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First Time on Prom Night

johnny123 on Love Stories

Charlotte and I have been friends since the first grade.  She moved across the street when I was little and we just hit it off really great.  I did'nt see it at first, but at about the seventh grade, Charlotte started to really like me.  I finally figured it out and we were school sweet hearts since then.  Both of our parents told us not to have sex untill after marrage.  When they told that to us, the urge grew.

When prom night came arround, we had secret plans. Charlotte and I were going to spend the night together at the Renaissance Hotel (Also where Prom is being held) in the City. We both had stories for our parents so they wont worry when when we don't come home. I said that I was going on a road trip with the guys and won't be back for a couple of days.  And Charlotte said something like that.

We got in the car on the way to go and she grabed my face and we made out for a couple of minutes. We have kissed before, but never like this.  It was an omen for what was about to come. 

Prom was wonderful. We danced, we talked, we ate, we had a great time.  We were voted the best high school sweet heart couple. I thought that prom came to an end too quickly.

We both went up to the hotel room, when we where she asked "John, um... are you a virgin??" and I replied "Yes, why?".  She just "Just asking".  When we got inside, her dress was off before the door was closed.  I looked at her in her bra and g-string and knew why she was really asking.

I thought that she was sleep on the bed and I was going to sleep on the couch. Boy, I was wrong.

I had never seen Charlotte in her Bra and Panties before and suddenly before I had time to think, I was staring at those same bra and panties at my feet.  I looked up and I saw her nude.  Her beautyful C breasts and her neatly shaven pussy. She said "Did I get undressed for you to stare, I want some action"  By that point, my dick was rock hard and sticking out very noticably.

I was about to un zip my zipper when she said "let me help you with that". WOW. So she un ziped my fly and riped my boxers off. Then she started sucking my dick like she was drinking a very thick milkshake. It took me a moment to comprehend what happened. It was just about 3 minues ago we were in the hallway with all of our cloths on, and now both of us naked and she sucking my dick.

She then lied on her back and she said it was my turn to do something for her.  So I started to play with her clitoris and her pussy...with my toung.  I have never heard her moan so loudly. I was afraid that the mannager would come in and tell us to leave she was moaning so loud.  She obvously never masterbated before because the way she was acting.

After about 45 minutes of oral, we then stoped and she went over to her purse and grabed something out of it and threw it to me. I looked at it and it was a Ultra Thin Lubercated Condom.  I looked at it, then at my dick and then at her. She nodded like she wanted me to put it on.  I did and then the intercourse started.  She leaned over the bed and said "Give it to me John". 

So I put on the condom and put my dick into her vagina.  At that moment we both lost our virginity.

I think we did like every position. One of my favorites was on the ottiman.  We put it next to the bed and I laid down on it with my dick in the middle of the ottiman.  She then laid on top of my dick.  Because it was an ottiman she could bounce on it which make a great thrusting action and an awsome show for me.

After about an hour and a half of fucking. I was about to explode. She then riped off my condom and inserted my dick in her mouth and sucked and rubbed it to give me an orgasm.  I had never had one and from that point on I will love them.  If we were shoting a porno, it would make a great cum shot.  But it will remain in our memory for the rest of our lives.

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