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A Hermaphrodite Story

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Hi, my name is Rachel.  My parents decided it would be best to raise me as a girl.  There would be a better chance for me to remain modest and not be naked in front of others.  Also, my skeletal structure is female.  My organs, that's a whole different story. 

As far as I know there are no hermaphrodites with fully functional sex organs of both sexes and I'm no different.  I'm 5' 10" and weigh 140 pounds.  Light brown hair, blue eyes and 34A breasts.  I'm not bad looking, but a bit tough I guess, my face is a little bit masuline but my body is actually pretty good, if not skinny.  I've been told that I have a cute ass.

Now for the strange mess I call my sexuality.  I have a cock, not big, about 3" flacid and close to 6" erect.  Nothing to be proud of as a man, but as a woman, well that's a bit embarrassing.  At the base of my cock, where my scrotum should be, I'm attached to my labia, a rather large labia, but labia none the less.  There is no clit.  I also have no testicles, no ovaries and no womb.  The benefit, I don't have a period and don't go through those monthly hormone imbalances.  The negative, I've been on hormone replacement therapy all of my life. 

As to my cock.  It gets erect when I'm aroused.  I masturbate with it, since there isn't a clit.  Nothing like precum or cum comes out of my cock.  On the other hand, when I'm really horny, my pussy gets wet.  When I climax, it is a vaginal climax, my pussy gets tight and starts to undulate or whatever you want to call it.  In case you are wondering, my urethra is in the cock, I can pee like a man.

 Because of my anatomy I have to be careful what I wear.  Nothing to tight in front, no bathing suits unless it has a skirt.  If I wear shorts or slacks, they are a bit baggy.  Thank goodness they now make ladies boxer briefs, at last comfortable underpants.  Because of the way I've had to dress, mostly skirts and dresses, my cock has been pretty easy to hide.  If I am going to wear something a little tight and smooth in the front of been able to hide my cock by pushing it down between the lips of my pussy and holding it in place with adhesive tape.  Not very comfortable, but it has let me wear a regular bathing suit, as long as I don't get wet and tight slacks.  I have to be especially mindful to not get sexually aroused, the hardon my make the tape come loose.

 More noticable is my mental state.  I do have a bit of a chemical imbalance and my meds are being adjusted a couple of times a year.   The one thing I can't get over is I don't have a large attraction to either sex.  What happens, I find people of both sexes that I'm attracted to.  It makes me wonder if some of the folks that say they are bi aren't actually transgender people that had gender reassignment surgery when they were babies.

 Mom and dad had to tell me about sex organs and the differences between men and women at an early age and to let me know that I am different.   I can choose at 18 but until then, I need to be careful.  This made dating tough.  I'd start making out and hands would start roaming and if they got below my waist I'd have to put a stop to it.  I bacame known as a prude and stuck up.  Needless to say, I wasn't asked out much, especially in high school.  Although I was invited to a lot of group functions like bowling, biking, etc.  When I started college I attended a local community college so I could live at home and concentrate on studies, not dating.  I also had a full time job, cook at a pizza place.

When it came time to head out to finish college, I had to move out.  I answered a lot of ads for roommates and found that I wasn't what they were looking for.  Some were men, no way.  Some were women that wanted to party all of the time.  I'd given up on that idea.  I was going to graduate from college, get a decent job and have surgery to become permanently a woman.  That was my goal, it was a plan I made in my junior year of high school.

I had stopped at a little grocery store to get something to drink and some fruit after turning down another roommate offer and saw a little hand written sign for a roommate.  To share a small two bedroom apartment upstairs of an elderly couple.  No smoking, no pets, no loud music.  I called the number and the girl that answered asked a few questions and invited me to see the apartment.  She sounded nice and I liked her name, Heather.

Heather answered the door.  She looked to be about 5' 8", maybe 150 pounds, about 36B breasts, curly red hair, lots of freckles and a large scar on her cheek and one on her forhead.  They weren't bad, just like a white line.  I guess I stared for a moment because she said they were from a car accident, I tried to make light of it and asked how she got green eyes from and accident.  She let loose a little and smiled and said she thought I was looking at the scars and I admitted I did notice the little white lines.

