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My Wife and the Lesbians Next Door: Part II

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The following continues the story of Tom,  Melanie, and the lesbians next door. Tom eagerly anticipates the coming Friday night and the joys that it will bring. Things have been very quiet around the house and so far and the days have gone by without much action on the cameras. As Wednesday comes Tom again has a brain storm for his wife and the lesbians next door.

My wife and the Lesbian Next Door: Part II


by: SXCamaro

Late Wednesday afternoon coming home from work I pulled into my driveway and exited my car. I felt the drag of a long day of work pulling at my bones as I began the walk to the door. Just as I opened the door and tossed my coat on the kitchen table a soft voice called from the yard beyond.

“TOM! Hey Tom.” Called the female voice from a distance.

I glanced out the door to see beautiful little Alexis running towards me her breasts bouncing around freely. Alexis seemed to be such a free spirit and a natural leader, evident in and out of the bedroom. As she came close her hard nipple poking through her shirt and the loose material allowed me to see she had not worn a bra. She casually placed her thumbs in her jean short pockets and leaned against the porch railing.

“Hey Tom. You look bushed. Just stopped over to make sure Friday is okay for you to let the wife come out with us.” She said.

“You know you don’t have to ask me that Alexis. Melanie and I are mutual partners and she seems so relaxed now a days so be my guest. Besides it gives me time to myself to fiddle with my computer and catch up on work.” I replied.

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest little guy on the block. Most men are so controlling. Its have dinner ready, do this, and then suck my cock. I tell you. Well it’s nice to know you are very open and relaxed. Say, just putting this out there. The girls and I have been thinking. Would you mind helping us throw a little surprise party for your wife. We are kind of strapped for cash right now but we want to do something special for her.” She said coolly.

I looked surprised and asked, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well” Alexis began. “Maybe a day trip to a spa for the four of us? You can come too. Those places are great for guys. Get yourself a nice massage from a pretty little thing, take a mud bath, get a facial.” Alexis stopped giggling at her last suggestion.

I replied, “Facial? Me? I’m sorry but the only one that gets facials around here is my wife.” I immediately turned beat red realizing the double meaning of my comment as Alexis laughed.

“Yeah, tell me about it. Anyway, so we’ll probably be gone Saturday too. Not all day but most likely from lunch time to early evening. I’ll give you more details later Tom. Thanks again babe.” Alexis said. She waved and smiled and jogged back to her house. I felt an erection begin to form and smiled.

“How lucky can I get?” I thought. These lesbians are willingly seducing my wife and making her their personal slut. To top it off they are taking her on special trips to no doubt have wild uncontrollable sex. I froze after thinking this thought. Were they messing around while they were out? My mind began to race. I felt an urgent sense to act. Maybe what I was seeing take place in their house was only half the story. True I don’t know anything of lesbians other than what I have seen on film but, what happens in real life outside the house. I began to wonder how to go about capturing this footage.

“Honey when did you get in?” Said Melanie startling me.

“I uh…Alexis was me talk to. I uh….” I took a deep breath and tried again. “Sorry, Alexis distracted me she asked me about Friday.”
My wife giggled and came over to me putting her hands around my neck.

“So the hottie next door has you tongue tied? If I didn’t know better I would say you have a crush on her.” She said coyly.

I laughed “Yeah, right Mel. Like that girl would have any interest in a man my age.”

She kissed me and gave me a tight hug which a I returned warmly. I went upstairs to change thinking the whole time of how to better capture the time the girls spent together. I spent much of the evening thinking on this subject and I slowly began forming an idea of what needed to be done. By the next morning I was prepared to test my idea and begin diving deeper into the life of Melanie, Alexis, Sara, and Zoe.


After a long night of scheming and tinkering I had done it. The spa idea presented me with a challenge that seemed daunting at first. Leave it to the wonder of technology and the perversion of a middle age man to overcome any obstacle. I started thinking of how to possibly get somewhere a woman would go. Immediately camera angles flashed in my head and shots of close up tongue to pussy action came into my head. I thought of wiring cameras into the spa but that was way too risky and unreliable. Asking myself the question If I were a lesbian what would I need at a spa I quickly came up with and idea. Scrambling through Melanie’s box of jewelry I found a gold necklace with a cheap gem on it. I quickly ripped the gem out of its setting and began crafting a new gem. The old one was roughly a half inch stone in an oval shape, thinking quickly I found a new gem to replace the old one and began modifying. I chose to replace the old stone with a beautiful tiger’s eye stone which were cheap and soft enough for my drills to go into. Hollowing out the back it resembled a gourd, I quickly filled this in with a pin hole camera that was fully color, had a zoom, enclosed battery, and was water proof. Perfect.

