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The Nuns of Saint Barnaby's

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Todd and Rick stood waiting by Sister Amelia's desk as she checked the hallway. The tall nun locked the classroom door and drew the shade. As she made her way back to the front of the classroom her black cassock brushing against each desk. The nuns at St. Barnaby's still wore the old fashioned habit. The woman's entire body was shrouded in black wool. Only hands and unadorned face showing. Todd swallowed nervously. He had no idea why the Sister had kept them after class, or why she had waited for the other boys to clear the hall then locked the door. He mentally recounted his misdeeds for the last month and made up excuses for each. As the Sister seemed to be gliding toward them he nervously licked his lips. Were her hips swinging more than usual? It was hard to tell under all that cloth. Todd had often imagined Sister Amelia naked, though the cassock gave no hint of her shape. Rick stood beside his friend, grinning like a maniac and anxiously shifting from foot to foot. He had been kept after school by Sister Amelia before.

The bulge in the front of the boy's pants showed that he wasn't concerned about what he may have done wrong. "Todd, I need you boys to help me with something." Sister Amelia said in a low slow tone he had never heard her use before. "Rick, show him what I need." she continued. Rick leaped at her command and fumbled at the back of her neck. Todd heard a zipper. Sister Amelia's cassock was specially altered. The zipper in back went from neck to hem. She was able to undress and dress without a lot of fumbling around. It opened like a big black cacoon. From the nun's habit a goddess emerged. She allowed Rick to slip it off her arms. He folded it over the back of a chair. Todd's mouth dropped open and his cock jumped to attention. She stood and let him admire her for a second. Her flawless white skin seemed to glow under the flourecent lights of the schoolroom. He had never imagined anything like this.

Her large breasts, narrow waist and wide hips were a perfect hourglass like the girls in his fathers old playboys. Though too curvy by modern standards the 26 year old nun's body was old school perfection. Pink nipples stood out on beautiful cone shaped breasts. erect from the airconditioning. A triangle of blonde hair disappearing into her crotch. The sister stood there on red spiked heels. Shapely legs clad in devil red thigh high stockings. Todd's eyes flashed back and forth from her naked crotch to her naked tits. The most exciting thing for him was that she still wore her wimple.

Her hair covered in black cloth and her face framed in a halo of white. The chaste looking nuns headress combined with sexy stockings and naked flesh. Todd realized that he was drooling and closed his mouth quickly with a loud snap. This was the first live naked woman he had ever seen and she was his teacher, and a nun. Todd had no idea what to do. Rick however knew exactly what to do having been here before. He massaged the woman's breasts while passionately kissing her mouth.

She kissed him back, but kept her eyes on his friend. One of her hands groaped the boy's ass while the other worked to free his throbbing cock. She undid his fly and Rick's tool sprang out into her hand. The nun stroked it lovingly. After a few minutes of this she pulled away from Rick and moved toward Todd. Rick wasn't discouraged and continued to caress her skin as he moved with her.

Todd's cock tried to pull him forward, but his legs betrade him and backed away. His ass bumped into the desk and he was trapped. Sister Amelia with a wicked smile undid his belt and shoved pants and underwear down to the boy's knees. His rock hard member was free and twiching with excitment. "Ummm, thats a nice one." she said and bent to take it in her mouth. The nun slurped the boy's cock in and began to bob up and down at the waist. She felt Rick position his dick head at her opening and ram it home. Amelia moaned around Todd's cock as Rick's stiff meat pole invaded her cunt. Rick was crude and had no concept of foreplay. Thats why he was perfect for these after class quickies. He started slamming her hard, his loins slapping against her ass. The cock slipped out of her mouth and she stuffed it back in.

Sister Amelia matched her sucking rythme to Ricks fucking rythme. Todd didn't know whether his legs would melt or his head would explode first. "OOOooh, oh God." he moaned his body shaking so badly he could hardly keep his feet. The woman's warm wet sucking mouth and watching her wimpled head bobbing up and down was driving him out of his mind. "She's a nun." he though. "A nun, a bride of christ sucking my cock." It was fornication, unnatural copulation and sacreledge. All the things the church condemed rolled into one. All of Todd's future girl friends and his future wife would reap the benefits as he tried in vain to recapture the perverse excitement of this first blowjob.

