felt the lust and desire one feels during their greatest fantasy. I was in fact living out a fantasy that I had for years since that fateful party two years before. The images from then mixed with the live feed on my monitor mixed and mingled creating the blissful euphoria one gets from feeling alive and invigorated. I watched as the all began to orgasm. Zoe began to first shooting fluid all over herself and Melanie. Melanie quickly followed with Sara as the two came hard and Sara collapsed onto the bed. Finally, Alexis orgasms and let out a wail of pleasure that I could distinctly hear. As I watched the women quivering and kissing as they lie crippled from their extensive pleasure I shot the biggest load I have ever shot. What must have been a pint of semen flew from my penis and onto my monitor dripping down past the images of the women. I panted out of breath from watching the sexual escapades of the lesbians next door and felt the greatest sense of peace I had ever felt in my life. I cleaned up and watched the women dosing in the bed. My wife snuggled up inbetween the women peacefully and lovingly next to one another. I turned off the monitor smiling at my wonderful new source of entertainment and went to bed.

The next morning my wife came home late around nine in the morning. I watched as she entered with messy hair and clothes and she quickly poured herself a cup of coffee and sat breathing deeply. I watched her from the breakfast table reading the morning newspaper. She turned around and looked over at me worried for a moment. I quickly said, “Morning hunnie. How was your night? I was worried that you never called but, I figured the girls probably took you out dancing and such. “

My wife looked at me and cautiously said, “Yeah sorry about the not calling we were out dancing. Well I’m a little tired I’m going to catch a quick shower then maybe we can go out and get a few groceries.”

I smiled and said, “Take your time, we have all day. Besides you looked like you really got licked last night.”

My wife choked on her sip of coffee as I uttered those words and looked at me in a discriminating way. She started to say something but stopped and shook her head. “Yeah…I guess you could say that. Had one too many drinks and…yeah really did get licked. Well I’m off to the shower. Thanks for letting me go with the girls.” She said giving me a big kiss on the lips and a hug. She walked away a few steps and stopped and turned. “Oh yeah…is it alright if I go out to the movies with the girls next weekend. They invited me to go out clubbing after too, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all sweetie.” I said happily. “You deserve to have fun and I’m glad you found a group of friends to let loose with.”

She smiled and turned and seemed giddy at the prospect of her girl time next weekend. She hurried off into the bathroom and closed the door. I returned to my newspaper with a beaming smile upon my face. I glanced down at the erection that began to build with memories of last nights erotic meeting and knew that many more would soon follow.


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