Next I needed a back up plan. I decided since the women would be so far away I would need to ensure I had a receiver set up with an internal relay. I quickly thought of what every woman carries that would be the perfect hiding place. I found myself stealing my wife’s purse while she was busy sleeping. I snuck downstairs and quickly began dissecting the leather purse. The large black metal pieces holding together the purse at the intersection of the bag and the straps gave me an excellent place to store a second camera and the other one would conveniently house a relay wire and provide a clear picture. The camera I installed in the purse was quite high tech. Having purchased it a few years back to hook up for security I never got around to it. This camera set me back a few grand and had the capability to zoom in twenty feet without a loss in resolution! It also provided me with another important part of the puzzle, sound. This cameras ability to record and transmit sounds was the next logical step in invading the girls lesbian encounters. I could now better plan my future movements and also have the ability to hear if I could not see the girls. I smiled at a job well done but needed to test these instruments. I returned the purse to the bedroom strategically placing the purse facing my bed and placing the pendant near the night stand so I could use it in the morning. I went to sleep setting my alarm for earlier than usual. Big plans awaited me and Mel and yet again she was clueless.

As I woke to the alarm I quickly turned it off and glanced over at my wife. Dozing lightly with a few stray beams of light hitting her body I turned over and cuddled up close to her. She moved slightly but slept still. I felt my heart racing knowing that things would soon turn interesting. I back off and went downstairs. I turned on the cameras with my remote controls on my computer and returned upstairs. My wife still lay unmoved and I picked up the pendant and placed it in my pocket as I crawled into bed. Sensing my movement Melanie began to stir.

“Tom what the heck are you doing?” She asked groggily.

“Nothing babe. Just woke up and I wanted to tell you I love you. I really do. I don’t think you will ever know how deeply I do.” I said romantically.

“Aw, I love you too sweetie. Now go back to bed I’m tired.” She said half asleep.

I reach my hand forward and brushed her hair away. I then wrapped the pendant carefully around her neck and closed the clasp. Feeling something change she looked down confused for a moment.

“Tom?” Melanie asked.

“I got you a surprise Mel.” I said cuddling up close  feeling our bodies pushing into one another.

“It’s beautiful Tom, I love it! How did you know I liked tiger’s eye?” She asked.

“Well I just guessed. I figured I should show my appreciation and love for you with a nice symbol of love.” I said coolly into her ear trailing off with note of seduction.

“Well I must say this is quite a surprise Tom.” She said happily.

“That isn’t my surprise darling.” I said calmly.

She turned and looked at me for a second confused. I slowly and passionately rubbed my hard cock up against her bottom and ran my finger over her breast. She understood what I meant and eagerly accepted the kisses I planted upon her ear. I whispered sweet nothings to her and moved my hand underneath her night gown. She giggled sweetly and moaned softly as I began to turn her on. She turned over suddenly and gave me a kiss. As she pulled away she pulled her night gown over her head exposing her breasts and quickly removed my shirt as well. We kissed passionately our upper bodies touching together, her nipples protruding into my skin. As she broke away again I ran my hand down her body and she bit her lower lip slightly and ran her index finger over her lip. She then pulled my pants and boxers down revealing a perfect hard throbbing cock aching to get attention. She stood up for a moment removing her own bottoms and panties. She did a little dance, which I must say was extremely erotic and crawled towards me in the most seductive manner I have ever seen. As she moved up towards my cock she paused admiring it. She toyed with it momentarily and then began to stimulate me orally. I watched as she worked my cock up and down between her lips swirling her tongue about.  This was sexy enough as it was but, the fact that I could see the pendant hanging in front of her working my cock, swaying gently, turned me on even more. I glanced looking over at the camera in the purse. “How lucky can I guy be?” I said to myself in my head.

