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One Hot Summer Day

candyladie on Cyber Stories

One hot summer evening the sun was setting the clouds were rolling in. It was getting ready to rain over the park. As I played beach volleyball with you in the warm sand.  As we finished our last game we watched the sunset and the clouds roll in and darken.  You had told me you had always wanted to make out with me in the rain. We finished our game then went back to the blanket that we laid out on the grass.

We lay down next to each other watched the rest of the sunset and the clouds roll in above us. The sky darkened and it began to sprinkle you rolled over to face me and kissed me and I kissed you back. We made out as the rain started to harden up.  And we begin to undress each other as though we were getting ready to take a shower in the rain.

As you pulled off my shirt our lips

Mommy's Love

leeann on Incest Stories

Being a 36 years old single mom has meant that I have gone a long time without sex as I was concentrating on raising the sunshine of my life, my only son. We have always been very close as it has been just the two of us – no boyfriends, no husbands. Only a mother can understand when I say that the love between us is unbreakable. The absence of lovers in my life has not been for lack of male attention. I am not bad looking - my breasts are a little heavy, one could say sagging just a little from years of breast feeding, I breastfed Pat until he was 5 years old, and to be truthful the latter years were more for me than for him. I am 5’9” and on the plumper side, being overweight by about 15lbs. Pat has always been on my case about it - he said it was important to be healthy. In some ways h


oralman12 on Wife Stories

I have been married for over 30yrs to a wife I love but after our 2nd child was born she went of sex which I thought was due to pregnancy and baby but over the years nothing changed and there was always an excuse no matter what I tried ,Flowers , Kissing cuddling, Romantic weekends breaks, Underwear, Sex toys and more .
So it was down to the wrist work and porn and few times got caught and get an earful from the wife usual thing dirty old man pervert etc this didn't help our sexual relationship.#
One day I was browsing the web and wife came and accused me of watching porn and I was the usual dirty blah blah for some reason I just flipped and said
"have you seen any porn at all"
she mumbled something which I gathered was a no ,so I grabbed the laptop typed in " Mature wife t

minaxi madam ki chuadi

playboyakki143 on Desi Stories

Hello friends this is my first story….Hope aap sab logo ko pasand aayegi…Ye story sirf story nahi hai …Ye bilkul sachi kahani hai. Sabse pehle main app sab logo ko apne baare main bata du..My name is AKASH..My age 20 years hai nd akola se hu…Body se average hu nd height 5 feet 10 inch hai…Mere lund ka size 7 se 8 inch ka bich main hoga…Mujhe sex krna bahut acha lagta hai…Ek hafte main kam se kam 4 baar toh muth maar hi leta hu..Koi sexy married ya unmarried mere sath secret relationship rakhna chahti hai toh pls mail me at
Now apni kahani main aata hu.. Ye story 1saal purani hai..Jab meri new job lagi thi akola main. Company main waise toh kafi ladies thi but ek divorcee lady jiska naam minakshi tha mujhe shuruat se hi attractive lagti thi. Starting main toh ja

Ms. Helen, my ex gf's mom

bbwlover6969 on MILF Stories

(Real names not being used. True story.)

My name is Joe. I'm in my mid 20s. I'm attracted to older woman about age 40 and up.

No, I don't have "mommy issues". I've always had a great relationship with my mother.

No, it's not a fetish. I just prefer a mature, experienced (in life & in bed), old-fashioned woman. An older woman that has a relationship with God. An older woman that doesn't drink, smoke, or use any drugs. An older woman who can hold an intellectual conversation that isn't about what's trending on social media. An older woman who would rather spend her weekends roaming the crochet/garden areas of Hobby Lobby, rather than the bar area of a nightclub. An older woman who still enjoys cooking and cleaning. An older woman who understands that there are younger men who are m

Training: Her Story Part 1

not_that_innocent on Forced Stories

I sat across from the couple and licked my suddenly dry lips. Could I do this? Could I really sit here and tell them my story? She said I had to. He said it all led up to this. All of my training, led to this. If I couldn’t do it, I would have failed. Him. I would have failed hi,. My heart started racing and I knew I would do it. I would find a way, I could not fail.
I smiled like he had shown me. Just a small uptilt at the corners and looked slightly down and to the left, letting my head fall a bit to that side so that my hair slid away and exposed the long column of my neck. I could see the man looking, and he licked his lips, his breathing getting just a touch faster. I had him. I had to get her too. If I couldn’t get her too, the story wouldn’t matter. They had to buy into me, my bod

The older boy Chapter 1-2 (out of 6)

LovingHamster on Gay Stories

(c) by Loving Hamster

Date: April 2015, version 2.5

The story and the characters are fiction.

