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I was at sleep away camp a couple of years ago.  I had been there for two weeks, and I was slowly going insane.  I hadn't been able to jerk off since I'd been up there.  Every night when I went to sleep, I had a hard-on, and every day when I woke up, I had a hard-on.  It was rough.

But I had hope.  I met a girl one day in the computer lab.  Her name was Alix.  She had the computer next to me.  We got to talking and I found out that we had a lot in common.  We liked the same bands, the same movies, the same TV shows.  She was a couple years older than me, but we hit it off nonetheless.  She was a very pretty girl, and I hoped that we'd get a chance to...well, get cl

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One night, a lot of the kids were hanging out at the basketball courts.  Some were shooting around, others were just hanging around.  I was one of the kids who was hanging around.  Honestly, I wasn't thinking about her right then.  But I saw her walking along the path near the court, and I figured that tonight was as good a night as any.  I was tired of this hard-on that wouldn't go away.  So I dashed up to the path.

"Hey!" I yelled.  "Alix!"  She turned and saw me.  She smiled and walked towards me.

"How are you?" she asked.

"Great!  Where are you headed?"

"Just up to my bunk.  I feel like turning in early."

"Oh."  Fuck.  "Do you mind if I walk you there?"

"Sure.  Why not.  It's a bit of a walk."

"I don't mind."  We started up the path.

"It's nice out, isn't it?" she asked me.

"Sure is."

"The summers up here are really nice.  Especially at night.  It's hot as hell during the day, but nice and cool at night."

"Yeah."  She turned to look at me.

"Is something wrong?"

"What?  Oh, no.  Nothing's wrong."

"I don't believe that.  Come on, tell me.  What's up?"  I sighed.

"I don't know if I should tell you.  You might get all offended.  And I don't want to offend you."  She smiled.

"I won't be offended.  Come on, spit it out."

"Well, I mean...well, it's really nothing, it's just...well, I've been up here for two weeks now and..."

"Yes?  And?"

"And...I haven't masturbated since then."  I really expected her to blow up at me.  But she nodded her head and made an "ah" noise.  I looked at her.  "That's it?  'Ah?'"

"Yeah.  I can understand.  I love masturbating.  I haven't been able to for a long time, either."


"Yeah.  It's hard to deal with, but I guess it's harder for boys."

"You, uh...wouldn't happen to know of anywhere where I could, do you?"  She laughed.

"Oh, sure.  Down by the water.  There's a shed where they keep all the pool equipment.  Camp legend says it's smelled like cum ever since the first people went down there to have sex.  Why?"

"Well, I that I know, I guess I was thinking know, heading down there."

"What, now?  It's almost curfew."

"Oh, please.  I can finish up in a minute if I have to.  Besides...I was hoping that, since you needed to, you'd come with me."  She turned and looked at me.  I really thought she was going to explode this time.

"I'm sorry," she said.  "I know what you're asking me for, but I can't give it to you."

"Oh, I see.  I get it.  So you're lesbian, huh?"

"Not quite.  Solosexual."  I must've looked confused, so she said, "It means I only masturbate.  No sex.  Girls or guys.  I just can't risk getting hurt."

"Oh.  So you'll never have sex, ever?"

"Well, maybe not ever, but not for a while.  Maybe if I found the right guy."  She smiled, somewhat sadly.  "You know, you're about the closest I've come to that guy.  I'm sorry.  If I was interested in guys, I'd come down there with you."

"Oh."  She stared at me for a while, then sighed.

"Oh, what the hell.  Alright, I'll come down there with you.  Only because I need to masturbate.  I need it a lot.  I'm not going to have sex with you, though.  You can masturbate too, but that's it.  We clear?"

"Crystal clear."

"Okay.  Follow me."

We got to the shed in minutes.  There was a combination lock on the door.  Alix spun the lock, and, amazingly, it clicked open.

"One of my bunkmates told me the code," she said.  "Seems that it's not exactly secret.  Come on in, but be quiet."