Noticing my distance Melanie crawled up to my face and kissed my neck softly. As she whispered into my ear, “Tom. I want you to fuck me. I want to be fucked in my wet hot pussy that’s dripping all over your stomach.” She said rubbing her extremely wet pussy against my side. “Yeah, I want you in me. I want to ride your fucking dick till I scream. I want you to shoot your load in me and fuck me like a bad girl. Would you like that? You and your huge fucking cock.”

I nodded my head in agreement and kissed Melanie on the lips hard. I pulled her on top of me and she quickly began to make good on her words. As we fucked for what seemed like hours I could not help but feel turned on by the overtly dominant personality my wife had suddenly obtained and the two cameras recording every juicy moment of this erotic coupling.

The moments passed by slowly for me. After Melanie had gone out to pick up some things at the store I went about reviewing the footage of our erotic action. I spent the next few hours beating off to the steamy footage. The raw passion of the moment was captured perfectly. As I watched my wife work her body sensually on top of mine I could tell it was real. The whole experience felt surreal to me. I had watched some pornography in the  past and it always felt fake and staged. Now, however, for the first time in my life I felt like I was viewing something secret. My whole fixation on voyeur cams and the hidden camera sites came back to me. The whole experience was supposed to feel perverted and this was supposedly what I had wanted. I realized though, never once during my viewing voyeur footage did I feel a connection to it. It still felt fake, felt unreal to the world. Only once did I come across a clip of a couple passionately making love in a hotel room somewhere. The room had very little in furnishing and seemed to be absent of everything. The couple was older probably in their mid-forties. The woman was lying on her back seductively caressing herself causing goose bumps to form along her body. Probably to cool off from the heat outside. The man casually walks over to the corner of the room and his hand gently reaches out pulling the curtain aside. A quick glance, neon sign, a few cars, and a pale moon hang in the distance. The camera is drawn back into the room and the woman circle her nipples with her fingers then seductively sucks on one while motioning to the man. The man sets the camera on the tv and walks over to the bed. The couple were just your average people. She had small tits and stretch marks on her stomach with some flab. He had hair all over and a beer gut that seemed oddly at home with his thinning hair. This mattered not in the least however. The two just popped. As he walked to the bed she turned and crawled to meet him running her hand through his chest hair as she expertly deep throated his cock and pulled on his ass pushing him deeper. As she pulled her mouth off his prick she glanced up and he smiled back. Their eyes met and both mouthed “I love you” to one another. The man gently began to lay his wife back and started to make  love to her caressing her body the whole while. This clip, maybe ten minutes in length, gave me the exact feeling I felt watching my wife and I make love. The look in their eyes as they connected, the passion, the two hearts joined. The entire experience sends a chill through the body making it hard to sit still. It is nearly unimaginable how wonderful and euphoric it can be. Easily as erotic as any sexual situation I have ever been in. The goal of every being in the world is to materialize their dreams in any way possible. At this moment I knew that I had formed the love, passion, and desire I had been seeking. I was truly in love with Melanie and I knew that my new found hobby was the materialization of these dreams.

As the day wore on I tapped into the feed from the cameras planted on Melanie. A little shaky from her walking but overall they were phenomenal. Brilliant colors in the well lit stores. I was able to zoom in and read the tags on the shirts she looked at as she shopped in some retail store in the mall. I watched through her purse cam as she sat down on the bench. I was given a view of some college girls walking by in short skirt. Their thongs flashing bright colors as they happily walked by. I was also given the chance to test out the low light setting as my wife entered the restroom. I switched on the night cam and to my surprise the entire room seemed to be visible. Yes the night vision is a little fuzzy and green but it was exceptional compared to the darkened regular cam. I sat smiling as I imagined the fun to come in the next few days. I returned to fixing a computer and heard my wife’s car pull up a few hours later and happily greeted her upstairs. I smiled the whole time knowing in a day I would again be treated to a first class show of unimaginable quality.