The apartment was small.  Two small bedrooms with a twin bed in each, a dresser and a desk.  The rest of the apartment was a large room that served as living room, kitchen, and dining room.  There was a couch, a rocker a couple of end tables a small dining table with two chairs.  The bathroom was so small it only had a shower, no tub.  The price was right and Heather liked the fact that I didn't care about TV, there wasn't one, that I had a job so she knew I'd pay the rent, she had one more rule, no walking around the apartment naked, no problem for me.  She just had to get me approved from the owners.  We went downstairs, they were nice, retired and wanted to make sure I understood no loud anything after 10PM and nothing before 8AM.  No boys allowed, no parties, parents are welcome.  I moved in the next weekend.  We talked on the phone a few times to iron out details about cleaning, bathroom time, etc.

I got a job right away at another pizza place but had to work late so I registered for classes and didn't have any early ones.  This worked out good, Heather started early and had the bathroom to herself, on the way out, she'd knock on my door to make sure I was awake.  We hardly saw each other throughout the week.  I'd get home after she was in bed.  I'd bring home a pizza every night, a benefit, this helped us on our groceries.

Everything had been going along fine for about two months.  We did stuff on the weekends together, walks, museum, biking, movies, etc.  We were actually becoming good friends.  One night she told me she was really tired of dressing at home the way she has been.  Sweats, long sleeved, long legs.  I never saw her arms or legs.  Now she was going to shock me, according to her, but she wanted to make sure I could handle it.  She'd like to wear shorts and T's or her pajamas and not be all covered up.  She stood up in front of me, after warning me that she had been in a bad car accident when she was only nine.  She pulled off her top and pulled down her pants.  There she was, in her panties and bra a really beautiful body, actually fantastic, world class breasts, and a lot of those white lines that were on her face.  They were on both legs, both arms a couple on her tummy and her back.  She had been thrown from the car and the scars were from cuts and surgeries.  I told her they weren't very noticable, just white lines.  She thought they were horrible and she was teased a lot growing up.

I don't know why I did, but I stood up and hugged her.  I told her I thought she was beautiful.  Then I pulled off my T shirt, I didn't have on a bra and told her to look at my tits, then look at hers, I'll trade any day.  That made her smile seeing me act a little crazy.  Then I put my shirt back on and told her I didn't want her to get too excited, then she laughed and asked, just to make sure, if I minded seeing her arms and legs.  From then on she dressed a lot more comfortably at home.

Then the horrible event that changed our lives happened.  One morning after knocking on my door to make sure I was awake, I waited and heard the front door close.  I got out of bed, took off my pajamas and headed for the bathroom, carrying my robe with you guessed it, every man's morning problem, a hard cock and have to pee.  I didn't close the bathroom door, I never did when I was alone, it got to stuffy in there.  I'm standing in front of the toilet peeing when I heard a scream, standing at the door was Heather.  She was mad, she was telling me I had to get out, no men aloud, I lied to her, on and on and on.  When I got done peeing I put my robe on and went to her door, she was lying on the bed crying.  I told her it wasn't what she thought.  I tried to tell her about me, I don't know if she heard me or not, she wouldn't look up.  I told her to think it over, I was a woman, I just have a gender problem from birth.  Please don't kick me out until we talk about this when she's not upset.

I went to school and did miserably.  I was upset, I made my only friend mad.  I had a terrible time at work.  I just couldn't concentrate.  I tried calling heather and she'd hang up.  Then she quit answering.  I knew I had really blown it.  It was my fault, I knew better.  Mom and dad always told me to keep it a secret.  This wan't good.  I was mentally prepared to move out, I just didn't have anyplace to move to.