She opened the door slowly.  It creaked a little bit, but not loudly.  We were at the end of the campground farthest away from everybody else.  We walked in, closing the door behind us.

It was totally dark in there.  I bumped into something hard and groaned.

"Where are you?" I gasped.

A light flickered on.  I looked around.  Alix had popped a lighter open.  With the light, I could finally see around the place.  It was a dump.  I had just bumped my leg on a worn table.

"It does smell like cum," I said.  She set the lighter on a countertop, giving us light throughout basically the entire shack.

"The cum of dozens of campers, accumulated throughout the years."  She wrinkled her nose.  "Dry cum, to be precise."  She was already undoing her belt.  "Remember your promise."

"Don't worry.  I won't rape you or anything."

"You say that now, but once you see me naked, you might do it.  I take it you've never seen a cunt before?"

"Not once.  You ever seen a dick before?"

"Nope.  I guess we'll both learn something tonight."  She undid her pants and slid them and her panties off her legs.  She was naked from the waist down.  She looked at me.  "Excited yet?"


"Then take your fucking clothes off.  I'd naked, why aren't you?"  I hurriedly began getting undressed.  She was calmly stripping off her shirt.  There was no bra underneath.

"I don't wear one," she said, as if she knew what I was thinking.  I slid my shirt over and off my head.  "I like things to hang free."

"I know what you mean," I said, undoing my jeans and underwear and sliding them off.  "Usually, I go commando."

"Neat.  But isn't it uncomfortable?"

"No.  Underpants are uncomfortable.  I can let my junk breathe a little.  As you see, it needs it."  I was hard now.  Seven inches.  She let out a whistle.

"If I was into guys, I'd be on you right now."

"But you're not.  You're into the masturbation part.  I take it you don't want any help?"

"Fingering's not a two-person job.  I appreciate it, but I can cum pretty well by myself."

"You are a big girl, I guess."

"You're a big guy.  In more ways than one."

"Look, we can sit around all day, but my hard-on is still here."

"And my pussy is dripping.  So let's start, shall we?"  She sat down against the countertop.  I walked over and sat down next to her, but a good distance away.  She spread her legs and gently massaged her slit.  I grasped my cock in one hand and started stroking.

I had gone through enough orgasms to be able to handle the pleasure.  I didn't moan or groan or say anything.  I just went at it.  Alix was the same.  I expected her to be yelling and moaning immediately, but all I heard was a few short, dull moans as she worked her slit.  I could see it glistening in the light as she worked it.

Soon after, she started fingering herself.  She slid her middle finger into the slit and moved it in and out for a while, but she still didn't react beyond a few short moans.  She still didn't when she added a second finger.  Even adding a third finger only made her breathe a little harder.

But I was so turned on.  I was paying more attention to her than I was to myself.  She was a master, pumping her fingers in and out of her pussy like lightning.  Why would she need a cock?  She was giving herself the fingerfucking of a lifetime and she wasn't even flinching.  Me, on the other hand...well, between her fingering herself like a pro and my pent-up sexual frustration, I was approaching my climax faster than I ever had before.

"Yeah, that's it," I murmured.  "That's fucking awesome...finger that pussy, yeah, yeah, just like that...oh, that's gonna fucking make me cum..."

She did something then that I will never forget.  She pulled her fingers out, then balled her entire hand into a fist and, before I fully registered what she was doing, she had pushed the entire fist into her cunt.  She let out a moan of pure joy as she fisted her pussy.  That pushed me clean over the edge.

"I'm cumming!" I yelled out as I felt my dick spasm.  Waves of intense pleasure passed through my entire body as I shot streams of milky-white cum onto the floor a couple of feet away from me.  It was one of the best orgasms I had ever experienced.

Seeing me cum must have pushed Alix over too.  She yanked her hand out and furiously rubbed her clit.  She moaned and cried louder, breathing faster and faster.  Still only semi-removed from my orgasm, I turned just in time to catch her pussy explode with her juices.  They shot everywhere, like fireworks, on her hand, her thighs, her feet.  She was yelling like she had never experienced anything like this before.  Her orgasm must have lasted twenty seconds before she finally calmed down, her head resting against the counter, beads of sweat on her forehead.