Friday drug on at work. I found it so hard to concentrate with the lingering thoughts of lesbians lurking next door. Truth be told I had found an enjoyable niche with the whole voyeur field. I was able to spend time tinkering away with these inventions that enabled me to view deeply into a secret life I longed for. Finally, it was time to go home. I hurried out of the office to my car, jumped in, rolled down the windows, and began to pull away. It seemed like seconds before I was pulling up to my good old home where my true passions  waited for me. As I reached the door I ran into a large yellow note that read,

“Tom went out a bit early be back tomorrow morning. Dinner is in the oven will be ready for you around seven.” xoxo Love, Melanie

I ran downstairs and flicked the monitors on. I looked forward intently and was surprised to find nothing but four lesbians sitting calmly on the couch. I felt bored with this notion. I craved the hot action I had become accustomed to. I rewound an hour and saw Melanie arrive. Nothing special happened at first with the women some hugging, kissing, and a little bit of grabbing. I fast forwarded through the boring bits till I was able to actually see a little something. Melanie had brought her purse to lay on the giant L shaped sofa with her and inadvertently provided me with an excellent place to listen to her and her lovers.

Melanie and Alexis sat closely together as Zoe and Sarah took to the other end.

“So when am I going to get my going to get some of your delicious mound in my mouth Alexis?” Melanie asked.

“Well someone is certainly getting greedy for some juicy fat pussy. I tell you what, you have ten minutes to make me cum twice. If you do I’ll let you have it whenever you want from now on and I expect the same from you, my little snatch slut.” Alexis said with a grin. Sarah and Zoe giggled as they kissed and cat called to Melanie. Melanie took the invitation and pulled the blanket over her back and head, Alexis stood up and pulled her thong down from under her mini skirt and kicked it off her legs. As she laid down she spread her legs wide open and beckoned her slut forward. Melanie wasted no time in lapping up the perfectly shaved red swollen red beaver laying in front of her. Alexis moaned heartily in a matter of seconds breathing quite heavy. She gripped the couch and blanket tightly and arched her back as her head went backwards and came hard.

“Damn.” Alexis got out with a quick breath. “You…really…have gotten…good.”

A head popped up for a second and met Alexis face to face. Melanie kissed her deeply and bit her lower lip seductively as she pulled away.

“I like to be your fucking snatch slut and you better be able to make me cum half as fast as I can make your cute little pussy explode in my mouth.” Melanie let out quickly and seductively before diving back into Alexis’s nether regions. The three all eyed each other with surprised grins interrupted only minutes later by Alexis achieving another explosive orgasm. As Mel crawled out Alexis spoke,

“Mel get cleaned up tonight you will not be getting any pleasure. In fact tonight will be strictly pussy free after this moment. Understand me you two over there?”

“God whatever!” Said Zoe and Sarah in unison laughing afterwards. “Alright but you better send that snatch slut over here for tomorrow night.

The girls all giggled as Melanie looked confused.

“So what are we doing tonight then? I told Tom tomorrow morning that I would be home so what can I do?” Melanie asked.

Sarah touched her arm gently, “Don’t worry we are going to the club later to dance it up for awhile. Then we will come back here do some girly stuff paint nails, watch movie, make some smoothies, and prepare you for a wild ride tomorrow night.”

Melanie’s eyes lit up. “What do you guys have  setup for tomorrow?” She asked.

“Nothing much. It was a pretty penny but, it will probably be out of this world for all of us.” Zoe added.

“Oh, guys. I don’t know what to say. Just please I can’t have you going broke trying to make me feel special. I’m happy hanging out over here and making love to you sexy little ladies.” Melanie said.

“Well, we didn’t actually spend any money. We have Tom in on it.” Sarah chipped in happily.

The color drained out of Melanie’s face. “Y-you told Tom I …I am I” she stammered.

“Relax. We told him it was a nice day at the spa for the girls,” Zoe quickly added. “He was planning one anyway. You really are lucky to have such a sweet and sexy man at home. Must feel good to go home and get ravaged by his big dick after having us lick your slit all night long. How big is little Tom anyway?” Zoe teased.

I could see Melanie grow a little red in the cheeks from embarrassment. She took a moment to recover after some nervous giggling and began.

“Well, Tom is a very sweet passionate man. Just the other morning he gave me this pendant on my neck and this lovely purse out of nowhere and then made intense love to me.”
“Awwwe. That’s so cute. Do you mind if I come over and fuck Tom sometime too? I need a new purse and some jeans.” Alexis said.

The girls all laughed and I banged my head against the wall praying to hear a “yes” come over the speakers.

“Well, you never know girls what can happen. Someday, somehow, somewhere things happen maybe you’ll find your Tom or my Tom.” Melanie replied.

I felt slightly let down. Keeping me to herself and keeping the lesbians off me, well can’t have everything I thought.

