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Dreaming about her brother

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The only voice Linda would always hear was her own.

Mikey, Mikey? Little Brother?

Can I ask you something?

Have you ever kissed a girl?

Not like with Mom and me. I mean for real. You know real. 

You\'ve had sex ed, right?

Did you ever touch a girl here? No? I like to be touched here, you know, by a boy.

You can kiss me if you want.

Not like that. For real.

Come on it\'s OK.

Mmmmm. That was better. 

Let\'s sit on the sofa and do that again. Mmmmm.  

Put your hand here. Come on its ok. I have my shirt on.

Oh Mike, I like that. Just rub me there. Aren\'t they nice? Mmmmmm.

Mike, Mike, did they teach you how to take off a girl\'s bra? No, hehe?

Reach under my turtleneck. Around back. You need two hands. 

Keep trying.

There. Yes. You can touch them under there. Don\'t you want to?

Oh yes Mike. You\'re making me breathe hard. Oh Mike I like that. Ohhhh. Do you like the way they feel?

Yes they\'re smooth. Soft.

Don\'t you want to see them? I always wanted you to see them. Take off my turtleneck then.

Oh now I\'m cold. Do you like them? Are they pretty? They aren\'t as big as Carol\'s.

Kiss me for real and touch them again, Mike. Oh Mike, Oh Mike, if you only knew what you are doing to me.

I like to be kissed on the neck. Yes. Like that. Sigh. Now lower. Yes. It\'s OK. Yes kiss them. KISS. OH Mike. Moan.

I could let you do this forever. Moan.

Oh Mike. Put your hand on my leg. You like this don\'t you.

No. Below my skirt.

Slide up. Yes under. Yes. Rub my leg yes yes yes.

Yes. Higher. Yes. OHHH YES.

They ARE wet. Aren\'t they. Rub my panties there. You did that. Oh Mike Mike.

Can you feel my pussy lips? Yes? Yes.

Rub some more. Gently. Yes. No harder Yes.

Oh Mike. Take off my skirt. Yes. Yes you can.

Put it over there. See how wet you\'ve made my panties. You can see my pussy through them. Smell your fingers. Don\'t you like that? Rub me some more. Kiss me too. ohhhhhhhhhhh

You\'re making me have spasms inside, Mike. Kiss my tummy Mike. Yes. Can you smell me? Feel me shaking Mike?

Don\'t you want to take off my panties? Don\'t you want to see it? Yes. Yes it\'s ok.

Here. See between my lips. Yes put your fingers there.


Here\'s where your cock is gonna go.

In a girl.

Your girl.

Your first girl.

Feel that lump. Rub it there. OH MIKE MIKE I want you. Put your finger in me. There. Yes. That\'s ri ohhh. Use two.

Oh Mike. Make me cum. Yes orgasm. Yes. Use your fingers like a cock. Yes. Faster. Faster. MOANNNNNNNN.

I\'m coming Mike I\'m cumming. Yes Mike.

Oh God Mike that was wonderful. Will you kiss my pussy?

It\'s OK. It\'s not dirty. Oh yes. Lick me there too. No? It\'s OK. Maybe another time.

Did they teach you about condoms? Yes? Reach my little bag over there.

Do you know how to put one on? Yes? Show me. You have to take your pants off. Oh yes you\'re so big. I always wondered how big you were. Underpants too.

Tear open the little packet. I think that\'s backwards. OK let me do it. See how easy. MMMMM

Did you like it when I kissed it? Hehe.

Let me lie down. I know I\'m you sister. Nobody has to know. Lie on top of me and kiss me. Squeeze my titties.

It\'s so big against my tummy. You know where it goes. I\'m wet for you. No. Not there. Lower. No. There.

Oh god. Push it in. Yes. Yes all the way. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!!



OH MIKE take off that condom and fuck me some more

Oh yesss I feel you cumming now. Yes in me in me yesssss. Keep going. Yes yes.

Oh Mike I love you so. Don\'t take it out yet.

Lay here with me. Kiss me. Touch me. You\'re so wonderful.


Linda lay there licking her wet fingers, thinking. It was 2:00 in the morning. She\'d been having this fantasy for months now.

She rolled out of bed, stood in front of her mirror and slipped out of her pajamas. She stood in front of Gary like this once before they made love. Naked. She liked her figure and stood there a while caressing herself.

Linda reached around in her drawers and put on some nice silky panties and a skimpy bra. She wiggled into a tight short skirt, a turtleneck and a soft angora sweater. She tore three condoms off a strip she kept behind her bottom drawer and put them in a little evening purse. Pantyhose? Yes, he\'ll have to figure that out, hehe.

She settled for pumps so she could walk quietly. And padded down the hall to her brother\'s room.

"Mike, Mike, it\'s me."

"I have something to ask you." 































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