When I got home the apartment was dark.  Then I heard Heather tell me go take a shower and get the pizza smell off of me, we need to talk, she was in her room with the lights out.  I took my shower and came out of the bathroom wearing shorts and a tank top.  There was a warm glow from the table.  Heather had put a white table cloth on it, lit two white candles, had two glasses of wine poured.  She was sitting on one chair in a very pretty green and white floral print sundress that I had never seen.  In front of what I was assuming to be my chair was a single white rose.  I started to cry as I went to the table.  I guess she heard me sniffling and stood up to meet me by the table.  She gave me a nice hug, she smelled so good I started to get an erection and couldn't stop it.  When I tried to pull away a little so she wouldn't feel it against her, she pulled herself in closer.  She whispered in my  ear that she was sorry, she didn't mean to hurt me, if she would have known . . .  then she started to cry.  We were a mess, standing hugging and crying.

We sat down, she raised her glass and offered a toast to eternal friendship, I blubbered something, I was really crying pretty hard.  I went to smell the rose and it was heavy, Heather started laughing and said it was made of white chocolate.  I suggested we share.  I think we were up all night talking.  We moved to the living room but I told her my whole story.  She only said that I should have confided in her after she showed me her scars, but she understood, especially after how she reacted afterwards.  Every once in a while we would hug and then we would kiss, I liked the kissing part, she kisses really nice.

I don't know, somewhere around the second or third glass of wine I asked if she wanted to see how I was put together, sort of to prove that I had a pussy, not just a cock.  I was a little bit turned on as I took off my clothes and Heather kneeled between my legs to look.  She was amazed, she even said it looked like I grew a cock instead of a clit, I told her I think I grew a pussy instead of scrotum and balls and I was getting hard.  She was really fascinated by that.  She sat down beside me again and we started to kiss again.  This time it was more like making out. 

Heather was kissing me and rubbing my breasts through my top so I took it off, now I was totally naked and started to say something about the no naked rule and she started to kiss me some more.  Her lips parted and I could feel her tongue playing on my lips.  I had to part my lips and move my tongue closer to hers.  She tasted so good and smelled so wonderful I just couldn't believe that I was making out with such a hot woman and I was naked and she wasn't afraid, it was just unbelievable.  Then I had to, I reached for one of her breasts, good god they were beautiful, so firm and her nipples were hard.  I couldn't believe it, she didn't have on a bra and just like she could read my mind she stood up and slipped out of the sundress, she smiled and said she bought it for me.  She was naked and magnificent, I couldn't believe it.  She liked me.

We went back to kissing.  We took turns going down on each others breasts, first to kiss, then to suck on a nipple.  To use our fingers on the other breast and nipple.  This went on for a long time, my cock was harder than I remembered it ever getting and I could feel my pussy was wet too, I was a real mess.  Heather stood and said she was going to get us another glass of wine.  As she walked away I was marveling at what a terrific ass she had and it just came out of my mouth, then I thought I blew it, she turned and looked at me, then she smiled and said she was glad I liked it.  When she came back into the living room I saw that she had her pubic hair trimmed very short and shaved on the sides.  Well, my whole pussy was shaved, I kept it that way so the adhesive tape wouldn't pull on the hairs, I didn't realize how sexy that looked until I saw hers.

Heather sat back down and we drank a little and talked some more.  She said she wasn't sure, but she thinks she's a lesbian, that's why she had the no naked rule.  Now she grinned, I'm not so sure, she said, I've never been with a chick with a dick.  We both laughed and I told her about me going both ways, my brain was screwed up though from chemical imbalance.  Then, without warning, she went down on my cock.  No handjob first, no touching, just right on it with her mouth.  After a little bit she did ask, are you sure nothing comes out?  I reassured it didn't but if she kept it up I was going to climax.  She smiled and said that's the point.  When she went back down on my cock I felt her move a couple of fingers into my pussy.  While she was sucking and licking on my cock the fingers were moving in and out and I couldn't stop.  My pussy clamped down on her fingers and I started to climax, my whole body shook, she kept going until I had to pull her head off of my cock.   She licked her fingers, put them in my pussy again, and licked them again.  Then she smiled and said she liked pussy better than cum and we both laughed.  I told her I hadn't ever tasted cum and she told me I don't want to.  She had twice, she doesn't like it.