“Well then Mrs. Snatch Slut Tom’s wife. How big is it?!” Alexis said inquisitively.

Well..” Melanie said laughing slightly. “It is really big. Tom’s dick is at least nine inches long.”

I smiled, she embellished slightly. My dick usually was around eight inches maybe eight and a half if I was really hard.

“No way you’re lying to us, just tell us we might want to invite him over to play.” Zoe said.

“Okay, okay.” Mel said. “Tom is really about eight and a half inches but, while that’s not huge it is so thick and his endurance is almost ridiculous. I had several boyfriends until I met Tom. They all just fucked me real quick, shot their load, and left me hanging. They were so thin and small that I never really got any feeling from them. The first time Tom and I fucked I was not keen on the idea. However, after he fucked me I felt like I had been ripped open and stretched out. The pain was addicting. I have never gotten use to the size of his thing. He fills me up and it seriously looks like its almost as big as a soda can. Honestly, I could be happy fucking him forever it’s so nice.”

The girls all sat their shocked with much the same look as I had on my face. I couldn’t believe my tool was considered to be that big. I never really fucked any other girls. A few one night stands in college but, nothing to write home about.  I was touched and turned on by the way my wife painted my picture. She made me out to be some nerdy little stud that could fuck someone silly at a moments notice. I was lost in thought thinking of what had been said. Maybe the girls would convince Melanie to let me join in the fun or maybe they would bring me in on my own. I drooled at the possibility of joining in this sex party. The girls moved about the room quickly picking things up and folding the used blankets. I listened tentatively and heard some snippets of words jumbling together in the commotion.  The rustling stopped and I watched and listened carefully.

“Alright bitches its time to dance the night away. Lets go move it.” Alexis called out pushing the girls out the door. As they moved out I leaned back and sighed. I felt so horney and turned on my dick felt like it would explode. I looked downwards and commanded calmness to my raging erection.

“Soon you will find release. Soon your wife will be tongue deep in lesbian sex hotter than you can even imagine. Just think your wife, your pussy, being licked and lapped until orgasm.”

Tom looked down and noticed his talk had no effect on his full on hard tool. He sighed and headed up the stairs turning off his equipment for the night. He would tinker with his toys later he thought and relax while imagining the fun that was to come. Dreams, fantasies, and more danced in his head as the night rolled on a constant smile stuck to his face as he tinkered away with happiness found by only the most fulfilled people in life. Tom turned in a few hours later with the same happy feeling and fell asleep quickly and care free.

The phone woke me in the warming ringing violently from the nearby nightstand. I groped around for it groggily as it continued to go off. Finally finding my phone I  answered.

“Hello.” I said.
“Hey sleepy head it’s Alexis from next door. Today we are doing the spa day and we need you to help us kick it into gear.” She said happily. “So can you like call in or give us some money for the trip? I called ahead already and went with the private massage room, sauna, and the eucalyptus leaf and green tea pore cleansing. Plus I wanted to know if we could have our own private hot stone bottom pool session?” Alexis added with a tone she probably used to get something out of her own father many times.

“Yeah, sure. I’ll call down to um where did you say?”

“Oh we are going to be at Calm Meadows Day Spa in the Brook park Plaza.” Alexis added.

“Alright, I’ll call down their and give them my credit card number and have them send down some lunch down to your gals and tell them to add anything else you want to my bill.” I offered.

“Thank you Tom! You are the best husband in the world, I wish I had a husband to do stuff like this for me. Sigh. Oh well, we’ll have Mel back by dinner time. Alright, catch you around stud.”

“Alright, have fun. Make sure you girls stay on top of my wife.”

 Alexis gulped, “Beg pardon?

“Mel needs to relax, make sure you stay on top of her needs.” I said with a smile. “Geeze what did you think I meant?”

Alexis giggled nervously, “Did you…never mind, I’m just tired from our movie night. Alright Tom, we will take care of her needs 100%. You can count on us. Alright. Bye.”

“Bye Alexis.”

I hung up smiling and soon heard the car doors of my wife’s car open and close. I picked up the phone and dialed the spa. I filled the receptionist in on special details for the incoming party of four. Little did they know I would be watching their every move and enjoying the day with them.


