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Pokemon The Dirty Adventures Of Pikachu And Bulbasaur

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I’d just caught my 1st Pokémon it was a Bulbasaur  thankfully Pikachu was not hurt too badly in the fight, as I took my walk down to the Pokémon center , as I handed nurse joy my pokeball containing my new Pokémon and my Pikachu, I waited in the waiting area for about 15 mins and I was handed my pokeball by nurse joy and she had left me know that my new Bulbasaur was a female and I was handed back my Pikachu and I knew that it was a male which made me raise an eyebrow but I thought nothing of it.

So I set off on my adventure once again as I walked threw a meadow it was already dark and it started to rain lightly so I set up my tent and as my head hit the pillow, I closed my eyes and thought about my 1st catch I was so happy and over the moon  and then suddenly I thought to myself maybe I should let Pikachu and Bulbasaur out and let them sleep next to me, so I let them out of there balls  and as they huddled up next to each other I rested my head down and feel asleep.

After the rain had stopped Pikachu went outside the tent and bulbasaur followed  as the both of them walked they found a small lake to drink from, as Bulbasaur lowered her head to drink Pikachu could see its small light green hole open and exposed, Pikachu stood there in confusion as to what it was so Pikachu walked over behind from bulbasaur took a sniff and Pikachu was for some reason  aroused was starting to get a boner as it 4 inch grew from its fur “Pika? Pika, Pika” as Pikachu said as if it was the 1st boner it had.

Bulbasaur turned its head round to see what was going on and saw Pikachu standing behind it and bulbasaur eyes was 1st on Pikachu’s hard small but thick boner as bulbasaur turned round she looked at his boner and walked over to Pikachu and licked Pikachu’s boner and he gave out a soft little moan  and bulbasaur was turned on by this as well so bulbasaur opened her mouth and took about 2 inches in her mouth and used her tongue around and around Pikachu’s cock he started moaning more and more which turned on bulbasaur even more and could even feel warm wet goodness starting to flow from her cute green hole so bulbasaur let out 1 of its green vines and stuck it in the entrance of her green small hole and began to move it slowly in and out bulbasaur started to moan.

Pikachu gripped bulbasaur ears and pulled her head down deeper into its mouth till all 4 inches was in her mouth and touching the back of her throat which made bulbasaur gag but Pikachu pulled away buy about an inch and bulbasaur kept using her tongue swirling in circles which made Pikachu moan more which turned on bulbasaur even more as she speeded up the vine going deeper and harder in her small green tight hole which made her juices pour and as bulbasaur stopped sucking Pikachu’s hard and thick 4 incher , she let out her other vine and wrapped it round Pikachu’s cock and started to move in a backwards and forwards motion , Pikachu could do nothing expect moan and moan and Pikachu has an idea he unwrapped her vine and walked behind bulbasaur and sniffed at her flowing juices and licked to get a taste and he loved it he lowered his face even closer and start to licked the edge of her dripping wet hole and she let out a moan that would turn on any horny Pokémon he couldn’t help himself as he was licking and drinking her juices so he stuck tongue inside bulbasaur hole and started licking the walls of her pussie  and more of her juices was flowing Pikachu couldn’t help himself but to keep licking and drinking bulbasaur’s  juices.

Pikachu pulled away to catch its breath and bulbasaur fell to the ground from the pleasure panting heavily and Pikachu walked over to bulbasaur and positioned his hard and thick 4 inches just outside her hole and slowly guided it in and bulbasaur looked back and could see and feel Pikachu’s cock going into her hole she moaned loudly as she could feel his thick cock rubbing against the walls of her pussie and Pikachu cock was feeling like it was being squeezed due to the tightness of bulbasaur’s hole he started to move in and out, he could feel her warm wet juices pouring onto his cock and he couldn’t hold on any longer, he went harder and deeper by every thrust by now bulbasaur had a puddle dripping down from her hole.

Pikachu could feel his cock twitching and instinctively started to ram and thrust bulbasaur’s hole as fast and as hard as he could go with bulbasaur moaning and screaming being able to be heard from miles around Pikachu suddenly felt an explosion from his cock as he blew his load deep into bulbasaur womb, bulbasaur screamed at the top of her voice as she could feel her womb filling up, as Pikachu’s cock started to go down, he took his cock out and they both fell to the ground, tired and with no energy, they both went back to lake to drink and Pikachu managed to find some food for them both to eat after resting for a bit they both walked back to tent and laid next to me huddled together and fell asleep together.

Any questions or comments you can email me at: .... Also if anyone would like me to do another pokemon story send me an email as too what you would like and il see what i can do.

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