The Sister looked up at him, craning her neck at an impossible angle, nibbling at his glans and fondling his balls. Rick's pole was working its magic in her juicy pussy. He pumped her furiously for as long as he could then after resting for a second or two was off again like a jack rabbit. Sister Amelia loved it hard and fast and Rick was her boy. Arching her back and shoving that perfect round ass back at him Sister Amelia came in a flood. Thighs trembling she moaned her pleasure around the cock in her mouth. The vibrations of her mouth were more than Todd could take.

The boy's body spasmed violently and his dick popped free as it began firing gobs of hot semen. Amelia took two shots on her clean scrubbed face before recapturing it and gulping down the rest of his load. She sucked out the dregs as Rick continued to pound her from behind. Rick slammed into the Sister's cunt as hard as he could, again and again. "Yeah Sister, yeah!" he said, biting his lip to keep from announcing his orgasm to the whole school. Grunting like a bull he fillled the nun's fuck hole with his goo. Her thighs were trembling again. No formalities or after play.

The boys helped the Sister back into her cassock. Rick gave her a deep french kiss, forgetting or not caring that her face was covered with his friend's cum. Todd and Rick dressed and began gathering their things. "Man we gotta keep this to ourselves...." Rick began. Sister Amelia had heard him give this lecture to boys before and knew he would impress upon Todd the need for secrecy even among their peers. Having nothing to add she cleaned her face with a wet wipe from her desk and left. Rick knew the drill and would wait ten minutes before leaving. Sister Amelia's cunt still tingled from Rick's hard ramming and the taste of Todd's cum lingered on her tongue. She strolled down the hallway humming contentedly to herself. "Sister Amelia." she heard a voice behind her say.

Turning Amelia saw Mother Superior floating toward her. The older woman's cassock hem touched the floor and there was not the slightest hint of moving legs beneath it. Indeed if Mother Superior had lifted her hem Sister Amelia would have expected to see her feet hovering two inches off the floor. Some of the nuns, only half joking sometimes wondered aloud if the stern old woman was an angel. Not a, hark I bring you tidings of great joy type angel, but a wrath of God, Sodom and Gamora smighting type angel. Amelia always feared that Mother Superior secretly knew all about her carnal sins and was gearing up to give her a major league smighting. "Sister, you are supposed to be supervising the laundry room tonight." Mother Superior said. It was not a question. "Yes Mother Superior.

I'm on my way there now." "On your way? Child classes turned out almost an hour ago. You have more duties than just teaching. You mustn't daudle. move swiftly from one task to the next." The older woman said. Waggling a long finger at the nun as one would at a small child. "What kind of example are you setting for our novices. Those girls look to you for guidence. They need a role model. Starting a new life in the church is not easy." "I know Mother Superior." Sister Amelia said hanging her head. " You are absolutely right. I won't be late again." "See that you don't. Idle hands are the devil's work shop. Who knows what mischief those girls may have gotten into unsupervised for almost an hour."

Mother Superior turned and continued down the hall cassock stock still. Gliding along like a chess piece. Despite what Mother Superior had said she stopped off in the ladies room for a quick pee. While washing her hands the Sister glanced up at the mirror. Ugly yellow stains stared back at her. The halo of white which encircled her pale unmade-up face had white globs of semen clinging to it and they were already begining to dry and turn yellow.. "Oh my dear lord!" she said to herself. " I was talking to the Mother Superior with a cum stained wimple."

Whipping the headress off she smeared on soap from the dispenser and violently dabbed at the spots. In the laundry room the novices were busy loading dirty clothes into washers and washed clothes into dryers. They were just reaching the point where lack of supervision was giving way to horesplay. The ten girls were an unusual bunch of novices in this day and age,. None of them older than nineteen. Most modern women wait until they have had career and family before choosing the religious life. These girls were straight out of high school. Most pushed into the convent by their parents. "Will you look at these?" Vicky yelled holding an extra large pair of panties up for everyone to inspect. "Jesus Christ!" Therese squealed. "You could make a tent out of those." "Whose are they?" said Maddy pulling them down to check the laundry mark. "Sister Ignatius!" she squealed. The room broke out into loud laughter. "I knew she was a cow but good God." "Hey, find her bra, we can make two hammocks and have a proper camp site."