The girls arrived at the spa and were lead to their changing room by a gorgeous middle aged woman. As they walked in I could only drool as I noticed the girls starring at the employees toned ass. It swiveled back and forth as she lead them through the rusty orange color halls. They stopped at a door and the woman promptly opened it and showed them inside. Setup were four tables coated in hot stones and eucalyptus leaves with candles littering the room. The room also conveniently housed a showering area and an open air sauna  that was little more than a glass box with wooden benches and a heater. The girls all began to undress in the corner. The woman waited by the door and began flipping through her clipboard.

“Alright, first up we need you ladies to strip down to your birthday suits. Then apply our special blend of oils and then we will put you in the sauna to soften up your pretty little muscles for about twenty minutes.” The woman said playfully.

The girls looked at each other and Sarah whispered something to Alexis. My wife stood slightly apart from the two but was soon beckoned over with Zoe to share in the details.

“Ladies, is their a problem?” The woman asked.

“Yeah actually, Melanie wants to ask you something.” Zoe said.

Melanie looked at her lovers with wide eyes and then the girls pushed something into her hand and shoved her towards the woman.
“Is their a problem? I mean if the sauna doesn’t work for you we can reschedule or change your setup. The man who called was very generous and placed no limit on your expenditures.” She said.

My wife simply walked over to the woman. I could not see her face but knew from her posture and the excited whispering that something was about to happen. My wife pulled her hand over to the employee and casually pushed a hundred dollar bill down her loose blouse top. Then clearly and forcefully said,

“Listen. You will be our fuck toy for today. After our sauna, massage, and cleansing you will come join us in the pool and service us. You will lick our burning hot, dripping wet vaginas until we say otherwise.” After finishing this sentence my wife pulled the employee in for a long drawn out kiss. The employee fought at first but soon  gave in.  

After the kiss broke the employee started to speak, “But I’m not gay. I have two kids and a husband. Plus I’ve never been with a woman before. I’m just Julie the receptionist and I could get fired.”

“ Listen, Julie, we are going to break you in and you will love it. Just be at the pool and be ready to lick and be licked. We will give you the monster fucking of a life time.” Melanie added while the girls giggled and shook their heads in agreement. “Oh and one more thing before you go. “ Melanie pulled up her skirt and pushed aside her panties. “I want you to give me a little tease and to give you a quick taste.”

Julie looked shocked. She stood staring for a moment bewildered. Then for whatever reason she felt her self drawn to the pink slit staring at her. She got on her knees and edged to the swollen pussy. She opened her mouth and began to suck. She felt the burning lips and clit enter her mouth and tasted Melanie’s juices as the flowed. She thought it would be repulsive but the taste was oddly alluring. She eagerly lapped at the vagina and reluctantly stopped when Melanie pulled away. She stood up and embraced Melanie with another kiss.

“Looks like we got another snatch slut.” Alexis called out.

The two parted and left the room as Tom watched eagerly on the screen.  The women all returned to the changing area and undressed as time progressed. Tom sat watching the women enjoying their spa time and massage. Even the cleansing seemed to be intriguing. Tom felt left out however, the angles were not what he expected and the girls seemed slightly uninterested in a lesbian orgy that he had anticipated. Aside from a quick peck here and there or a can I feel your boobs to compare to mine, nothing happened. It was another day at the spa and Tom counted down the minutes waiting for the return of Julie and the heated pool.


I sat eagerly watching the screen. The girls had just been unwrapped from their leaf cocoons and were finishing their salads and smoothies. They were all dressed in fluffy robes and hungrily devoured their meals. After a few minutes the door opened and Julie called out to them that their pool was nearly ready.
The girls all got up and followed their soon to be slut into another part of the spa. As she pulled open a door a beautiful Roman themed pool area came into view. The girls all looked around amazed as they set down their things by the pool chairs near the door. My wife placing her pursue at a decent angle down on the floor facing the pool. I could see the pool filled up roughly three quarter of the room and appeared to have several seating areas built into the bottom. Some chairs were placed slightly below the surface allowing the body to be partially submerged while other were deeper. The bottom of the pool was covered in some medium and large already heated stones and Julie pulled out more from a ceramic heater and quickly added twenty  soccer ball sized stones  to the small fifteen by fifteen pool. The stones began to bubble and the water began steaming quickly.