Now it was my turn.  I started to kiss her on the mouth, then I worked my way to her neck, down to her breasts and started on her stomach.  I got on the floor between her legs, she had already spread them open and was actually holder her pussy open so I could get right to her clit.  Her pussy sure looked good with a clit instead of a cock.  I told her I hadn't done this before and she coached me along when I didn't do what felt good.  It wasn't long before I was sucking on her clit while licking it as it went in and out of my mouth.  Every once in a while I would stop and lick her pussy out to get her juices, she tasted better than me, I thought, I had tasted myself on more than one occasion.  I started to move a finger into her and she told me to use three, but not all at once, first one, then after a bit two and then three when she was close.  I asked how I'd know and she said just think of my pussy, I'll know.  Whe was right, I fealt it start to quiver a little, then tighten a little, I put in the third finger and it was like all hell broke loose.  It was amazing bringing her to orgasm.  I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt to do that and I too kept going until she made me stop.

We went back to talking and drinking a little.  We did stop to get a little bit to eat, some cheese and sliced apples.  Heather asked if I thought I could fall in love with a woman.  I told her I could and I could have the surgery and become a man for her, it would take time . . . she stopped me.  She said she thinks she's in love with me because of the way I am.  I really started crying, she actually accepted me the way I am and I couldn't believe it, she said she was in love with me.  We talked about that, she said she was getting those feelings a month ago but wasn't acting on, the time wasn't right, she didn't know why.   Then she got a big smile and said she had a big surprise, what could be bigger than this, I had no clue. 

Heather stood and took me by the hand a pulled me towards her bedroom door, it was closed.  She opened it, there were candles burning on the dresser and desk.  She had replaced her sheets with what looked like a satin sheet and there were white rose petals on the sheets.  I asked if they were chocolate and she just giggled and pulled me towards the bed.  We layed on the satin sheets and started kissing again.  My cock got hard again, it's not like men, I can get horny all over again pretty quickly.  While we were kissing she started to pull me or direct me, whatever you want to call it, to get on top of her.  Finally, she said, if you can't take a hint, I want you to make love to me.

That did it.  I melted, I was so happy, so horny, so excited.  As I moved on top of her she took my cock in her and and directed it to her pussy.   As it entered her pussy she moved her hips up to meet it.  Then I started to go up and down, in and out, her hips were coming up to meet mine.  We were looking at each other smiling and she asked if it was good.  I told her she was the best, then she frowned a little and asked how many other women.  I thought a bit then said, counting you, just one and I don't want anyone else.  Then it happened, she started to climax again and the feeling of her pussy squeezing my cock as it went in and out just sent me over the edge again.  This time when we were done, we just laid together for a while and fell asleep.

In the morning we talked about our parents and what to tell them.  Heather said her parents pretty much knew she was a lesbian even though she never told them.  Anyway, long story short, we told our parents that we were dating.  Heather's mother was a little upset that she was living with her girlfriend, then said, at least you can't get pregnant.  We all laughed and my parents, they were just happy that I found someone that didn't want me to change.  Fast forward to after college.  Yes we did graduate from college, yes we are still together after ten years and yes our sex life is still fantastic, not as often, but just as good.

We had problems relating to most people and had trouble getting jobs so we joined a bit of a subculture.  A group of people that are mostly ignored, but they are there and important.  We became truck drivers.  First we worked for a trucking company that tought us to drive and get our CDLs, we ran team for them, then we bought a used truck and leased on to that company and kept running team.  Two years ago we got our own operating authority and bought a new truck and trailer and are on our own now. 

We drive hard for two or three weeks and go home for a week off.  Where is home, we have a park model RV in a campgounds.  People camping pretty much leave each other alone.  We found a good way for us to live and be together and not be bothered by others.  This has really worked out well for us.  If you should happen to see a yellow Freightliner Coronado with purple front fenders, check to see if it's a red head or brunette driving, if it is, wave, we'll honk back.

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