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Girl's masturbation circle

Morgen on Masturbation Stories

    "Hey Lisa, you busy today?" Debbie voice asked me from the telephone.

     "No, what's up?"

     "Susie wants up to go over to her place, she says she's got something cool she wants us to see."

     "Sounds interesting, I'll swing by and pick you up."

     "OK, see you then."

     I pulled up to her door, and she eagerly ran out to meet me. In a few minutes, we were at Susie's.

     We entered, and her friends Michele and Andrea were there, also. They all looked jumpy and nervous, and Susie bolted the door behind us. She led us to the TV room, and told us that she'd found something interesting while snooping through her brother's room, and wanted us to see it. She slid a tape into the VCR, and turned it on. I just about fell over. Her brother, and 5 other guys, were sitting around in a circle, and stroking their stiff cocks. I'd heard of a circle jerk, but never seen one, and here was her brother, stroking that stiff cock, along with 5 of his friends. I could feel my pussy start to churn, watching them pull and stroke those stiff, hard cocks was getting to me. Being a virgin still, I imagined stiff, hard cocks fucking me when I masturbated. I glanced around, and everyone else was warming up, Michele was running her hands over her nipples, which were poking out the front of her blouse, Andrea had her hand down by her pussy, pressing gently against the seam of her jeans. Susie's face was flushed, and she was pressing gently against her hand, Debbie was pulling and tweaking at her nipples.

     Suddenly, as if by prearranged signal, each member of the circle stopped stroking their own cock, reached over, and grabbed the cock to his right. Grunts and moans started to fill the room, as they all stroked towards climax. My hand was cupping my mound, and I was pressing my hand against it, trying not to be too obvious, even though everyone else was doing basically the same thing.

     On the screen, I heard her brother Bill grunt, "Gonna cum, stroke me, yeah, like that, oh fuck YEAH!"

     His cum erupted, a thick stream flying out, splattering back, followed by another gush, and another. It was like a signal gun had been fired, and all around, cocks started erupting, grunts of orgasm filling the tape, as we watched thick streams of cum flying out, splattering every which way. My pussy was roaring now, at 16, I was horny all the time, never had the nerve to let some guy fuck me yet, but I sure dreamed about it as I'd stroke my pussy every day, wondering if cumming by fucking was as good as cumming by masturbating. 

     Susie sighed, "Wan't that so fucking hot? And who says guys are the only ones who can have such fun? What about us? How about if we start a tradition, we'll be a girl's masturbation circle? I know I'm ready!"

     To show us she was, she yanked off all her clothes, and stood there, hands on hips, her awesome body naked to our horny gazes. The fact that my pussy was starting to gush decided it for me, and I quickly joined her, and soon, 5 nude 16 year old girls were ready and eager. She lead us upstairs to her bedroom, and we arranged ourselves in a circle on the floor, spreading our legs apart so our smooth, bare pussies were visible, everyone could see everyone else's bare pussies. I felt like a slutty little girl who loved exposing herself, and that just made me hotter.

     "Let's do it, just do what you normally would do if you were masturbating alone, and enjoy", Susie whispered.

     Masturbating ourselves in full view of each other, the idea made my pussy gush, and
I got into my rhythm, I ran my index finger up and down my little slit, the wetness seeping out, making my finger creamy slick with my juices. Then I slipped my finger in a little further and let my finger dip into my hole and slide up to my sensitive little clit. My finger played in small circles over my petite clit while I watched four other girls fingering themselves in the circle.

     My friend Debbie is a slender brunette with tiny tits and nipples and almost non-existent labia. Her shiny, pale pink inner lips, opening, and clit were constantly visible. She used her right thumb to strum up and down over her clit while her other fingers danced over her tender pink lips and glistening hole.

     Susie has beautiful cafe au lait skin and inner folds that were a rich brown. Her breasts were full and topped with incredible brown gumdrops of nipples that stood up proudly. She had three fingers stuffed into her greedy pussy and was fucking herself hard. Her left hand was holding her lips open and tapping her clit under its hood with a rhythmic middle finger.

     Michele has perfect C-sized melons of breasts with generous silver-dollar-sized dark pink aureolas finished off with thick, round erasers of nipples. Her torso was lean and muscular from gymnastics and general tomboyishness. She was laying back against the wall with the handle of a thick hairbrush stretching her little pussy wide open and helping to push her clit out at attention. Her hips thrust powerfully as she fucked the hairbrush handle. Eventually, her clit swelled up so much that its tip ran up and down the hairbrush handle as it thrust in and out.

     Andrea was a tiny blonde, her body all soft peaches and cream. Between her legs was a soft white mound with the smallest hint of pink inside a smooth slit. Her fingers pressed to both sides of the mound and barely exposed what was hidden within—a small, perfectly erect little clit that refused to stay under a receding hood. Its tip squeezing between the white outer lips, she gently ran a finger over and over it, diddling only the tiny tip accessible between the lips.

     Seeing all of us with pussies exposed and fingers working was so hot. Listening to five girls pant, grunt, moan and mutter dirty words while they worked their horny little cunts made me feel like the nastiest little girl on the planet. I was just a slut who needed to have her legs spread so her friends could watch her play with her cunt as she got off. While I watched the girls pleasure themselves, I was fantasizing about being older and having boys with huge cocks fuck my tiny pussy, wondering what they were fantasizing about.

     We all tried to hold back as long as possible, working up to a frenzy then backing off and working it back up again.

     Finally, little Andrea couldn't hold back anymore. Her fingers were stroking deeper and faster in her slit. Her panting increased and she started squealing and going over the edge.

     Debbie had crinkled up nipples poking out from her flat chest. her fingers stroked up and down her slit while she panted and stared at Michele who was pumping her hairbrush handle in and out, thrusting her hips up at the handle, as if she were thrusting her pelvis up towards a lover's hard cock. She grunted, let out a shriek, and her legs started to shake and quiver as she climxed.

     Michele was next—she was working the hairbrush handle in and out of her slurping cunt fast with her left hand while her right thumb and forefinger pinched her small clit erection and stroked it from base to tip. She started to gasp, and let out a loud squeal of pleasure, her body shaking as she orgasmed.

     Susie's clit-tapping and finger-thrusting became frantic while the rest of her body froze, tensed, and quivered. Her gumdrop nipples were hugely erect and crinkled and her tongue ran over her lips, she let out a howl of pleasure as her orgasm slammed into her.

     I started squealing with pleasure as my cries of pleasure joined everyone else's, I could feel the rush of my orgasm wash over my like a wave as my horny little cunny exploded.

     The air was full of the sounds and smells of five girls cumming together. Nothing is more fun than a girl's circle jerk on a quiet afternoon. 


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