"You're a fucking goddess," I murmured.  "How the fuck did you do that?"

"Fisting?" she asked.  "It's simple.  Just requires a lot of practice."  She glanced at her watch.  "But I'll have to tell you how some other time.  We need to get going."

"Going?"  A terrible thought crossed my mind.  What if we never saw each other again?  As if she could read my mind, Alix looked at me.

"I can give you my e-mail, silly," she said playfully.  "Keep in touch with me.  Who knows?  Maybe we can do this again sometime.  I know a lot more tricks I could show you."

"I'd like that."

"Until then, here..."  She reached out a hand.  She was holding her panties.  They were red, like a rose.  "I know it looks weird, but...I want you to hold onto these until I see you again.  Wear them, jerk off in them, do whatever you want.  Just give them back to me later, okay?"

"Okay.  Do you, eh, want mine?"

"No thanks.  I appreciate it, but you don't have to give me anything."  She was sliding her jeans on now.

"That's not fair.  If you give me something, I want to give you something."


"Well, how about a kiss?"  She stared at me.  "Just one innocent little kiss.  I'm not trying to get sex or anything.  I just know, a kiss..."  She hesitated, then smiled, leaned in, and kissed me once on the mouth.  We didn't french-kiss, and it only lasted a couple of seconds.  When she pulled back, it was slow.  I could still taste her wonderful cherry lipstick.

"Thank you," she said.  "I'll remember that.  Come on.  Let's get dressed, then I'll give you my e-mail."

"Okay."  We dressed in silence for a while.  It wasn't until I had put her panties on that I thought of something.

"Can I ask you a question?" I asked.


"If you were into guys, would you fuck me?"  She looked at me, as if she was sizing me up.

"Yeah, I guess so.  Why?"

"No reason.  I was just curious, that's all."

"Would you want to fuck me if I was interested?"

"In a second," I replied in about that time.

When we were fully dressed, she turned off her lighter and tiptoed up to the door.  She eased it open slightly.

"Okay, it's clear," she whispered.  "Come on."  I followed her out, closed the door, and slid the lock in place.  Then she did a strange thing.  She reached out and took one of my hands in hers.  I looked at her.  She shrugged.  Hand in hand, we got back on the path and walked back towards our bunks.





























c_r_a_v_o on Masturbation Stories

I awoke from my amazing dream, wishing that I was back, in my reality world, where the girl I loved was pleasuring me in ways that she never has.
I couldn’t shake the thoughts in my head, of her tiny hands jacking off my cock, her tiny mouth engorging it making me moan. My cock was standing at its modest 8 inches and just begging for me to grab it and play with it. So I happily obliged.

I threw back the doona and released it from its prison. There it stood, waiting to be fondled. I grabbed it and slowly started to jerk it, closing my eyes and remembering back to my dream.

There we were, all alone in her room, my goddess standing before me, our eyes locked and our fingers met, we too

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k a step towards each other and finally our lips met. Our emotions flooding out of us in a passionate kiss, as she removed my top and ran her hands up and down my back, pushing her body closer to mine as our tongues continued to meet.
She pushed me onto her bed and laid herself on top of me, grinding her hips against me as we kissed once more, my cock was now getting hard and she could feel it, she began to undo my pants and took them off, along with my undies. She placed her hand on my now fully erect cock and slowly began to jerk it, causing me to moan in pleasure. She kissed me again and began to slowly kiss her way down my body. Stopping at each nipple to make it erect. All the while still jerking me off. The room silent except for my occasional moan.
When she reached my cock, she took it into her mouth. Just the head at first, sucking and licking the head causing me to take sharp breaths. She slowly began to take more and more in until she hit the bottom, she started slowly moving her head, up and down, building up pace and then stopping, taking her mouth away and started slowly jerking me again. And without warning she engorged my cock again, taking it all in and starting to bob up and down at a ferocious speed, causing me to moan louder than ever before.
It wasn’t long until my breathing started to become deeper and she realised this and stopped and waiting a while and began again. First slowly and then at full speed once again. It hardly took anytime for my breathing to be deep again and my moaning to increase and I neared orgasm

At this point in time I was starting to near a real orgasm as these thoughts rushed through my mind. I began to speed up my jerking as my orgasm approached.