Chapter I - Danny and Rob

It was a beautiful day, and the beginning of the summer holidays. The sun was warm and gentle, the wind made the twigs shuffle in the trees, and Danny had all the afternoon for himself to roam freely in the neighborhood. This year had not been a pleasant one. Among tricks hormones can play on a young teenager, he had a broader panel than other boys. It started innocently enough. There were nice people in his class. Very... nice. Mostly male. Girls were annoying, scheming, possessive of their boyfriends. They used senseless amounts of make-up and wore uncomfortable, silly shoes. Boys were plain, simple, mostly honest. Many o

shane diesel

dog_of_shane_diesel on Cuckold Stories

i heard a knock on my door...
i stepped out to see who is out there
i opened the door, my leg started shivering.. it was him.. my master.. shane diesel
he smirked evilishly seeing ma pathetic face.. he haven't came for anything else but to fuck ma wife,
and humiliate me in front of her..
last time when he came he have taught me various mannerism that a slave must show to his true master..
by those learning i knelt quickly on all fours.. and removed his shoes and started kissing his legs passionately..
he was so pleased with my act and gave me a kick on my face as a reward.. i fell on the floor with pain.. he stepped forward
and ordered me to follow him on all fours..obedience is really a matter for my master.. i followed him more like a dog..
he reached our bedroom where my hot w

Quick nasty meet up in midtown detroit

Phillerup on Gay Stories

I'll recount a quick one for my first submission, it was late on a Thursday night I think, 2007 or 2008, I met a guy on Craigslist who was only a few blocks away. I head over, I'm 6' 180 pretty average, my new friend was 6'3 290 and built like a super hero.

Anyway he let's me in and says I can get comfortable (he was just wearing a thin open-crotch jock and a t-shirt). I took my shoes off, and my pants and underwear. He rubbed me for a minute and then we went to the TV and satellite for a minute and smoked, each of us playing with our cocks, his easily being 10" (although thin [which I like] and a little bowed) out of nowhere he asks if he can eat my ass, haha like I'd go "hmmm lemme think about it". He led me into another room where he layed on the floor and told me to squat over


Fantalies on Sex Stories

I've been patrolling the solar system now for 2yrs checking other planets for life, it can get pretty boring but it pays well and I only have 2weeks left, we do 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off. I've never discovered life in all the time I've been out here, god I'd love to if only just for the company I only have my boss check in every now and then so basically you're left to it.
Today was just like any other but something just didn't feel right I could see occasional flashes of light that only lite for a millie second, I had to be sure before I investigated, after watching for an hour eyes sore as tried not to blink much through fear of missing anything, I made the decision to land and check it out, I had butterflies in my stomach, not with nerves but pure excitement! could this be the day

My Secret Life: Chapter 1 Uncle Bill

mynameisk on Incest Stories

My Secret Life: Chapter 1 Uncle Bill

Hi, my name is Kay and most just calls me K. I am a married 50-year-old mom from the Midwestern United States. I live a secret life as most have no idea of my kinky past nor of the present fun, I am having. I would like to share some of that kinky past as well as what I am up to now. I might even share some pictures of myself along the very as well.

I was born to a normal family with a loving mother as well as a loving father. I was their only child, as my mother could not have any more after I was born. I had a normal loving and caring childhood. I learned about sex while in grade school thru the 8th grade. It was not until I was fifteen that I had my first experience with sex.

During my early teen years I was a curly

Bondage Club Desires

Nox661 on BDSM Stories

Jessica strained and struggled against the bonds that held her upright, but they held without budging. She could just see the bright red ball gag that filled her mouth, causing a steady stream of drool to leak out before dripping onto her breasts. She loved the sensation of being helpless and the thought of what was coming made her wetter than she had ever been before.