Lewella said and set off a new round of laughter. Therese stepped into the underpants and pulled the waistband up to her armpits. The long skirt of her habit bunched up inside them, but there was still plenty of room. The girls roared. "Come on in the water's fine." she said holding the waistband out toward Vicky. Vicky climbed in with her. The thick cloth of their habits bunched up in the panties, but stockinged thighs caressing. Vicky thrilled at the contact. The two girls embraced and hopped around the room together in the huge panties. Even with two of them inside Therese still had to hold onto the waist to keep them up. All the girls laughed and giggled out of control.

The two girls got their feet tangled and fell to the floor in a heep, Vicky on top. The giggles subsided as she pressed her breasts and crotch hard against Therese's body. A shadow crossed Therese's face and she rolled Vicky off her and hastely worked to free herself from the big underwear. "I wasn't aware the laundry was so hilarious." Sister Amelia said as she entered the room. Vicky and Therese scrambled to their feet and and the other girls turned back to their work.

Looking down at the huge panties in a pool at Vicky's feet, leg holes stretch out of shape, the Sister said "I believe the two of you owe Sister Ignatius a new pair of undies. I have nothing against harmless fun, but destroying someone elses property is no laughing matter." She was trying to be serious, but it wasn't easy. The girl's performance had been hilarious. "You two have until the end of the week to replace them and Mother Superior won't have to know about your little dance. Now come on girls, back to work. Clothes don't wash themselves." she said hoping that she was coming off as regal and authoritative. A few days later Sister Amelia sat in the confessional, skirt pulled up to her waist and fingers stroking her clitoris as she described in detail the encounter with Rick and Todd.

She could hear the spank, spank, spank sound as Father Oliver abused his old cock. "And were you completely naked my child?" the old priest asked. "No Father." she answered " I was wearing stockings. Stockings as red as the fires of hell, and the devil's own spiked heels." She could hear Father Oliver's breath quicken and frigged her clit faster. Sister Amelia described in great detail how Rick's cock had felt and the taste of Todd's spunk as her orgasm drew nearer. She heard the Father grunting and a wave of pleasure swept over her. As her cum subsided she wanted to run accross into the other booth and lick up his jizz, but she knew Father Oliver would not have aloud it.

They had been playing this game in the confessional for almost three years. He had never approached her outside the booth. He was too high minded to actually break his vow of chastity. "These are grave sins my child." the old preist said when his breathing finally slowed to normal again. "So they deserve grave penance." "I know Father." said Sister Amelia. "I am ready." ""Self flagelation." Father Oliver ordered. "100 strokes." He reserved such arkane penance for Sister Amelia alone. Father Oliver would masturbate many times over the next week imagining the young woman whipping herself at his order. The two finished the ritual of confession as normal and the Sister left.

Father Oliver quickly cleaned himself up and put his clothes back in order. He heard the door to the other booth open and shut and a female voice say "Bless me Father for I have sinned." Later that night as her roommate, Sister Patrice, lay sound asleep Amelia took from it's hidding place at the bottom of her closet the whip. She had found it in a box outside her door the night Father Oliver had first ordered self flagelation. There had been a gentle knock and when she opened the door the box was sitting there. The whip was a wicked thing. About two feet long, black leather, with nine lashes and a strap for her wrist. She had used it many times to punish herself.

Mostly on the Father's orders, but sometimes just for kicks. Clad in only her night gown Amelia slipped out of her room and down the hall to the laundry. Her bare feet made barely a sound on the cold tile floor.She closed the door and put down a blanket for her knees. Kneeling the woman slipped her arms out of the night gown and naked from the waist up began slinging the whip over first one shoulder then the other. Amelia thrilled at the pain as the lashes bit into her tender flesh. Massaging her cunt with her free hand Amelia whipped herself slowly. Father Oliver had not specified 100 strokes to each side or 100 strokes all together, so she decided to give herself 200 to be safe. She had reached 75 when the door opened on softly creaking hinges. Startled Amelia quickly tried to cover her naked flesh and hide the whip. Bare feet padded into the room and the door was quietly pushed shut. "What are you doing here in the dark Sister?" it was Vicky's voice. "Nothing. Go back to bed." Amelia said. "Then what's this?" Vicky asked boldly reaching down to pull the whip out of the folds of Sister Amelia's night gown. "It's nothing. Give it back and go back to bed!" Amelia said trying to sound authoritative. "Doesn't look like nothing to me."

