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My first experience on a Sybian

davidj on Masturbation Stories

Recently our previous neighbors moved out and a new single woman not much older than I am moved in. We had spoken a couple of times socially for a few minutes and she seemed quite nice. She is reserved and fortunately not the over friendly neighbor who wanted to know all my business.  I too lived alone after a rather nasty divorce when my ex husband was having an affair with a friend Jane and also we found out sleeping with one of his work colleagues. He lost both of us. I also do not consider Jane to be a close friend any more, having had sex with my husband more than a few times. She is also single and at the time between affairs. We talk and that's about all.

Megan was very private and her job required her to work unusual hours and I often saw her leave and return within a couple of hours and other times almost all day. She rarely went out at night and I had never seen a man at the house apart from contractors doing renovation or repairs. She was doing a little bit of renovating in her new abode.

I was becoming more curious about her as she would talk some days and ignore me on other days. Perhaps it was her job. I never asked and she never volunteered what she did.

I had been home for almost a week as I work as an IT contractor and the work required on this contract allowed me to work from home mostly. I was getting more and more curious about Megan and her life. I occasionally would sun tan in my yard naked and her unusual hours meant I had to be careful not to expose my nakedness to her without explaining first that I was a sun lover. Up till this time I had not had the opportunity or the occasions I spoke to her were not appropriate times to mention it.

This day I was unsettled I was anxious about the contract I was working on as it was demanding and my social life was non existent. I hadn’t had any sex for a couple of weeks and had been masturbating more frequently. I knew Megan had gone out and she was always gone for a couple of hours at least. My curiosity was getting to me and I couldn’t help thinking of her. The previous tenant had given me a key to their place for security reasons. When they left they forgot to collect my key so unless she changed the locks I would still be able to get in. I boldly walked up to the back door that I had the key for and let myself in. The lock had not been changed fortunately.

I walked through the house looking at the way she had it furnished and she was very artistic. When I went into her bedroom I could see her clothes on the bed that she had discarded before going out. Her pants were there and I checked her crotch and it was moist and I could tell it wasn’t from peeing but was vaginal syrup; I sniffed it and licked it as I was extremely aroused by being in her bedroom and seeing her personal stuff. I explored her bedside table and found a vibrator and lubricant together with a couple of condoms. She was also on oral contraception as her bc pills were there as well.

I walked through the rest of the house and found nothing of interest apart from some beautiful renovations and furnishings and then for some reason decided to check the basement. I turned the light on and went down the stairs thinking it was a waste of time but when I got down there she had a mattress on the floor and this weird machine thing on it. It was black and about 18 to 24 inches tall and about the same in length with this cock looking thing on top. It was connected to the power point and had a black box with two controls on another black leather box just in front of this machine.

I had seen nothing like it before but it was obviously something sexual that a girl rode like a horse. I was fascinated, it had a dildo looking cock mounted on the top of it and when I turned it on and it made a weird buzzing noise and the vibrated and rotated at the same time. I turned it off after I realized what it did. I could see the control box varied the vibration speed and rotation of the cock from mild to harsh.  

Then I noticed that there were a number of different cock things on a box nearby and all were different and some had two cocks and others were different sizes. The cock things fitted onto the stalk of the vibrating machine. There were condoms lubricant and tissues there as well. It was obviously used for masturbating. The machine already had a cock fitted to it and I felt it and it was firm and about the same texture as a male penis. It looked and felt almost the same. 

By now I was fascinated and my cunt was really streaming. My pants were now soaking wet with cunt juices. I decided I would try it and slipped my pants off and my shorts. I sat on top of it and slowly lowered myself down until the cock was deep inside me. I needed no lube and it slipped into me beautifully. It felt strange straddling this black box and having my legs apart and bent back so I could kneel over it. I could feel this hard thing deep inside me and touching my cervix. The base of the dildo thing also had a small spiky pad on it which obviously was meant to stimulate your clit if you bent over on it.  I turned it on and wow what a sensation. I flinched at first as I felt it vibrating deep inside me and I manipulated the controls on the box to slow it down a bit. It was an awesome feeling being stimulated by this thing. It was a bit noisy and obviously the mattress was used to absorb the noise and vibration and be soft on your knees as you were kneeling astride it as you rode it. The sensation was sensational and my whole body was vibrating with the movement of the cock head inside me. I had to adjust my position as it was hurting my cervix a bit and really giving my G spot a work out at the same time. My nipples became excited so I took my top and bra off and I was naked sitting astride it. Then I noticed a mirror on the wall and I could see myself being masturbated by this machine. It looked wonderful with my legs astride this thing my body totally exposed and my breasts moving as I adjusted myself on it to get the best sensations. I varied the speed until I had it at the speed I could handle comfortably then tried it a bit faster and wow it really worked you over internally. I tried the other dial and that caused the cock head to rotate in a circular motion and not only did it vibrate but moved in a circular pattern inside you as well. This was the most amazing sensation I had ever had masturbating or being fingered. I could not help myself and varied the speed etc and took it as hard as I could then slowed it down and speeded it up again and then I knew it would only be a minute and I would be having an orgasm as the sensation inside me began to build right up. I bent forward and the lips of my vagina were vibrated by the pad and as I pulled and squeezed my nipples my clit was being massaged by the spiky pad at the same time and then it hit me, the most amazing orgasm I had ever had I suffered it for as long as I could it was the most intense sensation I have ever had and I had to slow it down as I was jerking all over as the spasms hit me like a jolt of electricity, I was so sensitive internally. It was working my G spot like I had never experienced before and my cit was exploding with the wonderful sensation without me doing it by hand. It was the closest thing to having an absolutely intense orgasm by oral sex. I had never ever experienced an orgasm any way like that before. It was sensational.