My orgasm was approaching and fast and she showed no signs of slowing the sucking. I screamed out, and exploded into her mouth and she continued to take it and swallow it all.

As this happened I too came, hard. It splurged everywhere and it soon subsided.
I couldn’t wait til it was time to sleep that night.

This is my first story of this nature so please be kind. Feedback is wanted. Let me know if I should write another story.


Colleague Fantasy (Part I)

camvyr on Masturbation Stories

As I walked past her , I accidentally brushed my arm against hers. Gee .. that felt good. Her skin was smooth. I have been dreaming for some time now of how it good it would feel to touch her. "Oops .. Sorry !" My thoughts were broken by the apology from Kelly. "oh .. uhm .. my fault" , I admitted. She grinned and proceeded her way down the hall on the opposite direction and went back into the cubicle. Normally , I would have stolen a glance or two at Kelly from the back , but not today. There are too many people around.

Ever since I joined the company 2 months ago, Kelly had been the only lady who keeps catching my attention. Tall , slim and well dressed with charisma. Interacting with her feels like she is a person who is always in control of herself. I had

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been fantasizing about her regularly ever since I was introduced to Kelly. Even better , I was excited when I was told that we will be working in the same team. That's just great. More opportunities catch glimpses of her. During board meetings , whenever I had the chance I would often place my eyes gazed below the table as if in some deep thought. But in fact , I was enjoying looking at her long slim legs. Those fair creamy legs that reaches out from her kneelength skirt. Flawless. How I wished that some day she would wear a mini skirt just so that I can caress her tighs with my eyes , but the opportunity have not arise yet. I am happy with what I can have for now. I took every opportunity that I could to have to glance at her beautiful legs.

"Tim ! Let's meet at Kelly's desk for a short discussion !". Hmm .. that's great. I made my way down the hall to her cubicle. It was a short discussion and Pete left in a hurry , leaving Kelly and myself. I wanted to linger on longer just to catch more glimpses of her , but I had no excuse to stay. As I stood up from the chair and proceeded to leave , Kelly called me. "Need some help here , Tim .." she said , pointing her fingers on the computer monitor. I could not help but admire her smooth hand. I quickly traced it to her shoulder. She is wearing a short sleeve blouse today. "Sure .. what's up ?" I asked. I stood behind her and leaned forward to look the monitor. Her beautiful big eyes were locked onto the screen and she proceeded to explain. I could not help but run my eyes up and down her crossed leg. This is the closest view I have gotten to her legs. Hairless and smooth. My heart started to beat faster. If I could just touch it .. I felt an erection in my pants. Looking down from where I am , I could see down her blouse into her partly exposed right breast. Fair and well rounded. I never dreamt she would have such perfect breast. Her floral bra cup was a bit loose and I could see her pink nipple. Gosh ! How I wish I could fondle them now ! My penis is throbbing with excitement and there is already a bulge in my pants. Kelly suddenly made a turn to the side to reach for a file and her shoulder brushed my crotch. She don't seem to know it what she hit, but that short stroke felt good .. I realized that I could easily cum anytime .. Shit .. I better cut my enjoyment short. I quickly made an excuse and tore myself back to my cubicle.

For the whole of the morning I could not concentrate on my work. I fantasized of her slim fingers carassing my cock and her lips sucking it. I wondered how her pussy would look like. And I am quite sure she has a nice ass. Ooh .. and I would love to masturbate to her breasts and spreaded legs.