Scarcely more than an 24 hours ago she had been sitting at her computer idly surfing the internet when a popup and caught her attention. Something about it had intrigued her, to the point that she ignored her initial impulse to close it and resume clicking. She wasn't entirely sure how it had happened, given that she had several pop up blockers that should have prevented it from showing up at all.

"You are bored with


Nicholasa on CFNM Stories

During my single days in the early 90s, I could and often would spend an inordinate amount of time preparing myself for sex with prostitutes. Once I was fixated on having a sexual encounter, no amount of inconvenience could stop me. One evening after work, I scoured the free ads paper Loot and found an advert from a woman offering a massage in Maida Vale, North London. I didn’t know the area very well, and spent an age trying to find her flat. was in the days before mobile phones, and I recall marching into a pub and calling her from the payphone after getting lost for the umpteenth time. Eventually, after what seemed like the best part of an hour trawling the dark and unfamiliar streets, I found my way to the second floor balcony of a huge Victorian mansion block.
In the dimly lit doo

College Tales Chapter 1: Partying with Randall

palindromat on Sex Stories

This is a series of stories all with significant truth to them; names have been changed, and some details have been re-worked to make it a more appealing story, but be certain that most of the events happened, to me.

Randall is an old friend of mine from college. Both of us are in our early 20s, only a few years out of school and still trying to find our respective ways in the world. Randall’s a pretty big guy, about 6’5”, and on more than one occasion he’s been called to help out with a backcountry arrest for the local Forest Service. As far as I know, he’s never killed a man, but there were times in college I remember having to lock him in his room during a party that was threatening to get out of control for one reason or another.

While Randall and I were pretty much alike i

My bhabi fucks a Muslim cock

Jairaj on MILF Stories

This the real story of my bhabhi. Her name is Usha , she hails from a village and is having well built body, with firm 36 , 34, 38 figure. Her breasts are high and peep through her blouse. Her waist is thick with folds in them. She is dusky and very sexy looking. Though she is married to brother elder to me she is younger than me by about 4 years. She was 36 years of age when this happened.
This the story which happened after 18 years of her marriage. She had two sons , studying. My brother was suffering from severe diabetes and liver disease, so he was not able to satisfy my bhabi.
She was looking for some young cock to satisfy her. One of her friends named Naseem a Muslim lady told her about how Muslim men had big and thick cocks and could fuck for long time. Soon thereafter Usha bh

my first blowjob from school friend after the lesson

rthor360 on Teen Stories

We come into our English lesson again. This was the second English lesson where we had a supply teacher. As usual this was a video lesson so as we took our new seats which was not on the seating plan. I noticed a girl sat next to me who was someone I knew but I wouldn't say friend. The lights went off and the room went pitch black. I was sat in the corner right at the back of this room not really paying much attention to this film. The girl who sat next to me was a bit of a tom boy. Very slim, A cup boobs long dark hair and she would have been pretty if she had worn a better fitting uniform. We were both 14 and I was personally still a virgin.

As we watched the film which I think was called old man and the sea I started messing about with her. Just play hitting at first then we starte

Mom can stay

TIP64 on Incest Stories

This night did not go as planned. I had gotten off work late went to the apartment. I had been on my feet all day. My mother lives across town. When I moved out she sold the house got a smaller home closer to her work. She works north of the city. It was Friday night around 9 PM. I heard my phone ring I didn't know the number but decided to answer anyway. It was Moms neighbor. Her house was on fire and she asked him to call. I asked to speak with her but he said the fireman had her in the ambulance I asked if she was ok he said yes. I got in my car headed over, it took about 20 minutes I could see the smoke still. When I got there I could see the house was a total loss. I told the officer who I was and he took me to her. He explained she was lucky and that it was an electrical fi

Rough Sex for School Administrators Part 1

spreadopen on Female Discipline Stories

Hello i am Jean, a 59 year old woman in great shape from exercising and eating right, who is an administrative worker for a local high school . I date regularly but for several years now all of the men I have been dating have not fulfilled in me what i have always needed. When i was a young woman I engaged in a lot of sex while going to school to men who knew how to satisfy my sexual desire to be used and manhandled by them for their sexual pleasure. Using me for that purpose is something that really gets me off is a factor in myself enjoying sex, my being the object of a man or men’s attention and doing what I am told.

