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Drugged By My Cum Chapter 13

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I was so giddy about what was on the agenda for Wednesday that I barely got three hours of sleep Tuesday night. When the alarm clock woke me up Wednesday morning, I was kind of overwhelmed by the reality that I had managed to pull this off. It was now just before the Thanksgiving holidays and I was planning a real feast, but not one involving a cooked bird.

I picked Marisa up to walk to school with her. She was wearing a jacket to protect herself from the cold, rainy weather, but she was nonetheless in a skirt with her cunt bereft of any covering. All that cold air was blowing across her cooch the whole time. Before first period, I snuck a few feels of that beautiful slit and she didn't resist. The clock seemed to move with all the alacrity of an Bangkok traffic jam. Finally, sixth period arrived and, as Marisa had demanded, Mr. Pulaski sent me a notice to come to the office 15 minutes before school let out. Then he sent another missive, this one to Miss Shell, asking her to see him as soon as her final class of the day ended.

I walked to the office with all the glee of someone seeing the Publisher's Clearing House van pulling up in front of his house. I handed the form to one of the office girls, who notified Mr. Pulaski that I was there. 20 minutes later, Miss Shell walked in and was immediately ushered into Mr. Pulaski's office. I sat there with my heart beating 300 mph. Marisa had walked in to join me and I held her hand as we waited to see what would unfold. The instruction to Mr. Pulaski was to give Miss Shell a review of her work performance and to pull out the Kit Kat bar as he did so and offer her one. He was to take his pieces from the front and hers from the back of the bar. If she refused, he wasn't to push it but just carry on and then offer it to her again but not in overly assertive way and leave it at that. He was to come and get Marisa and I if she had eaten one. It was weird sitting there while everybody was vacating the campus. Happily, after I had waited 45 minutes on that hard long bench chair in the office, he came out and signaled to me to enter. "Fuck yeah!" I silently celebrated.

Marisa and I went in and there was Miss Shell traveling her inner cosmos. I whispered to Marisa to tell Mr. Pulaski to sit quietly and let us do what we wanted. She did so. I whispered into Miss Shell's ear about how she was now obedient to me and would discover how good that can feel. I undid her blouse and bra, her massive boobs tumbling out. She had sweet pink nipples and I couldn't help but to feel their weight and dimension. I covered her mouth with my own and she instinctively kissed me back while my cock scraped against the fabric of my boxers and pants. I was so hard I thought it would burst open like an overcooked hot dog. I separated the clasp of her slacks and unzipped them, sliding my hand under the waistband of her panties and over her snatch. She was already wet as I kept kissing her and running my tongue over hers. I told Marisa to make sure that the door was locked. I punched two fingers through her opening and strummed her g spot. I dropped my head to suck her nipples. I had Melissa put her hand over Miss Shell's mouth to muffle her moans. I pulled my fingers out and licked them clean to savor the taste of her gulley hole.

I would have fucked her right there, of course, but it would have been way too risky. So Marisa and I made sure Miss Shell looked respectable again before Marisa directed Mr. Pulaski to take her to a nearby motel and rent the room under his name. He was to drive her in her car there and then walk back to school and get in his own and go home. He was also not to mention what happened to anyone and to believe that Miss Shell was an excellent teacher and good person and to demand sex from no one other than his wife. He indicated his assent. Marisa told him to send everybody in the office home, which he did. About 20 minutes later, he patiently led Miss Shell to her car and drove her to the motel while I walked there by myself once I had Marisa go home. But first, Marisa asked for Mr. Pulaski's personal cellphone number, which she wrote down, and then relayed it to me so I could input it into my phone. She was not to enter it in her directory.

I kissed Marisa goodbye and headed to the motel. On the way, after about 15 minutes had passed, I phoned Mr. Pulaski to ask for Miss Shell's room number. He informed me of it and, ten minutes hence, I arrived at the motel room. Mr. Pulaski let me in and then he set out for his house. Miss Shell laid there on the bed lost in some segment of unreality. I shed my clothes and then pulled hers off, leaving that hot ass body of hers out in the open for my enjoyment. I cradled her in my arms and kissed her, her instincts reawakening and responding in kind, me digging on how soft and lush her lips felt against mine and tasting her tongue. I felt her hand on my dick while I groped her boobs. I really wanted to take my time because I didn't know how many more times I would get to do this. "Surely, she has a boyfriend," I thought.

I moved to exerting friction on her clit and my mouth slid down to her ample bosom. I must have spent 20 minutes just sucking, licking and lightly nibbling her nipples. She was moaning and sighing as my fingers fiddled her nubbin and I eventually pushed her over the edge in a hail of panting and gasping. She absolutely inundated my hand when she landed on the summit of Pleasure Mountain, so it wasn't only Abbey who was a squirter! Wanting to sample her juices, I kissed down her belly to her garden, which was fronted by a tuft of blonde pubic hair. My starting line was her inner thighs and I bit, sucked and licked them clean before orienting myself for her main street, sweeping my tongue all over her vulva to lure more of her moisture into my mouth. I so wanted to fuck her at that point, but I was intent on really exploiting this chance to ravish the hottest teacher at our school.

I attacked her clit like it was someone who had wronged my family, giving it a good beatdown with my tongue, my fingers adding to the stimulation with their teasing of her g spot. Her breathing became rapid and shallow and she pressed her nails into my biceps during the buildup before the heat fragmented into a million pieces and rushed through her body, making her scream and gasp all at once, my face now drenched by the tide of splattering water that issued from her vagina. I continued on my campaign to see how wet I could get both me and the sheets by getting her off with my licker. I was on that for 45 minutes and, by the end of it, it was like she had urinated on my face and the bed after a night of heavy drinking. She was also just about out of breath.

I moved up on her and looked down at her gorgeous beatific smile as I chauffeured my cock to her sacred gate. I pushed her vaginal walls apart with it and I could now officially cross fucking a teacher off my bucket list. I got up a head of steam and again felt that plush sensation that a mature woman's body is imbued with while I sucked her nipples, my back bowed upward so I could do both with passion and force. She automatically lifted her legs on to my back , which was a killer feeling all by itself, while I burrowed into her nonstop, my precum joining all that lubrication she had between her vaginal walls. Her cunt was almost sucking me on each instroke and that worked me up in fairly short order to a fever pitch and I had to pull out and kneel over her to evacuate my balls on her face by massaging my rod with my righthand.

"Did you like doing this?" I asked her. In a dreamy tone, she answered in the affirmative. I held her as I gazed at that stellar face and just had to kiss her again. We had a long, slow and loving kissing session. I was totally in heaven. As much as I loved Marisa and wouldn't trade her for anyone on the planet, Miss Shell was just amazing to fuck. This raised the ardor of my teenage lust again and my dick went in for seconds, Miss Shell further watering the sheets and me with one orgasm after another. "She must be unbelievable when she's fully conscious!" I guessed silently.

I flipped the tv on and watched it with her cradled in my left arm for the next few hours. When it got to be 9 p.m., I grabbed a towel and stood her up. I sopped up any lingering wetness on her body, pussy, ass and legs and then helped her into her clothes and shoes. I looked down on her and kissed her passionately. I escorted her into the motel parking lot and into the driver's side of her car, leaving the key in the room so she wouldn't know which one she had been in. I watched from the alley to ensure that she left the premises okay, which she did at 10:30, when I expected her to be lucid. I called Terry to come pick me up and take me home so I wouldn't risk getting sussed by the cops.

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