(To be continued)

Mr. Mystery

AimeeBear on Masturbation Stories

I hate being alone. Boy, do I hate it. I mean, who doesn't? Even us women have to get some every once in a while. When I get to the point when my fingers cant please me anymore, I like to call those phone chat lines. I bet you've seen the commercials before, with the beautiful yet fake girl laying in bed, looking into the camera with romantic eyes to seduce you, telling you how "lonely" she is and how she wants you to call the line to talk to her and other hot, sexy singles. Since I am not the most attractive woman in the world, I figured it would be safe to meet some painfully desperate men who might not even care. But one day, I really got lucky. I met the perfect man. Till this day I call him "Mr. Mystery". He sent me a message, and I listened cl
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osely to his deep, kinda sexy voice talking through the receiver of my phone. He asked me what I was looking for. I sent a message back, telling him I was hoping to find a nice man to have a nice conversation with, and asked him what he was looking for as well. I waited for a response. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, he had responded, asking me if we could connect and actually talk. The way he asked just made me shiver in excitedness. So, I invited him to directly connect with me. The phone line went dead for a few seconds. "Hello?" I said, wondering, and a little scared, that I got disconnected. "Hey there", he responds, and I feel a rush of exstacy pour through my body. I giggled back a hello. "You know what I want?", he asks me, and really, I had no idea, so I reply "No", with another nervous giggle. He laughs, and says, "Your mouth around my throbbing cock". I let out a tiny gasp, not expecting him to say what he just did, as I feel the blood rush to my face and my nipples harden. "You like that, I can tell", and I can hear the big smile on his face as he said that. All I could let out was a "Mmhmm". He laughed, "Well, you can have your head bobbing up and down, and I can get underneath you and press my face into your sweet little flower". I closed my eyes and moaned, feeling my clit swell up. I listen to him start to breathe heavy and say, "I'd shove my tongue deep inside you, running my teeth across your clit sodtly, swallowing every little drop that comes outta you". I slowly unbutton my jeans and slip them off, along with my underwear and spread my legs open wide, petting my huge clit softly, feeling it start to throb. "Then, as I'm about to unload in your mouth, I pull your head off of my cock and kiss you softly, letting you taste your juices in my mouth". I lick my lips, imagining what his mouth, full of the taste of my pussy, would taste like. "Then, I'd stand you up, sit you on my kitchen counter, and shove my cock inside of you, pushing into you hard". My god. I shoved my fingers into my wet hole, letting out a huge moan. "Mmm, you like that, don't you, sexy? You love the feel of my hard cock pounding deep inside of you". I moaned a loud "Ohh, yes", three of my fingers shoving deep inside of me, my knuckles running over my g-spot. I listen to him moaning faster and faster, and he asks me in a deep voice, "Where do you want my cum baby?". Breathlessly, my fingers pumping inside me as I'm about ready to burst, I whisper that I want his cum in my mouth. I hear him grunt and groan as he tells me he is cumming. Then I hear him let out a strong moan, and as I hear him moan, I realize I can't hold on much longer. My pussy erupts, throbbing hard, dripping all over. As I catch my breath, recovering from the greatest feeling I have ever felt in my life, I whisper, "Thank you". He laughs and gives me a breathless "You're welcome". When I finally caught my breath, I went to ask him his name, when the lady's recorded voice tells me that he had disconnected. I let out a sigh and felt my face turn into a frown. So I hung up the phone, and tried to fgure out whether what just happened was real or not. I've tried looking for him many times, but I never found him. So, I guess he will be forever known as Mr. Mystery.

My Time Alone

justjim on Masturbation Stories

That particular night I planned to just sit back and relax. I had a
of wine and it was warm enough I could have left all my clothes off
if I
wished. I ended up in an old t-shirt. I might as well have been naked
because when I sat down in my easy chair and lay one leg over the
arm, my
shirt pulled up almost to my waist, exposing everything it should
have covered.
Little did I expect that by the end of the night the shirt would not
be all
I would take off.

