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Doing father and son

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You can see my details on how I look from many of my earlier stories. Small petite girls also have fun :) And yes all stories are true. I get that asked all the time here :)
I have done almost everything sexually. But I finally managed to do what I was hoping for a long time and never had the opportunity. Fuck a dad and son at the same time. Now I have had sex with a few dads of my ex bf's but the bf's had no idea I was fucking their dads as neither of them were comfortable about letting the other know what was going on. But this weekend I met the perfect dad and his lovely son. 
Jeff is a 40 year old 6'2", probably 200 pound man with silver hair. Very impressive personality. His son, Jerry is 20 and 6 feet himself but only 160 pounds I would say. Good looking too. I was at the bar on Saturday night looking slutty as usual hoping to end up in someones bed as usual. I had my red mini skirt, red thongs, red fuck me heels with a black tight top that is low at back and guys could see clearly I had no bra. I flirted with guys as usual till I ended up sitting next to Jeff. He obviously was interested in me but was afraid I may not like him because of the age difference (remember I am just 22). But I love older men. I love fucking them. And I knew I wanted to end up fucking him. He was there to meet his son and his daughter. So he was behaving but I could clearly see he was checking me out. The kids were about an hour away so I made sure I flirted with Jeff a lot. At one stage I leaned into him and whispered, am I turning you on as I can see a bulge in your pants. He went red in his face and I laughed. I told him it was OK. At that stage he mentioned that he has a kid almost my age and he could see me dating his son rather than him. So I replied...Not keen in dating anyone but I would fuck you and your son together if that made him feel better. I was just kidding and meant to be funny. He was speechless. I told him I would go to his place and fuck his brains out if he cancels on his kids now and leave. Men are predictable and he was calling his kids as we stumbled out of the bar. He lived close to the bar so we walked. I did not hear what he told his kids.
As we were walking or almost jogging to his place, he touched my ass to make sure I was for real and I moaned back to him. We stopped for a quick deep kiss on the street while he ran his hands all over my back and ass and pulled the skirt up to feel my naked ass. He knew I was ready for a fuck. We stumbled in his apartment and he had me pinned against the wall kissing me, pulling my skirt up to expose my thongs and hands all over my tits through my top as we deep kissed. I had my hands on his crotch and I could already feel he was big. We were at this for about a minute only when his phone rang and it was his son. From what I got, the son was round the corner and had to stop by to pick something. He kept saying no but the kid obviously had a key from what I could figure out. While Jeff was trying to dissuade using stupid excuses I was smiling. The thought of Jeff being caught with a young girl was fascinating. The call ended but Jeff was not worried. I asked was he not worried about being seen with a young girl? He said he was not. His son knew he was dating around and he did bring girls (ladies) home but this will be the first time he brought someone this young. I said I am fine as long as he is not worried.
His kid walked in after 5 minutes. Those 5 minutes I rubbed Jeff's cock through his jeans to keep him hard. When the son walked in and saw me sitting on the sofa, mini skirt riding really high, he smiled at his dad. The kid was good looking I thought. Both of them disappeared upstairs and soon the kid walked down with a gym back with stuff. Just for the tease, I opened my legs a little to show the son my thongs. It made him stop dead in his tracks. Jeff was right behind and saw what I did. The son walked over and introduced himself to me. I said hi to Jerry and smiled at him with the naughty look. Jerry turned towards dad and said, have fun and started to leave. I sat down and put one leg on sofa so that my legs were wide open now and said out loud, 'Jerry, maybe you can join your dad for the same fun if he is OK with it!' Jerry's and Jeff's both jaw dropped to the ground to see this small petite girl sitting on sofa with legs open and an open invitation. I dont think the dad and son had ever done this and they did not know what to say. So after what was an uncomfortable 10-15 second silence, I said out loud again. Jerry drop that bag and get your face between my legs as I pushed my panties to the side to show them my exposed pussy.
Jerry being the 20 year old horny kid needed no second invitation neither did he care what dad thought. He was down between my legs eating my pussy. I motioned Jeff to come close and made him stand next to the sofa as I was being eaten. Jeff has not said a word yet. I opened his jeans, dropped his boxer to expose a hard cock. Looks like he was turned on. Not sure about what, a young pussy being eaten or a young girl now stroking his cock. I stroked and sucked his cock while he stood with his jeans and boxers around his ankle while Jerry was busy with my pussy. Jerry was good with his tongue and had me wet quick. I was sucking on Jeff's cock real hard too. And now Jeff was getting into the whole idea. He had his hands in my hair and slowly started to face fuck me. I let him control the tempo and he wanted me to suck him hard. He was face fucking me well and Jerry was ready to have me explode in his mouth. 2 minutes into this and I was cumming into Jerry's face. I was moaning and sucking and my legs wrapped around Jerry's shoulder to pull his face completely into my crotch.
After my orgasm subsided, I opened my leg and Jerry got up and stripped immediately. Jeff pulled his cock out of my mouth too. Jeff pulled me up and stripped my thongs off me. My top was pulled off my Jerry and I stood there in my fuck me heels and mini skirt. Jeff told Jerry he fucks me first. He turned me around doggy style on the sofa. I was using the back of the sofa as rest as Jeff positioned his cock and pushed it in one shot in my small tight pussy. He was big. 8 inches and thick and filled me well. He picked his tempo of fucking me. Jerry walked to the back of the sofa and had me stroke his cock as I was being fucked. So I was stroking Jerry as his dad fucked me. I was moaning and enjoying the fuck when Jerry decided to fill my mouth too. So I was being fucked in 2 holes by dad and son. My dream was finally true. I enjoyed the fuck that way till Jeff exploded in my pussy. That made me cum too and I was moaning with a cock still stuffed in my mouth.
Jeff pulled his messy cock out and Jerry came around and entered my pussy. My body was a noodle and wanted to collapse but Jerry pulled my ass up and held it as he fucked my pussy hard again. He was slapping my ass and riding me hard and he came equally hard in my pussy. He pulled out and I collapsed into the sofa breathing heavy. Jeff was sitting on the love seat with a semi hard cock as he watched his son fuck me. Jerry walked to the fridge and grabbed a few beers for all of us. I sat there in my mini skirt and heels drinking. Jerry was talking dirty to me telling me how much he enjoyed fucking me and that he loves a slut. Jeff drank his beer in silence but he was getting hard on our conversation. I joked with Jeff that looks like he wants another fuck. he nodded. So I waled over to him and while he sat I straddled him facing him and took his hard cock back in my pussy. My hands on his broad chest. I started to ride his cock, moaning and putting on a show. Jerry sat and drank and watched me fuck his dad. Jeff and I fucked for about 10 minutes till Jeff and I both came. I pulled out and cum dripped down my inside thigh.
I lay down on the big sofa, legs still open enough for both of them to see my pussy. Jerry wanted to fuck me and I am not the one who says no. I put one leg on the back of the sofa and let the other leg hang over to the floor. Jerry came between my legs, stroked his cock till he was hard again and fucked me while I lay. Another 5 minutes later he filled my pussy for the 4th time this night.
Jerry left soon and I cleaned up and left Jeff after giving him a blow job till he came in my mouth.

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