I had to get off it as it was really beginning to hurt now as my orgasm had subsided and it felt like it was bruising me internally. My sensation had been exhausted. I turned the speed right off and as I got up I nearly collapsed it had really weakened my legs as I knelt on it and the effect of the orgasm. I lay on the floor on the mattress getting my breath back and rubbing my vagina as the entire area was tingling and felt sort of sore but not painful. The massaging of my hand made it feel better. I had never had such a wonderful time in my life.

I waited for a while and examined the other devices and worked out how to replace the plastic cock things.  I cleaned the one I used and wiped my legs down as cunt juice was streaming out of me. It was as if some guy had cum in me there was so much. Then I looked at the double dildo thing and it didn't take much to realize it was not only a cunt penetration but a butt hole penetration as well. I decide to try it out. She had KY lubricant there as well. I checked my watch and realized I had been there almost an hour. If I were quick I would be well clear of the place by the time she came home. My cunt had now recovered from the previous orgasm and I felt like I could handle another ride on this wonderful device.

I replaced the cock thing on to the machine with the double dildo and lubed it up. Then I got over the black box again and lowered myself onto it this time I had to get one up my cunt and the other up my ass more or less at the same time. I had never had a dual penetration ever before and this felt great. The lube helped it slip into my ass as I had oiled my ring as well. Once I was comfortable I turned the power on and this was absolutely divine. The movement in my ass and my cunt together was fairly strange and took a bit of getting used to so I ran it at slow speed until I got used to it. Then I speeded up the vibrations and increased the circulating sensation a bit. My whole body was now responding to the movement and my tits were vibrating a bit and bobbing about ever so slightly as my body was moved about by the cock up my bum. The whole experience was one of extreme pleasure and wonderful sensation. By now I was accustomed to the movement and I increased both speeds and for about 5 minutes I was in heaven as every nerve in my body reacted to the stimulation of my cunt, clit, G spot and ass hole at the same time. I was working on my nipples and there was not a part of me not being treated to absolute pleasure. The only thing I could have done was to be kissed to cover every one of my orifices that gave me sexual pleasure. By now I was entering seventh heaven and I had turned the machine up to about 8 out of 10 settings and it was really working me over and I was so close to not being able to take any more and then I hit my peak and I yelled out loudly as the orgasm spasm overwhelmed me and I was almost crying out in ecstasy and pain from the intensity of the orgasm I was gasping and jerking about almost uncontrollably and bent over until I was almost bent double but still attached to the machine. It was awesome and mind bending at the same time my head was shaking with the effect of the overwhelming spasm my body was experiencing. My breasts were bouncing about with the physical reaction and I was as close to being out of control as I had ever been. The problem was I was so exhausted I could not get up off it and I had dropped the control box in the spasm of my orgasm. I was virtually stuck on this still vibrating box which was killing me, and at last I fell sideways off it, and collapsed on the floor with the thing still buzzing and vibrating away with nobody on it. I managed to grab the power cord and pull it out of the power point. I just lay there completely exhausted for about 10 minutes. As I recovered I realized I had to quickly clean up the device and get out of there. I don't know how I did it but I did and just in time too. I heard her drive up and I had to get out of the house before she realized I was inside. I had left the back door open when I came in and grabbed my clothes which I had no time to put on and raced for the door hoping I would get out before she realized I was inside.  As soon as I was in my own yard I hopped about putting my clothes on and only put my shorts and T shirt on leaving my pants and bra off. Then I dashed through my yard to get inside. I couldn’t be sure if I had locked the door when I left and when I peeped through the window it was closed thank heavens.

That weekend she approached me in the yard and spoke to me – we had spoken a few times but she was not the talkative type. She asked me to come over for a cup of coffee and cake and I was flattered and said yes. Then when we had become a lot friendlier than she had previously been. I learned she was an interior decorator which accounted for her unusual movements. Then she sprang her surprise on me. She had realized I had found her Sybian machine. She said when she came home the cellar door was open (damn I must have forgotten to close it) Then she said she assumed I had been in there as she could smell female sex in the room when she returned. She asked for an explanation and was very nice about it and not angry. I explained how I got in etc and about the key which I said I would return. Then she asked me if I would like to try it again with her this time and she could show me how to use it properly. I think I had achieved that myself but I pleaded ignorance and agreed. The next two hours were absolutely the most amazing experience I have ever had. She is bi sexual and enjoys sex with men AND women. The first time she kissed me I went to pull back but she reassured me and I let her and in moments my knees went weak with the sensation. I have never kissed another woman before but she had me melting at her touch and kiss. This was the beginning of a rather lesbian affair I conducted with her as after having sex with her I was in no hurry to find another man – she was sensational and we made love in every way two women can and we both worked ourselves off crazily on her Sybian which I was allowed to use any time whether she was home or not. I made a lot of use of it when she was not there and also to share my sexual pleasure with her. Oral sex and sexual penetration using a strap on dildo were regular events and I spent many hours and nights in her bed. I had found a new form of sexual pleasure and relief. Sex with another woman I found out was absolutely exquisite and most rewarding. She really showed me what lesbian sex could be absolutely divine. Men would always feature in my life but the relationship I now have with Megan will satisfy me sensual desires in ways I never dreamed of.

This was he beginning of a new life for me and I have no regrets.

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