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True Love Betwen Women

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I know I was born a lesbian.  No matter how attractive boys and men found me, all I ever dreamed of was red headed women.  That sounds crazy and I know it, but it is true.  From the time I was very young I loved to look at nude women.  I found my uncles dirty magazines one summer day and stole the ones that had red heads in them.  He never expected it was me; he always blamed his oldest son. 


My mom found them a few weeks later hidden between my mattress and box springs.  She was upset at first and then as we talked and she truly understood.  She didn’t try to change me and she didn’t encourage me, but she didn’t punish me when she caught me in bed with her sister.  My aunt came over to see mom but she was gone and the next thing you knew she was in bed with me and my cherry sort of speak was given to my 43 year old aunt when I was just fifteen. 


I had a few intimate friends after that but only one girl made me purr, that was Monica.  She was 35, married to a workaholic that traveled the globe.  I was just turning eighteen when along came Thanksgiving weekend and my mom would plan her annual all day sales shopping spree.  I knew before sunup she left and sometimes before midnight she came home.  My dad and little brother would always get tickets to the game and they would shuffle off to watch the game and spend the night after that.  That meant I would be alone for two days basically, as mom would always sleep the Saturday after until well past midday, that is if she made it home, sometimes she would stay with my aunt and the two of them would share the days triumphs and I think a few more things too.  Not that my mom ever tried anything on me, but a few times I did see her spy on me in the shower or watch me sun bathe.


Now I was 5’7” 110 pounds, wavy blonde hair natural and deep blue eyes and a year round tanned body that was so smooth and shapely if I had wanted a man I could have had anybody.  I am built, 36D-26-36, with a flat firm belly and a round firm butt and most of all a shaven tight pussy that is so sensitive.


Monica was 5’2” 115 pounds, red pigtails flowed down from her head and highlighted two emerald eyes and freckled pink cheeks.  She had soft big lips and sort of angelic smile and her body was perfect for me.  She was 36C-30-36 and had soft looking thighs and her butt made me drool on more than one occasion.  It wasn’t flat or blunt, but sort big and sexy looking. 


That morning after everyone left I began to make myself desirable for her.  I had felt her out a couple of times and she always seemed to be one who didn’t know what she wanted, except she was tired of being alone.  So as I put on my silk blouse that was shear and white over my leather tied low cut pants and my red paten leather boots I knew I was sexy, and all I wanted was to attract her.


Around ten that morning I saw her car pull in, she went shopping early too but unlike my mom she knew when to stop.  As soon as I saw her in that black leather jacket and tight faded jeans, I got hot horny and on my way out the door.  That was just as the phone rang and my friend wanted to chat a few minutes.  By the time I hung up Monica had been inside for no more than twenty minutes.  I was dreaming of her answering the door in that outfit just as I knocked and she opened the door with a huge smile wearing only her lacy bra and panties and holding a silky red kimono in her arms.  With a funny glare I said, “I have died and gone to heaven.”


Monica snickered and quickly threw on the silky robe and as she tied it I walked in and was greeted with, “Oh dear Libby, I wasn’t expecting you.  I had hoped that Rodger was home.  I should have known better he said that he wouldn’t be able to make Thanksgiving but I was hoping he would get home today.”


I sort turned red in embarrassment and anger as I replied, “Well he would have enjoyed that view.  I know I will dream about that tonight.”


Monica laughed loudly and said, “Now darling you know you shouldn’t give out compliments’ to a woman who hears them never.”  She was tightening her robe as she added, “You could give a girl a big head.”


I was slowly moving towards her as I said aloud, “Why wouldn’t you get complements after all you are very lovely Monica.”


She smiled and then dropped her head and sort blushed with, “Comparing my looks to someone like you is like comparing a pear to an apple.”


I reach out my right hand and slowly slid it along her silky robe on her left arm as I said, “You know Monica someone else may find you attractive to the point that they dream of you nightly.”


She looked up into my eyes and smiled and as they sparkled at me she said, “Dear sweet innocent Libby, you are such a treasure.  Every time I see you I feel like…well like…”


“That you are sexy?” I finished her sentence.


“Yes, I guess.  Well maybe just really better than I know I am,” she quipped as she stood there allowing me to slowly caress her arm.


I couldn’t control it and I remembered the first time I was seduced by my aunt, so I slid my body up to her slowly and so very close as I whispered sexily, “You are so sexy Monica, oh what I would do to show you.”


Her mouth quivered as her eyes stayed in contact with mine.  She sort of stumbled over words and she replied, “Libby…uh now…you know…I am married…I could be…I am sort of…but you are just a child…and it wouldn’t be…well it couldn’t…”


As she tried to refuse me I leaned in to touch my silky blouse covered right boob to her left one and said seductively, “Love?  I now I feel it for you Monica.  I know how badly I want to show you how I feel.”