Vicky said not a bit cowed. The young girl stood over the nun slapping the whip into one palm. " Looks like something." she said. "A pretty big something." "It's my penance." Amelia said sheepishly. "Penance for what? Is it for what you do with those boys?" "How do you know I do anything with boys?" Amelia said aghast. She had always been extra careful to make sure no one was around. Except for Father Oliver, whom she had told, she was certain no one knew about her carnal sins. "Oh come on Sister. When other teachers keep boys after school they come out looking sad or scared or mad. When you do it they come out grinning from ear to ear." Vicky said. "You do something with them. Anyway, since I'm here, let me help you" "Help me? What..?" Amelia started confused. "I wanna whip you." said Vicky. "Lean forward." Excitment caught in Sister Amelia's throat. Her fantasy had always been Father Oliver, but this would be good too.

She obediently leaned forward placing her forehead against the floor and slipping her right hand down between her thighs. Vicky surveyed the nun's alabaster back for a moment..The angry red marks made a beutiful pattern on her white skin. She knelt in front of the nun with a knee on either side of the woman's head. The girl brought the nine tailed lash down on the nun's back and Sister Amelia stifled a yelp. Vicky whipped her at an unhurried pace, dragging the lash sentually across her skin. The Sister bit her lip to keep from crying out and fingered her pussy hole furiously. "Yeah, take that you slut!" the girl berated her. "Nasty whore. You should be ashamed, fucking little boys." Vicky kept her voice down so not to wake the convent. This made her insults more sexy for Amelia. Abuse and humiliation, self imposed penence for her lust. The fact she enjoyed it did not in her mind negate the punishment aspect. "Whore, slut, bitch!" the novice said over and over getting very worked up herself. Vicky stopped long enough to stand up and remove her underwear. She quickly resumed her place, sitting this time with legs apart.

The girl pulled the nun's face into her crotch. "Lick me slut!" she commanded and continued with the whipping. Sister Amelia lapped at the girl's slit, her yelps now muffled by Vicky's pussy. The sweet juice flowed into her mouth as she forced her fingers deep into her own cunt. Vicky had dropped the whip and was lying back on her elbows. Amelia shoved her face hard into the girl's crotch as if she were trying to crawl inside her. Lapping slurping and working the young novice's clit with her nose. It was Vicky's turn to bite her lip as she thrust her hips up again and again against the wet licking, sucking mouth. The girl's body jerked as her cunt poured juixces all over the nun's face.

She lay back to rest for a moment as Sister Amelia licked the sweet cunt honey off her thighs. Vicky was pleased to have finally found someone to tend to her needs. None of her fellow novices had as yet been receptive to her advances. She jumped to her feet grabbing the whip and ordered Amelia "Up on your knees!" The girl lifted the back of the nun's night dress revealing a plump round rear. No panties, just as she had expected. Pushing the woman's hand away from her cunt Vicky roughly stuffed the braided handle of the whip inside. A half squeal half yelp escaped Amelia, much too loud and she shoved her fingers into her mouth to quiet herself.

Vicky brutally fucked the nun with the make shift dildo, continuing to insult and berate her. "You love this don't you! Nasty slut like you. Vow of chastity my ass! You love it you fuck slut!" She worked the leather object in and out at a furious pace. "God damn you're a hot fucking bitch. I bet you'll fuck anybody, won't you slut! I bet you'ld even fuck old Father Ollie." Vicky said. Pushing the leather tool in as far as she could she began working the whip in a circular motion. Then up and down, then round and round again. The Sister bit down on her fingers to keep from screaming and came twice one after the other. When she collapsed in a heep the girl relented. The two lay on the cold tile floor kissing and caressing each other for a while. Then as if an unspoken agreement had been reached each retreated to her own room.

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