Julie walked over to the door and closed it and pulled the dead bolt closed. By the time she turned around Alexis, Zoe, Sarah, and Melanie were in the water lounging and calling for her to join. Julie pulled off her top and bottom and discarded her underwear. Even though it was steamy the camera could clearly still see she was a stone cold fox. Tan with large D cup breast and an ass that could drive a man crazy. The girls all stared at Julie as she entered the pool. She waded over to the girls the water maybe only four and a half feet deep.

“So now what girls?” She asked with a smile.
As if answering her question the four women circled Julie and began caressing her skin. Alexis wrapped her arms around her neck and locked her in a passionate kiss as Melanie moved behind and moved her hand down towards the crotch of their new toy. Zoe and Sarah paired off to make out and fool around themselves nearby.  Julie arched her head back moaning as Alexis moved down her delicate neck planting kisses as she moved and Melanie delicately kissed and nibbled on her ear and worked her large breast with her free hand. In moments Julie looked like she was about to cum moaning loudly when suddenly the two broke off of her.

“What happened!? I was about to cum and you stopped.” Julie asked.

“You will cum soon my little snatch licker. But first you have some aching pussies to tend to.” Alexis said to Julie. “And you can start with her.” She said pointing to Melanie.

I watched as Melanie pulled Julie towards one of the chairs in the pool and lay with only her head and swollen pussy uncovered by the water. She pulled Julie on top of her smiling and kissed her deeply. Then pushed her back. Julie taking this as a sign looked down at the waiting pussy and began to eat my wife out.

I watched the Julie work my wife’s vagina with great interest. Her tongue swirled around the pubic mound above her clit and she kissed her over her entire lower region but purposely skipped her clit and slit. This seemed to drive my wife crazy. She moaned with excitement as her new lesbian slut licked her. My wife squeezed her own breasts and gasped in ways that I had never seen her before. Julie seemed to know how to please a woman even if she had never done it before. My wife eagerly accepted the tongue action and quickly came as Julie sucked her clit like and expert and fingered her pussy with two fingers. I couldn’t believe this was happening. My wife was being fingered in a giant hot tub by a smoking hott woman with her lesbian lovers only a few feet away doing the same thing. As my wife came the girls whistled.

“She is almost as good as you are Melanie.” Called out Zoe.

“Julie that was amazing.” Melanie said. “You like read my mind and it was amazing.”

Julie smiled and turned slightly red. Zoe broke her embarrassment as she hugged her from behind and kissed her neck.

“Your mine now bitch.” She said as Julie closed her eyes. Zoe pulled Julie to the side of the pool and sat on the edge and ordered Julie to eat her. Julie greedily lapped away at her pussy and began to rub her own crotch in the process. I could also see Zoe shoving Julies face deeper and deeper into her swollen pussy. Both moaning from pleasure.

I glanced at the necklace camera and my jaw dropped. I backed up the video feed and watched the few seconds I had missed. While viewing Zoe and Julie I missed the other three girls. Alexis laid down and called my wife over to start servicing her slit while Julie was busy with Zoe. Wasting no time my wife moved over and began to rub her clit with her finger and insert her expert tongue into Alexis’s ready snatch. Alexis was enjoying this immensely and kept moaning

“Don’t stop. MMMM! Deeper!”

I was shooting what must have been my fourth load at this point without having to even touch my dick. As I wiped up my mess I grew hard again as I saw little sexy Sarah jump on top of Alexis and force her snatch into her face as she steadied herself on the cement pool lounge. Alexis surprised by this as much as I was reluctantly nibbled at the twat in her face and then eagerly munched on the pussy hanging in front of her. The three girls all turned on seemed to be lost in ecstasy. The sounds of Julie and Zoe made their snatches even wetter as Julie ate Zoe to her third orgasm in fifteen minutes. Sarah began to loose control as she clearly neared orgasmic bliss. She savagely grabbed Alexis by the hair and pulled her snatch away and gave her a smack on the face.

“Fucking eat me out harder than you have eaten anyone out before. I want you to make me cum on your face Alexis.” Sarah commanded.