“Oh goodness now dear…” Monica said as her lips trembled and her face redden and then she stuttered out, “I could…oh so easily…I really could…I admit that I would love too…but I don’t think…”


I waited no more as I let my lips touch hers so gently that it interrupted her sentence as I pleaded with, “Kiss me beautiful.”


Her lips puckered and released and a second more her mouth met mine and as it did we melded for a few minutes.  It was a short passionate kiss followed by several more and then one very enticing barrage that made me tingle madly.  Sliding my hand to chest I slowly caressed her left breast as my right hand made its way to her belt.  The sash opened easily and as it did her hands caressed my shoulders in a way that felt so wonderful.


I opened her robe and pushed it from her shoulders as we kissed deeper.  When it fell to the floor I moved back and slowly stood caressing her breasts through her lacy sexy bra.  She sighed heavily along the way and slowly as I moved to unleash it, she said, “Oh Libby if I do this thing…if we do this…I don’t want to hurt you…I don’t.”


It was as she spoke when her bra unsnapped and opened for my fingers to delight around her now erect nipples.  I took my forefinger and thumb and slid over and around them and as I did I said, “Now Monica, open my blouse and find my gifts for your pleasures.”


She unlocked the one button and then slowly withdrew my shirt wide apart as she saw my breast her mouth opened and she was drawn to them instantly.   Her kisses told me she had felt the same desires as me and as she sucked my nipple to their peaks I let my hands caress her boobs and then slowly move to lower her panties.


Her hands unsnapped my leather pants and tugged them and my thong down with a single hoist.  As she skidded along my sides to my bare butt her mouth engulfed a nipple and she looked up to see me smile as I said, “I am yours to enjoy my red haired goddess.”


I was falling backwards onto her ample padded sofa as she removed my pants and boots.  She was starring at my bald pussy as she said, “This is the first time since I was married I have been with another woman.  I admit that I wanted to do this with you for a long time, but I never thought you could ever let me.”


As she stopped talking her mouth moved back to my breasts and as her hands slowly petted my now soaking wet snatch very gently, I sighed loudly for her.  Then I said in response, “Monica I am in love with you.”


Her lips began to kiss me down my belly and her tongue followed each kiss with a sexy little wager and when she made her way to my smooth shaven pussy, I widened my legs and allowed her to make me a meal. 


Her mouth set up on my clit as her tongue slid down and up the outer folds of my pussy.  Each lap sent waves up and down my body and seeing her devouring me so easily, I knew she had once been with a woman of equal experience.  I watched her engulf my lips and then spread and lap them and finally as her tongue probed me I felt it flop and swirl inside me fully. 


Minutes became seconds and as I reach my peak she prepared to taste any and all my juices.  In the blink of an eye she brought me to a new peak and as I climaxed she felt me in her mouth.  She knew what I was feeling and allowed me to end before she did, and then she watched me start to relent from orgasm, she stood and removed her panties and led me away to her bed.


She placed herself on the mattress like a trophy for me, and I accepted it and kissed and adorned every single inch of her body with my kisses, licks, nibbles and suction.  When I engulfed her left nipple and teased her right one, I left my other hand to dabble at her now dripping wet crotch until she was almost begging to be eaten.


I sank to her patch and began to lick insider her form the start.  It sent her shuttering moments and within two more minutes she began to cry and moan and groan loud enough to wake the dead.  She sent a wave of juices into my mouth after that and it lasted so very long and was so thick that I would up drinking it like cream.  I couldn’t make myself stop, her nectar made me mad with desires and her taste made drunk with passionate feelings so long held inside that I allowed her three more chances to evoke her sexual prowess on me.


As she sank in the bed and began to paw at my head, I felt my body drawn upward and her mouth met mine and we kissed until she began to cry.  She sobbed lightly as she said, “Libby darling, no one not even my husband ever made me feel like this before.  I couldn’t imagine how wonderful it felt until this.  Thank you my sweet young beautiful lady.”


After that we melted into each others arms and I would be amiss if I didn’t say that we stayed naked in bed until the following morning.  When I awoke to her kissing me and helping me dress, I knew she saw mom arrive.  I didn’t know that mom had been in the room with us and that while I slept the two of them had talked.


When I got dressed and went downstairs Monica told me, “One day soon Libby you and I will be able to be together again.  Now be patient and kind and wait for it.  I have to break the news to my husband and that will take some nerve on my part.  If what you have shown me is how you feel about me then the next time we make love it will not have to end this way.”


That was twenty years ago.  I was so in love with her that I waited for her two months and then shortly before my 19th birthday I moved in and we stayed together until she was taken from this world last year by a heart attack.










Not was this story Hot but having 2 people love each other that deeply You and Monica were truly blessed to find each other!!! I am sorry to hear about Monica it is tragic. I had to vote on this story because I feel it is very well written, Sire

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