My older brother Luke has always been close to me and we share with
each other
those things of our own we think the other needs or would enjoy.
it's eerie the way we know what is on the other's mind. He must have
known I
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was going to be alone that night because he had dropped off a VHS
tape with a
note to call him in the morning to let him know my reaction.

I had enjoyed x-rated movies before, some with Luke. The first time
he brought
one over, I couldn't believe my eyes. By the time we finished
watching the
movie my mouth was so dry I could hardly swallow, but my pussy was so
wet I'm
sure my dress was damp where it had fallen between my legs. I'm also
sure Luke
knew what I had on my mind. He brought over others for me after that
and I
always looked forward to each new movie. I loved to watch the guys
and licking the girls in the films and I especially liked to pretend
it was on
my stomach or on my tits their semen spilled. I dreamed of rubbing it
into my
skin, my pubic hair, my pussy lips and then sucking my fingers until
wetness was licked away. But I hadn't watched one in months. So I
looked forward to an evening of fantasy as I took Luke's movie out of
container and slipped it into the recorder.

The film I put in the player that night, however, was not what I
This one did not have guys. It was only about girls.

It might have been the wine. It might have been the dim light. Or it
might have
just been my mood. In any case, as I watched the movie, I gradually
realized my
breathing had become shallow and I could almost feel my heart beat
beneath my
breast. As the women touched each other and kissed each other and
rubbed their
breasts against each other, I became aware of a part of myself only
hinted at
before. I found myself wishing I was with them. That it was my skin
stroked; my lips being kissed. My face became hot and flushed. I
looked over my
shoulder as though to see if anyone was there, watching, reading my
My shirt became moist with perspiration and as its cloth touched my
they became so sensitive I found my hand moving beneath the cloth,
cupping the
soft underside of my breast, my fingers gently squeezing each to make
sure the
feeling I was experiencing was really coming from me.

Then two of the girls in the movie moved to the shower, began bathing
other and as they rubbed the soap on the others bodies I became aware
of my
other hand slipping between my own legs, pressing hard against myself,
trying to hold in the response that was beginning to rise within my
body. After
soaping thoroughly they began to shave each others pubic hair. When
finished, they moved to the bedroom to continue their embraces. As I
their lovemaking and gazed upon their newly shaved pink pussies, I
my first orgasm. I found my hand drenched with my own wetness. My
breasts ached
as I pressed harder against them with my hand and arm. And when I
finished I
knew what I wanted, at that moment, more than anything else; and I
knew the
evening would not be completed until I had been satisfied.

I rewound the tape to the beginning of the shower scene, turned the
TV and
recorder off and moved to my own bathroom. I lit some candles, saved
in the
bathroom for special nights, turned off all the other lights and
filled the
tub with water, scenting it with a soothing bath oil Luke had given
me. The
t-shirt came off as I slipped into the warm water and felt its gentle
As I lay in the water remembering the scenes of the shower and
recalling the
vision of the newly bared mons and lips, my body took on a new
Each nerve seemed more alive than ever. The soap became a lover as it
used my
own hand to stroke my body. Soon my attention was turned to my own
pubic hair.
I have never had very much and what is there is sparse and soft.
Because of
the blond color, it seems almost invisible. But that would not be
enough. I
knew every hair must be removed. The soap was applied and as the
razor glided
across my skin, the threatened sharpness brought a new awareness
within the
delicate tissue. Sensuality was joined by a veiled perception of
fear. Starting
at the top and then moving down and back, I paid special attention to
the small
fine hairs around my clitoris and between the lips. The area below
the vagina
and around my ass was also shaved. When finished, I lay back in the
water, my
eyes closed, and ran my fingers across the now smoothed pussy
confirming that
indeed all its hair was gone.