Alexis surprised by this did so. Obviously getting turned on from the dominating style that Alexis usually had. Sarah pushed her crotch onto Alexis’s face and gripped her hair and began grinding her wet swollen pussy on Alexis’s face. She came violently and continued to fuck Alexis’s face as she came multiple times in a row the last of which Alexis and Melanie themselves came to. The three women all lay together kissing and rubbing each other in a semi orgasmic ecstasy filled stupor. Much in the same way Zoe and Julie kissed close by. Zoe now carried Julie through the water towards the mass of sex drunken women at the other end of the pool. Julie wrapping her legs around Zoe’s waist as Zoe nibbled her delicate nipples and gently suckled on them. The two reached their other lovers and quickly dissolved into the mix of women standing, laying, and withering together in a gigantic lesbian coupling.

I could barely tell them apart from the view across the room. My wife necklace camera saw tits, mouth, pussy, and skin galore. I could not believe that I was watching a true lesbian orgy. The women were what every man fantasizes about. Drunk with love for one another while they squirmed in a gigantic mass. The women were churning about the shallow water like sharks in a feeding frenzy. Fingers were sucked by one woman as another seductively bit down one another’s shoulders. One woman fingered the girl next to her while someone rubbed her vagina. The girls kissed one another constantly moving. Fingers explored every inch of the women’s bodies pussy, ass hole, and mouth were all being explored with them. Tongues swirled in a mass of excitement. Hands and legs were pulled in all directions until finally Julie let out the loudest moan of all. Screaming as she sexually assaulted from all sides producing a massive g-spot orgasm. The other women followed quickly, as did I, adding their own thrusts and moans of joy.

The group slowly drifted apart and began to take deep breaths and come down off their sexually fueled frenzy. The women spent the next fifteen minutes rubbing each other shoulders and playfully kissing one another until finally leaving the pool and dressing to leave the spa. I barely noticed that the girls had been at the spa for five hours already and they were due back in thirty minutes.  Soon they were all dressed and laughing like the entire pool orgy had been merely a daydream of mine. They all moved towards the door gathering their things and stopped to thank Julie for making the day complete. Julie grabbed each one giving them a deep kiss and begged them to invite her over for some more pussy eating. The girls agreed and also added that they would love to come back and get another lesbian pool orgy going. Julie added that she had friends that would, “ love to ‘cum’ ” sometime. I practically shot my load for the who knows how many time that day and began fantasizing of a pool filled to capacity with nothing but hot water and lesbian women. I watched the girls leave and Melanie give Julie one last kiss on the way out. Julie waved goodbye to the girls as they walked out the door.

“Well that was just about the most amazing thing of my life.” Melanie said.

“Tell me about it. Who knew that Julie would be such a hott fucking snatch eater.” Zoe said with a lustful look in her eyes.

“Yeah, that was the best sex I have ever had. I don’t know why but something in their made me loose it and we all got lost in ecstasy.” Sarah said.

“Yeah, you almost drown me with that hot little pussy of yours Sarah. But, I agree whole heartily. That was the hottest, most erotic, and damn best pussy I have ever gotten. I just can’t wait till I can get some more action.” Aleixs said with a lingering note of desire.

“Well, I say next weekend we invite Julie over and fuck her brains out.” Zoe said.

Melanie smiled as they reached the car and opened the her door and got in. The girls all got in and Melanie began to speak.

“Next weekend? I don’t think I can wait that long to get me some pussy. God I see what I have been missing all these years. Once you get a taste for it, you can’t stop licking.”

Alexis smiled and said, “Well if we take the scenic route Mel you can eat me out back here while I work on you.”

Again I felt my jaw drop as the girls switched seats. Zoe sat behind the wheel and Sarah next to her. My wife hiked up her skirt and Alexis did the same as the two licked each other one last time for the day on the way home. While driving Zoe, pulled her shorts down and Sarah set away on munching her clit as she drove the car full of lustful lesbians around the city. They arrived home half an hour late and I smiled. I heard the front door open and ran to meet my wife upstairs.

“Hey hunnie, thanks for the day out. I’m bushed though so I will be going to bed now.” Melanie said to me.

“Don’t you worry baby. You go right to bed and sleep all you want. I’ll just be downstairs on the computer if you need anything like a snack yell down.” I said.

“I think I’ll be fine. I ate way too much today if you know what I mean.” She said.

I smiled as she walked up the stairs and I heard her climb into bed. I snuck downstairs and turned on the monitor and saw the girls next door all curled up asleep in their beds. My beautiful wife and the lesbians next door had given me what I always wanted and now I was going to give my new gift to the world…


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