I have been a married woman, but divorced after a few years for several reasons, a couple being that of my husband’s, but i have to admit a weaknesses of my own concer


oralman12 on MILF Stories

This happened early 70's when I was 16 .
I was in disagreement with my Mum as she wanted me to go on holiday with her and my Aunt to a holiday camp for 2 weeks in the summer holidays and spending 2weeks with mum & aunt was something I was going to avoid at all costs and which I won but was informed that mum's friend would pop in to see how I was etc .
I had been to the park to have a a kick about with mates as I play football and Rugby for school and was drenched in sweat as was a hot day so got home and had a nice cool bath which was heaven.
I put on my summer dressing gown which was a sort of short kimono style ,as I was going to my bedroom I passed mums bedroom ,now this was a no go and was never allowed in there since I was young.Well being 16 and mum away for 2 weeks curio

pune Ki hot Aunty

aryanpatil12345678 on Indian Stories

Last month jub mai mumbai tour par tha or aise hi hotel me time pass kar raha tha abhi mera cell phone ring de raha tha. Maine dekha to koi unknown number tha jaise hi mane call recive kiya or hello kaha to ek surili awwaj aayi is this tushar maine kaha yas kya mai aapko jan sakata hu? usane kaha mai Mrs. Shaha bol rahi hu maine kah kahi ye madam mai aapaki kya sevakar sakata hu usne kaha mai aapse dost karana chati hu maine kaha welcome to usane bataya ki who puna ki rahane wali hai or fir hamarai bat chit chalu ho gayi bus only introduction .

usane kaha mai aapko rat me call karati hu ok bye rat ko mai phone wait kar raha tha to uski call aa gayi or usane muze puna ka invitation de diya maine kaha chalo yar or ek friend mil gayi. Jab hamane time or date fix kiya jab mai Pune gaya wh

Helen Gets Punked

Sassyslax on MILF Stories

Helen held the name card in front of her. Her eyesight wasn't as good now. She just hit fifty but was surprised how fast her body went downhill. The name card read "James Booker, Advertising Manager". She looked at the brown building. The place was correct all right.

She entered the office complex and entered the claustrophobic elevator. James' company had posted a job listing last week asking for potential ladies as models for a fashion line catered to mature women. It promised to pay well for two hours work.

Helen fitted the bill more or less. Age between 45 to 65, check. Height at least five feet, check. In good health, check. Bubbly and friendly personality, check.

Helen tapped her fingernails on the metal handles as the elevator creaked upwards. She really hoped this gig wou

My first exprince with a girl(telugu)-1 its a real experince happnd btwn me a grl whom i met by fb and fuckd her at last in all her holes till she begged

Sunnyrkzz on Telugu Sex Stories

hai tis is sunny (name changed) all i am frm vizag my name and mailid are fake for security reasons
all feed backs and suggestions are welcomed... Girls and aunties i wil
be waitin 4r ur responce's

I want to say my story in telugu as reading a sex story in own story
gives more thrill

befre tis naku exprnce nil ide story kadu real experince nenu 22yrs
5'9 height untanu colz days lo na classmates ni fuck cheiyataniki
try chesa
kani no use okasari ma area lo netshop ki velli sytm lo facebook link
open chesa kani apatikey oka ammai honey(nt real name) thana accnt
open chesi logot cheiyakunda velipoindi nenu thana ib check chesa
thanu apatikey virgin kadu ani ardam inde (thana bf tho megs conv
chusa) naku okasari ga na modda hard inde trvata thana accnt n

my first sexual exprience with my cousin

hotlatin76 on Taboo Stories

Sometimes we experience unexpected situations that come as a surprise and fully enjoy them.

My dad sent me to spent a few days at my grandfathers house and after a busy day, eating dinner, and taking a shower, I was to share my cousins bed. He was a few years older than my 10 years of age. I quickly went to sleep in my pjs, but once everyone else was asleep i was awaken by my cousin pulling down my pjs below my naked ass. He started rubbing my ass cheeks very slowly, as I pretended to be sleeping. I didn't know how to feel about the situation but i was enjoying his touches.