I'm not sure how long I remained there, but finally I moved to the
bedroom and
toweled myself dry. A softly perfumed lotion was obtained from the
dresser and
I returned to the TV room, this time without the t-shirt. A record of
music was selected and placed on the player. The TV and video were
started but
without sound as I realized the only words I wanted to hear would be
my own
thoughts. As the scenes repeated, I applied the lotion. First across
my chest
and then cupping each breast with one hand, I began to stroke the
sensitive skin with the other, moving closer with each caress to the
areola and
nipple. As my finger applied just a drop of the lotion to the
surrounding pink
areas, my nipples and the small papilla around them began to project
out. But
they were not hard. Instead they had taken on a softness and
sensitivity I had
not experienced before. I had to stop. As the women on the screen
made love to
each other I realized the only way I could join them would be within
my mind
and the TV images had become a barrier instead of a door to
fulfilling my

I turned everything off and returned to the bedroom. Laying on the
bed, in the
darkness, I became aware of my body in a new way; almost as though it
had an
existence of its own. My hand returned to my breasts and I found them
even more
sensitive than before. I grasped the nipples between my fingers,
gently pulling
and twisting. A breath of warm air blew across my naked body. A soft
entered my pelvis. My hand move down my abdomen. Slowly the tips of
my fingers
began to brush across the newly shaved mons. A moan escaped from me.
It was
like a voice from another area of my mind, an echo from another
existence. I
continued down to my labia, along the sides and then between. But now
I didn't
need a lotion. The juice from my pussy was flooding and as I caressed
my newly
smoothed softness I found there was nothing to compare with my own
silky cream.
My fingers found their way to my mouth allowing my tongue to taste
and lick the
passion from their tips. As they returned to my pussy, I felt a
strange and
freighting feeling begin to rise within my body. The palm of my hand
against my clitoris as my fingers slipped between my lips and into
the depths
of my vagina. I began to massage the soft ridges within me. My legs
came back
as the other hand sought my now swollen lips and clitoris.

My strokes began slowly, but soon the difference between slow and
fast became
meaningless as I began to lose control. The feeling within my pelvis
had taken
over. My heart ached from its pounding and I had to gasp for air
I forgot to breathe. Two, three, then four of my fingers found their
way into
my pussy as it pleaded for more. Perspiration covered me. A musky
odor mixed
with the smell of perfume and my own body became a stimulant to my
senses as my
mind exploded with sensations. Then, within me, I felt the inner
ridges of my
vagina smoothed out and open as though expecting a gift. At the same
time, the
outer area tightened and began to spasm with urgency and ecstasy,
trying to
prevent any escape. I heard a scream and realized it was my own.
Juices poured
from me as I began to rub and spread them over my body, my breasts,
my arms, my
face. I put some on my nipples, pushed my breast towards my mouth and
used my
tongue to lick it off. My hands caressed every part of my body. I was
with a rapture of sexuality. My orgasm had taken complete control of
my mind
and body. I was its prisoner, it was my lover and I responded in any
way it

I can't tell you how long this went on but slowly the fog of
sensuality was
replaced with an overwhelming need for sleep. As I fell into a deep
sleep, I
thought of Luke and how I was going to explain my response to his
movie. I also
wondered if there was anyone else I could share it with.

resturant menu

Sonic690 on Masturbation Stories

I was 15 and my gurl was 16 and we went to a resturant to get a bite to eat and we were talking about when she would move in with me. Well we we sitting there and she started to kiss my neck and i look at her and she said we should have fun and i said here in the resturant and she said yea and she took my cock out of my pants and started to get it hard by stroking and kissing it. When it was hard she started to stroke it slow and gentle, then she put my hand under her skirt and she said go slow and gentle for now, well some people started to hear me and her start moaning and a waiter came by and said is everything ok and we kept goin and said yea were fine and when he turned around and walked away i bent down and ate her for a few minutes then fingered her harder and f
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aster and she stroked me faster and harder till i reached that point and i said im going to cum and she bent down and stuck my cock in her mouth and sucked as hard as she could and i shot a huge load of cum up into her mouth just as the waiter came over to give us our food. Ever since we do it everywhere we can.

If u like this one let me know and i post another 1