After a few minutes, he whispered in my ear, "are you awake." To which I didn't answer and turned my head away from him. He quickly started rubbing my dick, pulling on it gently, until he moved down and sta

My Daughter at the Family Farm

justinhorny2016 on Animal Stories

I'm Gary and a single father at thirty-seven years old.
I have a daughter Jodie that just turned eighteen and I
have to admit that I find her terribly sexy. And I have
to admit that I've jerked off dreaming about fucking her
pussy and other nasty things.

Jodie and I decided spend the month of July at my
mother's farm since I was just laid off from my job. My
mom is Dee and she lives alone on our family farm. My
mom is fifty-six years old and still a knock at her age.
She's a petite woman with blonde hair small butt and
small tits. I have to admit that I've had jerk off
fantasies about her while growing up.

On mom's farm is a horse that she loves to ride. She
also has a German Sheppard that she keeps for

So it was now Friday night and Jodie and

Office Relations at Christmas

peterjohnson on Cheating Stories

When James starts at a new job he soon notices Anna, a married woman, but a reciprocated spark causes some Christmas time fun

James started a new job in an office, he was a good looking 26 year old guy, nothing special, but above average. A couple of days into the job he noticed a woman walking around. She was a good looking girl next door. Not a supermodel by any stretch of the imagination, pretty face, nice ass and huge tits, and she was real world sexy, no airbrushing needed.
James ended up talking to her a fair bit, she was very knowledgeable about the job and he like to surround himself with people he could ask for help. James and Anna quickly became very good friends. Within a month they were very close and talked about everything including sex.
James even started laying in

Raising the roof

Fantalies on Sex Stories


In nothing but my robe I dip my foot in the bubbling jacuzzi to check the temp... Ding dong! Oh no who's that I curse under my breath, I leave the pool room and answer the door, oh my I gasp and there's this drop dead gorgeous guy standing there with his ladder under his arm, hi I'm Charlie he says, I've come to do the roof above the pool, it that right he looks down at his job sheet, oh oh yes sorry I'd forgot it was today giving my sexiest smile, but no response from him at all, a woman can normally tell if he fancies you back, oh but no sign at all:( i then show him round the back hoping my robe would slightly come apart and catch his eye, but oh no it won't budge done it up to tight!

I leave him erecting ( I wish! ) his ladder and go back in the pool room,

my first threesome with two guys

angie01 on Sex Stories

my first threesome my story from a females perspective, and how it felt and how it went. ok this is it.

Mark was my BF he asked me for about a year to watch me with another guy, but I kept saying no,I said to him do you understand what you want me to do? do you understad what you will see and how you feel during and after? but in my mind i thought mmm maybe I could it would be so cool. But i resisted then Mark bought me a dildo and he would get me to suck him while he fucked me with the dildo it use to really turn me on, he kept asking and I really was unsure eventually I said ok, but two rules
1 it must be with someone he knows but not someone we see all the time. and
2 mark can stop this right upto when my knickers come of then thats it no stopping. Being a bloke said no problem l

Bound Desires

Nox661 on BDSM Stories

Jessica strained and struggled against the bonds that held her upright, but they held without budging. She could just see the bright red ball gag that filled her mouth, causing a steady stream of drool to leak out before dripping onto her breasts. She loved the sensation of being helpless and the thought of what was coming made her wetter than she had ever been before.

Scarcely more than an 24 hours ago she had been sitting at her computer idly surfing the internet when a popup and caught her attention. Something about it had intrigued her, to the point that she ignored her initial impulse to close it and resume clicking. She wasn't entirely sure how it had happened, given that she had several pop up blockers that should have prevented it from showing up at all.

"You are bored with

A Week Of Good Company - Part 1

SomeoneUdontKnow on Sex Stories

It was a dark and misty night. Eve was alone in her house, as she would be all week. She decided she needed some company in the house over the week. So she called her friend, his name was Franky Fucker. His name said it all. She always had a crush on him, she planned to make her move this week. But there was an issue, because Franky could only be there from Thursday, and Eve needed company all week. So she arranged her friend Jesse to come only on the days that frankly wouldn't be. On Monday, Jesse arrived at Eve's doorstep will everything he needed to stay for the days he would be there. He included a special gift for her, one he know she had wanted for quite a while, he wouldn't tell her what it was but she was pretty sure it was a Double ended dildo. When Jesse showed it to her that ev